The 10 Most Popular Children's Picture Books 2022

In this article, we'll share The 10 Most Popular Children's Picture Books 2022. "Picture books can bring children a full range of nourishment in literature, philosophy, science, and art." 

As an unreliable mother, I have done many wrong things. Only one thing is right. From 6 months to 6 years old, he spends half an hour to an hour every day, watching picture books and telling stories with him. 

I selected The 10 Most popular children's picture books in 2022. So although he has vast shortcomings, noisy, insignificant, selfish, uneducated... But he has a small advantage, his speech is interesting. 

He always didn't give up, and repeatedly confirmed with me: Mom, is our family really so poor that they can't afford a private jet? 

The 10 Most Popular Children's Picture Books 2022

Knowing that he really couldn't afford it, he sighed up to the sky: Oh my God, we are really a poor family. I told him that I wrote a book and said that I wanted to raise a second-class child. He said, congratulations, your dream has come true! 

The adults asked him, why do you always play with boys and why not find a girlfriend? He held a lollipop in his mouth, looked at the sky at 45 degrees, and sighed: Hey, I am more than 7 years old and have passed the age of falling in love. 

If you want your child to be interesting, knowledgeable, and knowledgeable...Reading picture books with him is really the best choice. Picture books can bring children a full range of nourishment in literature, philosophy, science, and art. 

Picture books can help shape children's correct values. I bought more than 600 picture books, and I read each one with him. Some picture books we laughed and broke together, and some picture books we cried... 

I selected The 10 Most popular children's picture books in 2022Picture books, if you have children, or you want to be a kid again, you can use them as a reference when buying picture books! 

1. The Hungry Caterpillar

This is the most famous caterpillar in the world!
(United States) by Eric Carle


This book is very popular. It is said that 20 million copies have been sold worldwide, and the caterpillars in the book are regarded as the superstars in the caterpillar world. This caterpillar is very greedy. 

From Monday to Sunday, the more food it eats, the larger the page size, and the place where the bug crawls is designed with a small hole, which is very interesting and can be guided by it. Children should not be picky eaters.

2. The Giving Tree

Understand what love is from a big tree
(United States) by Shel Silverstein


You liked a tree when you were a kid. Will you continue to like it when you grow up? The little boy in the story returned to the tree after he got old. 

Looking at the big tree, in the end, only the stump is left, which makes people sad and move. Love is tolerance and love is perfect. Many times the parents are the tree.

3. I will always love you

The most moving is often the simplest
(English) by Paeony Lewis


For children, the most worrying thing is, what should I do if my mother doesn't love me? Especially, when I do something wrong, will my mother stop loving me? 

In the story, Ali broke his mother's favorite bowl, and he also began to worry about what to do if her mother didn't love herself, so he went to find his mother and did a love test. 

The most touching sentence in this story is the simple 5 words, "I will always love you". It seems simple, but parents may not be able to do it. True love is unconditional. 

It has nothing to do with how many points the child has scored on the test, what job the child finds, or whether the child finds a good partner. There is also "Forgot to Say I Love You" in similar picture books.

4. Guess how much I love you

Tell your children that love can be measured
(Ireland) by Sam McBratney 


Love is an abstract concept. Parents often tell their children that I love you without discussing it. Is love measurable? This book turns love into a concrete thing, using exaggerated movements to measure love. 

Mother Rabbit and Baby Rabbit really love acting. After reading this book, Wei Tang and I played it again. Whose love is greater in the game, in order to show that I love more violently, I stretched my arms to infinity. The muscles were almost strained.

5. Richard Scarry's Golden Children's Book

See the three words "Scarry", hurry up and buy!
(United States) by Richard Scarry 


Scarry is the most powerful and best-selling monster writer in the American children's book industry! 

His books are basically family heirlooms! Listen to me, when you see the word "Skerry", you can pay for it. That's right! "Busy Town", "Turning Around", "A Day in the Police Station", "A Day in the Airport", and "A Day in the Fire Station"... are very, very classic, and they have been beaten on all book websites. 

Super high score! Its biggest feature is that the picture is very "busy", the amount of information is huge, there are many small animals doing various things, and the baby will pick out different points of interest in the picture. 

The author is so imaginative. Have you ever driven a cucumber car, pencil car, or banana car? Have you ever thought that hot air balloons look as delicious as ham sausage?

6. I Love You, Daddy 

The father's position in the baby's heart soars
by Jillian Harker 


All fathers will love this set of books because, with this set of books, their status in the children's hearts soars instantly. The best dad will accompany the baby to bake bread and play games to give him the most constant sense of security. 

It is a super magnet between father and child. If your family is a male baby, this set of books also teaches him everything he needs to learn to become a man.

7. My Dad

In the heart of the child, the father is the superman
by Anthony Browne 


The pictures in this book are big and exaggerated, with few words. It is a child's infinite adoration and heavy eulogy to his father. In the heart of the child, the father is simply a superhuman. 

Many descriptions resonate with children, such as "Dad eats as much as a horse", "Swim as fast as a fish", "Tall like a house", and "Soft as a teddy bear". There is also "My Mother" in the same series.

8. I like books

Use this fun book to make children fall in love with reading
(British) Anthony Brown 


I like books, funny books, horrible books, fat books, thin books... The text is extremely simple, the fun is that the text and pictures are very interesting, talk about fat books, little fat books take fat books, and talk Thin books, thin people take thin books; tell fairy tales, little monkeys pretend to be Little Red Riding Hood; tell comic books, monkeys become Batman... 

If you want your children to think books are fun and dependable, this book is A particularly good brainwashing tool.

9. Happy Birthday, Moon (Moonbear)

When the child talks to the moon, please shut up
By Frank Asch 


When the child talks to the moon, please close their mouth you think he is ignorant and boring! Because the little bear in the world who knows how to talk to the moon does the same. 

In the eyes of Little Bear, the moon is alive and its friend, so he rowed a boat to see it, celebrated birthdays with the moon, and gave gifts. He couldn't be happier. 

And that hat that is used as a birthday gift is basically a spokesperson for children who desire friendship and establish good relationships. 

Therefore, we should encourage children to talk to nature, whether it is a small flower or a duck, or a frog.

10. Animals should never wear clothes

They will be embarrassed if they are not naked
(United States) Judi Barrett, (United States) Ronald Barrett 


Why are animals naked? Because if they put on clothes, all kinds of embarrassment will happen. The sheep will eat the clothes for lunch, the hedgehog will poke many holes in the clothes, the mouse will get lost in the hat... 

This is a super interesting book, for adults and children. Everyone laughs when they read it. It is said that they have been selling well in the United States for more than 30 years.

FAQ about Most Popular Children's Picture Books 2022

When does the baby start reading? How do teach the baby to read better?

Reading regardless of age, you have to pay attention to methods and methods. In fact, you can read a book to your baby when he can see things when he is born, but reading a book at this time is not real learning, but to know books, and exercise the ability to distinguish and recognize colors.

In confinement, for babies who can't see the color clearly, we can show them to the baby with two black and white papers close to them. For example, we show the white paper to the baby and then say "this is white" to the baby, repeat it two or three times, each time we have to say clearly one word at a time, and then change the black paper and tell the baby "this is black" Repeat two or three times. Don’t take too long each time, just three to five minutes.

You can show it to your baby in your leisure time, and you can also read to your baby when he is in a good mood. Although he can't understand anything, it can enrich your baby's hearing. The time is the same, not too long. This method is suitable for the entire process of baby growth.

When the baby is two or three months old, we can change the baby to other colors, not too much, too much is meaningless, repeat simple words as before, we don’t need to show the baby regularly every day, this is to let the baby expand Vision. It is impossible for the baby to remember these. New parents, don’t be too impatient!

For the babies at this time, most of them don’t know what you’re reading, and they don’t understand the meaning. They just like listening to you and the feeling of interacting with him. . So when your baby wants to grab your book, don't care too much, just let him go. When he turned there, we pointed him there and told him what it was. You can even go around with him. If your baby doesn't want to listen to you, don't force your baby to listen. Remember to make your baby happy!

When the baby is older and can understand, or even when the baby picks up the book for us to read, we can officially buy some storybooks for the baby to tell the baby. Don't use too formal for the baby at this time. Try to choose some short storybooks, as babies who are too long will be impatient.

When you read to your baby, you need to look at the timing. Don't let your baby read when the baby is playing vigorously, lest the baby hates reading, and it will not be good for reading in the future. We can put the book by the baby's side and read it with him when he wants to read it.

When the baby goes to kindergarten, we must not let the baby study hard alone, so that the baby loses interest. Although the baby will read by himself at this time, we still have to accompany the baby to read together. Accompanying and raising the baby's good reading habits and interests will be more conducive to the baby's future learning.

Never force your baby to read a book, and never force your baby to read a book that your baby doesn't like so that your baby will be bored with books even more. We have to develop the habit of children who love to read books from an early age. When the baby is reading, we also try to create a good reading condition for the baby.

When is the best time to develop children's reading ability?

Many parents want to keep their children from losing on the starting line, and they have grasped various education for their children from an early age. Some parents want to cultivate their children's reading ability. It is also particular about when to cultivate this. 

In order for children to enjoy reading, they must first create a family atmosphere that loves reading. If parents like to play with mobile phones, it is very difficult for children to develop their reading ability, because parents also give their children invisible As an example, parents are the children's first teachers, and letting children be exposed to reading can start from the early childhood.

There are several ways to let children get in touch with books and cultivate their reading ability. 

The first one is to let your children get in touch with books as soon as possible. Don't worry about the children being too young and can't read them. You can choose books that are suitable for your baby, such as picture books, tree hole trees, bath books, pop-up books, and so on. These books are lively and interesting and have the characteristics of toys, which are very suitable for babies to learn. They can make babies interested in books and develop good habits. 

The second is that reading starts with play. Children are young and love to play. They cannot insist on asking them to sit and read. This is difficult to achieve, and it will also make children have a rebellious attitude towards reading. It is necessary to gradually transition from playing and learning to read to make the baby become interested in books, buy some books suitable for live games, and integrate them into the children’s lives and play. In this process, the children can be guided to discover the mysteries of the books, so as to slowly nurture the children. Interest.

The third type is that there are books all over the home, and you can keep a little book in the home at any time. You can read the books with your baby from time to time, and be nurtured in the environment to make it easier for the baby to accept books. The fourth is to worry about children tearing books. Some children like to tear books and gnaw at books. These are the behaviors of children at the current stage. 

In this period, they think that books are for play, and they will gradually understand the purpose of books during the process of playing. , Will also be interested in the book, if the plot is serious, you can be guided to indicate that you can not tear the book.

The earlier parents pay attention to early education, the more their children will become interested in reading. Once they fall in love with reading, reading is an indispensable activity for them every day. However, because some families have no early reading experience, children cannot feel the joy of reading, and they are more likely to prefer mobile phones, computers, and games. 

At this time, it will be very difficult to shift the child's attention to the book. Early reading can start from prenatal education or birth, and insist on reading a little book to the child every day so that the child can become familiar with reading and form a habit.

How to choose a picture book for your baby?

Recently I received several private messages from fans: "My baby is 1 year and 3 months old, what book should I read?" " I want to buy a book for my 1-year-old niece, what can I recommend? Is it ?" With the popularity of "children's reading", more and more moms and dads pay attention to the matter of reading books with their babies.

However, in the face of the numerous children's books on major shopping websites, many parents do not know how to choose books for their children. Sometimes it is obviously recommended by a big coffee, but I don’t like it at all when I buy it at home. So how do you choose books for children from 1 to 2 years old? Let's talk about this topic today.

What are the characteristics of reading for 1-2-year-old babies?

In "Developmental Psychology", Piaget pointed out that babies aged 0-3 are in the sensory-action period and rely on the instinct of exploration to develop spatial abilities, self-awareness, and understanding of the world around them.

What he calls "the feeling of action", is divided into six stages, 1-2-year-old baby in the fifth stage sensorimotor period, the focus gradually shifted from itself to the outside world and has a sense of innovation, and At about 1 and a half years old, their insight will be greatly improved, and they will try to solve problems in their own way and imitate them.

In terms of reading, most 1-2-year-old babies have these characteristics:
  • Began to realize the difference between a book and a toy, you can flip the book with one hand
  • Show interest in everyday objects represented in the book
  • Can identify animals, patterns, and even protagonists in pictures.
  • Be able to think about the causal connection in picture books.
Simply put, after 1 year old is the best time to start "formal parent-child reading". At this time, due to the development of cognition, the baby may really start to be interested in books and develop the habit of learning the world from books. I also started to step into the magical world of picture books when he was one year old and gained a lot.

How do choose books for children?

Don't worry about choosing the three core development books
It is very important to select books for "parent-child reading". Most of the 1-2-year-olds have not developed a complete sense of autonomy and have no obvious preferences. This makes the selection of books a "task" for moms and dads. Regarding how everyone chooses books, I specifically asked the mothers in the reading group. 

Some mothers are “yan control” who see a good-looking picture book and will shoot; some mothers are result-oriented; some are purely recommended by others. In fact, selecting books for your baby is not that complicated. If you grasp these three core development points, you can easily customize the "book list" for your baby.

The first point: cognitive development

Go to the bookstore and browse the picture book area, you will find many "cognitive picture books" such as " Kids' Encyclopedia", "Color Enlightenment" and so on. Such picture books often have no fictional plots and simple pictures, which are very suitable for young babies to read.

Babies around one year old are curious about the world and want to know what this animal is called and what is that object. Seeing familiar things that appear in the book, you will feel safe and happy.

When shopping for cognitive picture books, in addition to the simple pictures and bright colors, parents should not forget that during the "sensation-action period", babies not only understand the world through vision but hearing and touch are equally important. So we can help babies buy some "multimedia picture books", such as those that have a special touch to touch, or those that can be clicked to make a sound. In addition to perceiving more diversification, they can also cultivate the autonomy of reading.

The second point: language development

Most babies begin to speak at around 1-year-old. At first, they are words like "dad, mother, dog". The language gradually becomes more complicated around 1 and a half years old. Children will say phrases like "mother hug, dad go". Reading picture books to babies will help them develop their language better.

The third point: emotional development

In addition to paying attention to cognitive and language development, the emotional development of babies at this stage can not only help them establish a good sense of security but also lay a good foundation for the development of future emotional intelligence. And a 1-2-year-old baby on this type of subject matter is very interested.

When shopping, we can start from the most familiar feelings of the child, "Love Dad and Love Mom", such as "My Dad", "Favorite Mom", etc. The warm scene will arouse the child's resonance, and understand that this feeling is called love ;

With the development of children's complex emotions, parents can also accompany them to read some emotional picture books, so that children can understand through stories that a certain feeling is called anger, and a certain feeling is called fear.

What principles follow to choose the book for young babies' needs?

Young babies need to follow two co-reading principles when choosing books
Since I started recommending picture books, I’ve often been asked: "Why are pictures so popular on the Internet, but my baby doesn’t like to read them?" Big relationship. In order for them to experience the best, in addition to choosing books, it is also important for parents to "read". So, what principles should be paid attention to when young babies share picture books?

On the one hand, respect the autonomy of the baby

To be honest, in the first year of parent-child reading, I bought a lot of books and stepped into a lot of pitfalls. I usually go home with a lot of picture books that I think are good, sometimes he goes somewhere else to play before the story is finished.

Faced with this situation, some mothers will catch the child back and continue talking, or give up altogether in depression. In fact, we can follow the children's rhythm, talk about it at will, and respect him for reading or reading a book for a long time, so that they can enjoy the fun of reading to the fullest.

On the other hand, the simplification of complex picture books

Some picture books have a relatively large age span, such as 0-3 years old in the suggestion, but when you read them to children over one year old, they are often difficult to understand. In this situation, most of the parents "read the text". In fact, if the story we face is too complicated, we can simplify it appropriately and tell our children. For example, in "Guess How Much I Love You", we can simplify the description and emphasize the action. Read and give your children actions so that they will understand better.

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