21 Inspirational Books for Women in Their 20s

Hello everyone! Today I will share with you 21 Inspirational Books for Women in Their 20s.

The following are some inspirational books for women in their 20s recommended collection! 

In this busy world, life anxiety, work pressure, and family worries often make women feel stressed and bored. Read books for women in their 20s to calm their minds.

These are the foundational years of your life and you should read good books to read in your 20s that will help you to evolve that will help you to grow. 

It's great that you're looking to continue learning and growing in your 20s! Reading is a fantastic way to do that. Here are a few suggestions for good books for women in their 20s that you may find helpful or enjoyable in your 20s:

So that once you're all grown up you are ready to change the whole world with your love your kindness your power and your courage.


21 Inspirational Books for Women in Their 20s to Read in 2023

When a woman is in her 20s, when she left school then you discover something very important! The school does not teach and the parents will not teach that is How to make money and how to develop your life. That is why you should read good books for women in their 20s

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of 'Rich Dad and Poor Dad', once talked about this phenomenon in an interview. 

He said that the school taught us how to become a professional and work for others in the future, but the school was very ashamed to talk to us about money. Money is precisely the first problem we need to face after we leave school. 

So we must teach ourselves about this matter, so she recommends a few must-read best books for women in their 20s related to wealth. 

We include here 2 of the Best books to read in your 20s female about wealth related.

Beautiful women always have elegant souls. Women read more classic books for women in their 20s to enrich their souls and become attractive people. 

The following are inspirational books for women in their 20s, brought to you by the editor of 'reading and thinking.com'. Hope it will be helpful to everyone!

What books women should read in their 20s?

There are many books for women in their 20s might find interesting and enjoyable to read. Some classic novels might be good books for women in their 20s.

However, here are a few suggestions of types of best books for females in their 20s that might be especially helpful or enjoyable to read in your 20s:

  • Personal development books: Your 20s can be a time of significant personal growth, and reading books about self-improvement, productivity, and finding your passion can be helpful in guiding that process..
  • Classic literature: This can be a great time to delve into some of the classic works of literature that you may not have had the chance to read in school..
  • Nonfiction books: Nonfiction books can be a great way to learn new things and gain a deeper understanding of the world. This can be especially important in your 20s, as you may still be figuring out your career path and what you want to do with your life..
  • Books about relationships and communication: Your 20s can be a time when you form and strengthen many important relationships, and reading books about communication, conflict resolution, and building healthy relationships can be beneficial..

Ultimately, the most important thing is to read what interests you and what you feel will be most helpful for women's personal growth and development in their 20s..

1. The Regrets 


the first one I'm going to recommend is the regrets by Amy Bonnaffons. I bought this book on a whim kind of based on the cover because I was thinking it would be more like a paranormal-type romance which this turned out to be and I jokingly refer to it as the time is existential erotica.

there's a lot of sex on the page but that's because this is a book about relationships so the regret is about Thomas a young man who dies and after his death, there is some sort of processing error and so he's sent back to earth where he has to live for an additional 30 days 

while they figure out what's going on and can like actually send him to the afterlife there are a lot of rules within his existence for 30 days. the largest one is you're not allowed to have physical or emotional relationships with anybody who is living of course he meets Rachel who's a young librarian and as you all can probably figure out they break that rule 

so this book is about Rachel and Thomas's relationship and the problems that each of them brings like the baggage that each of them brings into that and how they work through that separately and together Rachel struggles with what she calls the daydream so she can't ever find a partner because she has this idea of what the perfect relationship should look like and nobody ever fits that until she meets Thomas and she thinks that like he is her daydream and so they become very codependent the things. 

that I learned from this book were about the ideas that we have about love and about our relationships and ourselves within this book, she also talks about academia and how you know we all spent way too much on college but we get out. we don't know what we want to do so we feel like we're wasting our life and then we regret going back to college and this endless cycle that you have of trying to figure things out and in that envisioning your life one way and then never really living up to that expectation and so it's a really heavy subject matter 

I mean it is about life and death and there is mention of suicide and depression but she also carries it and writes it in such a light way that I now refer to it a couple of times as reading an SNL skit where you know that there's substance there but it's more bearable 

I loved this book because it just really hit on how I feel like a millennial in my 20s after you know living in a post-2008 world and having all these ideas and these standards that my grandparents and parents have passed down that are unachievable one of those ideals being like the American dream, in the American family and the white picket fence and how that's not how love works and that like love is not clean and pretty and nice like love is messy and codependent and there are bad cycles that you can get into so if any of that sounds relatively interesting to you then yes I would definitely once again recommend reading the regrets by Amy Bonnaffons okay.

2. Severance: A Novel 


Severance: A Novel by Ling Ma

the next one is severance by ling ma quick warning this is a pandemic novel so if you do not want to think more about that then I would not recommend reading this at this point but beyond it being a pandemic novel. 

it's also a novel about work in the workplace and the kind of the idea behind severance is that a pandemic hits us and everybody tries to go about their business. they try to kind of ignore what's happening and it only seems real when it starts breaking down like capitalists. 

the capitalistic society that we live in so when people stop coming to work and stop answering their emails and so severance is about candace Chen who is a daughter of first-generation immigrants and she is one of kind of the holdouts of this societal ideal of like everything's okay as long as we can still work so candace has been working at her first job for a while she's not happy 

it's not what she wanted to do but she feels a sort of dedication to this job and so when the pandemic hits she volunteers to be one of the people to stay in the office and work well that doesn't pan out and her co-worker stopped showing up but she's she still goes to work every day and she still tries to be productive and she still holds on to this dream of what a workplace and what her work life should look like as everybody around her is basically turning into zombies 

and one day she realizes that even though she was promised this big payout for doing this nobody's around to give her that and so she decides to leave new york so to me severance really talked about capitalism and living in a capitalistic society 

and what that means is someone who has dreams and ambitions you do just kind of has to get the job so that they can work so can live and even though you might have had all of these different dreams when you graduated or when you enter the workforce like those aren't necessarily realistic and you just have to make ends meet and so she's very lost and she ends up going on this big journey across us with this group of survivors and I won't spoil anything but like there's a lot of learnings that happen through there as well about like what real life is so that's severance by Ling Ma.


3. Such a Fun Age 


The next one is Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid. amira tucker is a young black woman working as a nanny for a wealthy white family specifically the mother's family is Alex and she is kind of this Instagram influencer blogger amira who doesn't know what she wants to do with her life, she just graduated college, she has her first job but she's not making enough to like make ends meet and pay her rent 

and so she's nannying on the side well one night she goes to a grocery store with the little girl that she nannies for and ace white woman reports her to security and because she thinks that she's kidnapped the child well she's approached by the security guard and she tries to defend herself verbally and a fellow customer gets it on film and he approaches her and says hey do you want this video so that you can like submit it to the media 

and basically take this grocery chain down for being racist and she's like no I want to forget that it happened he ends up sending her the video anyway just so that she has it but she just wants to kind of move on with her life well Alex her boss finds out that all this has happened and is mortified so she tries she decides that she's going to like take amira under her wing and try to help her be more ambitious and figure out her life and things do not go to plan Alex is basically just embodying like what it is to be a performative ally she doesn't actually care about amira. 

amira also doesn't really want or need her help, amira has friends that are really supportive she yes is a little lost but she also doesn't need Alex to come in and save her and help her figure this out. 

I learned a lot about performative allyship and microaggressions and this book really just made me take an introspective look like a white woman and start to understand a little bit more about how I influence and contribute to systemic racism beyond that 

I also learned a ton from amira one of her big conflicts throughout the novel is that she's about to turn 26 and get kicked off her parent's healthcare as I was reading this. 

you also get to watch her try to struggle to figure out what she wants to do and so she is a little lost but she's not unhappy or upset with where her life is right now, it's more just like a means to an end or a necessity and you also get to see her work through some toxic relationships in her life and learn to stand up for herself and remove her from those situations and understand that like letting go is hard and letting go is scary but it's important and you need to do that throughout your life and like how do you cope with that. 

I also just really loved the ending of this novel because you get a future look at a mirror that's so realistic and so satisfying it's not like a big fictionalized everything is okay now and I figured it all out like you still see that five-ten years in the future she's still growing and learning to work through these things so that's such a fun age by Kiley Reid. 

4. Temporary 


The next one is Temporary by Hilary Leichter. Temporary is a surrealist absurdist fiction about an unnamed narrator in a world, where there are basically two kinds of people there are people who are born into permanent jobs basically like every aspect of your character fits perfectly into an occupation, and like your occupation is who you are and then there are temporaries which are people who are not born knowing exactly where they fit or not having an exact fit in regards to work. 

and so our narrator is a temporary and you get to watch her go through all of these really wild jobs like she's a pirate she's a barnacle because the coral reefs are dying and so they're sending people out to basically replace these ecosystems all of these really crazy absurd jobs but there's also a really meaningful lesson in it and that lesson is, that you get to see her change who she is you get to try and see her fit into this mold so in order to perfectly replace someone and that's not healthy. 

and I think that as somebody who is very ambitious I put a lot of weight on my job and a lot of my self-importance on my job and I am not my job and it's I have to this is something. I have to remind myself all the time because I do find myself changing who I am and I lose myself in my job and that's exactly what you see 

this narrator does what this main character does and you also see her kind of work through why that's not okay in a way that's not healthy it is deeply personal and it is a very important story about how we think about and structure our life, based on our jobs not based on who we are as people which is something that I feel like. we need to talk more about it as a society so that is temporary by Hillary Leicher.

5. Nothing to See Here 


The next one I'm going to talk about in detail is Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson. so 'Nothing to See Here' is about Lillian who went to was like a brilliant student in a private school. where she meets madison, there is a scandal, where Lillian takes the blame so that madison's father who's like a senator. his reputation won't be ruined so Lillian takes the blame and she's ultimately kicked out of the school 

and she kind of loses her direction there because she feels like she's let everybody down, she's embarrassed, and she also didn't do the thing that she was accused of so her life begins to spiral, she had these two bright futures, and all these ambitions and she just ends up living in her mom's attic well after 10 or so years 

afterward, she is contacted by madison who's her roommate, who she still idolizes and looks up to she has this really toxic relationship with madison but madison asked her to move into her house to take care of her two stepchildren so madison has just married a man who had divorced his wife and his wife commits suicide and leaves him custody of these two children 

that he abandoned the twist is that the children when they experience intense emotion literally spontaneously combust and catch on fire so madison asked Lillian to come kind of shield her family her son and her husband from these two stepchildren that she now has and be a full-time nanny throughout the summer 

until they figure out what to do with them so Lillian accepts and she moves in and she starts to kind of rekindle this relationship with somebody who is really not a healthy presence in her life 

you also see her start to try and help and teach these children and teach these children the same lessons that she's trying to learn which is what it means to be valued and respected and loved, how to deal with your emotions and strong emotions. 

so there are a lot of lessons that way but you also get to see her work through her own struggles with her mother and step in as that figure so you see a lot of development about what it means to be a motherly figure but not be a mother which I really like as somebody who works with children and really enjoys working with children but does not really know if I want children myself so it's just all-around so sweet so heartwarming hilarious it's a tear of joy kind of read which I always enjoy but that's 'Nothing to See Here' by Kevin Wilson.

6. Oona Out of Order: A Novel 


Oona Out of Order: A Novel by Margarita Monti more

The next one is 'out of order which is about a girl who every year at midnight time travels kind of like her consciousness travels to her body at a different stage of life so she time hops through her own life. it's a really interesting concept, it didn't quite reach the level of development that I wanted from it. 

It's a really interesting explanation about how your mental growth doesn't always equal your physical growth in the most literal sense ever but it still is an important lesson to teach and it is an enjoyable read.

7. Queenie 


And the next one is queenie by candace cardi Williams. it's about a young black woman in the UK and her struggles with finding her way and dealing with trauma the reason that I included wanted to give a shout-out to this one is because of the way that it deals with mental health and how you have to learn to prioritize and take steps to affect your mental health. 

which is something that I had to learn kind of the hard way I have recently only recently started going to therapy which is something I have gained so much from and wish I would have died at a much younger age but there is such a stigma still around seeking help and this just helps kind of destigmatize and break down those barriers while also talking about the effects of trauma when it comes to growing up so that's Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams. 

8. The Millionaire Fastlane 


The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime by MJ DeMarco

This is a book that really talks about "getting rich quick". First of all, you must understand two points: first, "fast" means 5 to 10 years; second, "fast" does not mean "easy". Most "get rich quick" books or business plans lure people into the trap of "getting rich easily". The author of this book, MJ DeMarco, clarifies the only way to get wealth.

The book describes three paths at the beginning, and most people follow these three paths. The first is called the "sidewalk", and the moonlight people basically haunt here; the second is called the "slow lane", working hard for forty to fifty years, honestly saving 10% of income and depositing it into a 401K plan pension, until retirement Take this money again. 

In order to wait until that day, you still have to face many difficulties. For forty to fifty years of persistently "snowballing" and not failing, this road is not easy. The last is the "fast lane". You have absolute control over your destiny, aim at a business that can make a lot of money, and work your life for 5 to 10 years. Once the business gets bigger, you will be liquidated and sold immediately.

The author's words are full of insights, and most entrepreneurs violated the rules he proposed. For example, your business must meet certain needs, not your hobbies. A product or a service must include market value, and you must be able to expand your business—either to provide great value to a few people or to provide a reasonable value to the majority.

Another point is that you cannot expand a husband and wife shop-any business that cannot be scaled is essentially a part-time job. MJ DeMarco has done a lot of research on MLM. Reading and thoroughly reading this book can save you a lot of money and energy.

In addition to commercial investment cases, there are also some good life insights in the book. MJ DeMarco shared a lot of lessons learned from suffering. For example, your current life is the sum of all your past choices: "The decisions you make in an instant, you have to take the consequences for a lifetime".

He also shared his views on time (each of us most valuable assets).

This book is easy to read, but it may challenge your long-held belief: If you want to find a magic formula that can get rich without any effort, I am afraid you will be extremely disappointed. 

If you want to keep your feet on the ground, study this book carefully and listen to him, this "Dutch uncle" (Dutch uncle) barely tells the truth.

MJ DeMarco didn't beautify the truth about getting wealth. His words stem from his own experience and inspire you on how to get rich.

It is highly recommended to all those who are willing to pursue giving.

9. Good Strategy/Bad Strategy 


Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: The difference and why it matters by Richard Rumelt

The kernel of a strategy contains three elements: a diagnosis, a guiding policy, and coherent action.

-Ask the leaders of large companies, what is the strategy of the leading companies in your field? The general answer is to spot an opportunity and attack it accurately. But what is your strategy? The answers from the leaders are some and none. Why not use similar ideas?

-Chp1 Good strategies are often unexpected

Example 1: After returning to Apple, Steve Jobs ruthlessly chopped off a lot of minor details to help a struggling company concentrate on doing a few things well; isn't this a very intuitive business practice? Why do you think it is weird? Because it feels that a large enterprise can really "cut" and streamline it, it is actually very difficult.

Example 2: During the Gulf crisis, the US military's strategy for leading the multinational coalition forces was to make a false move head-on, and then attack from the side. (There must be a simple sentence describing this in Sun Tzu's Art of War) This is also a well-known strategy in military strategy. Why is everyone surprised again? 

Because it is unexpected to be able to coordinate so many different stakeholders to implement this strategy. Different countries want different benefits, and their own military all hope to make merit. 

For example, the navy used as a decoy does not want to make merit. How to get these parties to unify their positions and ensure that they act according to the plan is the hard part.


-Example: David and Goliath: Face-to-face fights will be overwhelming. But the weak opponent didn't wear armor to ensure flexibility. From a distance, a stone hit the strong giant's only forehead that was not protected by armor. The opponent fell, and the young and weak David easily took the opponent's head.

-Example: Walmart was also weaker in the early days. The discount store strategy looks similar, but why don’t competitors learn to do it?

10. Harry Potter Box Set (Books 1-7) 


The next book is a series and I would recommend the harry potter series. I recently finished it in march and I read it when I had covert and it is the best if you want to escape reality a lot of you must have already read it but if you have not read it yet harry potter series is about harry potter obviously and how he was the only boy who lived when the dark lord was destroying the whole wizard world.

so it is basically this entirely new world full of wizards and magic and this and that it's amazing like seriously it's so good. I can only imagine how helpful it would be if I was a teenager when I read this book it is so good for stretching your imagination one-two the lessons it gives while being so fictitious and so like it's a fantasy and still you learn so much from it helps you believe in magic which is very very important 

it is important for you to know and start believing in magic, when you are a teenager so read that entire series it is a lot of fun the details are amazing it is a whole new world there is. this is one thing that you will not want to come out of it and you will probably hate your school and hate the real world once that entire series is over but it is such a lifetime experience I love it do give it a try.

11. We Should All Be Feminists 


The next book I want to recommend is 'We should all be Feminists by Chimamanda Adichie. I have not recommended this book before to teenagers, I don't know why it is such an important book to read as a teenager. the thing is it is really really small and is basically an essay that you have to read.

so it will not take you a lot of time to read it the words are not too difficult but you do kind of get an understanding of what feminism is and why it is so important for all of us to be feminists. so no matter what your gender is I'm not saying that you should only read it. if you identify yourself as a woman no matter what your gender is feminism is extremely important and you can only embrace feminism correctly. 

if you know what it means because when I was a teenager I did not know what feminism is what had was internalized misogyny which means that I tried to be like a guy so that you know I would be like I'm a feminist I don't do those girly things and this and that and it's really like I don't know why I did it feminism is not bringing men down and feminism is not just like going and chopping off your hair or becoming a boy or becoming a tomb no feminism is so much more than that. 

now I'm slowly beginning to understand what feminism is because I've been a feminist all my life this book has been so so helpful in that journey and I really think that you should start from a young age.

12. Turtles All the Way Down 


The next fiction book I want to recommend is 'Turtles All the Way Down" by John Green. this is a beautiful book I would also recommend the fault in our stars or looking for Alaska but those books haven't touched me as much as this book Fortinet stars is an amazing romantic book. 

so I'm recommending that do it as it is an amazing book if you want to read a love story but if you want to read something that is not a love story it's more about yourself own self it is about understanding yourself and all those kind of things then you can definitely pick this book up. 

this book is the story of aza who is dealing with a lot of mental health issues she has OCD she does not know what to do she is very very scared of germs and she keeps cleaning this cut that she has on her finger because she thinks that it will get infected and she will die from it. 

it's all a mental health problem so it's a story of how she deals with all these issues and at the same time how her life is going while she's dealing with all those issues also the philosophy of 'turtles all the way down" once you read the book you will know what that philosophy is and it is beautiful if you're an overthinker I think this can be very very helpful too.

13. The Lines We Cross 


The next book I'm going to recommend is 'The Lines We Cross' by Randa Abdel-Fattah. now, this is the spine and the cover is not like this the cover is completely different but I don't have the cover with me now. 

This is the story of Meena and Michael two teenagers that come from different social backgrounds and their families and their communities basically hate each other they're like completely against each other which is why mina and Michael are also against each other but then some things change because of which Meena and Michael start to understand each other even more. 

This is basically the love story of Meena and Michael but it's so cute like so cute I can only imagine I would be crying I anyhow cried when I was reading the book but I would cry so much if I was a teenager when I was reading this like ah it's super cute it's super cheesy language is very easy of course and it is a very very fun read I think you should really read it like.

14. Adulting 


I love it the next book I'm going to recommend is 'adulting' by Niharika Gupta. I haven't recommended this book enough I love this book so much a lot of people have different reviews of this book and I completely understand but I love this book 

It is the story of three people Aisha who is a social media manager and a blogger in these new times and you can only imagine the kind of struggles that she is going through to maintain that image Ruhi is a workaholic and she's trying so hard to prove her worth as she works so hard she takes no breaks whatsoever and all she does is work work work and she is very very underappreciated. 

and then we have teachers ages is a best-selling novelist but he is now going through writer's block now somehow the lives of these three characters have mixed up and this is the story of how they are adulting now what I thought is that when they are adulting. 

It means that maybe they are moving out maybe they are learning how to survive in this world and this and that but you know what adulting is not only about doing your house chores or moving out and doing all those kinds of things adulting happens in your head first before you do anything else. 

and this is the story of these three people adulting in their head understanding themselves what is important to them what is not important to them are they doing the things that they like to do or are they trying to please other people what is going on and it is a beautiful beautiful book. 

It is written from three perspectives of the three characters it may be a little confusing if you're just beginning to read because there are three narrations going on but once you read it for some time it will be completely fine for you.

15. The Midnight Library: A Novel 


The next book is 'the midnight library' by Matt Haig. This is a fictitious book that Matt Haig has written it is the story of Nora who is not really happy with her life and trigger warning she tries to commit suicide because she doesn't want to live this life anymore because it is horrible but she ends up in this midnight library where it is always 12 a.m. 

The twist is that the library that she is in has all the books about her own life all those books are about what would happen if Nora made a different choice what would happen if she did this so you picked that book and you read what your life would be like you pick the other book and you read about the other choice that you make there are hundreds and thousands of books like these and Nora can just pick one up and read what her life would be like if she made a completely different choice one 

I love this concept it is extremely simple very very simple but I have never read it like before it is new to me maybe there are other books like this but it is new to me and I love it two if you have read matt's books before honestly the writing in the fiction book isn't as good as his writing in non-fiction books like notes on the nervous planet. 

my favorite book ever and I'm so crazy about it basically because the writing style in this book isn't as crazy it is extremely simple it is like, it is just like a story but there is so much to learn from this simple and there is so much to learn from Nora story and what she learns after reading all these different books. 

It is very very inspiring it is very motivating and you learn a lot from it I know for a fact that teenage is a very very difficult period and in that time we think that this is the end of the world something happens and we're like it's the end of the world and nothing will ever be good again and I completely understand that like I don't know I can't tell you how much I understand that but reading this book may give you a little more perspective.

16. The Book of Kindness 


The Book of Kindness: How to Make Others Happy and Be Happy Yourself by Om Swami   

The next book is a non-fiction book by om swami for you guys it is 'The book of kindness'. I told you kindness is the biggest asset you can have if you are a teenager you're going to grow up in this world and this world needs a lot of kindness you guys if you really want to bring a change to this world 

if you want to make this world a better place even if you do not have goals of changing the world if you want to make this world a good place for yourself if you want to have a beautiful life understand what kindness is understand the difference between kindness and charity understand. 

The difference between charity and compassion is only if you understand what these terms mean only if you understand what kindness is you will show to yourself which is so important and only then you will be able to show kindness to the world and the world needs it the world needs kindness nothing else this is my attempt. 

if you don't read any of the other books just read this book it is my attempt to you know make you a kind of person because if any of you read this book and you become slightly kinder than you already are or if you discover your kindness or if you understand what kindness actually means and you embrace it that's amazing. 

I cannot tell you how proud I will be of you I know for a fact that we learn how to save ourselves from the world how to protect ourselves from the world and everybody our friends and our family teach us how to protect ourselves from the world in that entire process we may misunderstand what kindness is and leave kindness behind or we may become too kind too nice and lose a lot of things. 

this book is a perfect guide for you if you're going through anything like that or even if you're not going through anything but if you want to understand what kindness is because then nobody will take advantage of you and you will still be a very kind person.

17. Tuesdays with Morrie 


Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson, 20th Anniversary Edition by Mitch Albom

The next book is 'Tuesdays with more' by mitch album, I think I recommended the ultimate gift by Jim Stovall in the last video if I haven't that book also is amazing by the way you have to read it I've recommended it so many times I'm not going to recommend it here again but if you've already read it this is another book like the ultimate gift with a little bit of twist.
So this is the story of a teacher who is extremely old and sick and his student has lost touch with life in general and with teacher now that the teacher is sick the student has come to meet the teacher being the teacher brings back the touch of life into his student they meet every Tuesday and have different conversations what a beautiful book so much to learn. 

And it gives you such a big perspective on life again if you are too much into your head if you overthink if you feel like this is the end of the world if you don't feel like people understand you or that life is basically useless and stuff like that read this book your perspective will change it is very very important for you to read this book very important.

18. Little Women 


The next book is 'little women' this is a classic that you can read as a teenager. I am about to make another article on classics for beginners you can read multiple classics from that article too but before that, I'm recommending this book specifically for my teenagers out there because again this book teaches kindness to these little women. 

the little women are about four little women four very very young girls and their mother who are trying to survive in this world while their father is a way to support his family oh my god it's the most, most heartwarming book ever it is so good and again it will fill you with compassion and love and kindness and also a lot of courage and the ability to embrace yourself the ability to be whoever you are because little women do that the little women always remember who they are and they always embrace themselves the journey is difficult but they do it. 

What a lovely book the language is slightly different from normal books obviously because it is a classic but it is easy to read there may be some words that you don't understand or some phrases that you don't understand please google them it is like it's not a lot that is what I mean to say you can still read this book it's amazing to take your time with it but read it.

19. We Were Liars 


The next book I'm going to recommend is a pure fiction book only for you to enjoy but I do want to give a trigger warning of self-harm dark content tragedy everything and the book are 'We Were Liars' by E. Lockhart. 

I love this book so much that I read it in one sitting is a story of four cousins slash friends who call themselves liars they meet every summer and they spend their entire summer together but something happens one summer that completely changes the lives of all these four people the protagonist already has a lot of mental health issues not only because of what she's going through but also because the family dynamic. 

So it's the story of how she's dealing with everything again it is the most gorgeous tragedy ever. I love this book so much for this tragedy but if you're not in the mood for reading some tragedy then don't read this book.

20. The Lover 


The Lover by Marguerite Duras-I am so forgetful when I grow old, but I don't forget lovesickness

"I'm old. One day, in the lobby of a public place, a man came to me. He took the initiative to introduce himself. 

He said to me: "I know you and I will always remember you." At that time, you were still very young and everyone said you were beautiful. 

Now, I am here to tell you that, to me, I think you are more beautiful now than when you were young. At that time, you were a young woman. Compared to your face back then, I love your face which has been devastated now. 

"The classic opening of the lover leads to a sad love. In that specific era and in that specific environment, the ending between you and me is only going to be different. 

When one day after many years, she accepts When I got to his phone and heard him say "I still love you", at that moment, the whole world can be forgiven and everything is fulfilled.

21. Sophie's World 


Sophie's World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy by Jostein Gaarder

This book opens the philosophical journey of women, a rare good book. Where did the world come from? In this way, under the guidance of a mysterious teacher, Sophie began to think about the fundamental issues of the masters from ancient Greece to Kant, from Chi Keguo to Freud. 

At the same time, Sophie continued to receive some very unusual letters, trying to solve these mysteries. 

However, the truth is far more weird and bizarre than she thought... "Sophie's World" is a world full of wisdom. A world is full of dreams. 

This book will awaken every woman's deep admiration for life, care, and curiosity about the ultimate meaning of life. Are you looking forward to it?

Conclusion of Inspirational Books for Women in Their 20s

These are just a few suggestions, and there are many other great books for women in their 20s that you may find interesting and helpful in your 20s. 

Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose good books for women in their 20s that resonate with you and that you will find enjoyable and fulfilling to read.

All alright you guys this is it for today. thank you, guys, so much for reading. I hope that this was helpful and that you found some good reads. I really hope you enjoyed the article. 

I really like the recommendations I have given. I feel good about myself while writing the article and I really hope that you got at least one book out of this entire pile for yourself. 

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