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The 10 Best Holiday Books for Kids in 2023

The 10 Best Holiday Books for children in 2023. such as How to Catch an Elf, Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree, A Witch At Christmas, Dasher..
On the occasion of Christmas, I recommend the 10 best Holiday books for kids are not to be missed.

Hi guys and welcome back to my other article that is the Best Holiday Books for Kids in 2023

So in honor of the upcoming holiday, I thought it would be nice to share with you some of our top favorite Christmas holiday books. 

Some of the best holiday books for kids are new to us and some of these children's holiday books we've had for quite a while. 

I figured since Black Friday is just around the corner maybe some of these children's books about holidays around the world will be on sale.


The 10 Best Holiday Books for Children in 2023

And you can go ahead and grab your best holiday books for the kid's collection, I have quite a few book recommendations to get through.

You can see the entire collection of best holiday books for kids that we love and enjoy every single year 

so let's go ahead and get started with our favorite holiday children's books.

1. How to Catch an Elf 

So the first book I have for you is called How to Catch an Elf now this book is incredibly funny the illustrations here are very very vibrant very beautiful rich colors and there is a rhyme scheme to this so it is very very fun to read and it was pretty much a top favorite for my son and my daughter. 

So I think children of all ages are really going to enjoy this one so this story follows along the journey of a Christmas elf along with Santa going from house to house trying to make sure that they do not fall into the traps of these naughty children that are trying to capture them and they switch their target from Santa over to this cute little elf that you see here so you follow their little journey as they try to escape all of these traps that are set for them it's a very very funny sweet story and I think this is a very good addition to anybody's little collection. 

2. There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow! 

So the second book that I have for you there are quite a few of these in this there was an old lady series so this one is called there was a cold lady who swallowed some snow these are always very very fun to read again there is a rhyme scheme to this one and you can pretty much just sing along to all of the words and my kids always enjoy getting these there are quite a few of them so that's perfect for Thanksgiving. 

If you're looking for a book for Thanksgiving but this follows along the journey of this cold lady who keeps swallowing random things she swallows some snow she swallows coal she swallows a scarf and what's funny is the very end of the story it all makes sense why she's swallowing all these things and what she ends up creating is very very cute so this is again one of our favorites there was a cold lady who swallowed some snow so make sure to check this one out.

3. Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree 

So this one here is brand new to us and we've already finished reading it and it's called Mr. Willoughby's Christmas Tree now there are a few books in this collection that I am sharing with you that I consider to be classics or at least if they're not classics already they definitely should be and I think this is one of them. 

this story is incredibly sweet it's very very touching and it basically shows you that you know somebody's trash could be somebody else's treasure all of the illustrations in the story are very very cute they're very clean they're very crisp they're very easy to tell what's going on and the writing in here is not very difficult so it's not like you're having to read paragraph after paragraph my daughter and my son really really enjoyed this one. 

So I would say this may not be the book for a toddler but definitely for children ages two or three and above they will definitely enjoy this story and it follows along the tail of Mr. Willoughby's tree who unfortunately happens to purchase a tree that is way too big for his home so they end up having to chop it off but what happens then is they share that tree along with um miss Adelaide who is Mr. Willoughby's maid and she happens to have a very short roof as well in her house so that tree that they cut for her ended up being too big as well and continues on this journey of what happens to this tree and how many lives this tree touches. 

so it is very very sweet like I said I really enjoyed reading this one very much and the graphics are just very very cute so if you guys haven't had a chance to read this one I definitely recommend that you guys pick it up Mr. Willoughby's Christmas tree definitely one of my favorites.

4. Pete the Cat Saves Christmas: Includes Sticker Sheet! 


Pete the Cat Saves Christmas: Includes Sticker Sheet! by James Dean

So the fourth book I have is called Pete the cat saves Christmas and what I liked about this one is how it differs from some of the other pizza cat books is that this one actually does have a rhyme scheme so I was very pleasantly surprised with that and the illustrations in this book are just the same as all of the other Pete the cat books so they are very very vibrant. 

And the story was really nice it talks about of course Santa is a cat but it talks about how Santa catches a very bad cold so he's not able to do his job that Christmas so he sends in for help and asks Pete the cat to help him deliver all of these presents so Pete the cat goes on this journey cruising with his of course very groovy minibus traveling to the north pole grabbing all those presents and making sure that every child gets their present on Christmas day. 

So a very very fun read I think if your kids already love pizza cats make sure to grab this one for them it's perfect for their collection and if you guys haven't been introduced to Beat the cat then I would definitely say that this is one that would make a very good introduction and I think you'll fall in love with a lot of their stories so beat the cat saves Christmas.

5. A Witch At Christmas 

So the fifth book I have for you is called a witch at Christmas now I didn't know what to expect when I ordered this one this is brand new to our collection this year and if you've seen any of our Halloween collections you know that Halloween is absolutely big at our house, to say the least, so I was very happy to see that they had something.

And the story starts off with this little witch who is incredibly naughty and doesn't listen to her parents so this book is perfect to teach consequences to your children when they don't listen to mom and dad so because she doesn't listen to her parents she ends up in big trouble and ends up flying off on accident to the north pole but that ends up being the perfect thing for her because while she's there she learns the importance of being kind and she meets a couple of elves while she's there she meets Mrs. Claus and they all give her these little. 

I want to say they're like tests that she ends up passing and it's funny because at the beginning of the story, you see how she's dressed in very dark clothes almost symbolizing you know how dark her moods are and how to mean she can be at times but towards the end of the story you see that her attire has changed and it is a lot more bright and festive. 

so this story really did surprise me like I said I didn't know what to expect when I ordered it and it started off a little slow but once you kind of get rolling you can kind of see where the author is going with this and it turned out to be a very fun read my son actually very much enjoyed this one now this one I would definitely say because the writing is like in paragraph format it is quite a bit to read so parents you have been warned but my son was engaged the entire time so you know that's a good thing so again a witch at Christmas didn't know what to expect but this one actually came out to to be a really really fun read and we very much enjoyed this one so a witch at Christmas.

6. Santa's Underwear 


So the next one we have was a very funny read and this was called Santa's Underwear and I mean you basically know what to expect from the cover, of course, this is going to be funny so this follows the journey of  Mr. Santa Claus, and all of the things that he does in preparation for Christmas day so he eats his breakfast he takes a  shower he scrubs his beard and lastly, he starts looking for his. 

I guess you can say his lucky set of underwear that he wears every Christmas and for some reason, he can't find it so he tries on a whole bunch of different other undergarments but he's just never satisfied because he wants the one that makes him feel happy and he cannot find it.  

so the end of the story is very very sweet I'm not going to ruin it for you just in case you guys do want to read it and share it with your kids but I think your family is really going to enjoy this one and the graphics are very very funny as well so this one's called Santa's underwear and I think this is pretty much a  favorite for us.

7. Dasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas Forever 


Dasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas Forever by Matt Tavares

I will tell you guys this one should be a classic I mean the story is so heartfelt it is so sweet just the story itself I mean it's so well written and even though the writing is a little bit long not every page but there is a few that have you know a bit longer paragraphs in them but the story is incredibly engaging and my son just couldn't wait for me to turn the page and the illustrations in here are absolutely beautiful.  

they are very dark though I'm not going to say that they're very vibrant colors this book I wouldn't say that this is for children under two unless you know they can stand still and they can you know to wait for you to read such a long story but for children that are older than that this is a book that you are going to want to read every single Christmas and it follows along with the story of dasher the reindeer and his desire to visit his hometown it's a story that his mom always talks about and he's just always wanted to go there but he works for this very bad man who will not let them leave so in his escape he meets  Santa Claus and Santa Claus horse silverbell so this journey basically tracks how Santa Claus came to have his eight reindeer flying for him.  

so again very very sweet story I absolutely love this one I did not know what to expect when we got this one this year but I can't believe that we did not have this one sooner so make sure that if you guys don't grab any of these books go ahead and grab this one you will not be disappointed this is definitely going to be in our collection forever so this is called dasher.

8. The Night Before Christmas 


so speaking of holiday classics, of course, we can't have a Christmas list without the night before Christmas this is a story that we read every single year and we read this one on the night before Christmas just like the title suggests and just like the dasher book as you can see the illustrations aren't incredibly bright so it follows very much along with just like the story of dasher in that respect, the writing here is obviously a lot shorter and there is a rhyme scheme. 

so this story is perfect for all ages and it is just such a fun read if you haven't read this one where have you been you guys definitely have to get this one for your collection if you don't have it already it is a favorite and a classic for a  reason so again the night before Christmas I almost said the nightmare before Christmas that is how much I love Halloween guys okay. 

9. Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story 


Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story by Edward Hemingway 

So the next one is brand new to us this year and I got this one specifically for my daughter because as I was looking through titles of books that I wanted to purchase she saw this one and I was like 'tough cookie' and she's also like 'tough cookie'  i want 'tough cookie' so we ended up getting this one for her and you guys. 

this is the cutest little story it follows the journey of this little sugar cookie who is so excited to be made and the first thing he says is I'm a  sugar cookie I'm sweet and this wolf actually comes along to the bakery where he was just made and he decides that he's a little hungry he wants to make sure this cookie is actually sweet and lo and behold when he takes a bite of this cookie he realizes that this cookie is not sweet at all. 

so the journey of this little cookie to basically find his identity find what he was made for he goes through you know different trials and he goes through ups and downs and it's kind of an emotional book because it really teaches you about bravery about self-identity about acceptance about loving who you are and always feeling like you are here in this world for a purpose and that you should never feel like you don't have a purpose in this world.  

so it was a very very sweet story the graphics here are so cute and the wording here is very very clever so there is a  rhyme scheme to this one and this is perfect for all ages so if you're looking for books for your little ones this is going to be a favorite for them so I'm very happy that we were able to pick this one up so again this is called tough cookie a  Christmas story. 

10. The Elf on the Shelf 


And the last one, of course, I had to include the elf on a shelf and this book like it says the Christmas tradition has become a tradition in our house and we started this tradition when my son turned one so I went out and I purchased the box that included this book and it included our elf we were able to name our elf so now my son is always like you know where's charlie where's charlie when is charlie visiting us and now my daughter who's two she is also on the end for Charlie when he comes to visit so they are impatiently waiting for charlie to make his debut.  

So this story is basically telling us who our elves are and why they are here and they are basically here to make sure that our boys and girls remain nice and not naughty and letting us know that he sends messages to Santa to make sure that they are behaving in order for them to receive their gifts and remain on be a nice list at the end of the year so it also describes the game basically of finding your elf every morning because he does like to play little tricks and he does like to move throughout the night while they're sleeping.  

So you need to make sure that your kids do not touch your elf because then the magic will leave and he won't get to share all of his stories and everything that he's learned since he's been in your home this is such a wonderful book and this one is an incredibly fun read and one that my children just enjoy reading every single year so this one we will bust out on December  1st when charlie comes to visit he has already written us a letter letting us know that he is coming into town.

Conclusion of The 10 Best Christmas & Holiday Books for Kids in 2023

So I hope that this collection of The 10 Best Christmas & Holiday Books for Kids makes it into your heart and makes it so that you get to share all of these wonderful books with your children. 

If you are a beginner I definitely recommend that you read this article as it will help you out this holiday season so again. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and make sure to share that like make sure to subscribe if you haven't already and make sure to hit that little notification button so that you are notified of when I post so again thank you guys so much.
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