11 Books to Read If You Love Christmas Movies

11 Books to Read If You Love Christmas Movies. such as The Greatest Gift, My True Love Gave to Me, Skipping Christmas, Greenglass House....
Welcome to an insightful journey through the '11 Books to Read If You Love Christmas Movies,' written by Muhiuddin Alam on the book recommendations and reviews site, ReadingAndThinking.com.

Over the years as a leading authority on literary expertise, I've created numerous articles on the topics of Best Holiday Books, many of which can be found on this site. I'm also a regular contributor to other websites and publications.

I have received many requests to recommend some of the Christmas and holiday movies based on books. In response, I'm pleased to offer my expert recommendations in this article.

I will recommend Christmas movies based on books in this post, which is based on my in-depth study and extensive research in this field. Some notable recommendations include here: The Greatest Gift, My True Love Gave to Me, Skipping Christmas, Greenglass House, and The Christmas Train.

These aren't the only books on this topic. Below, you'll find 11 books with detailed descriptions of each of these outstanding resources, helping you make well-informed decisions in your Christmas movies book journey. 

So, when I suggest these books, it's because I've read a lot and want to share the best ones with you. I'm all about making your reading experience awesome. Trust in a guide deeply immersed in the literary books and stories. I love books just like you do!


1. The Greatest Gift: A Christmas Tale 


If You Love It's a Wonderful Life: Read The Greatest Gift by Philip Van Doren

so the first book that I'm gonna recommend is based on the movie 'It's a Wonderful Life' I love this movie so much if you haven't seen it it's a classic Christmas holiday movie it's a little bit intense but it's just so good it has a wonderful message and I love it so much I watch it every year 

if you love this movie then the book that I recommend you pick up is The Greatest Gift by Philip Van Doren Stern this is actually the book that inspired It's a Wonderful Life and when I was researching for this video I didn't actually know 

If there was a book inspired by the movie but there is and it's so pretty it's really tiny this one I got off of Amazon it's only like 38 pages long it's really short which is actually really nice because I know if the holidays are really busy so this is such a great one to pick up I bought it for myself and cannot wait to read it 

there are some cute little illustrations in the book as well which I'm really excited to get to it's just a gorgeous book honestly so yeah if you're in the mood for a very Christmassy touching warm story I recommend picking up the greatest gift.

2. My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories 


If You Love 'Love Actually': Read 'My True Love Gave to Me

the next recommendation that I have is based on the movie 'Love Actually' this is actually not one of my personal favorite Christmas movies I have tried to watch it multiple times but just can't get through it for some reason 

but I do know that it follows the stories of a couple different people falling in love around Christmas time and for that reason, I picked the book 'My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories' which is by a ton of different authors and it's edited by Stephanie Perkins this one. 

I know has actually been read I think by a lot of people like I said it's an anthology that has 12 different Christmassy stories that are about love during the holidays which sounds so cute I have actually not read this yet I'm gonna buddy read it with my friend Liv 

and I'm super excited I cannot wait I think I'm actually going to take this on a trip with me because it's the perfect thing to just pick up and read a story when you have nothing else to do so this is my recommendation if you love Love Actually then you should definitely check out my true love gave to me.

3. The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories 


If You Love 'The Nightmare Before Christmas': Read 'The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories

the next recommendation I have is based on a movie that is a little bit controversial about whether or not it's actually a Christmas movie but it is 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' a classic Tim Burton movie I love it I actually kind of like to watch this one during Halloween but it definitely works for Halloween or Christmas 

this movie was actually a little bit difficult to find a recommendation for but I am excited about the book that I found for it the book that I recommend you pick up is 'The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories by Arthur Conan Doyle' just check out the cover, 

first of all, it's literally like a Christmas tree with a bunch of skulls and stuff this is a collection of ghost stories that were published during the Victorian era. 

It was popular back then for people to publish these ghost stories and read them around the campfire during Christmas time which is just so weird I love what it says on my back it says during the Victorian era it became traditional for publishers of newspapers and magazines to print ghost stories during the Christmas season for chilling winter reading by the fireside or candlelight 

if you like the name for Christmas something a little bit darker this one might be a really good recommendation for you to pick up.

4. Skipping Christmas: A Novel 


If You Love 'Christmas with the Kranks': Read 'Skipping Christmas'

the next book that I recommend you pick up is if you love the movie Christmas with the Kranks' then you should definitely check out the book 'Skipping Christmas: A Novel by John Grisham this book again was actually the book that inspired Christmas with the Kranks and if you haven't watched that one yet. 

Please do it's so classic it's with Tim Allen it's so funny it's when a couple decides that they want to skip Christmas this year they would rather go on a cruise they don't want to deal with Christmas party their oldest daughter has moved out and they just want to skip the holidays altogether 

but that turns out to be kind of a disastrous situation when the town gets upset with them for skipping Christmas and then they try to hurry and make it all work it's so funny and the book is just as funny I really want to get to it this season as well.

5. Greenglass House 


If You Love 'Home Alone: Read 'Greenglass House

the next recommendation I have is based on the movie 'Home Alone It is my husband's favorite Christmassy movie and one of mine as well it's so fun to watch I love Home Alone and the book that I recommend you check out 

if you like Home Alone is the 'Greenglass House' this is by Kate Milford I know that I have talked about this one recently you guys are probably really sick of me talking about this book. 

But it's just the perfect wintry read it's a middle gray that takes place in an inn that's called the Smugglers and if it was a story of this little boy who lives at the end with his parents who own it and all of these different kinds of curious smuggler type people start showing up around Christmastime to stay at the end 

and some High Jinks Happen It's really fun it follows the story of a little boy just like in-home alone and I think that this one is just a really great family-centered mystery centered like High Jinks atmospheric read it's perfect for the holiday season I totally recommend it especially if you live in a place where it's snowing it's just so great.

6. The Christmas Train 


If You Love 'Polar Express': Read 'The Christmas Train'

the next recommendation I have is for the 'Polar Express' I love this movie so so much I loved the book growing up and the movie they just did such a great job on the book that I recommend it if you love the Polar Express is 'The Christmas Train' this is by David Belle Adichie 

I have not actually personally read this book yet but I really want to as soon as I read the synopsis it reminded me of The Polar Express and I definitely plan to read it this season. 

It follows the story of a man who is traveling during the holidays on this train and it sounds like he's a little bit bitter towards Christmas and the holidays he ends up being on this multi-day adventure on the train some adventures in SU he starts to rediscover the meaning and joy of Christmas 

and it just sounds so cute I think it's the perfect companion to the Polar Express if you loved that movie and that story definitely checks out that book. 

7. One Day in December: A Novel 


If You Love 'The Holiday': Read 'One Day in December'

my next recommendation is based on one of my all-time favorite holiday movies but also just one of my favorite movies ever and that is '
The Holiday' I love that one so much it's such a great movie and it just makes me smile I watch it every year I love it so much 

if you love that movie you should definitely try picking up 'One Day in December: A Novel by Josie Silver I have also talked about this book recently and I'm sorry if you don't want to hear me talk about it again. 

But this is a great adult contemporary romance that follows a girl who doesn't believe in love at first sight at all except for one day she's on this bus and she locks eyes with this guy who is sitting on a bench outside and she knows that he is the one and so for the whole next year she spends trying to find this guy to no avail she cannot find him the next year at a Christmas party 

her friend shows up with her new boyfriend who happens to be the guy that she locked eyes with and it's so good it ends up following them for a couple of years what happens during that relationship is just the romantic aspects of both the movies. 

And the book reminds me so much of one another characters that you really love and feel invested in and that you want to see happy endings of all of the good just cozy vibes I definitely recommend checking this one out if you love the holiday.

8. Letters From Father Christmas 


If You Love 'Santa Claus is coming to town: Read 'Letters From Father Christmas'

the next recommendation that I have just given to me all of the nostalgic vibes this is one that I grew up on I absolutely love it's literally it's making me emotional just thinking oh right but if you love the movie '
Santa Claus is coming to town' ah so good the claymation one oh my gosh just all of the fields it follows the story of Santa and his life and it's so good 

but if you loved that movie like I do I strongly recommend checking out 'Letters From Father Christmas' by JRR Tolkien this is a book that I stumbled upon that I get like emotional just flipping through it it's J.R.R Tolkien's Letters to his children during Christmas time and his father's Christmas so he's pretending to be Santa in these letters that he sends to his children during Christmas time. 

And it's just so heartwarming it literally has actual photographs of his letters in it as well as just like some of his drawings which are just absolutely stunning I'm trying to find a good one he sent this picture along with a letter in 1920 to his son as father Christmas and he said like here's a picture of me and here is a picture of where I live 

I hope it's focusing but just so nostalgic heartwarming and cute and it just reminds me all about Santa Claus I love Santa Claus I totally grew up believing in Santa Claus and part of me still wants to I just think that this is so cute if you love the movie Santa Claus is coming to town I think you'll really really like this book as well.

9. The Deal of a Lifetime 


If You Love 'The Santa Clause': Read 'The Deal of a Lifetime

the next movie and book recommendation that I have is a little bit of a stretch maybe I feel like it works but if you really love the movie 'The Santa Clause' the classic one with Tim Allen oh my gosh another one that I watch every single year 

I really think you should consider reading 'The Deal of a Lifetime by Fredrik Bachman so this cover I know it does not scream Christmas at all but this book does take place around the holidays it's another really short book it's like sixty-some pages. 

And it also has a really cute illustration trying to show you it's got like full-page color illustrations on some of these things just so oh look at that I love it I'm obsessed but this follows the story of a father who is recounting a story about a girl who is in a hospital during the holidays who has cancer and he's telling this story to his son 

but the story ends up turning into him also sharing about his kind of mistakes as a father his business triumphs his life in general his hopes for the future and it says that on a cold winter's night, the father has been given an unexpected chance to do something remarkable that could change the destiny of this little girl that he was originally talking about. 

but before he can make the deal of a lifetime he must find out what his own life has actually been worth and only his son can give him that answer so I think that there's a lot of like a father-son relationship that is talked about in this book which kind of reminded me of the Santa Clause 

because I remember how the father and son kind of had some rough times not always understanding each other and I just thought that this book really kind of was reminiscent of that and I think that this sounds like a really touching story kind of like the Santa Clause is and yeah I think that it's the perfect little book again to pick up during the holidays especially if you like the Santa Clause. 

10. The Afterlife of Holly Chase 


If You Love 'A Christmas Carol': Read 'The Afterlife of Holly Chase'

and then the last recommendation I have is based on another classic Christmas movie and that is 'A Christmas Carol' if you love a Christmas carol I have two recommendations for you actually the first one I think you probably have already guessed but it is 'The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia's hand this is a really cool cover first of all 

so this book is actually kind of a Christmas carol reimagined retelling let me quickly read this topic because it says it way better than I could I always butcher the synopsis of this book 

But it says on Christmas Eve five years ago Holly was visited by three ghosts who showed her how selfish and spoiled she'd become they tried to convince her to mend her ways but she didn't and then she died now if she's stuck working for the top-secret company Project 

Scrooge is the latest ghost of Christmas Past every year they save another miserly grouch every year Holly stays frozen at 17 while her family and friends go on living without her so far Holly's afterlife has been miserable but this year everything is about to change 

So it's about this girl who's basically stuck in the afterlife being a part of this Christmas Scrooge where they are the three ghosts and they tried to get someone to kind of change their ways during the Christmas time and it's just so cute this is a really good book I've read this earlier this year and really liked it 

the story is about redemption and character change Holly is very selfish and mean and she doesn't realize that the things that she does affect other people I don't know I just really really enjoyed this book a lot it is definitely reminiscent of a Christmas Carol so I really recommend trying out this one. 

11. Mr. Dickens and His Carol 


If You Love 'A Christmas Carol': Read 'Mr. Dickens and his Carol'

and then I have one other recommendation for that one because I know a lot of people have already read Holly Chase so the other recommendation I have is '
Mr. Dickens and His Carol' is by Samantha Silva this is a book that actually follows Charles Dickens as he just published a new book and it's a total flop the critics have turned against him 

and his relatives hound him for money while this is going on his wife is planning this lavish holiday party during this time his publishers are also blackmailing him to write this Christmas book that could help save them from financial ruin he is obviously very frazzled and frustrated and upset. 

So one night he goes for a long holiday walk in London during this walk he ends up meeting someone named Eleanor who befriends him and propels him to go on this Scrooge-like journey it sounds like he ends up kind of having this self-discovery journey maybe reading the meaning of the holidays 

I love it sounds really interesting I love the setting of London at that time and during the holidays and then Charles Dickens himself going on a Scrooge-like journey like it just sounds so interesting and if you love a Christmas carol I think you might really like this book. 

Conclusion of Books to Read If You Love Christmas Movies

So those are all of the recommendations I have for you guys. I hope that you liked this article. I hope that you'll have a wonderful rest of your day wherever you are I love you and I will see you soon in my next article bye.

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