12 Classic Christmas Picture Books for Children in 2022

In this article, we will share Classic Christmas Picture Books for Children. Believe in Love, Belief in Christmas, No matter how insurmountable obstacles are, love will find a way out. 

Maybe life will not always be good, but on this cold winter day, people feel the warmth. Teach children to love, and feel the flow of love with children.

Christmas is coming soon, and parents are also thinking hard, hoping to bring their children a truly meaningful gift. 

Therefore, we have carefully selected a set of classic art picture books related to Christmas and more related to love.


The Best Classic Christmas Picture Books Every Child Should Read in 2022

Beautiful and warm fairy tales, exquisite comics full of artistic flavor, and simple and catchy English short sentences are very suitable for parent-child reading.

Let your children read more books and learn more! This Christmas, read with your baby "classic picture books" related to "Christmas" now!.

1. The Snow Tree 


The little bear woke up from his deep hibernation and found that the world was covered with snow. He was very curious: Where did the beautiful colors go?

A lynx came from the snow with an orange leaf in its mouth. He explained: This reminds us of the warm light of autumn and the setting sun burning in the night sky. A squirrel followed, and she gently placed the scarlet berries on the bear's feet. The shimmering luster of the berries is like blood drops against the snow.

The blue jay flew down from the air, with a few feathers held tightly in his mouth. "That's all I can give," said the blue jay, "but they are as blue as a clear summer sky and torrential water in the river."

The little bear uses them to decorate the white and flawless snow tree: Merry Christmas!

This is a tough book. The hair of the small animals, the shell of the fir cone, the white snow, the star pendant of the moose, the scarlet berry, etc., all have different textures. Even on the blank page, there are invisible exquisite reliefs, which can be touched.

All forest animals seem to be infected by the Christmas spirit. Everyone is domesticated and gentle, and all the pictures are quiet and beautiful.

The painter handled the size relationship of the animals very well. The little bear stared at the white-cheeked bird as if a stream of spring water melted in his eyes. The delicate and vivid brushstrokes seem to be a little bear squatting in front of us all.

2. Pete the Cat saves Christmas

Pete is a special cat with blue fur and golden eyes. He is different from other cats who like to be alone. He likes to make friends, try new things, challenge new tasks and is not afraid of unfamiliar environments. Bar, this is Pete, an optimistic, brave, warm, and enthusiastic cat.

Santa was sick, so he had to call Pete to help. Pete received the task of Santa Claus to deliver gifts to all kinds of children. With so many gifts, can Pete complete the task to let the children have a happy Christmas?

Pete is a cute and optimistic cat. Did he give up when he encountered difficulties? No way! Santa Claus is sick. Although the task is very difficult, little Pete still goes all out to save everyone's Christmas in the end! This is a warm, loving story about being helpful. Merry Christmas, Pete! ——American Readers' Comment

3. Kipper's Christmas Eve

World-renowned picture book painter and children's literature Mick Inkpen (Mick Inkpen) most popular series. The plot is warm, the pictures are fresh and soft, and the language is relatively straightforward, humorous, and not noisy.

Applicable age: 4-9 years old

  Kipper was "creaking" and walking on the snow, looking for his own Christmas tree. 

Kipper is thinking:
  • Is Christmas fun or Christmas Eve fun? 
  • Is the fun at the moment of receiving the gift, or is it the process of looking forward to the gift?
  Piggy forgot the gift to Kippe, so he hurried home, brought the gift, and left Arnold and Kipper to decorate the Christmas tree. Will they decorate the Christmas tree beautifully?

This picture book has won so many awards:
  • A masterpiece of Greenway Award Winner
  • Popular animated characters around the world, selling 80 million copies
  • Smaltis Children's Book Award
  • Nottingham Children's Book Award
  • Best Children's Animation Award by the British Academy of Film and Television
  In the story, Chip and his friends work together to move the Christmas tree home. The author integrates the children's thoughts and behaviors into the story lightly and naturally, forming the unique and gentle taste of the Puppy Kip series.

4. Madeleine's Christmas

Everyone is sick in bed on a cold winter night! Except for the brave Madeline, she got up and walked around, feeling good. Even Miss Clavel was beaten by the weather, so Madeline is in charge of the overall situation, which means cleaning the house, making soup, and taking care of everyone alone.

But she got help from a merchant who sells blankets from door to door. His blankets are not only good for keeping out the cold, but also for flying! Now, the girls will embark on a magical Christmas trip to make them forget their unhappy sniffles and sneezing.

Does Christmas full of magic make you feel warm and fun? Let's take a look!

The sentences in the book are short in rhythm and full of rhythm. They are catchy nursery rhymes. I believe that children will not only fall in love with Madeline, but they will be able to blurt out these interesting words after reading them a few times!

5. Whizzy Santa

Seeing Santa Claus stepping on a scooter on the cover, children can’t help asking how Santa Claus uses a scooter to give gifts. In addition, the book’s appearance is a rollable scooter, so the children can’t help but slide it. 

Read it, and start your own enjoyable journey. At the same time, there are rhythmic sentences in picture books, which are suitable for children to read aloud.

Santa’s reindeer has the flu, so who will pull the sleigh and what should he do? At this time, the elf took out a broken scooter, and Santa did some magic to turn the old scooter into a sleigh puller. Tools, this is incredible! This should be the first time in history that Santa Claus is sitting on a scooter to give gifts. It's really interesting.

"Whizzy Santa" not only shows the children the magic of Santa Claus, the fantasy experience of driving the skateboard and sleigh to give gifts but also tells the children to encounter difficulties, don't worry, use your brain, you can also use magic! This is a gift that will not disappoint children in the joyous holiday of Christmas!

6. Maisy's Christmas Eve


Applicable age: 3-7 years old

  On Christmas Eve, the sky was rustling with white snow. Maisy invited the little friends to come together for Christmas. The little squirrels, little crocodiles, and chicks are here, and everyone is ready for Christmas.

  But where did the elephant Eddie go? It turned out that it was too big and strong, and accidentally fell into the thick white snow!

  What can we do! Maisy and friends, did you finally find Eddie?  

  When you think of Christmas, what do children think of? Christmas dinner, Christmas gifts...

  But although the background of this picture book is Christmas, it mainly talks about friends helping and sharing with each other. Let children be like the cute and colorful Maisy, no matter what terrible test they face, always face it with the happiest heart.

7. Santa's Busy Night


Applicable age: 2-6 years old

  On Christmas Eve, Santa has so many things to do!

  He wants to wrap a gift. He wrapped the gifts into large and small squares. Then put on a big Christmas hat and heavy black shoes. In the heavy snow, he carefully put the gifts into the sleigh, stuffing the sleigh full.

  Santa Claus and his reindeer are about to set off...

  The sleigh on the cover has a smooth texture. When the child touches the grid of the sleigh, there will be a feeling of depression, which makes people wonder what kind of winter heart-warming story Santa Claus filled the sleigh with gifts?

  In addition to vivid pictures, the content of the story is also suitable for parents to give their children extended training to help children recognize colors, shapes, and numbers, and improve their cognitive abilities.

8. Bizzy Bear: Christmas Helper


Applicable age: 6 months-3 years old

  This is a book of pulling and turning mechanisms, pulling and pulling, pushing and pushing, sliding and sliding, look, bear Bizzy, Santa Claus, and elf, they spent a special and meaningful day together!

  Santa Claus and his reindeer are about to set off...

  Rhythmic sentences, ingeniously designed scrolls of paper according to the content of the story, and cute and bright background pictures will greatly arouse children's interest and curiosity, making picture books especially fun.

9. It's Christmas, David!


Applicable age: 4-8 years old

  It's the naughty David: he pulls the decorative lights on the Christmas tree, he searches for holiday gifts that his mother prepares for him, and he tries to steal the gingerbread man his mother has just baked...

  Even if David knew that all this was in Santa's eyes, he just couldn't help it. Will David become a good boy in the eyes of Santa Claus and get the fire truck toy of his dreams?

  Not everyone knows the name of David Shannon, but the classic picture book "No, David" is a household name. David, the lively naughty ghost, is the most representative "bear kid".

  Brightly colored pictures, exaggerated and large fonts, and absurdly dramatic techniques, all make David Shannon's works have a connection and stickiness with children.

  Not only is it to guide children to learn good behaviors, but parents will also understand their children's feelings better if they experience them carefully.

10. Pip and Posy: The Christmas Tree


Applicable age: 2-5 years old

  When Posey and Pip were decorating the Christmas tree, Pip ate all the things that decorated the Christmas tree while decorating it. Not only did Percy not blame him when he knew it, but instead took care of Pip who had a bad stomach.

  Finally, they found a new way to decorate the Christmas tree...

  The story is based on the story between the protagonist, the little rabbit Pip and the little mouse Posy, and fully demonstrates the joys, sorrows, sorrows, and joys in the daily lives of preschool children.

  Although one of the two friends always has small troubles, they always help each other to solve the problems. These small daily life theaters can not only resonate with children, but parents can also feel the gentle charm of the story when they read with their parents and children.

11. Lulu's Christmas


Applicable age: 2-5 years old

  Are you ready for Christmas?

  Christmas is coming, and Lulu is so busy! Decorating a Christmas tree, making a snowman, and making a delicious snack for Christmas.

  There are also mysterious guests visiting outside the window. Guess what gift they sent!

  This is an exquisite book, the author is a senior children's book illustrator for more than 15 years, and the style is full of retro childishness.

  Life-like language and various scenes close to life help children master basic cognitive skills. The page-turning mechanism will let the children never tire and experience the joy of exploration.

12. Elmer's Christmas


Applicable age: 2-6 years old

  This is a rather peculiar story. It's peculiar because the story itself does not conform to the laws of the real world-the elephants in the book not only have Christmas, but they are also playing in the snow, playing with snowballs, and making snowmen-you must know how elephants live on the earth In subtropical areas, there is no snow!

  But in the world of children's imagination, nothing is impossible, just like the elephant Elmer-he is even a colorful patchwork elephant!

  This is an imaginative picture book. Parents do not need to deliberately guide children to recognize the laws of the real world in fact, as their reading and knowledge increase, everyone will learn it sooner or later in Our world and real life.

  Parents can cultivate and carefully care for the imagination of children through such stories. This is the starting point for all creativity and personality shaping.

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