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About - Muhiuddin Alam
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13 Self-Help Books That Will Change Your Life in 2023

13 Self-Help Books That Will Change Your Life in 2023. such as Awaken the Giant Within, The Four Agreements, As a Man Thinketh, 12 Rules for Life
Hey everyone today I'm going to share with you the best 10 self-help books that will change your life in 2023

If you are committed to improving yourself then you must read life-changing self-improvement books.
the books I'm going to share with you have all made an incredible impact on my life and contributed to the life that I have today. 

and so today I want to pay it forward share with you some of these books hopefully you benefit from them can go to Amazon buy them read them devour them and apply them to your life so that your life gets better as a  result of it. 
Some of these life-changing self-improvement books you maybe already have heard from others maybe you've never heard of before in which case you might be able to pull a few books from this that I share with you and you must benefit from them. 

you know one of my favorite quotes from Jim  Rohn says that  "if you want things to get better in your life then you must get better and that if you want things to change then you must change and if you change then everything will change for you"  so I really believe that and that shifted it was like a paradigm shift in my mind that changed everything for me. 

that occur in your life as a result of self-help maybe it's a shift in your mindset maybe it's a new habit maybe it's a new belief system or shifting your values or changing your health or your diet or your relationships or something changes and then you experience and see the result and the benefit of that in your life how as a result of what you learn and you applied it your have more energy 

or you have better relationships or people respond to you in a better way or you have more friends or you make more money, all of that once you get a taste of that you have a thirst and you get addicted to that process because you see and have experienced more importantly the rewards of that and that's what kind of got me that momentum along my journey. 

today I've just been obsessive about learning and growing as much as I can in every aspect of my life and the cool thing about what I do is I get to share it with you guys and hope you guys get to benefit from the things that I've learned and what's benefited my life. 

13 Self-Help Books That Will Change Your Life in 2023

I'm going to share with you what is going to help you in a more indirect way by helping you be more motivated in your life by setting goals overcoming limiting beliefs and fears, and the self-imposed limitations that hold us back from achieving everything that we want in our lives.  

you know another quote from Jim Rohn actually, you know Jim Rohn's a famous self-development speaker he passed away a number of years ago but his wisdom really sticks with me and some of the sayings that he has, 

and he says that "your income is in proportion to your level of self-development and so the more that you grow the more that your income grows" and I think that's important to understand.  

so I want to mention that some of the books that I'm going to share with you guys were life-changing for me that is early on in my self-development journey but there are classics and I think they're books that everybody should read.

1. Awaken the Giant Within 


Awaken the Giant Within How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny! by Tony Robbins 

the first one is called Awaken the Giant within tony robbins. this book changed my life when I was  18 years old one of the best self-help books read more than once it still remains one of my favorite books of all time.  

tony robbins are the person that really was my biggest mentor and role model in self-development he's kind of like this larger-than-life figure and I've always really respected him because he has what I believe achieved levels of mastery in multiple areas of life, not just finances or fame or success but in his relationships and his health and his mental and emotional well-being and I've always you know respected people that have that great balance of success. 

rather than just financial success so his book is amazing really will introduce you to beliefs and empowering questions your values and setting goals and your emotional state many different things that I emphasize and teach and share with you guys are based on some of Tony robbins principles and a lot of what he teaches are from other people as well because he's kind of similar to myself where he's learned from many different sources and compiles the best of what he's learned and packages it together and delivers it in a really powerful way awaken the giant within getting that book amazing book.

2. Notes from a Friend


Notes from a Friend: A Quick and Simple Guide to Taking Charge of Your Life by Anthony Robbins

he has another shorter book shorter summary of that called Notes from a Friend although I wouldn't recommend that one until you've read Awaken the giant within notes from a Friend is a great little short read you can read in an hour that summarizes the book and is one to kind of keep with you as a companion at any stage of your life. 

when you're going through downtime and you just need a friend someone that cares about you and loves you and this book will speak to you on that level he wrote notes from a friend as a  summary to give away as part of his basket brigade as part of his foundation where he feeds families on thanksgiving and something that I've done through his foundation a few times where you get the little books and you give it to homeless people you give it to people they're going through a tough time it's just a  really great little book that goes along with it so awaken the giant within must-read book.

3. The Four Agreements 


The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, A Toltec Wisdom Book by Don Miguel Ruiz 

the third one is the four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz fantastic book a short book can be read in an hour or two but the four agreements teach four main agreements and principles that we should all live by and they're very very powerful, especially how dawn goes into them you know the first one being impeccable with your word having integrity in your life and how you show up and that your word means something that when you say you're going to do something you do it and having that integrity is something that's very important as an agreement you keep for yourself. 

don't take things personally is another one don't make assumptions you know oftentimes we assume things based on very limited information and that's an important agreement just to stick to so I think everybody should read the four agreements that are a staple classic it's a short read no excuse not to read it. it's a really valuable book.

4. As a Man Thinketh 

the fourth one is As a man thinketh by James Allen also another classic short read you can read in an hour or two and it's a pretty straightforward message oftentimes you know there's the core message of the book but reading the book and how it's communicated and articulated to you and especially the stories behind it.  

is really what helps a message or an idea get ingrained in your psyche in your subconscious mind so that you really apply it and you live it. it's not enough just to hear a summary of an idea that's why I encourage people to actually read a book and not just consume a summary of a book because the buy-in factor that whatever these ideas are you have to buy into it and really ingrain it through multiple references is really what allows you to live it so it might sound simple as a man thinketh it's about. 

as you think you become your thoughts produce your reality whether you think you can or you think you can't you're right there's a lot of power to our thoughts and thinking that if you want to change your life you got to change your thoughts and you know most of our life and the reality and what we manifest is based on our mindset and the thoughts that we have so that one simple idea and principle of what's taught in this book can change your life in so many ways. 

If you really become aware of your thoughts a lot more and you're able to shift your thinking in a more positive and more empowering way so recommend the book as a man thinketh.

5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey

The fifth one is the seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey fantastic book oh my gosh this book changed my life. the seven habits he even wrote one called the eighth habit you know Stephen Covey passed away a  number of years ago but he has some really incredible content and contributions to the world of self-development I mean the First Habit and I don't want to go into all of them but it's called being proactive. 

because most of us we're so reactive we're reactive to events and things that happen in our lives that we're just always in a reactionary mode another one of my favorite habits that he has is seeking to seek first to understand and then to be understood okay so seek first to understand then to be understood and that's a powerful one because most often people don't understand you know each other there's a lot of division that has occurred in the world of all these different ideologies and doctrines.  

and you know beliefs and politics whether you're far left far right or far left or religious and we don't take the time to understand people first and foremost where they're coming from why they came to that conclusion understand their model of the world and their blueprint for life before you judge and criticize we live in a world where people just jump to conclusions and they go back to the four agreements they make assumptions they make their interpretations without knowing all the information. 

in fact, one of my favorite stories from Stephen in his book is he shares his stories on a train or a  bus and there's a man there and he has a few kids with them and the kids are kind of disturbing they're being loud they're all over the place and in a public environment like that on a bus or a train they're you know agitating Stephen so he's getting frustrated by this he's irritated by these kids because the man the father is not doing anything about it and so he finally gets so irritated so frustrated that he confronts the man.  

and he kind of gets a little bit annoyed at him and says are you going to do something about these kids he says it in that tone of voice where he's kind of upset about it and the man responds back he says you know I'm so sorry you know the kids their mom just died and they're going through a really hard time I don't think they know how to take it and quite frankly I don't know really how well to take it myself and when steven heard that it totally changed his perception that he realized.

I make a  conclusion or a judgment about something you know maybe this person is going through a really tough time maybe their wife just died and there you know the kid's mother just died and when you understand the context of that then you have more compassion instead of judgments instead of you know criticizing someone for that you know no different perhaps when you get cut you know cut off on the road when you're driving your car you can be angry at that other driver but you know maybe they cut in front of you because they have an emergency and they got to get to the hospital or who knows what and so there's many different interpretations and meanings that we can make and try to understand first.

before we react and before we come to an assumption and a conclusion about things and there's just so much great wisdom in this book that helps you look at things in a very different way.

6. 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos 


12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson

the next one is 12 Rules for Life by dr Jordan Peterson. a famous Canadian psychologist who has become more popular over the last few years I tend to agree with a lot of what Jordan shares and this is a bit of a  different self-help book and I do recommend before reading this book to watch some interviews and lectures of Jordan Peterson online first so you can kind of understand his position and because you know in the self-help book it's different than a lot of other self-help books it's not an easy read because he references. 

you know a lot from the Book of Genesis that references a lot from politics different philosophers like Nietzsche and you know you know politics like Marxism and different things like that so it's a bit of a denser read in some ways and he has a different style of communicating but the message is really really powerful and especially when you read the book.  

you'll get more from it in my opinion but the core message for him is taking responsibility for your life and not deflecting responsibility not blaming but getting your act together you know he says to clean your room make sure that your room is in order and that you get yourself together first and that's one of the best ways you can make an impact in the world rather than you're having your life as a disaster.  

then going out trying to make changes in the world which is very complex and difficult we should start with ourselves first and take responsibility and part of the responsibility is not is taking a load-carrying a burden in your life and growing and growing up from that and finding the meaning in that and that's what produces a great meaning in our lives and so dr Jordan Peterson he's got a lot of really great content but his book is a great one.

7. Psycho-Cybernetics 

I  can recommend number six psycho cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. I read this book in  2012 when I was doing a fitness competition and this is a great book that really teaches the power of visualization in the subconscious mind and how so much of our reality can be manifested based on what we visualize here our self-image is what he calls it and the story that I remember the most is he shares how we all have the self-image.  

and I think Maxwell Maltz was a  plastic surgeon or at least he references one where he was doing rhinoplasty on a patient so getting a nose job and what he noticed through plastic surgery even though that person's physical looks would change the self-image of their self wouldn't change and that we all have a fixed self-image of how we perceive ourselves and not until you change your self-image that your life and everything else changes as a result of that so this book goes heavily into visualization and you know the human mind it can't tell the difference when you visualize something that is vividly happening in your mind versus something that's actually happening in reality. 

and so the power of your subconscious mind when you visualize in my case a fitness competition I'd visualize myself and change my self-image to see myself having the body that I wanted to have been fit being healthy or being successful or being a confident speaker I'd visualize and see that again and again and as a result of that the reality and the changes on the outside world would manifest as a result of my self-image changing so fantastic book psycho cybernetics is a  classic highly recommend it.

8. How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age 

the next one is How to win friends and influence people man that's a classic book must-read for everybody learning how to make friends basic communication and social skills are really what this book's about and how to influence people. 

and I guess persuade them not in a  manipulative way but in a way that influences people to go for more choices in their life and to create a better quality of life so it's a great book for building rapport relationships with people connecting with people developing friendships and communication skills. 

and if you're into sales and marketing that's also great because they'll teach you some elements there that can help you in the marketing of your business or your products. 


9. Way of the Peaceful Warrior


Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives by Dan Millman

okay, the next one is the way of the peaceful warrior by Dan Millman. this is a great book but there's a great movie that goes along with it I watched the movie first and then I read the book the movie is fantastic the peaceful warrior highly recommend it it's a true story of Dan Millman and it's kind of a bit of a spiritual book but dan Millman was a  popular good-looking guy in school he's a gymnast you know.  

an athlete competing to go into the Olympics high achiever you know good family life has girls in his life I mean he's got everything that you would think you would want as someone who's young in university everything you can want but he's not happy with himself and he's not happy in his life and he meets this man that he calls Socrates which is a wise man and he starts embarking a lot of wisdom for him in his life and helps him to realize that he's been chasing, for example, the destination and not appreciating the journey.  

you know a simple principle like that is really well articulated in the book and in the movie and that he's got so much mind chatter he's living up in his head worrying what people think of him so much that Socrates helps him learn how to be present in his life and to live in the now and that the now is the only thing that exists and that he's so attached to things and he lives in his ego and Socrates helps him dissolve the ego.  

and to not live his life just for significance all of these valuable changes he's changing him from the inside and as a  result, the outside changes for him as well I don't want to spoil the book or the movie but he goes through a huge tragedy which often happens in our lives that you think you know you're on this path and everything's going your way and you're making. 

you know progress momentum and the unthinkable happen adversity shows up and it's got a lot of valuable wisdom there on how to overcome that adversity and challenges that show up in your life so I highly recommend the book and the movie there are some follow-up books too and I also really enjoy the writing of Dan Millman.

10. The Alchemist 


The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream by Paulo Coelho 

Okay, number nine is the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.  It amazing classic book you know this is originally written in Portuguese but it's such a great story it's a story you know I read this book when I was young and I can definitely relate to this book.  

if you're lost in your life if you don't know what your purpose is you're trying to pursue your dreams because it's the story of a boy Santiago and who follows his heart and tries to discover his path in life and his purpose in life and it's just so much wisdom in that and I think we can all relate to that because we're all trying to find our path and trying to find our calling and you know trying to follow our hearts desires. 

so it's a really really well-written story a fictional story and it's a book that's you know different type of self-help book that's not just like the factual information and the steps and the knowledge but its wisdom embedded in a story that takes you on the journey that helps you really reinforce it and really you know enjoy the process of reading the book so that's a  fantastic book that I can recommend.

11. The War of Art


The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield

the last one I've got is the war of Art by Stephen Pressfield not to be confused with 'the art of War by Sun Tzu a very different book but 'the war of Art'  is a book that helps you overcome procrastination fear laziness whatever prevents you from taking action in your life. 

he calls it resistance and identifying that resistance and how to deal with that resistance is what allows you to get past it and so every single day every morning when you wake up resistance is right there you know right there and it's trying to prevent you from doing the things that you know you should do for yourself and for that day to get better in your life and to achieve what you want.  

so this is such a great book that helps you get past that resistance and be free from it in many ways but to take more action especially if procrastination was a big issue for you when I dealt with a lot of procrastination in my life this book was a book that really helped me a lot so highly recommend that book as well.  

12. 50 Self-Help Classics


50 Self-Help Classics: 50 Inspirational Books to Transform Your Life from Timeless Sages to Contemporary Gurus by Tom Butler-Bowdon

it's a book the author's name is Tom, Bowden. the book is 50  self-help classics  and basically what this guy did is he's a  great writer and great researcher but he  compiled a book of 50 of the best  self-help books  of all time and in each chapter, he goes  into  each book and maybe writes a few pages  on it it's more of a summary of it  but what I really enjoyed about reading  this book is one it gave me a lot of  great ideas for what books that I'd be  interested in reading 

and so just by reading the summary of the top 50 books of self-development, you get a lot of pieces from each one as you read the summary of it but you get to pick which ones you might be motivated to actually pick up and read and go deeper through but also a lot of them I had already read and it's been many years since I read some of these self-help books.  

so just by going through this again and reading the summary, it brought back a lot of memories that had kind of faded of some really incredible books and the messages of that so fantastic book.


13. 50 Philosophy Classics 

I actually found him through another book that he has called 50 psychology classics and at that time I was really diving deeper into psychology and wanting to know what the best psychology books are and really learn as much as I could about the different schools of psychology and the history of it. 

and so this book he kind of broke down the top 50 psychology books and then that led me to read some of the other ones he's got one  50 self-help classics, 50 psychology classics that I've read 50 success classics the top books on success and 50 spirituality classics the topmost spiritual books of all time and it's a  really fantastic book. 

so that'd be a great one if you want more ideas for books and want kind of a summary of the top 50 books in the self-help world that I could recommend. 

Conclusion of Best Self-Help Books That Will Change Your Life

I could mention so many books it's so hard to do these articles. there are so many books that I'd love to share with you guys but these are some of the top 10 that have impacted my life the most and I'm just always so grateful for these books and the ideas in them and that books are so inexpensive I mean you can get a book for 10/20 bucks and the wisdom and the benefit it can provide for your life far outweighs that some of these books have not only helped me make thousands if not millions of dollars financially but more than that thing that is not as measurable like your confidence and your happiness and your relationships and your peace of mind and all those other aspects of life I think these books will give you an amazing foundation to support you in achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve in your life.   

If you enjoyed this article then share it and subscribe for more articles. so I want to thank you guys so much for your time hope you enjoyed this article.

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