16 Science Fiction Books for Adults to Read in 2024

Explore our curated list of 16 must-read science fiction books for adults, featuring captivating stories and groundbreaking ideas.
Hey, guys welcome back today, I will recommend 16 Popular Science Fiction Books for Adults to Read in 2024. 

I decided to suggest to you all the genres in this article, which was so much fun to make obviously.

I really like adult sci-fi books and it's one of those genres that I do like slower books so a lot of these are gonna be slower books and I have some classics. 

The 16 Popular Science Fiction Books for Adults

I have been doing a lot of book recommendation articles I started with the middle grade then went to young adult contemporaryadult science fiction, and fantasy. 

And now I am going to recommend to you guys good sci-fi books under the adult category, and all are under the genre of science fiction. 

So I'm gonna recommend about 16 Best Adults Sci-Fi Books and Series You Won't Want to Miss today and let's get started.

1. Recursion: A Novel 


Recursion: A Novel by Blake Crouch

This is an adult science fiction book in which we follow our main character he's a detective who's investigating the so-called false memory syndrome in which people who are infected by false memory syndrome are suffering from mental problems and eventually they try to commit suicide and die. 

what's really shocking about these false memory syndromes is that if you're exposed to people who do have this disease you know and that will get infected and then after a few days you also find yourself trying to you know to commit suicide it's kind of dark and kind of depressing and we're probably 

I mean character says he's tried to investigate what's really happening here where this false memory syndrome disease came from is it man-made or there's trace and conspire is behind it he's trying to save the lives of these people who are infected 

and while doing that in the process he was able to discover that it's something big that he something that he didn't really expect so yeah if you are looking forward to your book or science fiction or adult science fiction books they do have a lot of conspiracies and a lot of thriller aspects to it. 

I highly suggest this one the main reason why I did not like this book because of the info dumping yeah I know science fiction so it's there is speculation there's a lot of info-dumping I do understand that 

but my problem is that because it was too much I was expecting a lot in front of me but the info-dumping on this one was too much and it kind of affects my in it affected my enjoyment of reading this book. 

I was not able to really follow it easily the story was kind of very confusing and vague and it really gave me a really hard time following the story because of the too much info-dumping the plots were cool it was all over the place for me 

and it needs some you know polishing but at the end of the day it was still a good read if you're not into adult science fiction books that you have like too many important things then you need to avoid this one.

2. An Absolutely Remarkable Thing: A Novel (The Carls)


An Absolutely Remarkable Thing: A Novel (The Carls) by Hank Green

This is going to be 'an absolutely remarkable thing' by Hank Green. this is a TV novel Hunting is the brother of John Green, of course, the guys know who John Green II is and the absolutely remarkable thing is is an adult science fiction and this is the first of the series 

I was actually surprised because I was expecting that this was going to be a standalone but after reading the first book I discovered that this is the first book of the series I don't know how many books do will be in the series. 

we are following our main characters as they're actually Iago and they're actually the first individuals or humans who discover the cars are actually basically these contraptions that came out of nowhere

and they're just all over the earth our main characters are able to locate we discover the first Karls in New York and they tried to film it and try to make a vlog of it and then ours after day it went viral and it changed their life 

they became instant celebrities a big social media influencers they were the first human beings who got you know first contact with Carl's what I did not but this again 

I did not like this book because I did not really expect it to be character-driven I was expecting it to be a science fiction aerobic watts and this one there's a plot but not much plot and the plot is kind of weak it's more of a character-driven 

than the plot-driven book so if you are a character-driven reader and you want to read character-driven science fiction I highly suggest you check this one out I can say that this is a character-driven 

because we're following our main characters as we try to follow their lives after they discovered girls. 

how it affected them how Fame is and how Fame changed them their motivations their decisions in life how Carl really changed their relationships with their families and friends it was something that we did not really expect but if you're into that then 

I highly suggest you pick this one up aside from this issue for this book is because of the pacing it kind of really started really really slow at first but things get you to know things get better towards the end.

3. Feed 


Feed by Mira Grant 

I'm going to recommend to you guys is an adult science fiction it's a post-apocalyptic this is Feed by a Mira grant. 

Mira Grant is also known as Shannon McGuire the author of Every Heart is the Doorway this is the first book of the trilogy and the 2011 Nuga Award, finalist. 

this is a zombie apocalypse we're following our main characters in this world where there are zombies everywhere and they are journalists there are brother and sister who were hired by this governor 

because there's a coming election and the governor needs a public relations officer to help him aid his campaign to win this governor again to the next term he hired our main characters to help him spread his platforms. 

what I do really love about this book is that this is not just a science fiction book it's a satire I think if we're going to take obey the zombie element from this book it's actually a tackle of how the systems in our government are working 

and there are a lot of conspiracies it brings a lot of ink if it's fiction but it's again a satyr it affects how incompetent the process our government officials are 

so if you're into that kind of stories where we're following our journalists trying to give light to what's really happening behind the door or behind the offices of the government then you need to check this one out and also there's. 

there's this zombie twist to it so they're expecting some you know zombies running after humans where there are guns killing zombies and this action and it's a thriller and of course, the fear of getting infected or being bitten by zombies adds to the ads you know spice to the story 

so again if you are a reader looking for a science fiction book post-apocalyptic zombie apocalypse with satire of the government and how she did the government is social aspects of the government 

I highly suggest you read this one this is more of a character-driven also so if you're also a character-driven render you need to check this one out.

4. The Age of Miracles: A Novel 


The Age of Miracles: A Novel by Karen Thompson Walker

This is the first third AU novel and this was probably from the year 2011 there 2012 I read this not because someone recommended this I'd read not because of the story 

I just picked this one up because of the cover I do feel way back when I was in my first year in pharmacy school I was really rabid I gravitated toward the cover and I picked this one up I didn't really expect it was science fiction. 

it was this good I really loved this book again this is another science fiction character-driven story where we are following our main characters who are expecting that the earth will and two months from now humans can't do anything about it 

but just you know to wait for me I'm through and things on the earth trying to change the gravity is trying to change so birds can't fly anymore else are dying and affects the economy people are scrambling people are in a panic mode 

and people are really desperate at the same time they don't they can't really do anything about it because they can't get out of this planet and this planet is about to you it's for now. 

so we're following our main characters as they try to live their life to the fullest while before the earth ends and try to mend relationships and try to fix what was broken before they die it's getting emotional 

at the same time kind of sad kind of depressing because and the start you definitely have this feeling, okay this will not end really well it's kind of darker than emotional and that's one thing I really liked about this book.

5. Red Rising 


Red Rising by Pierce Brown

let's look I'm going to recommend to you guys is going to be Red Rising by Pierce Brown. this is an adult science fiction book the first of the series and this one is a mature or an old version or an amateur version of the Hunger Games 

I can say it's a hundred because the plop in this one is that we follow your main character trying to survive in this arena where a set of teenagers are competing for a position in the government and whoever wins will get the highest position will be bid to the highest position. 

we are following our main characters in the world we're settled by class in different kinds of classes categorized by color red is basically the lowest of the hierarchy they're considered a slave 

our main character is Red and he disguised himself with the help of sound you know friends and connections to be gold is basically top gear and those who are joining the competition get the spot and the government and the army are basically the gold people. 

so in order for him to get there and infiltrate the system he needs to disguise himself as Gold and play the game it's bloody and it's there's a lot of action it's action-packed and something that there's 

it's a must-read for everyone because again it echoes the hierarchy of the social system and how unfair the social system is not just in this world but you can actually relate it to what is really happening in this world and in our society, therefore, you need to check this one out how do you recommend it action-packed.

6. Ready Player One: A Novel 


Ready Player One: A Novel by Ernest Cline

the next book that I'm going to recommend to you guys is actually my all-time favorite Look This Is Going To Be Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. 

if you loved the movie I highly recommend you check this book because the book is three thousand times or 1 million times better than the movie it was kind of disappointing 

if you've read the book because he expected a lot since the book was really good but I do understand why the filmmakers are only able to produce that kind of quality in the movie to do some limitations 

but I still do enjoy it but I highly suggest you need to check the book because the book was phenomenal. 

we were following our main character Wade he is also known as Possible in the game named Oasis Oasis is basically a virtual reality where in this world it's 2044 earth is chaotic and people are looking for a place to escape the real world 

they found out the waitress Oasis is in virtual reality where you can be anyone you want to be can be famous rap started can be a celebrity come in illicium.
whatever you want how they died and before he died he released this video that he left a bounty to all the players Neha on the old basis he left some three keys and the golden egg whoever finds the tikis in the golden egg will inherit this Horton and owned the Oasis 

so everyone in the Oasis and run this world was really desperate or was really doing their best to be to look for the golden I left by holiday because in this world you really want to be the owner of the waste because if your owner of the Oasis if you inherit the fortune of holiday you'll basically automatically the best or the most you know artful human on earth. 

so we were following the main character Wade and so-called parts of the story RA in the Oasis and he was actually the first guy who discovered the first key and the world was really shocked like how did he do it did he cheat how on earth was able to do that he's just a low-level player 

and the best players on earth weren't able to look at the first key and did not have any clue how to solve the puzzle left behind how to look for the golden egg and an app of nowhere a low-level from living in the slums was able to locate the first key and yeah all eyes in the world of the races is on him. 

what I really love about this one is the pop-culture references to previous years' decades it will definitely impress all your nerds not lie it's a must-read it's really enjoyable and really entertaining fast-paced and it will definitely entertain and your imagination will definitely brick and this book 

so I'll suggest you need to pick this one up the pacing the writing style the characters and the story are right above normal they're exceptional so they must-read if you love the book I mean if you love the movie you need to read the book since possible.
let's start with the series that got me into sci-fi. 

7. The Complete Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Boxset 

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and some of these books you'll notice if you don't like kind of like whimsical science fiction then this is not like the book for you 

these are the first three books I've heard of four of them but the first three are five-star books the first one I didn't really like and I still haven't read the fifth one. 

but this series is just so crazy and whimsical and amazing I absolutely love it these book covers are really amazing they're shimmering and stuff 

so you follow this character called Arthur Dent classic British character who is the only one who survives when the earth blows up and he flows his journey through the universe of like what happens afterward this book is so crazy like.
the second one especially the restaurant at the end of the Universe I think might be my favorite one the whole concept of it restaurant at the end of the Universe is so cool for this one that I don't know if it's necessary to name the specifics but it a part of it is about this restaurant it repeats the same day over and over at the end of the world 

so you can see the world explodes it's supposed to be so beautiful and exclusive like it's on the same day again and again.
so I think like if you go twice you see yourself twice like there I don't know exactly how it is because I don't remember but it's so crazy like it doesn't really make sense and it's all about like analyzing human habits and what we do but in like a science-fiction context and likeness 

I absolutely love this book definitely read more by Douglas Adams and unfortunately, I haven't led the read the last book but I'm really looking forward to it.

8. Dark Matter: A Novel 


Dark Matter: A Novel by Blake Crouch

the next one is Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. This is adult science fiction but it does take place on Earth and it isn't difficult to read so you can definitely still read this if you're younger I think. 

but it's just so funny and this is about this man called Jason Desson he has a wife and a child but he chose his family over his career when he was younger 

and so he wakes up one day after he has been kidnapped in a world where his wife isn't his wife and he doesn't have a child and he's still a scientist and then you kind of get to Pho like how he got there and what happens afterward like. 

this book is just crazy it's so good it's a really cool analytical way of looking at the world and I loved the fact of different dimensions if that doesn't spoil too much 

I highly recommend this book it's so great I really really loved it. it's such an easy read but it's also really funny and he has concepts that I really really enjoyed.

9. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet: Wayfarers 1 


The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet: Wayfarers 1 by Becky Chambers

Next, let's talk about The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers this is a three-book series A Closed and Common Orbit: Wayfarers 2 and Record of a Spaceborn Few: Wayfarers 3. So far these are all companion novels but you kind of should read them in order. 

I read all three of the books and this is a character-driven sci-fi so it's definitely easier to approach if you're not that into sci-fi and stuff but the whole concept is that there are these people on a spaceship. 

they're all from different parts of the universe and they all are different species which makes it so interesting because they're completely different and they have completely different happy habits and interactions and talking systems and stuff and there are one species in here who basically don't talk with words they talk with like the colors on their cheeks with.

which I think is so cool and it's just really really interesting and it is definitely a slower read I read this one before book two but I was quite young and I remember it took me quite a long time but I really enjoyed it the second one a closing comment orbit I had to listen to the audiobook because it was so slow. 

but I definitely really loved the second one I do recommend this series and I just want to say as I gave it three stars but you also gain a lot from it when you do read it because it really looks at individual humans and not like the technological things of sci-fi it's like looking at the people and I really find that really interesting so I do recommend this series.

10. Blade Runner 


Blade Runner by Philip K. Dick

next, we have Blade Runner by Philip k dick. I haven't read anything else by him but I really really love this book if you read or see the movie and you didn't really like it I'm with you I mean the book is so much better the book is much more fun. 

and you're kind of following this guy who hunts like robots that are not supposed to be on earth or like artificial intelligence and it's really cool I really liked it I like following kind of like the atmosphere of how Earth turns out like after this like huge world war in the future. 

I think the movie did that really well like it showed kind of the atmosphere so well but the main character he's just like I don't know if I hate him or like love him but it's just really great and it's kind of like a dystopian sort of thing but I really liked it. 

11. Slaughterhouse-Five: A Novel 


Slaughterhouse-Five: A Novel by Kurt Vonnegut

Next, I have Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five. This book is sci-fi but it's also kind of not it kind of follows this man who was a soldier during the fire bombings in Dresden and this is kind of just following his life 

but the main characters have a normal life he basically experienced his life in not one line like he jumps from different parts of his life which were it which is what makes this book interesting. 

it can be a little bit confusing because it's not like the normal way of living and it's not really sci-fi but something happens with him where he's abducted by aliens at one point and it's just like it's so funny 

but it's also really serious because he talks about kind of how this has been fixed in his life and you get to follow him in different points and sometimes experience the after before he experienced this event which is really interesting. 

so I do recommend this a lot and the cover is really cool I really liked how this book looks and I'm definitely going to read more by Philip k dick and Kurt Vonnegut I have time quake on my shelf so sue.

12. The Expanse Boxed Set


The Expanse Boxed Set: Leviathan Wakes, Caliban's War, and Abaddon's Gate by James S. A. Corey

next, I have this series this is expanse series and there is the eighth book is coming out. I think I only read the first three but they're absolutely amazing 

I think a part of me kind of wants to read all of them before I recommend them to you but I know all of them are gonna be absolutely amazing this is like a space Oprah-like epic sci-fi.

you're following these characters who have this job of carrying like ice from the Saturn rings to the belters and the belt is like people who live on the asteroid belts it's like a very like the world is ending and this one person kind of has to save it all 

but I absolutely love them like the way they're explained it's so fast-paced it's constantly like a lot of action in the second one-third one you're flowing many more characters 

and in the first one, you're just following two characters basically the captain of the ship who's hauling this ice for water to the bastard bells and you're also following this cop who is a belter and who kind of also kind of alcoholic and it's really interesting with these two people meet. 

and it's just such a good series like it's just so insane I really really love it and I highly recommend it overall books if you have to read one then maybe it would be this series I think or I mean Levitan Wait for the first book this is just so great I love James S.A. Corey.

13. Hyperion 


Hyperion by Dan Simmons

next, we have Hyperion by Dan Simmons. I actually recently did a book review on this I gave this book four stars and it's about these six pilgrimage pilgrims coming from different parts of the universe and they all have this goal of going to this world called Hyperion 

and Hyperion has this creature called the Shrike who is this mystical creature from like another time who lives in the time Tom's where time doesn't really exist in the same ways and they all have different reasons for visiting this place again it sounds a really bit a bit confusing. 

but the whole story is told with the backstory of these six pilgrims and when you get the backstory of all those six people then you also kind of understand what's happening in the world and how it works and you get more and more information this is definitely a really really slow read but it's also really rewarding. 

I think it was Emma's points that I wanted to DNF it because it's so slow but a slow book isn't necessarily a bad book the other series was called 

The Expanse is really quick and just kind of absorbs it and it is really exciting which is something I don't really experience a lot with sci-fi because sci-fi is more like I like really reading the classic part of it I don't know why it's like more advanced kind of but I really recommend this book if you're up for the challenge.

14. Space Opera 


Space Opera by Catherynne M. Valente

next is Space opera by Katherine M Valente. I actually haven't read anything else by her and I'm sorry for the reflection I'll put this down 

but I read this book. so if you wanna watch this thought then it's in the cards and this is about kind of like these alien flamingos coming to earth and there's a hologram of them presented to every single human. 

basically, they're saying that you are alike a horrible species and you gonna we're gonna kill you unless you find a machine and perform and like this Melodi Grand Prix kind of thing like a song contest 

and if you like don't lose then we'll keep you in our like peace like our galactical treaty kind of but if you lose like you're out of here. 

so you get to follow this one character who used to have this band and he's kind of like a washed-up rock star and now he has to like to assemble his band again and compete in this context in a contest because all the other people that the flamingo's kind of recommend that performs are dead. 

it's really funny and it's kind of crazy and if you don't like this sort of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy theme where it's like not really making sense I kind of in school then you're not kind of like either 

but if you do it's really fun it was also a slower read and it's like very wordy the way she writes like it's a lot of words in a sentence and it doesn't all really make sense but it's just kind of like you just kinda have to humor yourself with how it's constructed if that makes sense.
so the last two books are both classics and they're kind of similar 

15. Frankenstein 


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

the first one is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I think Mary Shelley is such a huge inspiration I absolutely love her and I love everything she did for her time and this is just such a great book in the beginning, 

but in the end, it's just wrapped up the story so well that I really loved it and all the themes that are presented in this book I'm just really really good I absolutely love it. 

so you're following this one guy who has read all these books about kind of like biology and these things but then he goes to school and all those novels are old and they don't really apply anymore but then he decides to create this monster Frankenstein's monster obviously 

and it's a lot of information from the old books is not really relevant as well so when he creates this monster he kind of like goes insane in a way and this monster you get to fold his perspective. 

Also as he's trying to figure out why all humans like hating him he kind of turns out to become the monster everyone thinks he is even though he wasn't created that way it's just really really interesting 

I absolutely love this book and I highly recommend it I highlighted so much stuff while reading it it's like one of my favorite books ever I really loved it.

16. The Island of Doctor Moreau 


The Island of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells

and the last one is kind of like a recent read The Island of Dr. Moreau, you're following this scientist who accidentally gets stranded and picked up by this boat that has all these animals on it 

and the boat takes the book and takes him to an island where there is kind of creatures who are half-animal half-human he meets this doctor called Dr. Moreau is doing experiments. 

and that's basically all I'm gonna tell you it's kind of like the Frankenstein thing but they have two completely different themes and the storytelling curve is not the same 

so it's not the same thing but I think I enjoyed this kind of story I really like it and I will definitely read more by HJ Wells. 

I really like sci-fi classics I really do recommend this book this is also an easier classic I mean some sci-fi classics can be a little bit harder but this is just such an easy read yes short chapters so don't worry.


Thank you so much, guys. so those are the books that I highly recommend best sci-fi books and series under the category of adult and they've general science fiction.

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