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About - Muhiuddin Alam

About - Muhiuddin Alam
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20 Holiday Books for Middle Schoolers to read in 2023

20 Holiday Books for Middle Schoolers to read in 2023. such as To the Lighthouse, The Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Fire Next Time..
The world's top 20 books for middle school students must read during the winter holidays, and it is enough to read these books during the Christmas and winter holidays

Given the usual and realistic academic pressure, holidays are the best reading time for middle school students

The winter vacation is nearly a month. In addition to homework and visiting relatives and friends during the winter vacation, if you make good use of it, it is not difficult to read eight or ten books. How to use vacation time to read effectively? 

I gave a list of books. I believe that if she completes it according to her method, she will definitely gain a lot.

The following are the must-read books for middle school students during winter vacation. These are for your reference!


Why study? ——Meet the ancient gods, and communicate with the wise

Reading can enrich our knowledge, enlighten our wisdom, cultivate our spirituality, and inherit human culture. 

Especially in today's era of information explosion, people's hearts are inevitably impetuous, holding a volume of books, reciting a few poems, between breathing, meeting with the ancients, and mingling with the wise, it is more important to calm the mind and ponder the character... 

In recent years, reading questions of the college entrance examination have shown a trend of increasing reading volume, expanding reading scope, and improving reading requirements. 

The whole book reading has also been included in the curriculum tasks of the new curriculum standard, which requires us to attach great importance to reading.

How to read? 

Read more classics, take more notes, and try to ensure two hours of reading time every day

1. Specified time: When planning the winter vacation, it is best to set a reading period every day, and take reading as a learning task that must be completed every day. 

The time can be long or short, but it is best not less than 1 hour, try to reach 2 hours, you can ask parents to supervise so that reading becomes a habit of vacation.

2. Selected bibliography: Reading should undoubtedly be a pleasure read. 

Of course, you should consider your own interests and hobbies when choosing a reading list, but as a middle school student, you should consciously broaden your reading area, improve your reading taste, and even challenge yourself. 

try to read some books that break through the comfort zone of self-reading and have a certain degree of difficulty in reading. Students generally like to read light-hearted novels or historical romances, but it is difficult to enrich their own knowledge structure with a single taste. 

Therefore, poetry, prose, art, aesthetics, philosophy, etc. should be studied in a planned way, and the study of their vacation book list should be carried out. 

A full range of nutritional supplements. But be sure to stay away from non-nutritious or even potentially harmful books and read more classics.

3. Write diligently and think more: If we only stay in casual reading, we will get very limited from reading. 

Many students or parents lament that although they read a lot, their language scores have not improved. Most of them are due to this. 

Writing diligently and thinking more is the best way to improve our reading efficiency and increase our reading income. 

In the whole process of reading, I am not satisfied with "being a racetrack for other people's thoughts", but I am thinking while reading, comprehending the author's point of view, and appreciating the beauty of writing; Writing, drawing wonderful sentences, and criticizing doubts. 

After reading, it is even more icing on the cake to wrap up your thoughts with a short or long text. If you want to cultivate your own language, excerpting wonderful sentences is an excellent way. 

As a famous historian said, "Reading is learning, excerpting is sorting, and writing is creating", reading, copying, and writing are the basic methods of reading internalization.

Recommended 20 books for all Middle Schoolers students who love to read

20 Middle-Grade Books to Read this Christmas and Holiday!

Another year of winter vacation is coming. Winter vacation is a very good time. It is full of joy and laughter. So which books are suitable for reading during winter vacation?

With the passage of time, we ushered in a happy winter vacation in the blink of an eye. In addition to having fun during the winter vacation, of course, some Christmas chapter books are recommended. So what are the recommended books for students during the winter vacation?  

Reading a lot, reading a good book, reading can make us progress. In today's globalized and ever-changing world, this ability to think and express has a very important impact on future development.

Reading can enrich the extracurricular life of middle school students, increase their knowledge, and broaden their horizons. 

Next, I will share with you a list of books suitable for middle school students for reference.

Must-Read Books for Middle School

Because classics, especially world-class classics, have an irreplaceable role and status in the cultivation of students' language, the cultivation of literary literacy, and the shaping of ideological values.

The winter vacation is coming soon. We have compiled this list of world-class classics on major lists such as The New York Times, Time Magazine, and The Times.

This winter vacation book list consists of 20 books, each of which is an essence, suitable for students in middle schoolers, and will be on the list of must-reading books for middle school students around the world...

The following are the recommended books recommended for middle schoolers students in the 2023 winter vacation. Welcome to read...

1. To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf 

"The Great Modernism and Feminism of the 20th Century"

"To the Lighthouse" is a quasi-autobiographical stream-of-consciousness novel describing the life of Professor Ramsays' family and a few friends on vacation on an island in Scotland after the First World War.

In this novel with a very simple plot, the author attempts to explore the meaning of life and the nature of the self, pointing out that the "self" may escape the clutches of time and remain immortal regardless of death.

Woolf, the author of this book, is one of the representative writers of British stream-of-consciousness literature, a feminist, and considered to be one of the greatest novelists of the twentieth century.

She is widely regarded as a pioneer in guiding the trend of modernism, and her literary achievements are still very influential today.

"To the Lighthouse" is very artistic in terms of creative perspective, psychological description, or stream-of-consciousness techniques. It is Woolf's perfect work and has made an outstanding and far-reaching contribution to the history of literature.

The book is also a landmark modernist novel, ranked 15th on the list of the "Top 100 English Novels of the 20th Century", and on the BBC's "25 Greatest British Novels" list.

2. The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger 

"After reading Salinger, Youth is the real beginning"

Once published, The Catcher in the Rye quickly became popular among teenage readers for its themes of adolescent anxiety.

Holden, the protagonist in the book, is a complex and contradictory teenager who gives the most intuitive impression of being anti-bones and disliking any "hypocrisy".

His experiences and ideas resonated so strongly with teens that every young man felt like Holden.

Because of the unique charisma of the protagonist, this book is still widely read after more than 70 years and has influenced generations of American youth.

It has sold 70 million copies worldwide, and countless middle schools regard it as a must-read item, and it has been included in the book lists of many famous schools around the world.

One of the 100 literary classics recommended by Time magazine and the Book of the Century selected by the New York Public Library.

Haruki Murakami, Bill Gates, Woody Allen, and people from all countries and industries love it.

Some people say that from the end of World War II to today's contemporary American literature, there are two novels that have stood the test of more than three decades and have been considered "modern classics": one is the black author Ralph Ai Lisson's "The Invisible Man" is a book. 

As soon as the novel was published, it was warmly welcomed by American teenagers because it spoke their hearts out. 

For a while, Holden, the protagonist of the novel, was imitated everywhere on the campuses of American colleges and high schools-they wore trench coats and red caps upside down in the big winter, learning Holden's speech and actions. 

To this day, "Wheat Field" has influenced generations, as it allows the questioning, doubts, and escapes of teenagers to be properly acknowledged and vented, an epic of youth, a manifesto against the adult world.

3. To Kill a Mockingbird by Nelle Harper Lee 

"A growing textbook on courage and justice, An upbringing book that affects 50 million families around the world"

"To Kill a Mockingbird" is based on the perspective of a 6-year-old girl, Scout Finch, to describe what happened around her and expose the problems of racial persecution and racial discrimination in American society.

The little girl's father, Atticus Finch, is morally upright in the book, a model of upright lawyers and the most enduring fictional image of racial justice.

Although the subject matter of the story involves serious issues such as racial discrimination, the author's writing style is still warm and funny. Truman commented: "This person's insight into life is so vivid, and her humor is so warm and real."

The book won the Pulitzer Prize in 1961, and the film adapted from the novel won three Oscars at the 25th Academy Awards.

"To Kill a Mockingbird" has never ceased to be printed. It is the designated reading for American high school students. A survey in 2008 showed that it was read most frequently in grades 9-12 in the United States.

It has been translated into more than 40 languages ​​and sold 50 million copies worldwide, making it a well-known literary classic. 

4. The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin 

"Judging One of the Most Influential Books on Racism in America"

Next Time Will Be Fire is a non-fiction book consisting of two articles.

The first, a letter from author James Baldwin to his 14-year-old nephew, discusses the central role of race in American history; the second, which occupies the bulk of the book, deals with the relationship between race and religion.

The author of this book, James Baldwin, was an important partner and traveler of Martin Luther King, Jr., and he was called "the irreplaceable conscience of American literature in the 20th century".

This book is one of the most influential books on judging American racism, leading readers to understand the background of the American era and explore American historical issues.

The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times gave this book high praise, and it has influenced generations to explore faith and think about racial discrimination.

5. Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen 

"A must-read book for psychology majors, Oscar-winning original film"

Light in the Refrigerator is a memoir by Susanna Kaysen about her experiences in an American mental hospital after she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in the 1960s.

Through the description of her own experience, she leads readers to the lives of marginalized people, giving the public a new understanding of their behavior.

The psychological problems written by the author may be encountered by each of us when faced with the pressure of the real world, and we must learn to persuade and reconcile ourselves.

Eight weeks after its publication, this book has been on the bestseller list and is a must-read and factual book for psychology majors.

It was later adapted into the film "The Girl Who Moved Soul", which won the Academy Award.

6. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak 

"A tale of how words feed the human soul"

"The Book Thief" is an anti-war novel. The story takes place during World War II. It is narrated in the first person by the god of death. It tells how a lonely little girl uses the power of reading to get through difficult times in her life.

She found that the temptation of books was more difficult to resist than food, so she couldn't help but started stealing books. She also began to read for the Jews hiding in the basement and the neighbors who took refuge in the bomb shelter, comforting those anxious hearts.

Words can make you overcome loneliness and fear.

The novel shows the beauty of human nature between reading and stealing, between mutual aid and killing.

This book has been on the New York Times bestseller list for more than 10 years, won the Commonwealth Writers Award, and was selected as the Book of the Year by School Library Magazine and Publishers Weekly Book of the Year.

7. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr 

"Don't Die While You're Alive"

"All the Lights We Can't See" is a novel set in the Second World War. It tells the story of two young boys and girls in hostile countries who struggle to survive and intertwined fates in World War II, which resonates with readers around the world.

The language of this book is beautiful, with poem-like words and phrases, and the arrangement of the plot is also very distinctive and highly readable.

This ten-year-old work has topped the New York Times bestseller list since its publication was recommended as Book of the Year by more than 30 mainstream media and bookstores and won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

Author Anthony Doerr is an American novelist who has won the O'Henry Prize for fiction three times for his short stories. He was also highly recognized by the Barnes & Noble Bookstore Rookie Award, the Roma Award, and the New York Public Library Cub Literary Award.

8. Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond 

"A masterpiece by a professor of sociology at Princeton University, Reveals America's Deep Social Problems"

Sweeping the House is a non-fiction work set in impoverished Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and tells the stories of eight families struggling to pay their landlords during the 2008 financial crisis.

This book is a successful anthropological work, bringing us an up-close look at the existential plight of bottom-tier renters, showing their pain and struggles.

It highlights the problems of extreme poverty, affordable housing, and economic exploitation in American society.

The author, Matthew Desmond, is a professor of sociology at Princeton University. In 2015, he won the MacArthur "Genius Award" and in 2016, he was named "one of the fifty people who have influenced political issues in the United States."

The book was selected as one of the ten best books of 2016 by The New York Times, won the 2016 National Book Critics Award, and was the 2017 Pulitzer Prize-winning nonfiction book.

9. Educated by Tara Westover 

"Girls who never went to school until the age of 17, How to become a Ph.D. at Cambridge University? "

"When You Fly Like a Bird to Your Mountain" is author Tara Westover's debut novel. Through her poignant narrative, she tells how education can lead a person to change and grow.

Before reading it, many people think that this is a chicken soup-style autobiography, but after reading it, you will find that it is not inspirational or bloody, but full of embarrassment, self-doubt, and depression.

But readers can feel her sense of belief in the author's study experience. She thinks about the pain itself, and constantly knows herself, discovers herself, and defines herself.

In 2019, the author was named "Influential Person of the Year" by Time Magazine because of this book. In 2020, the author ranked among the top three best-selling books on Amazon's annual Kindle reading list. Yu Zhou.

It has sold millions of copies in the United States, has been translated into 37 languages, and swept the world.

It's Bill Gates' annual special recommendation: "This book everyone will love, it's better than you've heard."

10. Normal People by Sally Rooney 

"It may not be contemporary, but it is a future classic."

"Normal," tells the story of the complex friendship between two teens, Connell and Marianne.

The author uses her excellent psychological description and delicate writing to explore the subtle class relationship, family relationships, first love, friendship, vulnerability, and crisis, injecting new energy into contemporary novels.

"The Guardian" commented: "The novel may not tell about the youth of contemporary people, but a further step, the youth and love of any era and anyone. It may not be contemporary, but it is a future classic."

After its publication, the book sold 64,000 hardcover copies in just 4 months, was translated into 46 languages and became a global bestseller.

The book was shortlisted for the Booker Prize, the Dublin International Literary Award, and the British Women's Literary Award was named Book of the Year by Waterstone Bookstore and was reviewed by dozens of institutions and media such as the New York Public Library, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. Book of the Year.

The author of this book, Sally Rooney, was named "the first great writer of the millennial generation" by The New York Times.

11. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini 

This book is so famous that Obama bought it for his daughter to read. The story takes place in an ancient and mysterious country - Afghanistan. "Kite competition" is a kind of game popular in the childhood of the majority of Afghan children. 

Whoever flies the highest kite, persists to the end, and defeats all other opponents is the winner. The whole book shows that the life we don't know well is the exotic life we ​​don't know, but the friendship, betrayal, the family love between father and son in the gully, and the innocence and complexity of feelings are what we have experienced or experienced. 

In short, this is a story about spiritual redemption; a story about childhood; story about family affection and betrayal; a story about love and friendship.

12. Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe 

An immortal masterpiece in the treasure house of world literature. The first realist novel in the history of English literature. One of 100 books that influenced the course of history.

An education expert once said that the first book a teenager should read on his growth path is Robinson Crusoe because this book with the most reprints besides the Bible will teach us How to survive.

13. Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder 

"Sophie's World" is a very enlightening book for our middle school students. It will awaken everyone's deep admiration for life and concern and curiosity about the ultimate meaning of life. 

Moreover, in the form of a novel, this book teaches philosophy knowledge to a girl named Sophie through a philosophy tutor. It is very interesting, and it is perfect for our middle school students.

14. The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

The novel describes the experience and feelings of progressive youth towards the crude German society at that time, and expresses the author's reaction to the feudal moral hierarchy and his strong demand for the liberation of individuality: 

the young Werther fell in love with a girl named Lotte, and the girl has Others are engaged...it is the most read of Goethe's works by his contemporaries.

15. The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan 

Thirty-nine Steps is one of the most important works of British writer John Buchan. 

In this novel, Richard Hanney, a mining engineer who has returned to Britain from southern Africa, engages in a thrilling battle with German spies to prevent top-secret defense documents from falling into German hands. 

The writing of the novel is popular and delicate, the storyline is ups and downs, the suspense is full of suspense, and the thrilling moments are dizzying. It is worthy of being a well-known thriller novel.

16. Childhood by Maxim Gorky 

"Childhood" is the first in a trilogy of autobiographical novels created by Soviet writer Maxim Gorky based on his own experiences. 

His childhood life vividly reproduced the living conditions of the lower-class people in the Soviet Union in the 1870s and 1880s and wrote Gorky's understanding of suffering and his unique views on social life...

17. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy 

"Anna Karenina" is a novel written by the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. The book uses the heroine Anna's pursuit of love and tragedy, and Levin's reform and exploration in the face of the crisis in the countryside. 

depicting a vast and colorful picture of Russia from Moscow to the provincial countryside is a social encyclopedia.

18. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki  

This book is a must-read for introductory financial knowledge accumulation. For many parents don't pay much attention to the education of financial quotient. 

So many people are eager to make more money when they grow up, but they are very unfamiliar with the management of money. 

This book shows us the different views of wealth and money between the poor and the rich. I believe this book will benefit us a lot.

19. Lord of the Flies by William Golding 

This book is the representative work of William Golding, a master of English literature. It is recognized as one of the greatest literary masterpieces of the twentieth century, and it is also a must-read fable for American children and middle school students. 

The story takes place in an imaginary World War III. A group of children between the ages of six and twelve is trapped on a deserted island due to a plane crash on the way to their retreat. 

They can live in harmony at first, but later because their evil nature swells, they become entangled. Killing each other with tragic results. The characters, scenes, stories, images, etc. in the book are deeply symbolic, and it is a good book worth reading and thinking about.

20. Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell  

This is an adventure story about a girl who has lived through hardships for 18 years on an isolated island shaped like a dolphin. It is another novel that has won the honor of "10 Greatest American Children's Literature". 

The text is concise, the storyline is not dragged at all, and children can easily understand it. Although the plot is similar to Robinson Crusoe, the mood is much higher. 

Children have to read books that are conducive to the cultivation of independent consciousness, learning to understand things, and overcoming themselves.
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