The 32 Best Self-Help Books for Women to Read in 2023

Today I will share with you the 32 best self-help books for women that help women grow better. 

March 8th International Working Women's Day and selected several self-help books focusing on women's self-help issues for everyone. 

Before being daughters, wives, and mothers, we are ourselves first. Accept your own imperfections, accept yourself, and become a better self through the development of good habits. So, let's start with reading the best self-help books for women. 

In this busy world, the anxiety of life, the pressure of work, and the worries of the family often make women feel distressed and bored. Therefore, we always hear some women complaining helplessly how unhappy they are, how unhappy they are. 

Today, I would like to recommend some practical, reliable, and convenient self-help books for women and resources for you.

Some of these 32 best self-help books for women provide practical advice for women returning to the workplace, some care about the physical and mental health of middle-aged and elderly women, some help women stay away from abuse, and some truly record their stories from far or near.

The following is a list of high-quality self-help books for women I have selected for you. They are all books with a good reputation. I recommend them to you. I hope you will become your dream self soon.


Life-changing advice in these 32 top self-help books for women in 2023

Here, the editor of compiled 32 best women's self-help books that can improve women, hoping to help you.

In today's society, there is a force that cannot be ignored - the power of women is rising, and the prejudice against traditional women is gradually improving. 

Modern women should love themselves independently, discover their own advantages, and become a unique existence.

Women will encounter a lot of pressure and challenges in the process of growing up, especially when facing marriage and parenting, they will lose themselves and will be forced to marry and give birth; when facing family and career, they don’t know how to choose to have both family and career; Women who feel distressed are confused about life planning and feel pressure in the workplace.

Therefore, women should not spend less time planning their lives than dressing up. Women should spend no less time reading than cooking.

Good-looking skins are the same, and it must be a good choice to be a charming woman at this time, so how can girls improve their inner selves? That is to read more books. The following are the books compiled by the editor that is suitable for girls to improve themselves, for your reference!

There are the 32 best women's self-help books, including workplace, financial management, health science popularization, psychological healing, life taste, female biographies, and literary documentary.

1. The Comeback by Cheryl Casone

Every year, thousands of women suspend promising jobs because of childbirth. How to return to the workplace and how to deal with prejudice are the challenges every mother faces.

Financial writer and journalist Cheryl Casone has interviewed hundreds of working mothers for her practical advice for getting back into the workforce. A good exit plan, a stable strategy during the exit... This book provides the necessary guidance for women restarting their careers.

2. Set Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Glover Tawwab

In the workplace, are you always troubled by interpersonal relationships, and it is difficult to grasp the boundaries of communication with others?

The author of this book, Tawab, has 14 years of experience as a psychotherapist. In the book, she provides a set of concise methods to help you judge whether you have boundary problems, and teaches you to set and implement your own boundaries step by step. , Clarify the relationship with others, and have the courage to start healthy interpersonal communication.

3. Becoming Beauvoir: A Life by Kate Kirkpatrick

Simone de Beauvoir wrote: "One is not born a woman, one becomes a woman." The woman became an icon of philosopher, novelist, existentialist and feminist.

Drawing from newly revealed letters and diaries, this biography tells the story of Beauvoir who stepped out of Sartre's shadow and put her in the spotlight of her own.

A must-see biography for anyone interested in Beauvoir's philosophy.

4. A Woman Makes a Plan by Maye Musk

She came from a wealthy background, became a model at the age of 15, appeared in New York Fashion Week at the age of 67, and became the spokesperson of the beauty brand at the age of 69; Can't afford the rent...She is Mayer Musk.

Although there are many difficulties in life, there are still ways to follow for a successful transformation. 

In the book, Mayer sincerely shares her experience and advice on life issues such as beauty, the workplace, family, education, and health. We may not be able to avoid encountering similar dilemmas, but we can deal with them positively like her.

5. The World According to Karl by Jean-Christophe Napias and Sandrine Gulbenkian

This book summarizes the quotations and views on the life of Karl Lagerfeld, the legendary designer of Chanel and Fendi.

The book brings together Carl's thoughts and views on life, luxury goods, fashion, design, etc. From obscurity to standing at the top, this book also records Carl's mental journey over the years.

6. Breasts: The Owner's Manual by Kristi Funk

In recent years, the incidence of breast cancer has been increasing year by year, and it has become one of the three major cancers that threaten women's lives.

The author of t his book, Christy Funk, is not only the doctor who performed the mastectomy for the movie star Angelina Jolie but also an expert who has studied breast cancer for more than 20 years.

In the book, Funk introduces the common sense and treatment methods of many women's breast self-management, from healthy eating habits to the latest diagnosis methods, so that more women can find the most suitable breast cancer screening methods for them, actively face and overcome Fear, improve health, save lives.

7. The Gaslighting Effect by Robin Stern

What is the "gaslighting effect"? It is a form of emotional abuse and manipulation that is difficult to identify, and even difficult to get rid of. It is manifested i n emotional abuse, emotional manipulation, and PUA... The first heavyweight classic psychological work that completely analyzes "gaslighting manipulation". 

Comprehensively interpret the spiritual manipulation of marriage, workplace, and family, and teach you to quickly identify and get rid of toxic relationships.

8. What Happened to You? by Oprah Winfrey

When women experience trauma, they often question themselves "what went wrong", in fact, if you want to get healing, you need to look back at "what you went through".

Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey and child psychiatrist and neuroscientist Bruce D. Perry, in this book, use brain neuroscience to explain psychological problems in the form of ten private conversations + real cases The causes and healing methods help us rebuild our destinies and regain control over our lives

9. Marriage, a History by Stephanie Coontz 

What is marriage? What does it have to do with love? How did it become what it is today, and where will it go in the future? 

Historian Stephanie Koontz takes us on a journey of discovery about marriage. From the marriage conspiracy in ancient Babylon to the sexual distress of lovers in the Victorian era, the author shatters many myths about married life with real and rich marriage stories. 

Only by understanding marriage and love can we better invest in this relationship.

10. City of Girls: A Novel by Elizabeth Gilbert 

In 1940, Vivian, a 19-year-old rich girl, dropped out of Vassar College to join her aunt Peg who ran the Lily Theater in New York. Here, Vivian met a group of women who influenced her life, and through them, experienced liberation from the body to mind. 

Throughout her life, Vivienne has never become the "lady" that that era expected her to be, but there is a real Vivienne Morris in this world. She spent her life following the flame in her heart. 

11. The Push: A Novel by Ashley Audrain 

Why do kindergarteners avoid their daughters? How did the playground accident happen? Why does a child who looks like an angel in the eyes of others only makes Bryce, a mother, feel evil? 

This novel Confessions of a Mother writes out all the horrors of being a Mother, with the restlessness of refined suspense and the captivating pace of a thriller. 

12. The Wisdom of Menopause by Christian Northrup 

The author introduces various problems that women will encounter during menopause, and gives detailed prescriptions for protecting bones, strengthening the heart, guarding against breast cancer, and preventing depression and dementia. Give professional guidance. 

This book affirms the value of women and believes that women should pay more attention to their hearts, return to themselves, and pay attention to inner needs in this period of change, so as to achieve dual health of body and mind. 

13. Jane Doe January by Emily Winslow 

In 1992, Emily Winslow, who was still in college in Pittsburgh, was raped by a strange man. 

In 2013, when she had established her new life in the UK, was married with two sons, and started to write professionally, the person who assaulted her was suddenly arrested after being confirmed by the police. 

Furiously curious and determined to keep digging, she embarks on a personal investigation using her experience as a crime writer. 

A memoir was written by a woman who is constantly chased by the trauma she once suffered. 

In it, Winslow vividly describes her long-standing desire for the truth to be brought to light, which sets the stage for her candid account of how, 20 years later, justice will emerge in unexpected ways. 

14. Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover 

The book tells the author's own story and mental journey. She is a veritable university bully: Harvard University, Cambridge University, Master of Philosophy, Doctor of History... It's admirable, but who knows, she was 17 years old. 

Didn't even go to school before? Her childhood was actually spent in a garbage dump of scrap copper and rotten iron, how to break up her original family, how to get out of the mountains, how to change her life... 

This book is about education, the original family, women, and about self-seeking. The author's experience and growth seem to be different from ours, but there are many similarities. 

Education can endow a person with endless possibilities, let a person make his own voice, and find his own value.

15. Olga: A Novel by Bernhard Schlink

At the end of the nineteenth century, Olga was born in Polish territory. When she was young, she fell in love with the factory owner's son Herbert, but she knew that the other family would not agree to the marriage because of the difference in class. 

After several happy years with Herbert, the two had to separate. Olga went to teach in a village school. Herbert chose to join the army. He likes to travel around the world and has a moving heart. 

After the Nazis seized power, Olga lost her hearing due to illness and wandered around the world. At this time, no one knew what kind of secret she was carrying...

The author of this book is Bernhard Schlink, who has a masterpiece - "The Reader". This time, the story he wrote starts from the side of love, showing the profile of an era. 

When the heroine was young, she had to separate from her beloved boyfriend because of her class differences. Later, she struggled to get an education. 

The story of the two people still continues... In that complicated and heavy age, a woman struggled with life and finally found to self.

16. The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

Pastor Price brought his wife and four daughters from the United States to the Belgian Congo, and brought seeds, cake flour, and Bibles into the jungle full of poisonous trees. 

In the pastor's eyes, this is a wild land full of souls who need to be redeemed. However, instead of saving those "ignorant" natives, he dragged the family into a turbulent life full of crises. 

A tragedy came quietly. How long will they struggle in the jungle of life before they can move on and step into the light?

"Poisonwood Bible" uses five women with different personalities as narrators, interweaving the torrent of history and the subtleties of human nature, like a gorgeous and mysterious forest, beautiful and sad, and shocking.

17. Stories of the Sahara by Sanmao

In the depths of Sanmao's heart, the Sahara Desert is the lover in her dreams, which cannot be explained. It belongs to the nostalgia-like memories of her previous life. 

Inexplicably, she gave herself to that strange land without reservation. Even if you know how to cherish every pebble in the sand, you can’t bear to forget every sunrise and sunset, not to mention, how can these vivid faces be erased in memory.

"The Story of the Sahara" is Sanmao's most popular prose work. After adapting to the boring and monotonous life in the Sahara Desert, she started writing again, recording the happy married life with José, the exotic culture of the Saharan people, and the turbulent situation in the desert... more than a dozen simple essays, filled with exuberant vitality, has captivated readers all over the world.

18. The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

"There are no men in this woman's world, but it creates more room for us to think."

This book is a feminist work written by Gilman in 1915. The book depicts a utopia composed only of women. In this utopia, women reproduce through parthenogenesis. Her country has a stable society, no wars, and disputes, and no ruling and being ruled.

Through the continuous interaction between the three men who mistakenly entered Utopia and her countrywoman, those social norms and ideologies that we are accustomed to and turn a blind eye to in the patriarchal society are gradually questioned, subverted, and finally completely disintegrated.

19. A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf

"If a woman wants to write a novel, she must have money and a room of her own."

This book is a short book by the famous female writer Woolf, but it is a classic that cannot be ignored. She fully expresses the author's thoughts on women and her overall thinking on women, which can be regarded as the awakening and declaration of independence of modern women.

The author's writing style is delicate, funny and full of wisdom. It is suitable for all friends who like to write, especially female readers. 

With the self-awareness of the new generation of women in becoming stronger and more independent in terms of economy and life, this book will surely gain more "resonators".

20. Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History by Florence Williams

"We love breasts, but we don't take them seriously, we're just embarrassed."

Starting from a story of breastfeeding a child, Florence, a novice mother, accidentally discovered that breast milk contains many environmental toxins in addition to all kinds of beautiful ingredients. Why did these industrial chemicals that should not have appeared in my breasts and milk?

As a popular science reporter, Florence began to explore after being astonished. She went to major cancer research centers in the United States, the Environmental Policy Research Institute, and the Breast Research Laboratory in New Zealand to communicate with many scientists and humanities scholars. 

Interpret breasts from the perspectives of anthropology, biology, medicine, and environmental history, and care about how modern life changes our breasts and our health.

21. Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

"Over the past 50 years, more girls have been killed worldwide than men were killed in all wars in the entire 20th century. Just because of their gender."

Led by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Nicholas D. Christopher and Shirley Dunn, a married couple with extensive joint reporting experience, we see sexism, sexism, and Sexual violence, misogynistic values, domestic violence, virginity complex, and other phenomena that make women feel like they are still in the purgatory of the 18th and 19th centuries. 

We also see how the women there have fought so hard, and how a little help can change their lives.

Through these stories, the author shows us the plight of women's survival, the attitude of the whole world to this plight, and the power of self-awakening in women. They turned despair into hope and bravely fought for the dignity of life.

22. The Women's Room: A Novel by Marilyn French

"We're not just someone else's other half, we're ourselves."

This book is a novel that reflects the living conditions of a whole generation of American women and makes every ordinary woman feel sympathetic, tearful, or passionate. 

Since its publication, the global sales volume has exceeded 20 million, and it has been published in 22 languages. It can be called "the novel version of "The Second Sex", and even indirectly promoted the second feminist movement.

Countless women believe that this book has written their inner world that has been suppressed all the time, and even changed their lives.

23. The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir

A person is not born a woman, she becomes a woman.

"The Second Sex I: Facts and Myths": The author analyzes the reasons why women become "others" from the views of biology, psychoanalysis, and historical materialism on women; 

Finally, the book takes Monterrand, Lawrence, Claudel, Breton, and Stendhal as examples to analyze the "female myth" created by men. Analyze and explore the image of women in the eyes of men and the thoughts it embodies.

"Second Sex II: Practical Experience": Starting from the philosophical theory of existentialism, it conducts positive investigations on different periods of a woman's life (childhood, adolescence, sexual enlightenment, after marriage, motherhood, and after getting old). 

She judges and evaluates the experiences she may encounter in her life (homosexuality, being an intellectual, a star, a prostitute, or a courtesan, etc.), which deeply reveals the situation and nature of women.

24. Kick Some Glass by Jennifer Martineau

The future will usher in an era of more female power, but various physical barriers to women's success in society still exist. Women have to work harder than men if they don't follow the rules set by others and take their chances at success. 

While preparing for a road full of thorns, they must constantly explore their potential and improve various soft powers in order to stand out in social competition! 

In this book, the author provides 10 successful practical rules to help women find a more suitable career development path and realize their best selves.

For example:

  • Learn to maintain original intentions, know trade-offs, and make conscious choices to take control of your own life.
  • Take control of your own power. Unleashing your initiative and having enough power is the ultimate way to live the life you want and have the career you want.
  • Find your own path to success. The definition and path of success are not fixed, the key is to suit yourself.
  • Build a social network. The real heart of the web is if it gives you different sources of information and different opportunities.

25. Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates

In this book, Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and one of the female leaders of Microsoft, Mrs. Bill Gates, writes about the grief and resistance of unknown women in the world, saw gender bias, and reshaped the female self. 

Mrs. Bill Gates uses her personal experience to speak about the power of women. Even for her, being a woman is not easy. 

The book puts a lot of emphasis on courage and conviction, but what she's looking for is less about structural change in society and more about individual efforts to change culture—but that's actually a basic premise that there's a relatively fair legal framework to Supporting individuals to stand up for their rights, a premise that women in many places are at worst lacking. 

After all, she was a philanthropist, not a reformer. In addition, her constant emphasis on the empowerment of women by equality mirrors the specifics of A Brief History of Inequality. 

In the past, when developed countries mentioned inequality, they tended to focus on reducing poverty, but as she herself discovered, the reality can be more complicated.

26. Le Syndrome d'imposture by Elisabeth Cadoche

This is an illustrated book for women's spiritual growth. If you want to understand the complex and wonderful inner world of women, perhaps there is no better perspective than psychology.

What are the social and cultural implications of the changing economic status of women? 

What emotions, conflicts, self-doubts, and obstacles do women have when they play different roles such as student, employee, girlfriend, girlfriend, mother, and daughter? 

How do characters, experiences, emotions, concepts, judgments, others, and circumstances influence women to make key life choices? 

  • What are the ways and psychological characteristics of women? 
  • What are the limitations and weaknesses of women? and 
  • what are their qualities and abilities beyond men?

From the perspective of social development, social and cultural background, and existential philosophy, this book deeply analyzes the choices and challenges that women will face in the critical period of life, and reveals the truth about women's situation and inner growth in modern society.

In fact, true equality between men and women can only be achieved when women stop asserting that they are women and fundamentally change their consciousness. Psychological research shows that men generally overestimate their abilities and performance, while women generally underestimate themselves.

In this era when women have more choices in career, marriage, body, and life, what is the inner world of women, emotions, conflicts, self-doubt, and obstacles, as well as qualities and abilities beyond men?

27. Brave, Not Perfect by Reshma Saujani

This is a female growth training manual. As women, the education we have received since childhood is to be careful, gentle, and safe first. 

Attentive parents and teachers teach us to be graceful, quiet, and polite, and ask us to be careful about everything, and would rather not do it than take a risk. But at the same time, they encourage boys to be bold and fearless. 

It can be seen that we teach boys to be brave, but we teach girls to be perfect, which will cause many women to be afraid of failure, force themselves to be perfect, when we worry that we are not good, not perfect, when we worry that we will make mistakes, hold back, we will suppress ourselves, Limit yourself, can't live your true self. The best education for a girl is to be brave.

28. Positioning by Al Ries, Jack Trout

"Positioning" talks about the bottom-level logic of business. Whether you are engaged in marketing, public relations, sales, etc., as long as you have commercial activities, you should read them. 

Although many cases in the book are from decades ago, the most basic laws remain the same. This book is more like a history lesson in the business society. Only by learning from history can you be qualified to talk about innovation and entrepreneurship. If you are not willing to be mediocre, Be sure to read it over and over again.

In life, if you don't position yourself, you will be positioned by others. Self-righteous worth is not important, it is important that others think you are valuable. Fortunately, everyone still has six horses to choose from before the goal of success. 

The first horse is your company, the second horse is your boss, the third horse is your team, the fourth horse is your confidence, the fifth horse is your family, and the sixth horse is yourself.

In the positioning era, the only important marketing decision you can make is what to name your product.

Prejudice is a common disease of human beings. If you try to fit everyone, you end up being nothing. It's better to concentrate your expertise on a certain point and establish yourself as a unique expert in a certain field, rather than a generalist who knows everything.

29. Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio 

"Principles" is the life experience of Ray Dalio, the Wall Street investment god and founder of hedge fund company Bridgewater. Babies who study finance must be familiar with him.

Compared with boring business books, "Principles" is obviously a bit more interesting. Half is an autobiography, the author's entrepreneurial history; half is an inspiration to readers. 

In addition to investing, he will also guide you on how to live and work rationally. It is very practical, no wonder Bill Gates, Pan Shiyi, and many other foreign business giants have endorsed it.

Everyone has weaknesses. The types of mistakes people make often reveal where their weaknesses lie. The first step to success is knowing where your weaknesses are, and seeing and addressing them.

30. Circling the Sun: A Novel by Paula McLain 

"Paula McLean's new masterpiece, a three-dimensional presentation of the wild and rough African colonial era and high society luxury in the 20th century."

Compose a trilogy together with "Night Flight Westward" and "Out of Africa", and affectionately record the life of Beryl Markham, a woman highly praised by Hemingway. Burrell is undoubtedly a legendary woman. She is the daughter of free-range Africans. 

She shoots arrows, hunts, trains horses, grows up unruly and escapes from the mouth of lions. She loves horse racing and got a horse racing trainer's license at the age of 18; she loves flying and became a professional pilot at the age of 29. 

She is the first woman in Africa to step into these two fields, and she became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic from east to west in 1936. First-person.

We may not be able to concoct a life as gorgeous and dazzling as Burrell, but at least we can resonate with her bravery-the future is a fog, which is daunting, but we might as well go on and see what fate has prepared for us.

31. Adversity Quotient by Paul G. Stoltz

"A guidebook that enables individuals and teams to see hope in the face of adversity and to be able to pursue it."

Most of a person's life is spent in adversity. When we encounter various difficulties, failures, and setbacks, the level of adversity quotient will play a decisive role.

The adversity quotient is an indicator of frustration tolerance, which reflects people's psychological state and resilience in the face of adversity and setbacks.

People with high adversity quotient can actively face various difficulties and obstacles, have firm perseverance and the spirit of hard work, and can better handle the relationship between people.

32. Lighthousekeeping by Jeanette Winterson

"After "Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit", Janet Winterson, a talented contemporary British female writer, is another amazing work!"

The language is rich in poetry and philosophy, and the beauty is like mercury. Janet Winterson's multi-voiced, story-through-story narrative, where time swirls with the flow of emotional awareness, is a film that blends magical realism, lyric poetry, and gothic sentiments in "Keeping the Lighthouse." Works of various styles such as fairy tales and fables.

Conclusion: Best Self-Help Books for Women to Read in 2023

Self-improvement and personal growth are essential for all individuals but can be especially crucial for women as they navigate a society that often imposes unrealistic and limiting expectations on them. 

By investing in ourselves and striving to become the best version of ourselves, we can not only lead more fulfilling and satisfying lives but also become role models and inspire others to do the same.

Best female self-help books can be a valuable resource for facilitating this process. By providing valuable insights, strategies, and techniques, these resources can help us to overcome challenges, set and achieve goals, and make positive changes in our lives. 

From improving our communication and relationships to building confidence and finding our purpose, the best female self-help books offer something for everyone.

When it comes to choosing the right women's self-help books, it's important to consider your specific goals and current challenges, look for books with good reviews and recommendations, and choose a book that resonates with you personally. 

By taking the time to do this, you can increase your chances of finding the best women's self-help books that will truly make a difference in your life.

Finally, in order to get the most out of women's self-help books, it's important to set aside dedicated reading time, actively implement the strategies and techniques discussed in the book, and seek out additional support when needed. 

By doing so, you can make significant progress on your journey toward self-improvement and lead a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

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