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46 Best-selling cookbooks of all time for your kitchen

46 best-selling cookbooks of all time for your kitchen. such as The New York Times Cookbook, Crockery Cookery, In the Kitchen with Rosie
Welcome to an insightful journey through the '46 Best-selling cookbooks of all time,' written by Muhiuddin Alam on the book recommendations and reviews site,

Over the years as a leading authority on literary expertise, I've created numerous articles, many of which can be found on this site.

I have received many requests to recommend some of the best-selling cookbooks. In response, I'm pleased to offer my expert recommendations in this article.

I will recommend you best selling cookbooks of all time in this post, which is based on my in-depth study and testing in this field. Such as The New York Times Cookbook, Crockery Cookery, In the Kitchen with Rosie, The American Woman's Cookbook, The New Basics Cookbook, and  The Silver Palate Cookbook.

These aren't just books on this topic. Below, you'll find 46 books with detailed descriptions of each of these outstanding resources, helping you make well-informed decisions in your top-selling cookbook journey."

Criteria for Selecting The Bestselling Cookbooks 

The criteria used by our expert reviewers to rank the best-selling cookbooks are as follows:

  • Features - Taste, Appearance, Creativity, Consumer Appeal, Well Written, etc.
  • Ease of Use - Is the book easy to use, and in-depth?
  • Effectiveness - About comparable products, etc.
  • Original - Do we need to say more?

We recommend below to determine which cookbooks are best for you.


46 Best-Selling Cookbooks of All Time for Your Kitchen

It is said that cooking is one of the most fundamental forms of communication. 

Cooking is a good way to get to know your family members better. It is good to have cookbooks for families. Because cooking is one of the most fundamental forms of physical communication. It is also important to have the right ingredients in your kitchen. 

The cookbooks for families are those that will help you create delicious meals with the right ingredients. The best cookbooks for families will offer different kinds of recipes. 

It is not always necessary to have advanced knowledge of cooking, but it is necessary to have basic knowledge. It is important to have basic knowledge of cooking. 

If you want to improve your cooking skills, then you have to learn about the various cooking techniques. There are many different kinds of cookbooks out there.
Today, I carefully selected the bestselling cookbooks on Health, Diet, and Weight Loss, and shared them with you, my friends.

Share happiness with love!

1. The New York Times Cookbook


The New York Times Cookbook is the first quality cookbook for daily use in the home kitchen. 

In 717 pages it gives nearly 1,500 recipes for all occasions, selected from more than 10,000 that have appeared in The New York Times, and prepared and tested by the Times's food staff and kitchens. 

It is illustrated with 133 black-and-white photographs, many of which accompany the recipes and cooking procedures.

2. The New American Heart Association Cookbook


Jam-packed with 150 new recipes–dishes that reflect the way Americans cook and eat today– The New American Heart Association Cookbook is a revolution in healthful cooking. 

The fabulous recipes inside prove you can eat deliciously for a healthier heart and a trimmer waistline. To name just a few there are Roasted-Pepper Hummus, Picante Shrimp with Broccoli and Snow Peas,

Chipotle Chicken Wraps, Asparagus with Garlic and Parmesan Bread Crumbs, and Angel Food Truffle Torte with Fruit Sauce.

This incredible revision also includes: 
  • Cook’s tips that speed up cooking, explain techniques or ingredients or add a special finishing touch
  • Suggestions on how to shop for, store, and cook food healthfully–and tips on decoding food labels and manufacturers’ claims
  • A complete nutritional analysis for each recipe, including saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, calories, fiber, and more
Discover the never-bland world of heart-healthy eating with The New American Heart Association Cookbook.

The American Heart Association is the nation's most trusted authority on heart-healthy living and diet. Its best-selling library of cookbooks includes:

3. Crockery Cookery


New York Times best-selling cookbooks, this cookbook established Mable Hoffman as a premier cooking enthusiast--well-deserved praise for one who has spent decades extolling the benefits of slow cooking. 

Her easy and affordable recipes for appetizers, soups, and main dishes are designed to bring out that "simmered-in" flavor that only slow cooking can provide. 

In addition to the new recipes, this edition contains many others that have been revised to reduce fat and calories.

4. In the Kitchen with Rosie


In the Kitchen with Rosie: Oprah's Favorite Recipes: A Cookbook by Rosie Daley

Rosie Daley’s gem of a cookbook now comes in paperback. Here are fifty favorite recipes that Rosie cooked for Oprah. The dishes are light and low in fat and, at the same time, enormously satisfying and tasty. 

Homemade pizzas, "Un-Fried Favorites" (catfish, French fries, chicken), paella, sweet potato pie—these are marvelous, healthy recipes, as Oprah testifies in her introduction and in her foreword to each chapter. 

Daley also offers helpful hints about seasonings, substitutions, and pretty presentations, which all help to make her food so temptingly delicious.

5. The American Woman's Cookbook


This is the first of two books edited by Ruth Berolzheimer on this list. Although she is not as well known today as Irma Rombauer, she made a significant contribution to cookbook history as the director of the Culinary Arts Institute, which used to be one of the largest cookbook publishers. 

Although much of the 800-page cookbook is devoted to outdated things like how to set the table, there are things in the book that make it an atypical Depression-era cookbook. 

It has recipes for chop suey and sweetbread and oyster cake, plus a glossary of foreign culinary terms.

6. Taste of Home Cookbook Fifth Edition w bonus


An all-new edition of the best-selling cookbook that’s made for today’s home cooks by today’s home cooks.  

From mouthwatering Instant Pot sensations to simply show-stopping desserts, this amazing 5-ring binder has it all.  24 chapters to cover everything you need from breakfast to appetizers to mains and plenty of baking and desserts.  

Brand new chapters on Instant Pots & Air Fryers, 30-Minute Meals, Meatless, and even Sauces and condiments.  

You’ll also find kitchen hacks, how-to photos, basic cooking, and baking techniques, timesaving shortcuts, the secrets to selecting, storing, and cooking with fresh produce, and so much more!

Cooking brings a family together.  Cook, Share & Celebrate with Taste of Home Cookbook!

7. The New Basics Cookbook


It's the 1.8-million-copy bestselling cookbook that's become a modern-day classic. Beginning cooks will learn how to boil an egg. Experienced cooks will discover new ingredients and inspired approaches to familiar ones. 

Encyclopedic in scope, rich with recipes and techniques, and just plain fascinating to read, The New Basics Cookbook is the indispensable kitchen reference for all home cooks. 

This is a basic cookbook that reflects today's kitchen, today's pantry, and today's taste expectations. A whimsically illustrated 875-recipe labor of love, The New Basics features a light, fresh, vibrantly flavored style of American cooking that incorporates the best of new ingredients and cuisines from around the world. 

Over 30 chapters include Fresh Beginnings; Pasta, Pizza, and Risotto; Soups; Salads; Every Kind of Vegetable; Seafood; The Chicken and the Egg; Grilling from Ribs to Surprise Paella; Grains; Beef; Lamb, Pork; Game; The Cheese Course, and Not Your Mother's Meatloaf. 

Not to mention 150 Desserts Plus, tips, lore, menu ideas, at-a-glance charts, trade secrets, The Wine Dictionary, a Glossary of Cooking Terms, The Panic-Proof Kitchen, and much more. Main Selection of the Better Homes and Gardens Family Book Service and the Book-of-the-Month Club's HomeStyle Books. 

Main Selection of the Better Homes and Gardens Family Book Service and the Book-of-the-Month Club's HomeStyle Books.Main Selection of the Better Homes and Gardens Family Book Service and the Book-of-the-Month Club's HomeStyle Books.

8. The Silver Palate Cookbook


The Silver Palate Cookbook is a beloved classic that brings a new passion for food and entertainment into American homes. 

Its 350 flawlessly seasoned, stand-out dishes make every occasion special, and its recipes, featuring vibrant, pure ingredients, are a pleasure to cook. 

Brimming with kitchen wisdom, cooking tips, information about domestic and imported ingredients, menus, quotes, and lore, this timeless book feels as fresh and exciting as the day it was first published. Every reader will fall in love with cooking all over again.

This twenty-fifth-anniversary edition is enriched with full-color photographs throughout.

9. The South Beach Diet Cookbook

Since its publication in April 2003, The South Beach Diet has become a nationwide phenomenon: a #1 New York Times best-selling cookbook with more than 700,000 copies in print in three months. 

A key factor in the diet's success is the great-tasting, well-balanced meals Dr. Agatston promotes. 

In fact, requests for more recipes began pouring in as soon as the book hit the shelves! THE SOUTH BEACH DIET COOKBOOK fills that need by offering more than 200 recipes that adhere to the diet's nutritional principles without compromising on taste.

Beginning with a brief overview of the science-based eating philosophy and why it produces such dramatic results--up to 13 pounds in the first 2 weeks--the book also includes success stories, troubleshooting tips, and frequently asked questions. 

The fabulous recipes, from Whole Grain Pancakes with Berry Cream Syrup to Filet Mignon with Tomatoes and Rosemary to Chocolate-Hazelnut Flourless Cake, ensure that THE SOUTH BEACH DIET COOKBOOK will appeal to anyone who wants to eat more healthily (and who doesn't?). 

And for every dish, there is an indicator as to which phase of the diet it corresponds to, so followers can choose appropriate foods.

Also included are new recipes contributed by prominent South Beach chefs and by readers themselves. 

Illustrated throughout with full-color photography, THE SOUTH BEACH DIET COOKBOOK will satisfy the needs of the thousands who are already on the plan and draw in thousands of new followers as well.

10. Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume I


Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume I: 50th Anniversary Edition: A Cookbook by Julia Child 

The author of this book, Julia Child, is older than my mother and is considered a grandmother. She was married in the 1940s, and if she were still alive, she would be over eighty years old now. 

She grew up in a middle-class family in California, USA, and had a happy and satisfying diet experience in her youth. 

After getting married, she was like a woman all over the world, and her husband and son, not long after her husband were sent to France as a diplomat, so she also had the opportunity to go to France to learn French culture. 

Although she and her husband have both learned French, her husband's language talent is much better than hers. 

After arriving in France, she picked up French again and finally went to a French cooking school. After graduation, he organized cooking salons with famous French chefs and started classes. After returning to the United States a few years later, she began to teach American women to cook French cuisine. 

After forty years, she has become one of the most famous people in the United States to popularize French cuisine. 

The layout of this book is very elegant, there are no pictures, but there are nice sketch illustrations, and the cooking methods described are also very detailed, such as how to turn the pot, what are the tips, what brand of red wine and white wine are used as ingredients, and what to replace, What a chef would do, and what most people would do at home are very clear. 

It is classified according to the big categories of soup, egg, beef, and seafood..., and the layout is very delicate.

From her recipes, readers can feel his passion for food.

11. The Moosewood Cookbook


The Moosewood Cookbook: 40th Anniversary Edition by Mollie Katzen 

Since the original publication of the MOOSEWOOD COOKBOOK in 1977, author Mollie Katzen has been leading the revolution in American eating habits. MOOSEWOOD was listed by the New York Times as one of the top ten best-selling cookbooks and no wonder. 

With her sophisticated, easy-to-prepare vegetarian recipes, charming drawings, and hand lettering, Mollie introduced millions to a more healthful, natural way of cooking. 

This new edition--a companion volume to her latest TV series--preserves the major revisions and additions that Mollie made in 1992, accented with new recipes from Mollie’s current repertoire and 16 pages of beautiful full-color food photography. You’ve seen MOOSEWOOD before, but you’ve never seen it quite like this!

12. The New Enchanted Broccoli Forest


The New Enchanted Broccoli Forest: [A Cookbook] (Mollie Katzen's Classic Cooking by Mollie Katzen 

This second volume in Mollie Katzen's classic cooking series features over 200 vegetarian recipes and a bounty of kitchen guidance from one of America's dearest cookbook authors. 

Mollie first revised ENCHANTED BROCCOLI in 1995, adding lighter, easier-to-prepare versions of her signature recipes, plus a selection of new dishes and techniques. 

As with MOOSEWOOD, this new edition of ENCHANTED BROCCOLI is a companion volume to Mollie's new TV series and features 16 pages of color food photography, plus 5 new recipes and a new section on making fresh pasta at home. Available in January 2000.

13. Joy of Cooking


Joy of Cooking: 2019 Edition Fully Revised and Updated by Irma S. Rombauer 

The Joy of Cooking grows with the times and has a full roster of American and foreign dishes such as strudel, zabaglione, rijsttafel, and couscous, among many others. 

All the classic terms found on menus, such as Provençale, bonne femme, meuniére, and Florentine are not merely defined but fully explained so that readers can easily concoct the dish in their own homes.

In this classic edition, readers learn: 
  • Exactly what simmering, blanching, roasting, and braising does 
  • In what amounts herbs, spices, and seasonings should be added to recipes 
  • How to present food correctly 
  • How to prepare ingredients with classic tools and techniques 
  • How to safely preserve the results of your canning and freezing
With more than 4,500 recipes and 1,000 easy-to-follow illustrations, The Joy of Cooking is a must for every American kitchen.

This book is known as one of the oldest popular classic cookbooks in modern America. 

It has a history of nearly eighty years since the first edition in the 1930s and incorporates the cooking wisdom of many famous American chefs from World War II to the present.

A good cookbook not only has a very interesting recipe for the menu, but the most important thing is to tell a story. Stories, whether in the fields of news, novels, design, or drama, are the most fascinating elements. A good recipe book also tells stories. 

It should tell us about people’s lives and tell us the diet of certain people in a certain period of history.

It is necessary to reveal the opinions of different social classes and tell us that different social classes have different tastes in food, and it is best to show people's wisdom and prejudice. 

Interesting eating is a whole process, from the quirks of intellectuals to hedonism for pleasure, from culture to science, and finally good writing.

14. The I Hate to Cook Book


The I Hate to Cook Book (50th Anniversary Edition) by Peg Bracken 

There are many recipe books, but few readers really like them. "I Hate the Kitchen" is exactly that. It has been sold in the United States for 50 years and has sold more than 3 million copies. Because it is not only a recipe but also a breath of life, an optimistic and positive attitude.

  You may be a housewife. You are used to inhaling the cooking fume in the kitchen on time. What do you do in Fan Chou every day? Perhaps tired of cooking? This book has given us new thinking, and the kitchen also needs humor and freedom. Free yourself from the kitchen and enjoy your life freely. 

From cost-saving to healthy eating, from picnics to children’s dinner parties, from leftover rules to last-minute dinners, from housekeeping tips to creating a dining atmosphere, the author of this book introduces all kinds of kitchen wisdom in the relaxed and humorous language course, It also provides nearly two hundred quick recipes. 

If you hate the kitchen and want to finish cooking in the shortest possible time, then please read this book.

  Don’t envy other people’s food more fragrant than yours, as Cervantes said: “I never put my nose into other people’s porridge. That’s not my bread and butter”. You will also fall in love with the kitchen, spend the shortest time and the least money to make the most delicious meals, and at the same time cultivate an optimistic attitude towards life.

  It is reported that the author of this book, Pegg Blacken, is an American best-selling author. She published the book "The Magic of Nine Months of Pregnancy" based on her pregnancy experience. Since then, she has become a best-selling author besides her mother and globetrotter. 

Later, nine books including "I Hate the Kitchen" and "The Window Above the Sewer" were published. Among them, "I Hate the Kitchen" has set off a kitchen revolution around the world due to its unique viewpoints and practical content. 

The liberation of women is the theme of her life. She insists on a consistent life attitude in every book: relaxed, humorous, elegant, and can be called the pioneer of "Lohuism". To write as hard as possible, to cook, and to see all the world that can be seen, this is her, Pegg Bracken.

15. The Frugal Gourmet Cooks American


The Frugal Gourmet presents a fabulous feast of American heritage. Jeff Smith is the immensely popular star of his own television cooking show. 

The Frugal Gourmet and author of four New York Times bestselling cookbooks celebrates the delights of truly American cooking with such favorites as corn, turkey tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, sweet berries, and other ingredients that stir up fond memories of home and home cooking. 

Added to this list are some very special dishes from America's traditional cuisines-fascinating favorites from every part of the country, including regional specialties from Native American Indians Time-honored recipes from the colonists, including those handed down from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. 

As well as early settlers from Pennsylvania and New England Down-home cooking at its best, exemplifying both Southern hospitality and the heart of soul food from the heartlands of America comes everything from 19-alarm Chili to barbecued spareribs and sweet potato pie and there's much more ...

In all, this handy companion to the 39-part national television series provides over 350 exciting recipes, served up with a pinch or two of humor, a delicious sprinkling of American lore, and a healthy touch of American history.

16. Dr. Atkins' Quick & Easy New Diet Cookbook


Dr. Atkins' Quick & Easy New Diet Cookbook: Companion to Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution by Robert C. Atkins & Veronica Atkins

Great taste in no time -- the Atkins way Based on the bestselling Dr. Atkins' "New Diet Revolution, " the recipes in this completely revised edition will give you a quick and easy way to eat healthily, whether you're just beginning to slim down or want to maintain your goal weight and enhance your health and well-being. 

This new edition includes 50 new recipes, updated favorites, and new nutritional data -- including Net Carbs -- making it easier than ever to follow the controlled carbohydrate lifestyle pioneered by Dr. Atkins. 

Here's just a sampling of the satisfying, super-quick recipes you'll find inside: 
  • Energizing breakfasts like Almond French Toast and Ricotta and Leek Frittatas 
  • Elegant appetizers such as Curried Stuffed Eggs and Smoked Salmon Rolls 
  • Family-friendly main dishes like Pork Chops with Orange and Rosemary, Hazelnut 
  • Pepper-crusted swordfish and Sauteed Zucchini with Nutmeg 
  • Decadent desserts such as Chocolate Buttercream and Lemon 
  • Poppy Pound Cake Plus
and many more mouth-watering side dishes, snacks, and treats Designed for healthy eating and simple preparation, the low-carb recipes in this must-have new edition of the perennially best cookbooks will help you produce delectable meals that will be the key to a whole new you.

17. The Fannie Farmer Cookbook


The Fannie Farmer Cookbook: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of America's Great Classic Cookbook by Marion Cunningham, Fannie Farmer Cookbook Corporation, Archibald Candy Corporation, Lauren Jarrett

Originally published in 1896 as The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book by Fannie Merritt Farmer, it became the cookbook that taught generations of Americans how to cook. 

Completely updating it for the first time since 1979, with this edition, Marion Cunningham made Fannie Farmer once again a household word for a new generation of cooks.

What makes this basic cookbook so distinctive is that Marion Cunningham is always at your side with forthright tips and comments, encouraging the beginning cook and inspiring the more adventurous. 

In giving the book new life, Mrs. Cunningham has been careful always to preserve the best of the old. She has retained all the particularly good, tried-and-true recipes from preceding editions, retesting and rewriting when necessary. 

She has rediscovered lost treasures, including delicious recipes that were eliminated when practically no one baked bread at home. 

This is now the place to find the finest possible recipes for Pumpkin Soup, Boston Baked Beans, Carpetbag Steak, Roast Stuffed Turkey, Anadama Bread, Indian Pudding, Apple Pie, and all of the other traditional favorites.

The new recipes reflect the ethnic influences—Mediterranean, Moroccan, Asian—of contemporary American cooking. 

Tucked in among all your favorites like Old-Fashioned Beef Stew, and New England Clam Chowder, you'll find cool Cucumber Sushi, Enchiladas with Chicken and Green Sauce, and Polenta and Fish. 

Throughout, cooking terms and procedures are explained, essential ingredients are spelled out, and basic equipment is assessed. Mrs. Cunningham even tells you how to make a good cup of coffee and how to brew tea properly.

The emphasis here is on good flavor, fresh ingredients, and lots of variety in one's daily fare, which Marion Cunningham believes is the secret to a healthy diet. 

Dedicated to the home cooks of America, young and old, this thirteenth edition of the book that won the hearts of Americans more than a century ago invites us all—as did the original Fannie Farmer—to cherish the delights of the family table.

18. Betty Crocker's Picture Cookbook


It's the book that started it all, the well-loved edition that first bought Betty Crocker cookbooks into American homes and hearts. 

Published in 1950, this ground-breaking title made cooking easy, it made cooking appealing, and best of all, it made cooking fun. 

Packed full of practical tips, useful hints, and lavish color photography, this was the book that shaped cooking for generations, the book that people remember. 

Every recipe you -- or your mother -- ever wanted is here, from pigs in blankets to Emergency Steak to Chicken Tomato Aspic. 

Enjoy the clever ideas throughout -- twelve months of birthday cake ideas, showing how to decorate a cake to match each month's gemstone, pointers to make setting up a kitchen easy, or hints to make housework more pleasant. 

Feel a part of history when making Home Front Macaroni, developed during WW II rationing to stretch the meat. Get into the spirit of fun with a Betty Crocker "Cookie Shine" or cookie-baking party. 

People who grew up with this book will want it for memories; those who are new to the book will want it for its charm and its intelligent approach to cooking. It's a perfect keepsake and a great gift.

19. Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book

Since 1930, the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book has been a trusted staple in kitchens across America. 

The 17th edition is fully updated and revised to reflect both the best of today's food trends and time-tested classics. 

With more than 1,000 recipes and a photo for each one, the book covers both traditional dishes such as Brownies and new favorites like Cold Brew Coffee. 

This newest edition has a fresh organization to reflect how we cook today-recipes have flavor variations, options to swap out ingredients, and ways to make them healthier. 
  • Clear directions and how-to photos teach techniques; 
  • identification photos clarify the broad range of today's ingredients; 
  • charts for meat and poultry give at-a-glance cooking times; 
  • and "cheat sheets" throughout present information in easy-to-access bites. 
And, for the first time, the book is now a handy, lay-flat hardcover, perfect for today's kitchens.

20. New Junior Cook Book


A reprint of the first edition of Red Plaid just for kids from 1955.
Original, vintage illustrations and full-color photos of more than 300 in all—reprinted with the nostalgic patina of a gently aged classic.

The book has a practical side too! Easy-to-use tabbed chapters and more than 100 recipes including beverages, bread and sandwiches, candy and cookies, desserts, main dishes, and vegetables and sides.

This fun heirloom gift is perfect to give to children who are just beginning to cook the new Hostesses and hosts of tomorrow.

21. The Heart Healthy Cookbook for Two by Jennifer Koslo Ph.D. RD CSSD

The Heart Healthy Cookbook for Two: 125 Perfectly Portioned Low Sodium, Low Fat Recipes


  • This heart-healthy cookbook offers perfectly portioned meals for two, taking the guesswork out of what and how much to eat for optimal heart health.
  • Author Jennifer Koslo, a cardiac dietician and nutrition expert, provides guilt-free recipes that are low in sodium and fat but full of flavor for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • The cookbook includes 125 delicious and nutrient-rich recipes, as well as a four-week meal plan to help you kick-start your heart-healthy diet with confidence and enjoy worry-free meals.

22. LOW FAT DIET COOKBOOK 2023 by Kiassaku Khamnarru

The Ultimate Low Fat Cookbook For Clean Eating, A Collection Of Recipes That Promote Heart Healthy Meals While Minimizing Fat Intake


  • The LOW-FAT cookbook offers over 150 kitchen-tested recipes for quick, delicious, and nutritious low- and no-fat meals, including soups, salads, appetizers, seafood, and desserts.
  • This cookbook teaches you how to reduce fat in your own dishes, transforming your favorite comfort foods into healthier versions while maintaining taste and flavor.
  • It serves as the ultimate guide for clean eating, providing easy substitutions for common ingredients and helping you lead a healthy life through meal planning and natural, nutritious low-fat meals.

23. The Low Cholesterol Cookbook and Action Plan by Karen L Swanson

4 Weeks to Cut Cholesterol and Improve Heart Health


  • The Low Cholesterol Cookbook and Action Plan offer an easy-to-follow 4-week program with comprehensive recipes.
  • A proactive meal plan to help eliminate bad fats while maintaining delicious flavors.
  • With 120 heart-healthy recipes, including banana-oat pancakes, Honey Mustard Chicken, and Flourless Chocolate Cookies, this cookbook provides a variety of low-cholesterol options for your favorite foods.
  • The cookbook features fast and flavorful dishes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less using only 5 key ingredients, making it convenient and accessible for everyday cooking.

24. The Complete Low-Carb Cookbook by George Stella

No Sugar Added and Wheat-Free Recipes for Any Carb-Conscious Lifestyle


  • In The Complete Low-Carb Cookbook, George Stella has compiled a lifetime of expertise into one, easy-to-follow book. 
  • Whether you have been living a low-carb lifestyle for years or are simply looking to eat less processed foods, this cookbook is for you! 
  • More than 60 full-color photos will help you present dishes that look as good as they taste. 
  • Try Cinnamon Bun Minute Muffin, Low-Carb Lasagna, Bacon & Cheddar Mock Mashed Potatoes, Peargaritas, or Peanut Butter Buckeyes. 
  • All 130 recipes are made without any wheat or added sugar, making them gluten-free and great for diabetics as well.

25. The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook by Ann Crile Esselstyn, Jane Esselstyn

Over 125 Delicious, Life-Changing, Plant-Based Recipes


  • The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease offers over 125 easy and mouthwatering plant-based recipes that promote heart health and overall well-being.
  • Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr.'s plant-based nutrition plan, based on a comprehensive twenty-year study, has inspired hundreds of thousands to transform their lives and reverse coronary disease.
  • Developed by Ann and Jane Esselstyn, the cookbook combines their decades of experience in creating delicious and healthful recipes, empowering readers to take control of their health and enjoy the pleasures of plant-based eating.

26. 500 15-Minute Low Sodium Recipes by Dick Logue

Fast and Flavorful Low-Salt Recipes that Save You Time, Keep You on Track, and Taste Delicious


  • Enjoy 500 quick and delicious low-sodium recipes that retain the flavors you love, with just 15 minutes or less of prep time.
  • Explore a wide range of dishes, from beef, chicken, and vegetable meals to international takeout-style recipes and delightful desserts, all low in salt.
  • Keep track of your sodium intake with the nutritional breakdown provided for each recipe, making it easier to maintain a healthy diet.

27. The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook by America's Test Kitchen

500 Vibrant, Kitchen-Tested Recipes for Living and Eating Well Every Day (The Complete ATK Cookbook Series)


  • The famed Mediterranean diet: the variety of bright flavors and tastes, the health benefits, and the simple, uncomplicated dishes.
  • America's Test Kitchen provides over 500 kitchen-tested recipes from countries across the Mediterranean, including Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco.
  • The book emphasizes healthy eating, with a focus on plant-based meals, seafood, and wholesome ingredients readily available in supermarkets. 
  • Quick and healthy options are provided, with recipes ready in 45 minutes or less. 
  • Each recipe includes nutritional guidelines and specific goals, such as fish recipes being under 750 calories and containing less than 8.5g of saturated fat.

28. The Best Vegan Cookbook 2023 by Martin Giuck

100+ Unbelievably Easy Plant Flexible Recipes for Eating Well Without Meat and Oil-Free. Based on recipes for a Clean & ... from around the world for lunch or dinner


  • Discover easy and delicious vegan recipes from around the world for satisfying lunches or dinners.
  • Understand the concept of a vegan diet, which abstains from animal products for reasons such as animal welfare and health benefits.
  • Choose this book for a compilation of vegan recipes learned from travels worldwide, providing comprehensive information on preparing vegan cuisine.
  • Explore the reasons for choosing a vegan diet, including lower cardiovascular risks, reduced inflammation, healthy skin, lower cholesterol levels, cognitive benefits, anti-aging properties, and reduced joint pain.

29. The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook by America's Test Kitchen

A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes (The Complete ATK Cookbook Series)


  • The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook is a wide-ranging collection of boldly flavorful vegetarian recipes covering hearty vegetable mains, rice and grains, beans and soy as well as soups, appetizers, snacks, and salads.
  • More than 300 recipes are fast (start to finish in 45 minutes or less), 500 are gluten-free, and 250 are vegan and are all highlighted with icons on the pages. 
  • The book contains stunning color photography throughout that shows the appeal of these veggie-packed dishes. 

30. Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan

30th Anniversary Edition: A Cookbook


  • Explore a comprehensive manual of Italian cooking for cooks of all levels, featuring a wide range of classic Italian recipes.
  • Discover iconic dishes such as Minestrone alla Romagnola, Risotto with Clams, and Chicken Cacciatora, among others.
  • Consider this go-to Italian cookbook, cherished by generations of readers, as a passionate and inspiring guide to the cuisine of Italy.

31. The Italian Cookbook for Beginners by Salinas Press

Over 100 Classic Recipes with Everyday Ingredients


  • Experience the ultimate comforting homemade cuisine with The Italian Cookbook for Beginners, featuring over 100 classic recipes using affordable everyday ingredients.
  • Discover simple and delicious Italian recipes that bring the hearty flavors of Italy into your home, including homemade pizza, Eggplant Parmigiana, and Italian-style pork chops.
  • Learn tips on buying fresh fish, matching sauces with pasta, and planning a complete Italian meal, making it easy to create mouthwatering Italian dishes with The Italian Cookbook for Beginners.

32. The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook by Pamela Ellgen

Easy, Healthy Recipes for the Next Four Years & Beyond


  • Discover over 100 tasty and affordable 5-ingredient recipes designed specifically for busy college students.
  • Upgrade from fast food and microwave dinners with quick and easy meals that only take 30 minutes to prepare using the College Cookbook.
  • Explore a wide variety of student-approved recipes with 3 alternate versions, ensuring there's something to suit every taste and keep things interesting.

33. The Nightmare Before Dinner by Zach Neil

Recipes to Die For: The Beetle House Cookbook


  • Dive into the spooky world of Beetle House with over 60 gothically delicious recipes inspired by Tim Burton's works and all things dark and curious.
  • Delight in eerie appetizers, macabre mains, devilish desserts, deadly drinks, and creepy cocktails featured in The Nightmare Before Dinner cookbook.
  • Explore iconic dishes like Edward Burger Hands, Silence of the Lamb Chops, Cheshire Mac and Cheese, and Beetle Pie, with vegan alternatives available for each recipe.

34. The Easy 5-Ingredient Healthy Cookbook by Toby Amidor

Simple Recipes to Make Healthy Eating Delicious


  • Prepare flavorful and nutritious meals with ease using just five main ingredients from The Easy 5-Ingredient Healthy Cookbook.
  • Enjoy quick and easy recipes that are ready in 30 minutes or require only one pot or pan, simplifying your busy lifestyle.
  • Customize recipes with handy tips for ingredient swaps and find dietary labels for special eating preferences such as gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo-friendly, and vegan options.

35. The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs by America’s Test Kitchen Kids

100+ Sweet and Savory Recipes that You'll Love to Bake, Share, and Eat!


  • The ultimate baking book for kids from the creators of the #1 New York Times bestselling cookbook, featuring a wide range of recipes tested by over 5,000 kids.
  • Step-by-step photos and techniques help young chefs feel confident and learn like pros in their own kitchens.
  • By empowering young chefs, America's Test Kitchen fosters a new generation of confident cooks, engaged eaters, and curious experimenters.

36. Beginner's Baking Bible by Heather Perine

130+ Recipes and Techniques for New Bakers


  • The ultimate beginner's baking cookbook that makes baking accessible to anyone.
  • Learn essential baking techniques and insider tips to simplify and troubleshoot your baking process.
  • Over 130 delicious recipes for a wide range of sweet and savory treats, perfect for impressing family and friends.

37. Betty Crocker's Cooky Book by Betty Crocker


They're fun to make and they're good to eat. Perfect for snacks and desserts, for parties and picnics, for greeting a new neighbor, for sending to a far-off freshman. 

And Betty Crocker's Cooky Book offers a complete collection of these all-purpose pleasers: cookies that are quick, quaint, easy, challenging -- from everyday favorites to show-off spectaculars.

38. The Pioneer Woman Cooks―A Year of Holidays by Ree Drummond

140 Step-by-Step Recipes for Simple, Scrumptious Celebrations


A year-round celebration of holidays with delicious recipes, stunning photos, and delightful humor.

Inspired menus for various occasions, including breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners, parties, and feasts, with step-by-step instructions and mouthwatering photos.

Festive recipes for each holiday, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, including special homemade treats and delightful cookies for sharing with loved ones.

39. A Merry Christmas Cookbook by Disney Books


  • Fun and festive cooking experience with favorite Disney characters, featuring simple instructions and colorful photos.
  • Special recipes for holiday gifts that can be made and shared with family and friends.
  • A rating system lets kids know how difficult the recipes are, and cooking tips are sprinkled throughout.

40. How to Cook for Beginners by Gwyn Novak

An Easy Cookbook for Learning the Basics


  • The practical and beginner-friendly cookbook teaches essential cooking skills and provides delicious recipes.
  • Comprehensive guide covering equipment, pantry essentials, kitchen safety, and fundamental techniques.
  • Wide variety of recipes for every meal, including breakfasts, mains, desserts, snacks, sides, and vegetables.

41. Fit Men Cook by Kevin Curry

100+ Meal Prep Recipes for Men and Women―Always #HealthyAF, Never Boring


  • FitMenCook provides 100 easy, quick meal prep recipes for time-saving, budget-friendly, and waistline-conscious healthy eating.
  • Embrace food freedom with flavorful meals that are calorie-conscious, occasional indulgences with mindful portions, and wellness goals achieved without breaking the bank.
  • The guide includes grocery lists, meal prep tips, personal stories, and over 100 delicious recipes to help you plan your week and achieve your weight loss goals.

42. Air Fryer Cookbook by Jenson William

600 Effortless Air Fryer Recipes for Beginners and Advanced Users


  • 600 Easy Air Fryer Recipes for quick and hassle-free frying.
  • A variety of categories include poultry, beef, pork, snacks, side dishes, vegetables, vegetarian, breakfast, lunch, sweets, and desserts.
  • This comprehensive cookbook provides delicious and easy meals for beginners, making cooking with an air fryer simple and enjoyable.

43. Go-To Dinners by Ina Garten

A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook


  • Ina Garten shares her go-to strategies and recipes for comforting and delicious dinners.
  • The cookbook features freeze-ahead, make-ahead, prep-ahead, and simply assembled recipes to make dinner preparation easier.
  • In addition to main courses, the book includes ideas for serving boards and delightful desserts.

44. The Stay At Home Chef Family Favorites Cookbook by Rachel Farnsworth


  • The Stay-at-Home Chef Family Favorites Cookbook includes over 200 amazing recipes for every meal and occasion.
  • The cookbook features a beautiful hardcover binding and stunning photography.
  • Each recipe is accompanied by a QR code linking to a video tutorial for easy cooking instructions, and there are insightful tutorials for cooking essentials included as well.

45. Jew-Ish: A Cookbook by Jake Cohen

Reinvented Recipes from a Modern Mensch


  • Jew-ish is a modern take on Jewish culinary traditions, blending Ashkenazi and Persian-Iraqi influences for a new generation.
  • The cookbook features a variety of elevated classics and innovative creations, such as Roasted Tomato Brisket and Cacio e Pepe Rugelach.
  • Jew-ish is not just a collection of recipes; it's a celebration of history, cultural blending, and the joy of sharing meals with loved ones.

46. Tasting History by Max Miller


  • Tasting History with Max Miller started as a passion project during COVID-19 and has become a viral YouTube sensation.
  • The Tasting History channel features Miller recreating dishes from the past using historical recipes, updated for modern kitchens while sharing stories behind the cuisine and culture.
  • Tasting History compiles over sixty historical dishes with original recipes and Miller's modern recreations, making it a must-have cookbook for avid cooks and history enthusiasts.

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Conclusion: Best-Selling Cookbooks of All Time

The above is the top recipe book list, which provides inspiration and tips for various dishes and meals, and provides more choices and fun for people's cooking life.

The highest meaning of life is not only the absence of pain in health but also a kind of joy in life, a kind of real gratitude. Gratitude for being in good health and being able to experience the many, many pleasures in the world.

For me, this is not only a belief, but also a personal experience, and it is also a reward for my vegetarianism. This is also a way to enjoy healthy compound interest.

  • Collection and Update, to be continued.
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