10 Best Holidays Romance Books in 2024

10 Best Holidays Romance Books in 2024. such as Always, in December, Meet Me in London, Eight Perfect Hours, The Party Crasher, The Holiday Swap...
In today's article, I'm going to be talking about a couple of the Best Holidays Romance Books in 2024 that I've already managed to finish. 

I know you guys are probably thinking Halloween hasn't even passed yet, American Thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet.

and I guess the reason why it's because there are a lot of holiday reads that are upcoming and that have already started coming out onto shelves and I'm just picking them up. 


Best Holiday Romance Books Review in 2024

I'm so excited to read about the 10 Best Holiday romance books that take place in the wintertime and take place at Christmas because Christmas is usually a really happy season obviously. 

and I've actually started to also listen to Christmas holiday music because you know when you're down in the dumps at work you just want to be a little bit jolly 

so I've been listening to Mariah Carey and I've also been listening to Kelly Clarkson and now I also have a whole stack of best holiday romance books that I already finish reading.

1. Always, in December: A Novel 


This one is called 'Always, in December: A Novel by Emily Stone, and it basically follows our heroine who had a very tragic life so far her parents have actually passed away and it's around Christmas time so she obviously has ill feelings towards Christmas. 

she doesn't want to celebrate Christmas at all because it just brings up bad memories since her parents died at that time and then our hero and she actually meets in this weird situation and they have an instant connection with each other and they really like each other, they spend a lot of time with each other and they actually manage to even have a little hookup situation. 

now keep in mind that this book is a little bit faded to black so don't expect too much of a steamy Christmas romance novel for your holiday read moving along they have a wonderful time with each other until he abruptly leaves and she is left heartbroken 

and she's left wondering what she did wrong like why did she do something that made him feel like she was too clingy did she do something that was just upsetting to him and he didn't feel that he needed to continue the relationship. 

it was just like a lot of questioning and wondering but then throughout the whole book we kind of just watched her develop and grow throughout the years because this book does take place in a span of like a couple of months in a whole year 

and then during the times when she is doing things and she's living her life and things like that she actually ends up meeting him in weird circumstances in places where she thought that she would never be able to see him again. 

it just brings up a lot of emotion every time she does see him because she always wonders what if he stayed would they have been something more than throughout the whole book it's kind of like her journey into adulthood as well 

even though she's already an adult it's kind of like her journey like living with that grief of our parents passing away living with a broken heart and having new relationships and friendships and things like that. 

and then towards the end of the book, we finally realized why our hero was kind of always wishy-washy and disappearing all the time and maybe he had some secrets of his own that he didn't want to bring up to our heroine.

This book I would really recommend you to check this one out if you guys like Josie Silver's book 'One Day in December' it reminds me of those warm cozy reads that you would just read in the wintertime and like something that you can know sit by the fireplace drinking a hot cup of coffee or a hot cup of tea and just really enjoy the story of just watching Arthur rowan kind of grow to become a stronger person through the hardships in her life and to face adversity. 

So I really enjoyed this book it definitely was slow a bit of the time and it wasn't as steamy a Christmas romance novel as I expected and I wouldn't necessarily say that it is a romance novel 

I would say it leans towards a woman's fiction novel because it focuses a lot on her developing herself and the romance kind of takes a step back toward the end of the book. 

If you guys don't like women's fiction or if you expected something a little bit more keep this in mind when you're reading the books so that you know what you're walking into so there were some times that it was a little bit slow 

and I was wondering why we're spending so much time developing our main heroine's character in these weird scenes but I still enjoyed it and I would still recommend you to check it out this holiday season. 

2. Meet Me in London: A Novel


so this one's called 'Meet Me in London: A Novel by Georgia Toffelo and this one follows our heroine who is actually a fashion designer and she likes to you know design nice pieces nice dresses and like she's looking for her next big break so that she can break out into that scene, she goes to 

I think like a bar and then this random guy walks up to her and asks her to marry him and she's like taken aback by it because like why, why is this like a random stranger in a bar like asking you know proposing to her. 

so she freaks out a bit and laughs it off but she doesn't expect to really build a connection with this stranger in the bar and that stranger just so happens to be our hero who is the heir of this really big department store chain in, 

I think London and he has been you know groomed to be taking on the business after their parents kind of stepped down from their positions because it was like their parent's job and their parent's business and their parents have been really pestering him to go find a wife and to find a girlfriend 

because his father, unfortunately, has an illness and his health is quickly deteriorating the last wish that he wants is to have his son be happy and to find someone that can take care of him. 

so he's always looking out for his son they have a very strong relationship and so to please his father he actually ends up trying to convince our hero and pretend that she is his fiancee and they go to dinners with each other you know like family sittings and she has conversations with the parents 

and they're getting along really well but of course with the fake dating trope what happens is that the characters end up having real feelings for each other even though the relationship is fake and our heroine is very nervous because she has a secret. 

And I want to tell you guys a secret because I feel like it's really important but basically, our heroine actually got into an accident a couple years ago that left her with an inability to produce to reproduce so she has infertility issues and she can't ever have children 

and throughout this whole book, she kind of comes to peace with finding love and telling the person that she can't have children and living up with the understanding that they might be disappointed in her that she can't do something in the relationship when she meets him she doesn't want to tell him because they're fake dating anyways it doesn't really come up 

but then the more that she falls for him the more she realizes that she needs to tell him because she feels like she's kind of lying in a way by just not saying it and especially since his parents really care about grandchildren and things like that. I felt that our heroine was kind of delayed, in telling the truth to our hero but other than that it was still a solid story.

3. Eight Perfect Hours: A Novel


so this one's called 'Eight Perfect Hours: A Novel by Lia Louis and this one involves a story of two people kind of like driving down a road and then the snowstorm hits where they kind of can't drive anymore and they're kind of stranded in this small town and she is like you know like what do I do like my car is not that new you know the heater's gonna die 

and she sees like the car next to her or like across the street from her it's like this really nice car and that's our hero so our hero comes over and wants to be you know the hero in the situation and offers her to join him in his new car so that she can at least stay warm and they spend like 'eight perfect hours' with each other where they talk they get to know each other 

and they have a great time but obviously and unfortunately the situation ends where they are free to move along and go to the places that they need to be and they lose connection until they see each other again and then that's when they start their you know budding friendship and their relationship. 

I thought that our hero and our heroine liked each other too quickly I thought that with the eighth hour like the scene, it would take longer than a scene but it was literally just a scene I thought it would be like you know a couple chapters at least you know maybe like half a book where our hero and our heroine are like actually having conversations 

but I swear to you those eight hours were just like maybe a couple paragraphs in a chapter so I felt very undercooked and underdeveloped with the relationship I couldn't really trust that they actually had a connection with each other especially since the writing felt like it was more showing than telling so I didn't really like that I didn't care if they ended up together or not.

4. The Party Crasher: A Novel


The next book I want to talk about is the newest and latest from Sophie Kinsella this one's called 'The Party Crasher: A Novel' and this one involves our heroine who is an older adult like she's in her late 20s and she's supposed to get her life together but what happens is that she's laid off from her job 

so she goes into these like other jobs to you know keep afloat meanwhile she has like an older sister and also like an older brother and they have a great relationship with each other except for the fact that their father is dating someone who is a lot younger and they don't trust her our heroine obviously really has a special relationship with her mother for obvious reasons. 

And so she's always on her mother's side of this divorce that's happening between the parents and she never really accepted the divorce mostly because she always thought that her parents were perfect for each other they had the best time with each other and she never understood it 

but she tries to accept the fact that her father is moving on with a girlfriend and when the father announces that he's going to be selling their childhood home she's left completely devastated by the fact because she really loved her home she really liked the memories 

and she has a special connection with that home she really hates the new girlfriend/stepmother mostly because they have like really different opinions and she doesn't trust her at all.  

So the relationship is tough and when she's left kind of uninvited to the last family party at that house that she grew up in she decides that she's not gonna go to the party even though the family is telling her to show up It's okay she wants to stand her ground 

and she wants to save face and just doesn't want to go but then she remembers that in that house she left these toys in her childhood bedroom and she really wants to grab them before the house is sold mostly because she had really great memories with those toys it represented her childhood and she just wants it 

but obviously, she can't go to the party now after she made such a big scene about not going to the party so she decides to actually sneak into the house during the party. 

and then she can go grab the toys and then it's really funny because like she's like hiding behind couches hiding behind trees sneaking around her house while guesses are just kind of roaming about and then there she also sees her like college ex-boyfriend who she really liked and she like had a really great relationship with 

but it ended suddenly when they both realized that their careers were just not aligning properly she always still had some lingering feelings for him because she always thought about him a lot and she was not sure if he still felt the same way but he ended up actually helping her trying to look for these toys and trying to cover her. 

when she's like sneaking around the house and people are getting too close to her and almost on the brink of finding her and revealing to her that she's actually in the house.

Anyway I really enjoyed this one I thought I wouldn't like it mostly because I've read a couple of new Sophie Kinsella novels in the past years and I felt like her writing just got a little bit stale it wasn't as interesting anymore it wasn't as cute 

but then when I read 'The Party Crasher' I was like really pleasantly surprised because I felt like I was reading a Sophie Kinsella novel it was like Chiclet it was romantic, it was funny, it was just like a light-hearted read that is perfect for a time when you don't feel like you need like something hard-hitting this is like brain candy.

5. The Holiday Swap


'The Holiday Swap' by Maggie Knox now one involves two characters or two heroines who are actually twin sisters one of them is like a cooking show host and the other one runs the family bakery at home 

and so one's super famous and one's just happy being at home and running her shop building the family business and greeting the customers that have been customers of the business for many years. 

But what happens is that our heroine on the tv show gets into an accident and she loses the ability to smell and taste so she obviously can't be like a judge of competition or like you know fulfill her job so she decides to do a twin swap situation so she switches places with her sister back home 

and then she would carry out the family business you know big foods and Greek customers and things like that meanwhile our baker sister goes to become a TV show star and they both have their own romantic relationships here at the bakery now find someone from a small local town. 

meanwhile, our heroine who is replacing her sister on a TV show meets someone on set and they kind of have this nice relationship but of course, with twin swap situations they both end up accidentally but purposely also ruining their lives for each other 

so the bakery sister might have exposed the family secret to the competitor and then our you know sister that's on the TV show might have just ended the career for her sister on that TV show so it got really messy and it was very complicated. 

I felt like the sisters really did a doozy for each other and really just ruined each other's careers and lives and there weren't really enough apologies or just enough conversation or enough fixing to really make me feel like the ending was a happy ending.

6. The Holiday Switch 


So the next book that I want to read is Why a middle-grade novel called 'The Holiday Switch' by Tiff Marcelo is a Filipino-American author that I've read before that I really enjoyed this one follows the enemies to lovers trope and involves our heroine who is on her last winter break of high school and she wants to have like the best holiday break ever. 

And then she gets a job on a film set which is making her dreams come true until she meets her boss's like a son who is basically really annoying and someone that she doesn't like at all and they bud heads and then a giant snowstorm happens they switch their phones 

and now they're forced to like live with each other under the same roof or something like that and it's pretty short so I think I'm going to get through it very easily. 

7. Mistletoe Christmas: An Anthology 


so the next book that I do want to read is this one called 'Mistletoe Christmas: An Anthology' and it's actually an anthology by Eliza James Christy Caldwell Janna McGregor and Erica Riley now all these authors I haven't really read of before I read Eloise James before 

I also read Erica Ridley but the rest of the two authors are new to me this was actually sent to me from the publisher Avon Books and it's just short stories set in historic romance regency time about like dukes and falling in love like what is not to like about that you know I like my historical romances 

so I'm excited to pick up a few stories from this book read it and feel holly jolly okay. 

8. A Season for Second Chances


So the next book that I have right here is this one called 'A Season for Second Chances' and I didn't know anything about this book it was on sale at my bookstore because it was the holiday season they wanted to sell the holiday novels for cheap and I bought it this one was only like 13 discounted from 22 book listing price so I said to add to cart.

So I didn't really realize that this one is a romance novel but it features a more mature heroine our heroine has actually is older her kids have grown up and she had a 26-year-old marriage that has fallen apart and now she has moved into like this small town to like to have residency in and she thinks that she's gonna live like a very peaceful quaint rest of her year's life 

but then the next-door neighbor's nephew is a very grumpy character who is always bickering back and forth with her and they have like a love-hate enemy to lovers romance the main hero wants to kind of sell off the property and also likes to reconstruct things. 

meanwhile, our heroine wants to keep everything as is and keep it quaint so they kind of go head to head with each other in terms of plans for the property or something like that I'm excited to read it Jenny Bayless also wrote the book called the '12 dates of Christmas which was novel but I haven't read last year but I thought I did but I'm definitely going to read the '12 dates of Christmas as well okay.

9. The Twelve Dates of Christmas


so speaking of 'The Twelve Dates of Christmas' I do have the physical book it's just buried under the towers next to me right now so I can't grab it but the '12 Dates of Christmas' came out last year and it is about an older female as well she's 34 years old she has no luck in the love department and in the relationship department. 

So she decides to go on '12 dates' before Christmas and she thinks that this is a great idea because she has bound to find love with these 12 guys but then what happens is that like there is one disastrous date after the other and she's starting to lose hope in finding a relationship before Christmas 

but obviously, she finds someone that she least expects and she falls in love with them so I don't know that sounds pretty fun too as well okay. 

10. Duke, Actually: A Novel


the last book is called 'Duke, Actually: A Novel' by Jenny Holliday and now Jenny Holliday is one of my favorite Canadian authors I really like her books I read her first novel which is called A Princess for Christmas a couple weeks ago 

and I enjoyed that one too as well I love royal Christmas romances so basically Duke actually is about our hero who has actually betrothed the heroine in a princess for Christmas in the first book and now he must marry someone very quickly but he doesn't want a relationship and he doesn't want to marry anybody but he's also intrigued by our heroine who he briefly met at like the party. 

In the first book, our heroine has recently gone out of a relationship she suffered a lot and she doesn't want to do anything for men anymore she just wants to live her life so all she wants is to escape from the depression that came with that ending of the relationship and they become friends to lovers 

and then obviously because once again our hero is a duke he can't marry like a commoner because the family just frowns upon it but then he also doesn't want to give up her because he realizes that he loves her and now it's kind of like that fight for him to follow his heart and to marry someone that he actually really loves.

Conclusion of Best Holidays Romance Books in 2024

Anyway, that is just a quick wrap-up of all the best holiday romance books that I have read so far hopefully you guys have some books to add to your reading list and maybe some books to take off from your collection, I don't know but I'll see you guys again next time bye.

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