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Classic Romantic Love Quotes

Classic Romantic Love Quotes in 2022

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Classic Romantic Love Quotes (Selected 330 Sentences)

In day-to-day study, work or life, everyone must have come into contact with some famous quotations. 

Quotations are a style that does not emphasize the connection between paragraphs and contents. So what kind of quotation is a heart-wrenching quotation? 

The following are the classic romantic love quotes compiled by the editor. You are welcome to learn from and refer to and hope to be helpful to you.

Classic Romantic Love Quotes: 1

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  1. Love doesn't last long, this flower withers and blooms, this flower will wither instead of being picked, and the dream of looking for the flower will turn into mourning, when the flower withers, the fruit will come, and the fruit will be buried in search of the fruit. After looking for the flowers to fall down, turn back to the first flowers on the branches.

  2. Listen, every heartbeat is telling you that I love you.

  3. The one who truly loves you is alone in sorrow.

  4. Love, money, and affection make me dizzy.

  5. All love will have torment, hurt often happens inadvertently, and escape will never solve the estrangement. A few more intimate friends, the most real. isn't it?

  6. How can an oath can be compared to silent companionship in life; how can the old days be compared to holding hands all the time? Loving you is not a beautiful language, but the fullness of life. I will use actions to express the oath in my heart!

  7. The moment I touched her lips, I suddenly realized what the concept of eternity, heart, and soul are. --"5 centimeters per second"

  8. I hope there is someone who can see through my bravery and protect my fragility.

  9. It is my tenderness, my tolerance, my cherishing, my persistence, and the most ridiculous persistence in my life.

  10. You ask me if I miss you, I ask myself, when do I miss you?

  11. The reason why I feel lonely is not that no one cares about me, but that the one I care about doesn't care about me.

  12. Love is always more beautiful than reality. It's the same when we meet and say goodbye. We all think that love is very deep, very deep, and in the years to come, you will know that it is only very shallow, very shallow. The deepest and heaviest love must grow with time.

  13. There is a person who may not be around, but feels so warm just thinking about it.

  14. I suddenly found that I am no longer a child, and there are many things to face.

  15. Suddenly I found myself so incompetent that I couldn't even give the most ordinary happiness.

  16. My brother doesn't know how to write poetry, but there is a woman who writes poetry for my brother. Do you think my brother is very happy?

  17. In fact, I really love you, we will go hand in hand happily.

  18. Alone, I don't ask for anything, you will accompany me if you want.

  19. Always miss those who used to laugh and suffer together.

  20. Add all the pain to me and let go of your dreams.

  21. Who can see through the imaginary loneliness, the dazzling outline, the subtle changes of emotions, and even the expression is silent?

  22. Happiness is not demanding when you should let go, and learning to ask for nothing when you should cherish it. Happiness is to tolerate, but never forget yourself, know how to love yourself is vast.

  23. I care a lot, but pretend to be cold and happy.

  24. Probably not suitable is that you like the breeze and drunkenness, but I only love the freedom of the strong wind.

  25. Yun's heart is full of summer rain, and has accumulated affection for too long. At that moment, the infinite emotions accumulated in the heart will be vented to the fullest, and they will fall into the earth and wet the season. Rain, in the misty rain curtain, is drunk on the sky, drunk on the ground, drunk on me, and also drunk on you.

  26. Loving others makes us happy, but it makes us lonely in ourselves.

  27. There are no wandering clouds and no happy love.

  28. I'm afraid too much, it's all because of you.

  29. For a lifetime, until death.

  30. "Love" is to find that special person, that person who can always be counted on, to share happiness and pain, to be a partner, a lover, and a friend.

  31. In this life, you are the high mountains, I am the flowing water, the long wind is the song, the quiet voice is clear, the water is flowing, and Lingxiu is full of love. You are free and easy, gentle on my brows, where the heartbeat passes, whose call softens whose dream?

  32. You are the love of my life and the stranger I am most familiar with in my life. I will feel heartache for you, I will cry for you, I will be stubborn for your stubbornness, accommodate what you do, and also for you. The happiness of devoting all my life.

  33. Missing is like the leaves in the autumn wind, wandering alone, with a trace of melancholy, sinking in loneliness. Perhaps only by grasping the momentary monologue can one experience the bitterness. I was devastated and left the bustling city. I was alone in emptiness, enjoying myself, and being self-sufficient. I lived a monotonous but regular, deserted, and peaceful life.

  34. Love is undoubtedly the most precious experience in the world. When people are in love, they are in a state of slight intoxication. They will feel that the sky is bluer than usual, life is better than usual, and even the emptiness and meaninglessness of the universe, which is difficult to face, does not seem so hopeless.

  35. We all have a past that we want to go back to but can't go back to.

  36. In fact, I think, this is really good, okay, thank you for acting for me, I am a self-righteous person, you just watch me pretend to be arrogant, and then, acting, so, I really What's worse, a group of people is watching me pretend to be arrogant, yes, I'm a self-righteous person.

  37. She really understood that her love was wrong. She always thought that perfect love was just a cluster of fireworks in the lonely sky. Perhaps, after the end of this love, her sky will suddenly become clear. Perhaps, this has always been her love alone, that man does not understand love, and is not qualified to say, love.

  38. The winter of that year was particularly cold. The whole city was shrouded in damp rain and a gray sky, and the sun was not seen for a long time. It made people feel inexplicably depressed. Often walking on the street, there was an urge to cry. But winter will always pass and spring will always come.

  39. Men always want to be a woman's first lover, vanity, we women have a more subtle instinct for love: we want to be the last romantic of a man.

  40. Everyone has a pair of wings; some grow on the feet, some grow on the hands, some grow on the head, and some grow on the heart. Where the wings grow, there is your talent.

  41. Don't lose the things you like. Once lost, even if you find another one that is exactly the same or better, you will miss the one you lost before. Once people have thoughts in their hearts, they will never be happy for the rest of their lives.

  42. "Imaginary City", which is full of books, I only remember the sentence: Brother, please be free...——Guo Jingming's "Illusory City"

  43. The world outside is very exciting, I am calm and willing to live in the besieged city; the world inside is very helpless, I am content and relaxed. Just because I have you by my side, it is not boring at any time; just because I am with you by my side, I leave behind hardships and hardships; just because I am with you by my side, I am happy in the midst of suffering. 1314, I would like to be with you forever and love you forever!

  44. Tears are laughing, what reason do I have to cry?

  45. The process of shaping yourself may be painful, but you can finally harvest a better yourself.

  46. ​​Is it possible to be indifferent and pass a long time in the future?

  47. My feelings are like a glass of wine. The first person touches and spills it, and half of it is left. I lifted the cup, filled it up, and left it to the second person. He touched it again, but I still helped it up, filled it up, and left it to the third person. The feelings are getting weaker and weaker, but for each of them, what they get is my complete, all, glass of wine.

  48. The palm lines of a period of time; hiding in a certain place, missing a person who stood in the way and also stood on the way, let me care about.

  49. The more women care about their feelings, the more they rely on the bone marrow

  50. You can feel that the person you like is gradually estranged from you, so you try to hold on to catching something, but it seems that you can't catch anything. This feeling of powerlessness is too uncomfortable, how can I live like this?

  51. I don't know when to start revising the remarks. From then on, things are not too simple, or you can't see it all the time, but I have no reason to tell you this.

  52. You said, after reconciliation, I have changed, from the heart to the outside. I have grown a lot and become better. You are afraid that I am too good for you. Do you know what price I paid for my growth?

  53. You pulled me into your world for no reason, blame me for not being able to resist your temptation and feel sad when I was abandoned.

  54. I met you three years ago, and I never regret it. After three years, I can only say that we have no fate. I hope you are well and find someone with a temperament that matches you. Thank you for your appearance these years, yes two. Love does not necessarily come to the end, but also equal pay Caixin.

  55. I want to say, I am so painful, I really want to take care of you all my life, I am not reconciled, I am so painful, how can you let me be alone for the rest of my life?

  56. The girl you marry in the future must not have such a bad temper as me. She can accompany you to live the ordinary life you like, eat supper together to gain weight on an off-get-off work night or cook a bowl of steaming noodles for you. She can accept that you love her a little less than she loves you forever. So, I am not her.

  57. In order to have great happiness in life in the future, I will bear all the pain now.

  58. I wanted to live in my husband, but I didn't expect other girls to come first...but I...I really like it, I like that boy in white clothes very much, he is my whole past......

  59. I can't imagine how others are holding you, but as long as you smile happily, I will also sincerely bless you.

  60. No matter how many times I run around during the day and feel tired and complain about others, I go to sleep and think about it, but I still feel that God treats me well.

  61. When you are not suitable, it is useless to make do with it, and it is meaningless. Instead of wasting time trying to repair the cracks, why not find another one that is more suitable for you as soon as possible? There will be reluctance, but long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. We can all find something better while we're still young.

  62. The person who really has you in his heart will put your space in the most special place, and will often be dazed by your space because he really misses you. A person who truly has you in his heart will feel sad when he sees you crying because he cares about you and loves you.

  63. I feel that I am a person who is loved, loved, and cared by no one. What's the point?

  64. I wish you happiness, even if I am not part of this happiness. First love is unforgettable and beautiful. Why? It's not because he/she is beautiful or handsome, or because it's good if you don't get it, but because people are very innocent when they first fall in love, they have no selfish thoughts, they only know how to love each other with everything they have, and later on. Love is not so pure and flawless. Innocence is the most precious thing in the world, all we can ask for is it.

  65. I wish you a warm life and happy life.

  66. On that day, you were the end of the world, and I was the cape. The ends of the earth meet each other. In that lifetime, you were the bright moon, and I was the clear spring. Mingyue and Qingquan are accompanied in pairs.

  67. Falling in love with someone is a fact; if that person doesn't love you, it is a reality. There is always strong love, but it is also wishful thinking. It is better to give up as soon as possible, withdraw decisively, bury this relationship in memory and seal it. The person you love also loves you and will wait for you to date in a place in the future.

  68. If you were destined to be sad at the beginning, and seeing that you were destined to be far away, why would I be willing to disturb you? I just want to watch you in the dark, watch your elegant frown, watch your little temper, watch the fire six. In the afternoon of the moon, the fine sun shines through the mottled spots left by the sparse windows, watching your handsome profile under the golden sunset, as if the sun loves you as if the `clouds in the sky put on red makeup for you.

  69. Every love will go from passion to dullness. In the beginning, the excitement and infatuation like an electric shock gradually became peaceful and quiet, less exciting, and began to perceive the defects of the person in the heart, and also became restless to get a sense of novelty. In fact, love is just the one that stays by your side after prosperity is over. Would you rather go with me to see the long flowing water?

  70. People always see the bright side, but few people think about how many thorns and bumps there are on the road to the glorious throne.

Classic Romantic Love Quotes: 2

  1. It is happiness to be able to meet you at the best time.

  2. I want to wear the most beautiful wedding dress one day in the future to marry the one I love the most.

  3. The future is too long and too long. I just want your company

  4. How can I say it is only you who makes my heart move the most.

  5. Be kind-hearted and make warm and down-to-earth friends.

  6. Because you are the only one, take your life to cherish it.

  7. I would like to walk with you in peace, with a white head.

  8. With you, welcome every de sunshine.

  9. From now on, I will only say to you: good night.

  10. My wish is to have me in your wish.

  11. I am lucky to meet such a good person at such an age.

  12. Don't let go when you grab your hand, go on when you love the right person.

  13. We said that we should not be separated, and we should always be together.

  14. Happiness is to find a warm person to live a lifetime.

  15. Meeting you is the most beautiful in this life.

  16. You are so stupid that you can't come out of my heart.

  17. It starts with the heart and ends with the white head, and the companion is warm.

  18. Now the width of the corner of my mouth is the happiest.

  19. You have to know that you are my only one from the past to the future.

  20. Give me all your tenderness and your irritability to treasure.

  21. One day if I can't hold an umbrella for you, I will accompany you in the rain.

  22. It's my fault that I can't hide my liking. The dark circles are all confessing to you.

  23. The softest sunshine in my heart comes from your childlike appearance.

  24. I will love you for a long, long time We will go from school uniforms to wedding dresses.

  25. I have already surrendered my youth, and I would like to accompany you to old age.

  26. I love you not in my mouth but in my heart!

  27. My happiness is to live a warm life with you.

  28. I love you, and I also love the little happiness between you and me.

  29. If there is no love in the world, so good.

  30. The most important position in my heart is still reserved for you.

  31. Beauty is happiness. Happiness is a flower and a leaf.

  32. I can feel at ease when I see your hand and accompany you to the ends of the earth.

  33. I'm so lazy, but it's strange that you think so diligently and miss you.

  34. Love is a tacit understanding of heart-to-heart, and a feeling of no guessing between two little ones.

  35. Love is a foreigner with high spirits, a foreign self.

  36. Accompanying, that is, whether you need it or not, I am always there.

  37. After walking for so long, I found that the only one I can rely on is myself.

  38. The love trilogy of modern children: holding hands, kissing, and having sex.

  39. If you know each other, you will not be suspicious; if you don't doubt each other, you will know each other.

  40. In a world full of darkness, there is a love full of lies.

  41. Wife, although you can't open your mouth to say love, you are not allowed to die before me.

  42. I eloped with him, how perfect our love is.

  43. My temper drives away many people, but leaves the truest ones.

  44. If you are well, it will be sunny, if you are happy, it will be the end.

  45. Although I don't have a boyfriend, I am very happy to have my best friend to accompany you!

  46 Once love is satisfied, the charm of others will be gone.

  47 Whether it is suitable or not in love is just an illusion, in the end it depends on who is more tolerant.

  48. I will quarrel with you, but I will not leave you, whether friendship or love.

  49. Love is a game I'm tired of playing. Loneliness is something I'm used to.

  50. I deliberately tricked your pranks because I wanted to see your smile.

  51. What is happiness? Happiness is that cats eat fish, dogs eat meat, and Ultraman fights little monsters.

  52. Feelings are always a double-edged sword, which can hurt others as well as hurt yourself.

  53. We always ask men to have the eyes of a child, but to have the same ability as a father.

  54. My lover said to me: When you are old, you will die first, and I will bear the pain of my lover's passing.

  55. The happiest moment is to find the right person who indulges your habits and loves everything about you.

  56. If you hold my hand so tenderly, it is because of the memories of all the calluses in my palm, you can understand.

  57. A knowing smile, a word of comfort, a hug that doesn't need to be said is enough.

  58. In the vast sea of ​​people, alone, I am struggling to find the lighthouse to decide the direction to move forward, until I meet you!

  59. The feeling of being held by you is very happy, so I want to be happy all the time and never leave your body.

  60. When I am exhausted, please at least let me keep the power of silence, this is the last way I feel sorry for myself.

  61. Someone who thinks of me is like being embraced by the moonlight! You quietly live in my spiritual castle! We have each other to rely on!

  62. I know someone in the world is waiting for me, but I don't know who I'm waiting for, and for this, I am very happy every day.

  63. You said that if there is no meeting at that time, love in the middle, and the end at the end, you will not admit that we have grown up.

  64. If I can, I am willing to drink all the memories about you and me, and let it ferment repeatedly in my stomach.

  65. It really takes a long, long time before we can understand what kind of person and what kind of thing we really miss.

  66. It's snowing outside the window, make a cup of coffee, and hold it until it's cold, only to know that I think of you again. I'm looking forward to how you can understand!

  67. When the text message comes, you ask me what I am doing "in a daze" and I can't send out the words like "waiting for your text message".

  68. He always calls me Nier. Sometimes when I make a mistake, he calls me his daughter-in-law, before going to bed, my wife, good morning, my wife, and when I am happy, my baby.

  69. If living is the greatest life that God has given me, then living without you will be the greatest gift in the mission that God has given me...

  70. If the two feelings are long-term, how can they be in the morning and evening. Dear baby, I can't always be with you, but my heart and yours will always be together.

  71. Knowing that you will lose your freedom, knowing that this is a lifetime contract, in order to get the other party, in order to make the other party happy, you are willing to make a promise.

  72. Whether it is in the unknown end of the world or the corner of the sea, I hope that on the day when I will become too old, it will be you who will accompany me to watch the sunset and watch Yunshu Yunjuan.

  73. Loving you is a warm sorrow, a romantic feeling, a soft gesture, and a love that I want to say but have to say!

  74. The two luckiest things in my life: one is that time has finally exhausted my love for you; the other is that one day, a long, long time ago, I met you.

  75. At first you use a bunch of adjectives to standardize the ideal lover. After you truly fall in love with someone, his name will replace those terms and become a noun.

  76. Love you, but have no desires, it’s so hard! Love you, but you have to be sneaky, so tired! Love you, but let your heart break, so miserable! But you are willing, so stupid!

  77. We may not be inseparable, but we must cherish each other; we may not be the icing on the cake, but we must give help in the snow; we may not always contact each other, but we must always be concerned!

  78. I always knew that I loved you, but I didn't say it because I couldn't miss you. Now I say it because I care about you so much. do you know?

  79. I really want to hug you tightly, so that you can feel my heart beating faster because of my love for you; I really want to hug you tightly, so that you can feel my rapid breathing because of my love for you.

  80. I cry not because I am sad, but because I cry with joy. I can't live like a normal person, I don't know how my life will change if you leave me.

Classic Romantic Love Quotes: 3

  1. Happiness is not given by others. If you like your own life, you will be happy.

  2. If you really love someone, you should try your best to make him happy. If he is happy, you will be happy.

  3. It is absurd to meet the wrong person at the wrong time. It is a pity to meet the right person at the wrong time. It is a pain to meet the wrong person at the right time. It is a kind of happiness to meet the right person at the right time. 

  4. Love, like fire, cannot continue without constant movement, and once it stops expecting and fearing, its life ceases.

  5. When we begin, we know that there will always be an end.

  6. Most of the first love people don't understand love, so the first love fails a lot. less successful. When you get married, you should find an unmarried one, because everyone likes the original. And in love, it's better to find someone who has been in love. Because only those who have experienced love know what love is and how to love.

  7. The elements of winning women's favor are probably: firm will, courage to make decisions, and the qualities of kindness and integrity. On the contrary, intellectual excellence does not produce any direct or instinctive power for women...

  8. I forgot some, why I forgot, and I am afraid that I will forget what I don’t want to forget, the most dazzling, deeply loved memory, and I don’t want the other person to forget first than me.

  9. Nature is infallible and infallible. This kind of nature is called love at first sight. And the first sight of love is equal to clairvoyance.

  10. I admit that there is nothing in the world more painful than the punishment of love, and there is nothing more joyful than serving it.

  11. When you still want to continue, never say goodbye; when you can bear it, never say let go; when you can't bear a person, never say you don't love him anymore.

  12. Love should be pledged to each other. Only single-minded, loyal and unswerving love is true love.

  13. We may be able to love two people at the same time, or three people, such as a wife, a lover, and a confidante, and be loved by three people at the same time. Sadly, we can only stay with one of them until we grow old.

  14. If you want to know whether a person loves you or not, it depends on whether he is alive with you, and whether he is happy or not. There is love, and no love.

  15. Love is always the most perfect when it has to worry about gains and losses. If you don't start it, it will never die, but who can't stop it from starting?

  16. Love is like a rash, the older you get, the more serious it gets.

  17. No matter how long or short you have been in love, if you can always treat each other tenderly, then all moments will be a flawless beauty.

  18.Marriage is a keyboard, there are too many orders and rules; love is a mouse, and it is all right. Men are more important than the host, and memory is the most important; women are like monitors, everything can be seen.

  19. If a person is always secretive in front of the person he loves most, so that he (she) does not know that he is interested in her (him), then she (he) may have no chance to win his (her) favor; then , it is useless to keep everyone in the world in the dark.

  20. Many times, we say let go, but we don't really let it go, we just pretend to be happy, and then touch the scars alone in a quiet corner.

  21. A lonely person always remembers everyone who has appeared in his life, so I always think of you counting my loneliness over and over again every night when the stars fall.

  22. There are two kinds of perseverance in love: one is because we are constantly discovering new and lovely characteristics in our lovers; the other is because we want a reputation for perseverance.

  23. No woman can win the respect of a man by her beauty alone, but no woman can win the admiration of a man with a straight face, and no woman can compete with the years without modification. Smart women always know how to cultivate both inside and outside. There is no natural beauty, only natural beauty. Beauty isn't all about pleasing others, it's actually about respecting yourself. Because you are more important than you think.

  24. The most poignant distance in the world is that two people were originally far apart and did not know each other. Suddenly one day, we met, fell in love, and became very close. Then one day, we stopped loving each other, and the two people who were close together became far apart, even farther than before. But God bless us to love each other again, and you left me.

  25. Pursuit and desire bring joy, but also frustration and disappointment. After frustration and disappointment, we learn to cherish. If you were not loved in the past, you will cherish the person who will love you in the future.

  26. Don't fall in love for loneliness, time is a devil, and time goes on. If you are a passionate person, even if you don't love each other, you will have feelings at that time. What will you do in the end?

  27. Confessed love has its own premonition, knowing that love can be born. What a big deal for a girl who lives alone in a secluded place to sneak into a young man's house! In love, some thoughts and some actions are not equal to a sacred marriage contract to some hearts?

  28. If betrayal is a kind of courage, then understanding betrayal requires a greater courage. The former only needs to be brave enough, or it may be just impulsive, while the latter tests the degree of tolerance.

  29. Courage is like love. It needs expectation to nourish.

  30. A person can fall in love with a lot of people in his life. When you get the happiness that truly belongs to you, you will understand that all the pain is actually a kind of wealth. It allows you to learn to better grasp and cherish the one you love. people.

  31. There is no problem with naive people and naive people together. There is no problem with mature people and mature people together. There are more problems with mature people and naive people.

  32. Maybe we have loved in the past, but our love took the wrong car and passed by at that moment.

  33. If a husband or wife always wants to be the only one for each other, then looking at each other from left to right is a bit like a thief.

  34. What is charm? Charm is not beautiful, beautiful women don't have to attract me, I like dignified and elegant women. So you don't have to worry about not being pretty enough.

  35. Eyes are the precursor to the first announcement of tender love stories.

  36. Because love is often unpredictable, it often disappears without our will. If we have loved deeply, then love will never be forgotten by us.

  37. After making a decision, people always doubt whether another decision will be better, but who knows?

  38. When someone wants to fall in love with you, you are ready to be shot like a bullet, and there will be no pain in the future.

  39. Mo Dao does not lose his soul, the curtain rolls in the west wind, and people are thinner than yellow flowers.

  40. Love is really short-lived. Like fireworks, it is the most beautiful and true metaphor. It is just the moment when it whistles into the sky, and then it becomes a habit, and finally becomes a family relationship. The feeling of pain after a breakup is because you can't change a habit, you can't. Reject the most primitive affection.

  41. If one day my gray hair is no longer beautiful, will you still caress my cheek and say to accompany me to the ends of the sea? If the naive is really old and the sea is really dry, I only wish to be with you for thousands of reincarnations.

  42. A good woman is a man's school. A good woman expects this good student to never graduate.

  43. When a girl falls in love with a man, she will never see his shortcomings.

  44. If it is not for fear of being disgusted by others, women will never insist on complete seriousness.

  45. It turns out that people will slowly adapt to a certain life.

    46. ​​After breaking up, you can't be friends because you have hurt each other; you can't be enemies because you have loved each other; you can't be lovers because you have deceived each other.

  47. Love is an inequality. No one can predict which side of the emotional scale will be heavier and which side will be lighter. But love is like this. If you don't have the courage to try, you are destined to have only a lonely soul with you.

  48. Some people say: heaven is in heaven, hell is in hell; some people say: heaven and hell are in the world; I say, heaven and hell are in our hearts. A good heart is heaven, an evil heart is hell, heaven and hell are all created by the actions of the heart. Our hearts go back and forth from heaven to hell every day. Good and evil are actually just a single thought. When evil thoughts arise, we just need to turn around slightly and we may be able to grasp the shadow of goodness.

  49. Getting married is the stupidest thing, but one day, I have to do that stupid thing.

  50. It is a mistake to get married hastily. Don't get divorced hastily again. Try first. If it really does not work, then divorce.

  51. Men's biggest secrets are often told to confidantes, not same-sex family members or wives. When a confidante becomes a wife, this part of her power is immediately taken away. This is called gain and loss.

  52. Once love is satisfied, the charm of others will be gone.

  53. The three most romantic words are not "I love you", but "Together".

  54. True happiness comes from devoting ourselves to the pursuit of our goals.

  55. In this city, I believe that there must be such a person, thinking the same thing, with a similar frequency, at the lonely exit of a certain station, arranged to meet me.

  56. If love threatens others with power, it will lose its charm.

  57. Every woman yearns for love in her heart and longs for the joy of being loved. The expectation of protection increases empathy, which is a characteristic of women. Coupled with sentimentality and can't help, it often makes it difficult for women to reject each other. This makes them think that they are in love.

  58. There are many ways to destroy love, but the uprooted storms are borrowing money.

  59. Many stories often start with beauty and joy and end with sadness. Yes, every hasty scratch in life will become an unforgettable memory.

  60. Sometimes girls' psychology is very subtle. You have been infatuated with her for several years, and she will not love you, but once you fall in love with someone else, she can't bear it anymore and finds that she likes you.

  61. The position of the sun is in the sky, and the position of the pine tree is in the mountains. Love is a position, and the position that suits you will make you feel strong and sweet.

  62. A moment of true love cannot be said to be false. Love is eternal, and it cannot be said that it is only for that moment.

  63. The longer true love lasts, the less rusted it becomes.

  64. You can have love and sex without getting married, just like you can have the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter without bearing fruit. However, if you don't get married, you can't get a welfare room.

  65. You can kiss your mother at any time; but if you want to kiss someone else, you must get consent. This is the difference between love and being in love.

  66. There is a kind of love that travels through thousands of years and is inconvenient. It turns into the warmth of a spring breeze. It falls on your mobile phone and becomes a small text to tell you: my dear, I miss you very much!

  67. In terms of love, women may be strong or cowardly. She either loves others or understands the love of others. Once she falls in love, she will be willing to obey even if someone orders her to dive into the fire.

  68. Whether a man can give you a sense of security does not depend on his height at all, but on his heart. I've seen a lot of tall and useless men. I have also seen short and high-spirited men. A man must be arrogant and arrogant in order to be like a man. Of course, the premise is to have talent.

  69. The noblest, most intense, and most personal of pains is the pain of love.

  70. There are no traces of wings in the sky, but the birds have already flown; the heart has not been cut by a knife, but the pain is so clear. The softest places in the chest, the wounds hurt by the lover, are far sharper than the injuries suffered by those limbs, and only time can heal.

  71. A woman will ignore herself in happy love. When she senses danger, she will start to care about herself, dress and dress, start to clean up the room, and go in and out of social places. This posture is like fighting a war.

  72. I really like you. I closed my eyes and thought I could forget it, but the tears I shed did not deceive me.

  73. The people I loved were so cute, but now, I can't love them anymore. Because I can't miss God's next reward any more.

  74. Happiness is not immortality, big fish and big meat, or power. Happiness is each tiny wish come true. You have to eat when you want to eat, and someone loves you when you want to be loved.

  75. Even if you can't be kind, it's still kindness, but the illusion is thin. No matter how violent it is, it's still just fireworks, leaving behind cold dust.

  76. Meet, either hate late or hate early.

  77. After breaking up, we can't be friends, because we have hurt each other, we can't be enemies, because we have loved each other deeply, so we have become the most familiar strangers...

  78. One flower, one world, one person, and one mind. Everyone has a little world, and in my little world, it's all about you; and I know there's me in your little world, but I really feel you're driving me out, thinking Go get another person.

  79. The belt gradually widens and never regrets it, making people haggard for Yixiao.

  80. Love makes people forget time, and time makes people forget love!

  81. Falling in love is like drinking a glass of water. At first, it is to quench thirst. After drinking it, it seeps into your blood and into your bones, and it is indispensable without knowing it.

  82. Why should you forget someone so painfully, time will naturally make you forget. If time can't make you forget the people you shouldn't remember, what's the point of our lost years?

  83. Some people will never be together in this lifetime, but there is a feeling that they can keep in their hearts for a lifetime.

  84. Love, it turns out to be drinking poison with a smile.

  85. The bamboo shadow sweeps the dust and does not move, and the moon wheel passes through the marsh water without a trace.

  86. I love you, but I can't say it. I miss you, but my heart hurts. I miss you, but I can only send words to the wind. I dream of you, but I can't find your shadow. I wait for you, but I dare not face your eyes.

  87. There is only one human heart anyway. If it is destined to be broken once, I would rather choose to break it for you.

  88. In life, the constant speed is love, and the uneven speed becomes a kind of injury.

  89. Feelings are sometimes just a matter of one person. Nothing to do with anyone. To love, or not to love, can only end on its own.

  90. If it is possible, some things must be remembered with all the power that you can. Because of many things, we slowly and slowly become forgetful.

  91. When love carries more expectations, it will also disillusion faster.

  92. There is no right or wrong in love. As long as two people love each other, it doesn't matter whether it should be or not.

  93. Learn to love people, learn to understand love, learn to be a happy person - this is to learn to respect yourself, that is, to learn the virtues of human beings.

  94. There are two kinds of women who are very cute. One is a mother type, very considerate, very good at taking care of people, and very thoughtful in taking care of men. With such a woman, you will feel strongly loved. There is also a sister type. Very timid, very shy, very dependent on men, with such a woman together, will stimulate the emergence of self-man's personality. Such as hitting mice and carrying heavy objects. Will often think of a little woman to protect herself. There is also a woman who does not know how to be caring and considerate and never bows her head to a man to show weakness. Such a woman makes a man most helpless.

  95. If you wait your whole life, you can always find the person who is most suitable for you. But can you wait your whole life? If you can't, cherish the wheat ears in your hand.

  96. Love is like this. She makes us miss each other anytime and anywhere. If the miss fades away and disappears, love will end.

  97. I'm ugly, but I'm gentle - today's men and women have adapted Zhao Chuan's version together: I'm not perfect, but I'm real. In other words, I'm not beautiful, but I'm cool; I'm not rich, but I'm happy; I'm not successful, but I'm confident; I'm not affectionate, but I know how to cherish.

  98. Zhang Xiaoxian said: The prodigal son turned back, not because of you, but because of his tiredness. It's like a drowsiness hits a pillow, and a sunny day goes out. But adding the words "because of you" was enough to fill her with a sense of accomplishment.

  99. People who don't shed tears, don't they cry in another form?

  100. Habit is everything, even in love.

Classic Romantic Love Quotes: 4

  1. The pain is deep, it is numbness. The memories are long and painful.

  2. The spring breeze is ten miles away, and it is not as good as meeting you; the clear sky is ten miles away, and it is not as good as having you in my heart.

   3. As long as you are always by my side, other things are no longer important.

  4. The two have a deep love for one life, three meals, four seasons and three lives are fortunate.

  5. Either all or none, I am so extreme.

  6. It's not that happiness is too short, it's that we are too sensitive to pain.

  7. The three words I love you, I will use my whole life to explain.

  8. I think my heart has been occupied by you, please don't ignore it at will.

  9. I can't copy other people's love, please don't forget it too quickly.

  10. Don't pretend to be Bao Qingtian if you have a scar on your head!

  11. Burn my pain and let it warm my heart.

  12. Time did not wait for me. You forgot to take me away. My left hand is an unforgettable firefly, and my right hand is a long meditation for ten years.

  13. Hug yourself when you are tired, and coax yourself when you cry.

  14. I suppress myself and forget everything. I just wish you would think of me with a smile.

  15. You use a lie to verify a lie, and what you get must be a lie.

  16. Those who are lost are lost, and those who meet will meet again.

  17. Stop begging others to give, learn to give to yourself.

  18. I can't go back to the time without you, we can't go back.

  19. No matter what you choose, I will never allow her to hurt you again.

  20. When I am thinking of you, that time can only be once.

  21. The world is too dark, people are too dark, we are too fake, and love is too stupid.

  22. I moved myself the first moment I opened my eyes. The best love is to accompany me, from youth to dusk, holding hands until the white head.

  23. Sometimes, we are like fish in a fish tank. We want to say a lot, and we turn into a string of ellipses as soon as we open our mouths.

  24. The best attitude of love: love is voluntary, no regrets! Responsible for ourselves, responsible for each other, responsible for love, this is the attitude we should have in love.

  25. We were not like this. Love could have been good.

  26. What I miss is the urge to love you after the quarrel.

  27. We must hold each other's hands well, so as not to be separated.

  28. Love makes people forget time, and time makes people forget love.

  29. At that moment, it was not you who kissed me, but I kissed you, very happy.

  30. There is a kind of love called growing old together, and there is a kind of happiness called being with you. Companionship and understanding are more important than love.

  31. I am most afraid, even if I try my best. He will still be the warmth that I cannot reach in this life.

  32. When sending him into the car, be sure to watch the car go away affectionately. Your nostalgic eyes will be the beacon of his return.

  33. Although you have deep regrets, you can learn to cherish the beauty around you from now on.

  34. For men, love is just a part of life. For women, love is the whole of life.

  35. When your ex-boyfriend Zhao's woman is worse than you, you can be friends, and the woman you are looking for is better than you, and you can no longer be friends.

  36. What is happiness? That is with you; what is helplessness? It was Valentine's Day but couldn't be with you; what is love? That's the feeling between you and me!

  37. Everyone loves differently, has different habits, and different principles. Just like watching a movie, everyone has everyone's likes and dislikes, everyone has everyone's understanding, and no one can set a standard for everyone to love according to the only standard.

  38. If there is no equal love, let me love more. Love is the vine that grows in our hearts.

  39. One thousand and one wishes are too many, I only need to realize one.

  40. Few people do not face the pain of broken love. In this regard, I do not want to advise you in the conventional way. Just wanted to say that no one in this world is obligated to be 100% nice to another person. Don't think that after breaking up, he will still take care of you and be considerate of you as before.

  41. Love is never too late. To the world, you may be just one person, but to someone, you are the whole world. Where there is love, there is hope. You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, but she becomes beautiful because of your love.

  42. If you have not experienced loss, you will not know how to cherish. Some people look at you once, and you will never forget them; some people are always by your side and treat you well, but you don't notice them. Good morning is easy to meet, and more likely to be injured;

  43. Women are really forgetful animals. Some are really cruel, and some are to comfort the guilty heart. When a woman forgets about you, you usually think more about her. It can only mean that she doesn't love you, and your love hurts only yourself the most.

  44. Love is like "" in the eyes of some people. It flaunts how inscrutable and innocent oneself is, but in the final analysis, it is inevitable to go straight to the theme: treat guests to dinner.

  45. There is no need for words between two loving hearts. Precious things in this world are always rare, so there is only one you in this world. I smile genuinely because of you. The road to a loved one's home is never long. Why do good girls always like bad boys? Being with you is like walking on a crisp morning.

  46. ​​Love is like a computer. There are always N bugs waiting to be repaired. After you fix it, you find that the new bugs waiting to be repaired are greater than N.

  47. Love is like watching TV, holding the remote control in hand, waiting for a good show with anticipation, and finally falling asleep exhausted, but the next day you can't help but wait.

  48. When time passes, we forget that we once loved a person without turning back, forget his tenderness, and forget everything he did for me.

  49. People are not perfect, and happiness is not one point. Knowing that you don't have the ability to have so much at one time, nor the right to claim so much, is a kind of maturity. Otherwise, you will not only suffer yourself, but also embarrass the other party.

  50. In this world, a man's most precious possession is a woman's heart. There is one word that frees us from all the burdens and pains of life, and that is "love". A day without you is like a book without pages.

  51. When you are, you are everything; when you are not, everything is you. My love is eternal.

  52. Love is nothing like himself: she is coquettish, in childhood; she is restless, in adolescence; she is moody, in menopause; she is deaf, in old age.

  53. When a woman is mad at a man for no reason, she must be attracted to him! Because she took a fancy to him, but he didn't know it, and she couldn't say it outright, so her grievance turned into anger - tease him!

  54. Love is tolerance rather than indulgence. Love is caring rather than pampering. Love is mutual blending rather than unrequited love. Love is full of flavors but not all sweet.

  55. New Century Boys - Can go to the hall, go to the kitchen, write code, find abnormalities, kill Trojan horses, climb walls, drive a good car, buy a new house, afford a wife, remember to live with dad Mother, at the same time you have to please your mother-in-law.

  56. Be brave to love, even if you fail, it is better than never loving once.

  57. Love is like a director, and all the banners played are that art is supreme, but in fact, people are judged by their appearance.

  58. If you want to know who a person has the closest relationship with, just look at the resident information on his (her) mobile phone. So one day when you are particularly reluctant to delete someone's information, you may already like him.

  59. Everyone has a guardian star. It is said that it is the heart of a lover. Dear you, I have engraved your name on the star. That is the star I am waiting for you and loving for you.

  60. We let go of our self-esteem, our pride, and our willfulness, just because we can't let go of anyone.

  61. When you read this text message, you already owe me a hug; delete this text message, you owe me a kiss; if you reply, you owe me all; if you don't reply, you are mine.

  62. If the world is short-sighted, I would like to stand on a high place, hold your hand, and tell you how I feel; if the ears of the world are blocked, I would like to become the wind and pass the bottom of your ear. , said personally: I love you!

  63. I make a wish to God: May you be happy forever. God said no, only four days, I said spring, summer, autumn and winter; God was stunned: two days. I laugh: dark day and day; God shocked: one day! I laugh: every day of my life!

  64. When the first ray of sunshine in the morning wakes up, I am thinking of you; when the first little flower in the sun blooms, I am thinking of you; when the first breeze blows in the afternoon, I am thinking of you; When a dream comes, I am thinking of you!

  65. The most romantic thing: holding your tender hand, snuggling through the wind and frost; leaning on my generous shoulders, counting the vicissitudes of love; hiding in my solid chest, no longer at a loss for love; Love me and don't let you get hurt!

  66. Too tired to live, too tired to be busy; too expensive to eat, too expensive to wear, not too wasteful to wear; upset, looking for a party with friends, dozing off and falling asleep. Peace of mind is always the most beautiful, happiness every day is a great blessing!

  67. If there is an afterlife, let us be a pair of little mice. Clumsy in love, dull life, clumsy snuggling, silly together. Even if the mountains are covered by heavy snow, I can still hug and bite your ears tightly in the haystack...

  68. Life is a book that can only be read once. First love is a kind of love that makes people think a thousand times.

  69. Weather forecast: I miss you sometimes in the morning, and it turns violent in the afternoon. It is expected that the mood will decrease. Affected by the low pressure, the weather is expected to last until I see you.

  70. If you are by my side, I will marry you; if there is an afterlife, I want you to marry me; if you pass by me, I must not miss you.

  71. Wife: I regret listening to your sweet words and marrying you. Husband: I also regret saying those sweet words. Wife: How do we celebrate our wedding anniversary? Husband: How about a minute of silence?

  72. I fell in love with you at first sight, hugged you without a word, came to you every three days, no one kissed you everywhere, married you within five days, and never separated for sixty years!

  73. Some words are ridiculous, and promises cannot be fulfilled. Some dreams are very subtle, but they are washed away after waking up. Some loves are often late, and it is too late to give hugs. It is too late to let you know that I have always secretly loved you!

  74. It is not because of loneliness that I miss you, it is because of loneliness that I only think of you. Find a reason to call you! I think you must be disappointed, because I have so many reasons, want to hear? I'll answer the phone later.

  75. I look at you silently, like an anemic star, unable to see your footprints when you came; my emotions at the moment are like a coin, half a storm and half a flower; think more: exchange my life for you beauty of.

  76. The swan flies away and the bird does not return. I miss the old days of worrying about the sky. The clouds open and the shadows of the twin daggers under the moon. The water flows meet again in several places.

  77. I make a wish to God: May you be happy forever. God said no, only four days, I said spring, summer, autumn and winter; God was stunned: two days. I laugh: dark day and day; God shocked: one day! I laugh: every day of my life!

  78. If you don’t “harass” me any more, I will block you financially, isolate you politically, torture you mentally, physically destroy you, and abandon you in life, but I’ve thought about it and thought about it, but I still can’t bear you!

  79, love you, but have no desires, so difficult! I love you, but I have to be sneaky, so tired! Love you, but let my heart break, how miserable! But all this is willing, so silly!

  80. I can't promise, I can't promise you anything, but I will do it. If one day you feel hungry, then you will surely see that I have starved to death in your arms with a smile.

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