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25 Best Low Fat Cookbooks of All Time

Discover the best 25 low-fat cookbooks of all time that guarantee healthy and delicious meals. Start your cooking with less-fat culinary resources.

On this page...

Today I will recommend you the 25 Best Low-Fat Cookbooks of All Time

In today's society, more and more people begin to pay attention to healthy eating and Low-fat cookbooks, so many related Best Low-fat Cookbooks have been released. 

Helping readers achieve Low-fat goals and establish good healthy eating habits, letting us The body is healthier and more beautiful.

Must be boiled or salad? The careful selection of ingredients and the reasonable combination of flavors can not only meet the needs of health but also make it more delicious!

Since studying nutrition, my understanding of the truth that you are made up of the food you eat has become more and more profound.

Changes in daily diet are reflected in the state of the body. Eat lightly for a period of time and pay attention to the regulation of diet, the body will become obviously lighter, and the condition of the skin can be seen clearly.

Today's 25 Best Low-fat Cookbooks is a real food cooking book that makes organic food more delicious from appetite to diet therapy.

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How to Improve Fat Survival?

The survival rate of fat improves by adopting autologous fat transplantation technology, diet management, and avoiding strenuous exercise.

1. Autologous fat transplantation technology

Autologous fat transplantation techniques include nano fat, fat glue, etc. These techniques can increase effectively improving the survival rate of fat.

2. Diet management

Patients should eat more high-fat, high-starch, and other foods in their diet because these foods can increase the energy density of the food. 

For the human body, when the energy intake is too much, it will be converted into fat and stored in the body, thus contributing to Improve fat survival rate. 

Usually, high-fat foods include peanuts, fried foods, fatty meat, animal offal, cream products, etc., while high-starch foods include steamed buns, buns, noodles, etc.

3. Avoid strenuous exercise

For patients with fat transplantation, when it is required to improve the survival rate of fat, they should rest in the early stage and avoid strenuous exercise, such as long-distance running, mountain climbing, rope skipping, etc. 

If the site of fat grafting is the temple or cheek, do not make excessive facial expressions or eat hard food when making facial expressions or eating, so as not to squeeze the transplanted fat and cause fat loss. 

Proper control of muscle movement at the graft site is required, which also helps to improve fat survival.

The Fastest Way to Burn Fat 

The diet should also be regular. It is recommended to eat more vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and eggs to have reasonable and balanced nutrition, especially emphasizing that dinner should be eaten as little as possible.

Running on an empty stomach means running after the food has been digested. Running on an empty stomach can consume body fat at the beginning, especially before breakfast, which can effectively consume body fat. 

But if you run forcibly while dieting, you will lose your strength soon. So pay attention to balanced nutrition during running and don't be too nervous.

you can choose dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate because dark chocolate has less sugar and more antioxidants that can help burn fat.

perform high-intensity intermittent training in the swimming pool.

Below I recommend you 25 Best Low fat cookbooks of all time.

1. Taste of Home Low-Fat Country Cooking by Julie Schnittka

Prepare homestyle, healthy meals without sacrificing the "down-home" taste! "Low-Fat Country Cooking" has all the satisfying recipes, low in fat but with an old-fashioned country flavor. 

All of the 455 recipes are certified as low fat by a registered dietitian and show their nutritional "scorecard" of calories, total fat, cholesterol, protein, sodium, and carbohydrates. Full-color photos.

2. The Skinny Steamer Recipe Book by CookNation

Delicious, Healthy, Low Calorie, Low Fat Steamer Cooking Recipes Under 300, 400 & 500 Calories

Electric steamers can do so much more than just prepare perfect vegetables, they can help create delicious and simple dishes which are low in fat and low in calories while retaining vital nutrients and flavor. 

Using steam cooking can help create a balanced diet, promote a healthy lifestyle, and works perfectly with popular diets such as the Mediterranean diet, low fodmap, keto, and anyone cooking to support low cholesterol, low carb, type 2 diabetes, and anti-inflammatory conditions.

The Skinny Steamer Recipe Book is perfect if you are slimming, following a calorie-controlled diet, or are keen to maintain and manage your weight with all our steamer recipes below 300, 400, and 500 calories. 

Our recipe book includes:

  • A collection of delicious poultry, vegetarian, fish, seafood & meat dishes for steamer cooking.
  • Quick & easy, fresh, fuss-free, low-fat meals including vegetarian options and side dishes.
  • Over 60 steam cooker recipes, cooking charts, and tips.
  • Tasty recipes to use with any popular electric food steamer including Salter, Morphy Richards, Russell Hobbs, and more, but can also be prepared using a bamboo steamer basket, instant pot steamer basket, or steamer pot as well as for use in a stackable, double-decker, and 3 tier steamers.
  • Healthy cookbook for weight loss with delicious low-calorie recipes.
  • You're vegetable steamer can do so much more!.

3. Cooking With Steam by Stephanie Lyness

Put your electric steamer to use like never before with Cooking with Steam. This is the original cookbook on electric steaming, and 20 years later it's still the bible of low-fat, full-flavor steamed food. 

Some favorite recipes include Panzanella-Stuffed Artichokes with Porcini Mushrooms; Salmon with Quick Basil Oil; Shrimp with Black Beans and Mango; Soy-Orange Marinated Chicken Cutlets; and Duck Legs Steamed on a Bed of Thyme. 

For dessert try the irresistible Bittersweet Chocolate Pudding Cake or the Lemon Cheesecake.

No more scrubbing and scraping at burned saucepans, or overnight-soaking of casserole dishes, just a quick clean of the steamer basket before you get on with your evening. 

Revealing subtle flavors in your ingredients that are often masked by other fat-heavy preparations, steaming your food will provide you with astonishingly bright, clean-tasting meals, unattainable with any other cooking method.  

4. Fix-It and Forget-It Cooking Light for Slow Cookers by Phyllis Good

Millions of home cooks have fallen in love with the Fix-It and Forget-It cookbooks since the first title was released more than a dozen years ago. 

It is possible to have it all: food from your slow cooker that is scrumptious and low-fat, and convenient to make. The Table of Contents includes:

  • The Main Courses (Chicken and Turkey, Beef, Port, Bean and Other Main Dishes, Seafood)
  • Soups, Stews, and Chilis
  • Vegetables
  • Appetizers, Snacks, and Spreads
  • Beverages
  • Bread and Breakfast Dishes.

5. The Essential Low Carb High Fat Diet Cookbook by Quick Start Guides

If you are ready to lose weight, improve your health, and feel great then this Quick Start Guide To Low Carb High Fat cooking is the perfect place to begin!

PLUS! Over 100 delicious low-carb high-fat recipes!

  • Understand how low carb high fat eating can help you!
  • Quickly maximize weight loss, improve your health, and feel great!
  • PLUS delicious and suitable for a ketogenic diet!

6. The Easy Low Fat & Low Cholesterol Mediterranean Diet Recipe Cookbook by Milly White

Enjoy the benefits of eating for optimum health, by following a low-fat diet with 100+ Heart-Healthy, Low Fat Recipes using healthy, natural, wholesome, delicious ingredients.

The Easy Low Fat & Low Cholesterol Mediterranean Diet Recipe Cookbook features:

  • Over 100 Easy Healthy Heart, Low Fat Recipes
  • Low Cholesterol Mediterranean Diet Meal Plans for Weight Loss Dieting or Weight Maintenance Health Eating
  • Everyday Mediterranean Diet Recipes for One or Two
  • Recipes that use healthy, wholesome, delicious, natural cholesterol-lowering foods.

7. Secrets of Fat-Free Greek Cooking by Elaine Gavalas 

Now you can learn how to make mouth-watering traditional Greek delights, using the latest cooking products and techniques, for your eating pleasure. Includes complete nutritional analysis for each recipe and a glossary of commonly used ingredients.

Using Secrets of Fat-Free Greek Cooking as a companion book to The Yoga Minibook for Weight Loss can help you achieve and maintain your desired weight goals, make your best food choices, and enjoy a lifetime of delicious, healthful eating and good health. 

Secrets of Fat-Free Greek Cooking was featured on PBS nationally with the television program, "The Greek Americans".

Whether you are cooking for a holiday get-together, your family, or yourself, you'll find Secrets of Fat-Free Greek Cooking a treasure trove of timeless Greek classics and contemporary favorites. The gods would approve.

8. Betty Crocker's Chinese Low-Fat Cooking by Betty Crocker

A guilt-free collection of more than 130 delicious recipes presents low-fat adaptations of traditional Chinese foods, including such treats as Drunken Flower Shrimp, Mongolian Fire Pot, and Beef and Broccoli with Garlic Sauce.

Since 1921, the Betty Crocker name has symbolized General Mills continuing the tradition of service to consumers. Although Betty was never a real person, her name and identity have become synonymous with helpfulness, trustworthiness, and quality.

Betty Crocker has survived the decades by providing consumers with food information and food products that are contemporary without being faddish. 

9. Betty Crocker's Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cooking Today by Betty Crocker

Everyone's favorite cooking expert Betty Crocker has completely revised and updated the perennial favorite, Betty Crocker's Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cooking Today, with updated information about fat and cholesterol, and lots of easy-to-understand tips for establishing a healthy eating lifestyle. 

But with Betty Crocker, it can't only be easy--it has to be delicious. And true-to-form, 120 recipes prove that healthful eating can also be enjoyed by the whole family.

With Betty Crocker, low-fat and low-cholesterol eating is a snap!

10. New Indian Home Cooking by Madhu Gadia

"Gadia brings quintessential Indian dishes like specialty bread and tandoori chicken within easy reach of the home cook."--Publishers Weekly"Healthful Indian recipes aplenty...a welcome addition to any kitchen." --India Currents

"Gadia conveys both a love of her cultural heritage and down-to-earth, easily understood guidelines for healthy eating. A sound resource on Indian cooking from a dietary standpoint." --Booklist

New Indian Home Cooking features more than 100 quick and easy-to-prepare recipes--from appetizers to desserts--plus: sample meal plans 

  • time-saving tips 
  • vegetarian meals 
  • nutritional analysis for each recipe 
  • a glossary of cooking terms and ingredients 
  • and more...

Recipes include 

  • Samosas and Naan 
  • Subji Biriyani (vegetable-rice casserole) 
  • Masoor Dal (lentil soup) 
  • Tandoori Tari (barbecued chicken) 
  • Machhi Kali Mirch (baked fish with black pepper) 
  • Rogan Josh (lamb in yogurt sauce) 
  • Pudina Chutney (mint chutney) 
  • Kheer (rice pudding) 
  • and more.

11. Cooking the South American Way by Helga Parnell

An overview of South American Features simple recipes, menu planning, and information about low-fat cooking and vegetarian options.

12. Betty Crocker's Easy Low-Fat Cooking by Betty Crocker

A delicious, healthful collection of 120 quick, easy-to-prepare, low-fat recipes, ranging from appetizers to desserts, includes complete nutritional breakdowns of each dish, fat-reduction tips, and advice on healthy shopping, snacking, and dining out. Original.

13. Paula Deen Cuts the Fat: 250 Favorite Recipes All Lightened Up by Paula Deen

Paula Deen has lost over 40 pounds and has maintained her weight loss for over two years by swapping out ingredients to reduce fat and calories. 

Paula's key to weight loss is moderation and accountability and one day a week she still enjoys good old southern cooking with biscuits and all. Only now she will have one biscuit instead of three. 

One does not have to give up taste when reducing calories and these recipes are a testament to that. 

Paula shares 250 of her favorite recipes lightened up. This brand new cookbook presents lightened-up versions of fifty of her classic southern recipes and presents new recipes that cut the calories but not the delicious taste. 


  • The Lady's New Cheesy Mac
  • New Savannah Gumbo
  • Flourless chocolate cake
  • Beaufort Shrimp Pie
  • Nutty Sweet Potato Balls
  • All-New Peach Cobbler.

14. American Heart Association Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cookbook

The classic cookbook for achieving heart health and well-being through a diet that is low in cholesterol and saturated fat--updated and revised with 200 recipes (including 50 new to this edition)

Lose the bad fats, but not the flavor.

This classic cookbook offers more than 200 tempting dishes, 50 of which are new, including: 

  • Fresh Basil and Kalamata Hummus
  • Triple-Pepper and White Bean Soup with Rotini
  • Taco Salad
  • Hearty Fish Chowder
  • Chicken Pot Pie with Mashed Potato Topping
  • Balsamic Braised Beef with Exotic Mushrooms
  • Grilled Pizza with Grilled Vegetables
  • Stovetop Scalloped Tomatoes
  • Puffed Pancake with Apple-Cranberry Sauce
  • Mango Brûlée with Pine Nuts

15. Step-by-Step Low-Fat Cookbook by Rosemary Conley

This new title from Britain’s favorite diet and health guru demonstrates that cooking the low-fat way is easier than you think, especially with practical, no-nonsense guidance.

16. Busy People's Low-Fat Cookbook by Dawn Hall

Features more than 240 easy-to-prepare and health-conscious recipes, listing nutritional information and preparation times for each item. 

While providing additional information on how to maintain an ideal body weight and save time and money in the kitchen.

17. Low-Fat High-Carb Vegan Diet by Lily Penrose

Are you looking to try a low-fat high-carb vegan diet? Looking for low-fat high-carb vegan recipes? 

I am Lily Penrose - a health and beauty writer who has been interested in holistic, alternative, and natural healing approaches for a long time. I am a certified natural health specialist.  

This book will tell you and teach you about:

  • Introduction - what is the low-fat high-carb vegan diet
  • Health benefits of the diet
  • What to eat on the diet
  • Losing weight on the diet
  • Misconceptions about the high-carb low-fat diet
  • Vegan diet for diabetes

Low-fat high-carb recipes Are you ready to learn about the low-fat high-carb vegan and greatly improve your health through these delicious recipes? Scroll up and hit that buy button!

18. Southern Living: Our Best Low-Fat Low-Calorie Recipes by Jean Wickstrom Liles

We have something to please even the pickiest of eaters - and no one will guess the recipes are healthy. We've capitalized on recipes that taste like they take hours to make but are ready in minutes. 

Fettuccine Primavera and Potato-Corn Chowder will give you a fast feast for any night. Old-Fashioned Cinnamon Rolls and Spicy Beef Chimichangas rate among our most decadent dishes. 

We've even lightened the most-requested Southern Living recipe of all time - Hummingbird Cake (take a peek at the cover). It's as wonderful as always, and now it's guilt-free! 

Make-ahead recipes like Frozen Chocolate Brownie Pie, Black Bean Salad, and Grilled Turkey Breast with Cranberry Salsa let you have great meals ready at a moment's notice. 

19. The Complete Low-Fat Cookbook by Murdoch Books

This is the book to help cut out the amount of fat in anyone's diet. Not strictly a diet book, but a selection of everyday family meals, adapted to reduce their fat content. 

20. Soulful Starches. High Carb Low-Fat Starch Solution Cookbook by Natalie Wholeheartedvegan

The Soulful Starches Recipe book provides quick, easy, and simple Whole-Food, Starch-based, Oil-Free, Vegan meals to improve your health and well-being.

If you are looking to adopt a Plant-Based diet or add more recipes to your existing collection, this is for you!

Whether you are just exploring... eating plant-based full-time... or are a fully declared Vegan... - I have made this cookbook to help! You will find me on YouTube by searching "Wholehearted Vegan" ~ come and say hello!

21. Ultimate Low Fat Cookbook by Sue Kreitzman

Includes over one hundred fifty recipes with nutritional information and step-by-step directions.

22. Great taste-low fat by Sandra Rose Gluck

Great Taste-Low Fat: Over 200 delicious recipes under 400 calories. Discover recipes for pasta, Chicken, meat, seafood, vegetables and salads, desserts, and quick-to-fix.

23. Prevention's Quick and Healthy Low-Fat Cooking

A new cookbook includes more than one hundred recipes designed for on-the-go cooks who need to save time preparing meals, as well as on shopping, packing nutritious lunches and even selecting the top ten healthiest fast food options when necessary. Simultaneous.

24. The Essential Low-Fat Cookbook by Antony Worrall Thompson

The Essential Low-Fat Cookbook: Good Healthy Eating for Every Day

Fat is often where the flavor of food comes from. Unfortunately, flavorsome as it is, fat has a nasty habit of clogging up arteries, plus it contains large amounts of calories that don't flatter the waistband! 

In The Essential Low Fat Cookbook, Antony Worrall Thompson proves that it is possible to cook delicious, appetizing food while keeping fat content to a minimum. 

He has created 200 tempting recipes for salads, sides, light lunches, main courses, and even desserts that cut down on fat but don't compromise on taste. 

Each recipe has also been analyzed by dietitian Juliette Kellow and is accompanied by at-a-glance nutritional information. 

So whether you want to lose weight, or control your fat intake for health reasons, this is the book for food lovers who know that healthy food should also mean delicious food.

25. Low Fat Cookbook by Sally J. Samuel

Low Fat Cookbook: The Essential Low Fat Cookbook On All Day Clean Eating, Low Fat Recipes, And Low-Fat Diet Meals

The Tastiest And Most Healthy Recipes For All-Day Clean Eating! You’re about to discover some of the most healthiest, delicious recipes in this low-fat cookbook. 

Having a healthy life can be made much, much easier if you start planning your meals and start thinking of natural and healthy low-fat meals. 

Low-Fat Cooking Tips

Cooking oil has two functions: one is to supplement the essential fatty acids of the human body and help the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and the other is to meet the needs of cooking heating, and seasoning. 

Although fat can make the taste of dishes oily, smooth, and tender, and increase the aroma, the effect of relying on fat alone for seasoning is still very limited.

Low-fat dishes can also be fresh, refreshing, smooth, and tender after mastering some cooking skills.

How to cook low-fat food skillfully?

  1. Use a graduated oil pot or oil spoon to quantify the amount of oil used; take a look at it while cooking, think about it, and put it away again.
  2. Vegetables can be boiled, steamed, and cold to reduce the frequency of "frying".
  3. Use the appropriate amount of lemon, pepper, and other condiments to enrich the taste of the dishes.

What are the benefits & supplements of low-fat foods? 

A low-fat diet can effectively reduce cholesterol levels, reduce the occurrence of fatty liver, and maintain health while maintaining figure.

What benefits of eating low-fat food?

The benefits to the body are immediate. Combined with appropriate exercise, it can enhance physical fitness and improve immunity. Keep your body alive.

How to supplement low-fat food?

Choose ingredients with a lower fat content as much as possible, lean pork, low-fat or skim milk products, choose unsaturated fat cooking oil, margarine made from vaporized cooking oil, and refuse high-fat ingredients, such as hot dogs, bacon, sausages, Processed foods such as canned food and lunch meat.

Conclusion: Best Low-Fat Cookbooks of All Time

Therefore, my suggestion, whether you need one-on-one guidance or not depends on your difficulty in losing fat. 

But a good low-fat cookbook must be read because it is indeed a very cost-effective thing. The money for a cup of milk tea can let you know too many useful things.

There are so many people who are troubled by fat loss, even to the point of anxiety, but in fact, it is not difficult to solve these troubles. 

Discover literary treasures at ReadingAndThinking.com – your ultimate destination for insightful book recommendations and reviews!

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