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About - Muhiuddin Alam
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The 10 Best Suspense Novels of All Time (Recommended 2023)

The 10 Best Suspense Novels of All Time (Recommended 2023), They are: Perfume, Silent Lamb, Girl with Dragon Tattoo, Murder on the Orient Express etc.
In this article, we'll share The 10 Best Suspense Novels of All Time (Recommended 2023). Which is the most classic mystery novel in your mind? 

Suspense novels have always been popular, and because of their exciting plots, they have been repeatedly filmed as film and television works. This article counts the top ten suspense novels in the world for everyone. 

They are: Perfume, Silent Lamb, Girl with Dragon Tattoo, Murder on the Orient Express, The 13th Hour, the girl on the Train, etc., these classic and beautiful suspense novels have basically shined on the screen. 

I believe everyone is already familiar with it, but you might as well appreciate the charm of the original. 

The 10 Best Suspense Novels of All Time (Recommended 2023)

Now, you might be wondering: what exactly are “suspense books”? Suspense isn’t a genre in and of itself, per se — it’s a category that encompasses mystery, thriller, and even some horror novels.

The charm of suspense novels lies in the complex cases behind them and the process by which detectives use powerful observations to understand the truth and solve cases. It is very charming. Therefore, suspense novels have been highly regarded by readers since their birth. 

Today I will list the top ten Best Suspense Novels of All Time in the world for everyone. Interested friends come and have a look.

1. Perfume (novel) 


Reasons for recommendation: 

"Perfume" is a novel published in 1985 by German writer Patrick Suskind. "Perfume," tells the story of a wizard and geek murdering 26 young girls. Each murder is a purpose: just because of their unique taste. 

For Grenoye, every time is love, but what he loves is not people, but the fragrance of them; murdering them is just to possess them forever, and have the feelingless and lifelessness that he loves "fragrance". "Perfume" has been translated into nearly 40 languages, and the total circulation of various editions in the world is as high as 12 million copies.

2. The Silent Lamb (novel) 


Reasons for recommendation: 

"The Silent Lamb" is a novel published by Yilin Publishing House in 2013, authored by Thomas Harris. The novel tells the story of the protagonist Starling accepting the task of arresting the perverted murderer "Bison Bill" from his boss. 

In order to understand the psychology of the criminal, she sought clues from the evil genius Doctor Lecter and launched a story of a desperate fight with this cruel murderer. 

The heroine is FBI intern agent Clarice. Starlin was born in a humble background. Her father was a patrolman in a small town in her hometown. During a night patrol, she encountered two thieves and addicts and died in the line of duty.

3. Girl with the dragon tattoo (novel) 


Reasons for recommendation: 

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is a book published by People's Literature Publishing House in 2010. The author is Stig Larson. The book mainly tells the story of magazine publisher Michael Bronvist's career and life and accepts the invitation of the former president of the Van Yell Group Henry Van Yell to investigate the disappearance of his grand-niece Hailey. During the investigation, 

I met Lisbeth Salander, who had a dragon tattoo on her right shoulder. With her help, she solved a mystery, but the identity of the girl with a dragon tattoo became a mystery. 

In 2006, he won the "Glass Key" award for the best crime novel by the Nordic Crime Fiction Association and was adapted into a movie twice in 2009 and 2011.

4. Murder on the Orient Express (novel) 


Reasons for recommendation: 

"Murder on the Orient Express" is a novel written by British reasoning writer Agatha Christie. The book is one of the works of Hercule Poirot and is also the most famous one. 

The work was first published by the British Collins Crime Club on January 1, 1934, and the American Dudmead Company was released in the United States later in the same year. 

The book is titled "The Murder in the Calais Carriage". This book is widely regarded as one of Agatha Christie's most outstanding and famous works and has been adapted into films and stage plays many times. 

It tells the various stories that happened after the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot broke an internal case for the French army in Aleppo, Syria.

5. The 13th hour (novel) 


Reasons for recommendation: 

"The 13th Hour" is a brilliant masterpiece by Richard Dawsh, a best-selling suspense novelist in the United States. It cleverly combines horror, suspense, traversal, science fiction, love, and many other elements. 

Any one of the choices will trigger a butterfly effect, aggravate the suspense of the story and the uncertainty of the ending, and the compact rhythm of the story makes people afraid to catch up. 

The constant rewriting of the ending makes people feel completely unpredictable, and will never be willing to close the book until the last moment. The whole reading process is full of excitement! The book was published by Chongqing Publishing House in 2014. 

6. The Girl on the Train (novel) 


Reasons for recommendation: 

"The Girl on the Train" is a book written by Paula Hawkins (English), published by CITIC Publishing House in October 2015. "The Girl on the Train" adopts a psychological thriller plot and the main storyline of marriage and family. 

It is praised by the media as a combination of Hitchcock's "Rear Window" and the novel "The Lost Lover", ruthlessly revealing that the perfect marriage covers the truth. 

A phenomenal novel that astounded the global literary world in 2015, breaking the best-selling record of "The Da Vinci Code". The British version sold 3 million copies in five months. 

The peeping eyes behind the car window always make you scream silently. After reading this book, you may never dare to look out at the unusual scenery outside the car window.

7. The Complete Works of Detective Sherlock Holmes (novel) 


Reasons for recommendation: 

"The Complete Works of Detective Sherlock Holmes" is a collection of novels created by British writer Arthur Conan Doyle. The protagonist is Sherlock Holmes. There are 4 full-length and 56 short stories. 

The first full-length "Study of Blood Characters" was completed in 1886, and was published in the "Beton Christmas Yearbook" the following year with other works. It has been adapted into movies and TV series many times. 

The background of the story is fully integrated with the political and economic conditions of the United Kingdom at that time. Conan Doyle's creative writing style and narrative angle are becoming more and more sophisticated and changeable, and many people even think that it is true. 

This novel, in addition to the thrilling and sensational detectives, is more about the jealousy, suspicion, and hatred between people. 

8. Rebecca (novel) 


Reasons for recommendation: 

"Rebecca", a novel by the British female writer Daphne Du Maurier, was published in 1938. Daphne Du Maurier succeeded in portraying a mysterious female Rebecca in this book. 

The protagonist, Rebecca, died at the beginning of the novel and never appeared in the book, but he was always full of voices and could continue to control the Mandiri Manor through his loyal servants and lover until the manor was burned down. 

On the one hand, there is the lingering nostalgia of nostalgia, on the other, the gloomy and suppressed horror of despair, coupled with the continuous suspense of the whole book, makes the book a romantic masterpiece that has been selling well for many years. 

9. "The Maltese Falcon", Dashiell Hammett.


Reasons for recommendation: 

There are many genres of mystery novels with side branches, but the puzzle-solving book always occupies the position of the orthodox mainstream. The only ones who can stand against the courts are the tough guys supported by Dahir Hammett and Raymond Chandler. 

Hammett was not the first writer to write a tough guy novel, but he was the first writer to inject literary quality and psychological depth into a tough guy novel, opening up another battlefield for mystery novels. 

Hammett wrote five novels in his life, and four of them were selected into the top 100 list (except for "The Dane's Worship"). "The Maltese Eagle" is the first masterpiece of the hard-line, which is said to be "better than any Hemingway novel", and ranks 56th in Random House's Top 100 English Novels of the 20th Century; the other three are "Skinny" (31), "Bloody Harvest" (39) and "Glass Key" (88). 

The movie version of this book starring Humphrey Bogart ranked 23rd among the 100 best films of the 20th century in the United States. 

10. Tales of Mystery and Imagination 


Reasons for recommendation: 

This collection of Poe's best stories contains all the terrifying and bewildering tales that characterize his work. As well as the Gothic horror of such famous stories as 'The Pit and the Pendulum', 'The Fall of the House of Usher, 'The Premature Burial', and 'The Tell-Tale Heart, all of Poe's Auguste Dupin stories are included.

These are the first modern detective stories and include 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue, 'The Mystery of Marie Roget' and 'The Purloined Letter.

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