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Book reviews are important because they help readers understand what a book is about and decide if they want to read it. 

This article will explain how I write good book reviews and create lists of book recommendations.

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Welcome to an insightful journey through the 'FAQs,' provided by Muhiuddin Alam on the book recommendations and reviews site, 

Over the years as a leading authority on literary expertise, I've created numerous book reviews, many of which can be found on this site.

Yes, these really are questions that I get asked all the time…

My Book Review & Recommendations Guidelines - FAQ

How many books do you read a year?

Depends on the year. Sometimes as few as 50; but I’ve been passing the 100 mark the past few years.

Do you review every book you read?

No. I have a day job so that would be impossible. But starting in 2020, I’m going to try to review as many as I can.

Why do you read so much? Don’t you want to get out and have a real life?


Why should I trust your review?

Try a book I recommend and see if you agree with my review. If you do, then try another one. It won’t take long to get a feel for how I review things. 

If you disagree with me, that’s fine. A diversity of opinion is what makes life interesting. Go ahead and tell me why you disagree. I don’t mind at all.

What kind of books do you review?

I prefer Popular Fiction, Novels, Nonfiction, Storybooks, Mystery, Speculative, and Young Adult. I almost Review Horror and Romance.

What kind of review should I expect?

The kind you’d get if I were standing beside you at a bookstore, saw a book I’d loved and started geeking out all over the place while you slink away in embarrassment and pretend you don’t know me. This is why almost all the books on this site get really good reviews.

I read this exact same review on another site. Did you steal it?

No. I’ve been doing online book reviews on various websites and blogs since 2018. When I started this site in 2020, I gathered them all up, posted them here, and closed down most of the other sites. As much as possible, I’ve tried to maintain the original post date here.

Why do you have so many 4 & 5-star reviews but hardly any 1 or 2-star reviews?

It’s the geek-out factor, mentioned above. There are so many books to choose from and never enough time to read, so if I get to the point where I’m thinking I can’t give a book 3 stars or higher, I usually won’t finish it. If I don’t finish it, I don’t review it.

Do you ever assign zero stars to a book?

There’s always that possibility.

Got a question I didn’t answer?

Shoot me an email.

Criteria for Book Reviews

When writing a book review, I think about these important points:

  1. Who is the book for, and does it meet their needs?

    • I check if the book is right for its target audience and if it helps them.
  2. What new information does it offer, and how might it change the reader's view?

    • I look at the book’s contribution to its field and how it might affect the reader's thinking.
  3. What evidence does the book present, and is it convincing?

    • I evaluate the book’s use of data, research, and expert opinions.
  4. Are the style, organization, and size appropriate for its purpose?

    • I assess the book’s structure, tone, and overall presentation.
  5. Are there any studies, facts, or ideas the authors missed?

    • I identify any gaps or missing information in the book.
  6. Would you suggest any other books to read along with this one?

    • Yes, I recommend additional books that might be helpful.
  7. Why should anyone read this book, or why not? Is it important?

    • I judge the book's overall value and significance.

Guidelines for Writing Book Reviews

To write a good book review, I follow these tips:

  1. Length: My book reviews are between 1500 to 2500 words.
  2. Content: I summarize the book’s main points, highlight its strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate its usefulness.
  3. Style: I write clearly and engagingly, avoiding complex terms unless necessary.
  4. Organization: Structure of my book review with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  5. References: I include references to support your points and suggest further reading.
  6. Conflicts of Interest: I disclose any potential conflicts, like reviewing a book by someone I know.

Curated List of Book Recommendations

I also create lists of recommended books to help readers find new books, explore different genres, and pick the right book for their interests.

Guidelines for Curated Book Recommendations

When making a list of book recommendations, I follow these guidelines:

  1. Thematic Organization: I group books by themes, genres, or topics.
  2. Diverse Selection: I include a mix of classic and contemporary books from different cultures and perspectives.
  3. Brief Summaries: I provide short summaries of each book’s main themes and plot.
  4. Personal Recommendations: I include personal suggestions from my team.
  5. Regular Updates: I update lists regularly to include new releases and trends.
  6. Reader Engagement: I ask for reader feedback and suggestions to improve my lists.

How I Choose Books for a Curated List

When I select books for a curated list, I consider these tips:

  1. Understand the Audience: I think about what the readers like and need.
  2. Thematic Organization: I group books by similar themes, genres, or topics.
  3. Diverse Selection: I include a variety of books, both old and new, from different cultures.
  4. Quality and Relevance: I choose books that are well-written and relevant to the theme.
  5. Author's Qualifications: I consider the author’s background and expertise.
  6. Book's Aim and Audience: I make sure the book matches the purpose of the list and its intended readers.
  7. Usefulness for Education and Practice: I check if the book is useful for learning or practical use.
  8. Strengths and Weaknesses: Give a balanced view of each book’s good and bad points.
  9. Recommendations from Trusted Sources: I get suggestions from friends, family, and book clubs.
  10. Personal Exploration: I visit bookstores and explore new titles based on covers, topics, and recommendations.
  11. Reviews and Online Platforms: I gather information from Amazon, Goodreads, and other sites to judge books.
  12. Publisher's Curation: I consider books from well-known publishers for quality.
  13. Bookstore Recommendations: I ask bookstore staff for their top picks.
  14. Word-of-Mouth: I listen to what others are saying about books.
  15. Understanding Reader Preferences: I know what the readers like and tailor the list accordingly.
  16. Thematic Organization: I group books by themes or genres to make the list more organized.


Writing good book reviews and creating useful book lists requires a deep love for reading and I am committed to helping blog visitors to discover great books. 

By following these guidelines, I aim to provide readers with valuable insights and recommendations to find their next great read. 

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