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Reading and Thinking.com is a website for anyone who needs quick and effective help with reading, understanding, and writing book reviews. Our goal is to bring you to book analysis, short summaries, and character analyses of classic and popular literature for elementary and high school.

Books have been analyzed in a sufficiently short form so that they can be easily read and understood, even the most demanding ones.

With the help of our analysis, you will be able to write book reviews on your own and all of our book reviews will provide a better insight into a particular literary work, no matter how extensive or complicated it is. Our study guides are written accordingly to match the reader’s age, so that everyone, regardless of age, may benefit from reading them.

Reading and Thinking.com is not only intended for students but also their parents, who want to quickly and easily get an insight into their kid’s homework, teachers who need extra help with their work as well as anyone who just simply loves reading.

Our study guides are primarily focused on book summaries, but almost every report on this website also contains a detailed character analysis. The general analysis will provide a better understanding of the book itself, while analyzation the characters will make a better understanding of some of their actions.

Finally, Reading and Thinking.com provide author biographies of each book review we have.

We hope our materials will be of good use and that you’ll be able to understand literature in a quicker and easier way.

Books by Author

33 Famous Writers and Their Masterpieces Books/Works

Reading Famous Writers and their Masterpieces Books/Works has a great influence on our world structure and values. Today, the editor recommends famous literature books and their authors to everyone. Choose a few best authors of all time and their books for yourself...
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