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About - Muhiuddin Alam

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The Best 10 Famous Mysterious Mystery Novels In The World

The Best 10 Famous Mysterious Mystery Novels In The World, such as The Complete Sherlock Holmes, The Maltese Falcon, Tales of Mystery and Imagination

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Today's topic is  The Best 10 Famous Mysterious Mystery Novels In The World. This list of books is a list of the 100 most classic mystery novels in history voted by The Mystery Writers of America (MWA). The selection process is extremely complicated. 

First, the reasoning association selects ten representative writers of ten main genres of reasoning such as Benguet, tough guy, thriller, and spy fiction, and then these ten writers select ten representative works of each genre. And then the association members vote for ranking. 

Therefore, this booklist not only has the total top 100 ranking list but also the top ten masterpieces of different genres. Among them, the book and the tough guy are ranked 20 each because the number of masterpieces far exceeds the other schools. Works.

The Best 10 Famous Mysterious Mystery Novels in The World

Later, the United States published a book "The Crown Crime Companion: The Top 100 Mystery Novels of All Time", which was included in these rankings. For each selected work, the editor Otto Penzler wrote a short book review to introduce the book. 

In addition to the rankings of masterpieces, this book also includes some more alternative rankings, including the "Best Murder City", "Best Weapon Ranking", "Best Detective Movie Ranking" and related to the ranking of masterpieces. 

The rankings of "Best Male Reasoning Writer in History", "Best Female Reasoning Writer in History", "Best Male Detective in History", and "Best Female Detective in History" rankings. 

Here we recommend The Best 10 Famous Mysterious Mystery Novels In The World

1. The Complete Sherlock Holmes 

by Arthur Conan Doyle


Reasons for recommendation:

The Bible in mystery novels is also a necessary deskbook for every mystery fan. In the more than one hundred years since the birth of "Study of the Words of Blood", Holmes' influence has already surpassed the corner of reasoning and has become a pronoun in people's minds. 

Countless people have stepped into the sea of reasoning with it, ranking first and earning its name.

2. The Maltese Falcon 

by Dashiell Hammett


Reasons for recommendation:  

There are many genres of mystery novels with side branches, but the puzzle-solving book always occupies the position of the orthodox mainstream. The only ones who can stand against the courts are the tough guys supported by Dahir Hammett and Raymond Chandler. 

Hammett was not the first writer to write a tough guy novel, but he was the first writer to inject literary quality and psychological depth into a tough guy novel, opening up another battlefield for mystery novels. Hammett wrote five novels in his life, and four of them were selected into the top 100 list (except for "The Dane's Worship"). 

"The Maltese Eagle" is the first masterpiece of the hard-line, which is said to be "better than any Hemingway novel", and ranks 56th in Random House's Top 100 English Novels of the 20th Century; the other three are "Skinny" (31), "Bloody Harvest" (39) and "Glass Key" (88). The movie version of this book starring Humphrey Bogart ranked 23rd among the 100 best films of the 20th century in the United States.

3. Tales of Mystery and Imagination 

by Edgar Allan Poe


Reasons for recommendation:  

The mountains for detective novels, five short detective fiction detective novels created five generations of common form. The literary master Allan Poe used the short space to create an endless sense of suspense, blended fantasy plots into rigorous logical reasoning, and used the icing on the cake with curious writing. So far, few short writers can do it. In this sense, It is said that Poe will never go out of style.

4. The Daughter of Time 

by Josephine Tey 


Reasons for recommendation: 

Tie Yi is one of the top three female heroes since the 1930s and the second golden period in the history of reasoning (the other two are Agatha Christie and Dorothy Syers). 

She has only written eight mystery novels in her life, all of which are wonderful. She is one of the few masters in the history of reasoning who has not had any failed works in her lifetime. 

Among them, three were selected in the top 100 list: "Daughter of Time", "Franchise Incident" (81), and "Mr. Bora Fara" (90). This book is Teyi's most famous work, belonging to the category of historical detective novels. It was once voted first in history by the British Detective Writers Association. 

Detective Inspector Grant was hospitalized with a foot injury. He accidentally saw a portrait of King Richard III of England, which aroused his interest. He wanted to investigate the case four hundred years ago and seek the truth about the murder of the prince in the tower...

5. Presumed Innocent 

by Scott Turow 


Reasons for recommendation: 

Classic suspense novel of lawyers. The male protagonist Randi is a senior and extremely excellent chief prosecutor. Due to his work, he often comes into contact with some heartbreaking social abuses and various crimes. 

In order to expose the dark side of the judicial system, he secretly*, Do not hesitate to try the law... the ending is unexpected and absolutely shocking! 

The author Scott Douro was originally from Stanford University with a master's degree in English and American literature. After graduation, he stayed on to teach literary creation. 

After class, he liked writing letters and graffiti. Because of many legal problems in the writing process, he chose to enter Harvard Law School for further study. 

Published several sensational best-selling novels of legal thrillers. The great writers who were also lawyers, Scott Douro, John Grisham, and Richard Patterson are called the "Three Masters." The movie version of this book starred Harrison Ford.

6. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold 

by John le Carr 


Reasons for recommendation: 

John Le Carré was recruited by the British military intelligence unit at the age of 18 to serve as a spy for East Berlin; after retiring, he entered the British Foreign Office. In 1963, he became famous in one fell swoop with his third work "The Spies of the Cold War". 

The famous novelist Graham Green praised: "This is the best spy novel I have ever read!" Since then, he established his status as a master of literary circles. Le Carré has won numerous awards throughout his life, including the Allan Poe Award of the American Association of Reasoning Writers in 1965, the Maugham Award in 1964, the British Somerset Maugham Award, and the James Tait Black Memorial Award. In 1988, he was awarded the CWA Lifetime Achievement Award. 1963 and 1977 Golden Dagger Awards, the Italian Malaparte Prize, etc. 

"The Spies of the Cold War" is super creative. The plot is ups and downs, and it repeatedly turns in unexpected places; under the writer's realistic, calm and restrained writing, there is a touch of sadness, which is worthy of being the vanguard of spy novels. Le Carré has four works shortlisted in the Top 100, the other three are "Tailor, Sailor, Soldier, Spy" (30), "Smiling Horse" (58), and "Female Drummer" (68).

7. The Moonstone 

by Wilkie Collins


Reasons for recommendation: 

This book tells about the strange things that happened around an Indian gemstone. It is the founding work of British detective literature. The author Collins is a master of British literature. 

The book may seem a bit outdated now, but considering that it is the first work of a mystery novel*, we still have to admire Collins's ability to tell stories and admire him for being ability to hold the reader's attention in such a long page. 

The Nobel Prize winner and British poet Eliot once rated this book as "the best British detective novel". Another work of the author, "The Woman in White" (32), also made the list.

8. The Big Sleep 

by Raymond Chandler


Reasons for recommendation: 

The hard-line private detective novels led by Raymond Chandler and Dahir Hammett overthrew the dominance of British classical reasoning over American detective fiction and created a powerful style in the United States, which is famous in the history of reasoning. American Revolution". 

Chandler officially published his first novel at the age of 45. He completed seven full-length novels and about 20 short stories in his life. Among them, four works were shortlisted in the top 100 list: "Long Sleep", "Farewell Looks" (13), "Goodbye My Love" (21), and "Lady at the Lake" (51). In "Eternal Sleep", the private detective Philip Marlowe made his debut. 

This urban lone ranger character with a cold appearance and a gentle heart influenced every tough detective later. Both are hard-liners, Chandler’s style is very different from Hammett’s: the latter is thoroughly sophisticated and cold, and the detective works from the inside out, while the former is always reluctant to give up the hope for beautiful humanity in his heart. 

The detective is just a thermos-cold outside and hot inside. Therefore, Hammett is called "the black master of the cold street", while Chandler is "the poet laureate of crime fiction".

9. Rebecca 

by Daphne du Maurier


Reasons for recommendation:  

Du Maurier has written seventeen novels and dozens of other genres of literature, in 1969 was awarded the British Order of the Imperial Lady. Du Maurier was deeply influenced by 19th-century Gothic novels with mystery and horror as their main characteristics. 

Most of the plots were tortuous and the characterization was more delicate. While exaggerating the mysterious atmosphere, it was mixed with fatalistic sentimentalism. Compared to the original work, the Hitchcock movie version of this book may be more widely known. The film won the 13th Oscar for Best Picture and Best Photography.

10. And Then There Were None 

by Agatha Christie


Reasons for recommendation: 

Universally recognized "Queen of Detective Novels" Agatha Christie has four books selected in the top 100 list: " "No Survival", "The Murder of Eckerrod" (12), "Selected Short Stories" (19), and "Murder on the Orient Express" (41). This book is her best work. It is called "the first work of original reasoning". 

It is tense and exciting from beginning to end, making readers want to stop. The unprecedented plot arrangement can be said to be "whispering", which fully demonstrates the original style. The infinite charm of mystery. Agatha Christie has more than a hundred books about his life. 

The complete works of Agatha Christie published by Guizhou Publishing House in China in 1998 are also as many as 80. According to statistics, her novels have been reprinted hundreds of times. The print volume is second only to the "Bible".

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