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"Pride and Prejudice" is Jane Austen's representative work, and it plays a connecting role in the history of British romantic novels. The plot of the novel is lively and vivid, and the language is fresh and beautiful, leaving a deep impression on people.

Elizabeth was born in a small landlord family and has four sisters. The mother, Mrs. Bennet, worries about finding the right husband for her daughter. The new neighbor Mr. Bentley Lai and his friend Darcy broke the monotonous country life of their family. 

Bentley and Elizabeth's sister Jane have a mutual affection; Darcy has good affection for the kind and intelligent Elizabeth, but Elizabeth has a prejudice against Darcy's arrogance and refuses to accept his feelings. However, the world is unpredictable. 

The relationship between Bentley Lai and Jane is at stake because of a misunderstanding; Darcy's various deeds show the same kindness in his character as Elizabeth and gradually win Elizabeth's favor. Can the two lovers finally get married? Can the Bennet sisters get the life they want? 

Jane Austen described her view of love from a special female perspective: looking for someone who truly loves herself and pursuing the perfect love. 

Pride and Prejudice: Book Review, Summary & Analysis

About the Author: Jane Austen

Jane Austen (1775-1817), Britain's most famous novelist. Born in a family of gentlemen in the English countryside, he was well-educated and influenced by his father and brother. He has been enthusiastic about reading and writing since he was a child. At the age of nineteen, he created his first mature work "Ms. Susan". 

The novels "Sense and Sensibility", "Pride and Prejudice", "Mansfield Manor", "Emma", "Northanger Abbey" and "Persuasion" were published in succession before and after Austin and received critical acclaim. Austin was unmarried all his life and was only forty-two when he died.

Austin has received warm praise from writers and critics of all ages and is hailed as "the writer closest to the master Shakespeare", "the truly great British novelist", and "one of the most important literary artists in the world.", "The last and most gorgeous flower in the gardens with the essence of the eighteenth century", his works have important significance and extraordinary value in the history of the development of British novels. In the BBC's "Thousand Years of Writers Selection" event, Austin followed Shakespeare and ranked second.

"Pride and Prejudice" is Austin's most popular masterpiece and one of the most influential classics of the 19th century. The book has been translated into dozens of languages, has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, and has been adapted into a TV series ten times. Maugham praised "Pride and Prejudice" as "the most satisfying one of all novels".

Book: Pride and Prejudice

  • Originally published: January 28, 1813
  • Author: Jane Austen
  • Genres: Romance novel, Fiction, Regency romance, Satire, Novel of manners
  • Characters: Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. William Collins
  • Book sales: 20 million copies

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Excerpts from the original text

"How shameful what I did!" she exclaimed, "I've always been proud of myself, thinking that I can tell right from wrong!-I have always regarded myself very high and thought that I was good at it! I often look down on my sister. This kind of tolerance and kindness, often showing useless suspicion, to satisfy one's vanity-how shame this thing shakes out!-But it should be really shameful! If I really fall in love, I can’t be blinded to be more pathetic than this! But I’m stupid not because I’m falling in love, but because I’m stupid. ——Just when we first met, if someone has a good impression of me, I’m happy. , The other person ignored me, and I became angry. Therefore, no matter which of them, I provoke prejudice and ignorance, and drive away reason. Until now, I No one knows it."—— Quoted from page 168 

Book Summary 

The same question, if all the women in "Pride and Prejudice" were put into reality, which one would you want to marry?

When I first entered the university, I stayed in the student union for a while, but then I slowly quit because of my freedom and laziness. One day, a classmate from the external department asked about my situation with a girl who worked with me in the student union. Well, that MM paused, she is a very smart girl.

Smart, these two words are emphasized, and I understand her meaning, which is used in a derogatory manner.

At that time, I formed a doubt about what kind of intelligence is appropriate for women, and what kind of intelligence will be resisted and attacked.

Lizzy's intelligence lies in her strong self-awareness. She clearly knows what she likes, what she hates, what she should do, and what she shouldn't do. Therefore, she is elegant when appropriate and witty when inappropriate. 

I watched the BBC TV series three times back then, and there are two favorite scenes: one is when she walks a long distance to Mr. Bingley's manor to visit her sick sister and meets a big dog near the place. 

Have fun and play with it. At that time, Mr. Darcy happened to be standing by the window and saw this scene, and he could not look away for a long time. Her frankness and self-pleasure were recognized by Mr. Darcy, and it was obvious that he admired her for enjoying herself. 

Another scene was when Miss Darcy was playing the piano. Miss Bingley mentioned William in order to ridicule Lizzy. Miss Darcy became nervous and the sound of the piano suddenly stopped. 

Even Mr. Darcy couldn't help but change his face... At this time, Lizzy walked away quickly and apologized with a smile. She said that I forgot to turn over the music score for you and you couldn't play anymore. Her tone was natural and her attitude was appropriate. 

On the one hand, the calm Miss Darcy was panicking. On the other hand, Mr. Darcy's worries were resolved. The change in Darcy's expression at that moment is worth recalling. The way he looked at Lizzy was full of admiration, and then immediately, it was unparalleled love.

A woman who is generous, decent, witty, and helpful will make a man grateful, but a woman who is the icing on the cake is a man's biggest dream.

The women who have reached this level in "Pride and Prejudice" include Lizzy, Jane, and Charlotte. In contrast, Jane married directly to the life of her dreams, and Charlotte married to the life she wanted after compromising. And Lizzy is married to a life that has been transformed through hard work.

There is no distinction between them. The key lies in their own inner needs, such as drinking water and knowing whether it is warm or cold.

And there is another group such as Lydia, who is beautiful and ignorant, and whether she marries well or not is only related to luck, but this is not for us to judge, because, for individuals with one lever and two gears in their minds, she has There is no self-awareness of happiness and unhappiness. As long as you can satisfy your current life, there is no sense of loss.

This principle applies to all people, so fools are easy to be happy, and wise people are full of pain.

If I were an ordinary man, I would probably choose Charlotte. She is on the same level as me or a little taller than me. Her desires are not high and she is easily satisfied. She is safe to have around her. She is stable in this world and has a quiet time.

If it were a little more high-quality, then I would definitely choose Jane, who is generous and decent, beautiful and lovable, and can fit into the kitchen and living room. Naturally, I have to fight hard to get married.

But if the conditions are so good that women flock to them and everything is smooth and easy, I will definitely choose Lizzy. After all, beauties are readily available. If I don’t find a woman who is witty, interesting, and can match her opponent, it will obviously be a disservice to my own IQ and taste. What’s more important is that I am so used to being pampered that I really need a villain to torture myself.

It's just a matter of seeing who is stronger from the outside to the inside.

But if you don't have the EQ and IQ at all, then just take a break and marry Lidya. At least she is easy to coax and doesn't consume so much energy.

I remember we had a fight with my boyfriend in college. He angrily said that women who can’t even make money are really annoying. I laughed out loud, amused by how realistic his statement was. 

In this long life, there is nothing wrong with becoming more complicated after simplicity. As long as we have a broader mind and a strong heart, it is not terrible to have no close friends. We are just afraid of self-hypnosis and making do with it.

Recognize the situation clearly and don't have any illusions. If a person tells you that you are too smart and you can't marry you, believe him. He is really not worthy of you, no matter what he says is sincerity or an excuse.


Book Review and Analysis 

I wrote today a book review. Anyone who has read "Pride and Prejudice" will think that this story is actually very simple. It is the story of ordinary people's daughters climbing high, rich and handsome, love and a big harvest of bread. There are so many such stories from ancient times to the present. Why can Austin's works become classics? What's the secret to this? 

Some people say that Austin is a very observant person. It is true that the characters and plots she wrote are very natural, not exaggerated, and not pretentious, and it makes people read that the dream is beautiful, but not fake. This is the charm of her words. 

For example, the heroine Elizabeth in the novel "Pride and Prejudice" is not in the mirror. Her success is traceable and even realistic. It can be inspirational and convey positive energy. We can discover the advantages of Elizabeth from the unfolding of the stories in the novel, and analyze one by one how this seemingly ordinary girl has made Darcy, an arrogant son of a prominent family, fall in love with her.
      There is no doubt that our first impression is an image, or more directly, appearance and figure. Elizabeth is not amazing, so the first time I met them, he didn't leave a deep impression on Darcy. He even got a very rude evaluation from him: Perfectly tolerable. Not handsome enough to tempt me. (She is not handsome enough to tempt me. (She is unsatisfactory, not beautiful enough to touch my heart.) 

But the next issue of appearance can gradually be ignored. Don't count. Because her behavior and speech make people look and hear very comfortable. There are two points mentioned in the article. One is that Darcy finds that Elizabeth's eyes are very bright and beautiful; the other is that Darcy has gradually discovered that she has a lively personality and her speech is very playful and funny. 

The eyes are the windows of the soul and the connection between the inner and the outer. A simple-minded person with no things in mind must have erratic or even empty eyes, and on the contrary, the connotation is rich, and the charm will gradually show up. And humor can bring happiness to people. People live towards happiness, just like flowers and sunshine. 

Darcy is a dull person, which has something to do with the environment in which he grew up. Although he has a wealth of wealth, he grew up very lonely. His parents died prematurely, his only sister was ten years apart from him, and Wakeham, his only childhood friend, was a hypocrite. He bears a lot of things. In fact, he really has a melancholy side. Elizabeth's innocent happiness made him very infected, and he unconsciously wanted to approach her.

     Elizabeth initially gained Darcy's favor through her rich heart and joyful talk, but it would be futile if the favor stopped or stopped abruptly. But Darcy quickly discovered new shining points on Elizabeth's body. 

At Lucas's house, Sir William wanted to please Darcy, so he grabbed Elizabeth's slender hand and handed it to Darcy, saying that he would introduce his partner to dance. The arrogant Darcy did not expect Elizabeth to reject it resolutely. However, this refusal did not arouse Darcy's anger and dissatisfaction, on the contrary, she felt more and more lovely. 

This move expresses the arrogance of the daughter's family. The subtext is: Although you have status and status, you look down on me and I don't have to please you. This arrogance not only has not been resented by others but has been affirmed by others, which adds to the personal charm.

       Playing the piano is mentioned many times in the book. The first time Darcy heard Elizabeth play the piano was at Lucas's house. Austin didn't think highly of Elizabeth's piano skills, but one thing is certain, that is, it is quite pleasant. 

If the cultivation of character is difficult to achieve, some specialties can still be forged. Elizabeth's beautiful piano sound attracted Darcy's attention to her several times, showing that the credit cannot be taken lightly.

       Although the goodwill continues to increase, it has not yet broken through. The first qualitative leap took place at Bingley’s home in Nizhniy. The class's eldest Jane was invited by Miss Bingley to eat at their house. Mrs. Ban deliberately let her daughter get ill in the rain so that she could stay at Bin's house overnight to cultivate a relationship with Bingley. 

Her conspiracy succeeded and even killed two birds with one stone, but she couldn't imagine it. Jane is sick, and only Elizabeth is nervous in the family. Mrs. Ban is not worried, because she just wants to use this bitter trick to achieve the goal. Mr. Ban was worried, but as a father, he couldn't express anything in action. The sisters of Ban are not worried, because they are relatively indifferent at first. 

Only Elizabeth values ​​family affection and sister affection. There is no carriage in the house, so she can't ride a horse, but in order to see her sister, she risked her image being damaged and walked to the Nigerfeld Garden. In the eyes of the Ban family and the Bingley sisters, this move was reckless, and as everyone expected, she was ridiculed by the Bing sisters behind her. But Elizabeth didn't deliberately show it to anyone. 

She doesn't mind others' ridicule or thinks that this is not worth doing. She only cares about her sister's condition and worries that others will not take care of it. She has a sincere heart! And this is precisely what Darcy has taken a fancy to. 

Darcy has only one younger sister, and his brother and sister are deeply affectionate, and he doesn't even hide from outsiders. It is conceivable that if Darcy received a letter at this time saying that Georgiana was ill, he would have driven away immediately.

         In addition to this incident, it can be said that Elizabeth is full of love, and we can also talk about a few things that happened later in advance. While at Koslin’s house, Darcy proposed to Elizabeth, and just before the proposal, she learned that Darcy had interfered with Jane and Bingley’s relationship. 

She angrily replied to the impossible suitor: "A man who ruined my dear sister’s lifelong happiness, I will never fall in love with him anyway." This puts on a posture that sisterhood is already ranked before all feelings. 

This is one example. Later, when Elizabeth learns about Lydia's elopement with Wakeham, the first thing she thinks is that Lydia is in a miserable future and feels sorry for her, and then she thinks that her sister's willfulness has caused the happiness of herself and Jane.

       During the few days, Elizabeth was in Bin Mansion, she took great care of her sick sister. All these Darcy were in his eyes. In addition, Darcy learned more through short-distance contact.

       From the moment she entered the door, the rosy complexion and the bright eyes of Miss Ban 2 ignited Darcy's heart. While Miss Bingley was paying attention to Elizabeth's awkward clothes, Darcy stared at her blushing face with fascination. 

In fact, our own feeling is the same. When a healthy and energetic person stands in front of you, you will feel that you are also particularly energetic. So girls don’t be superstitious about the beauty of illness, health is the real beauty.

      Elizabeth spends most of her time accompanying her sister. On the one hand, she is sincerely caring, and on the other hand, her heart is like a mirror: the Bin sisters do not welcome her at all. But although she noticed the hypocrisy of their feelings, she did not lose her politeness and tried to chat with them as pleasantly as possible. 

The same is true for Darcy. She actually minded Darcy saying that she was not good-looking enough, but she told her best friend Charlotte: As long as his pride does not hurt me, I will forgive him. 

In her conversation with him, she could not find any clues of resentment or blame, because she never had these in her heart. It was obvious that this little woman was very mindful. When she stood with the snobbery and hypocritical Miss Bingley, Darcy saw the pros and cons at a glance.


       Her advantage can also be extended to the following plot to reflect. At the end of the novel, Lydia and Wakeham eloped. This incident was a big blow to Elizabeth because it meant that the future happiness of all the sisters would be in vain, and it would be possible for everyone to resent if they changed. But she didn't. 

Even after they used their marriage to cover up the scandal with the help of others, she urged her father to allow them to visit her natal home, and she still treated her with courtesy after she had insight into Wakeham's various evils. Later, when Darcy's aunt heard that Darcy had affection for Elizabeth, she hurried to try to stop her. After marrying Darcy, Elizabeth persuaded Darcy to take the initiative to reconcile with his wife. This mind is indeed extraordinary.

       In Niger, they have many chats and even debates. I always feel that those translations are not satisfactory. I have read them many times and still are unreasonable, or I always feel that there are still some meanings that have not been translated. I summarized it roughly. These conversations probably expressed that Elizabeth was quick-thinking, very independent, and very personal. 

At the same time, it expressed that Darcy was also a very independent and individual person, and he had no intention of showing that Darcy was actually in front of acquaintances. Quite ridiculous. Of course, it also expresses that Miss Bingley loves to pretend, but there is nothing in her mind and Bingley's simplicity and innocence.

       In the conversation, when talking about the insights about girls' versatility, Darcy said that girls still need to read more books to be excellent. This seemingly unintentional remark is actually very important. Although there is an old Chinese saying that women’s ignorance is a virtue, this is an age-old lie. 

In fact, everyone should understand in their hearts that women who are full of poetry and books can gain the love of outstanding people. And even have the opportunity to stay in history. Girls who like to read can also win the respect of men. Elizabeth should be more passionate about reading. Although the article doesn't explain much about her interest in reading, it can be concluded from the words.

      The exchange of language and the change of image made Darcy's love for Elizabeth become clear, but the waves were not big, and he could still be blocked by the high walls he built. In order to restrain his admiration, Darcy began to deliberately avoid Elizabeth. 

Darcy made a despicable decision for his little secret and conspired with Miss Bingley to separate Bingley and Jane. His reason is very grand, in order to help good friends avoid bad marriages! In fact, he knew in his heart that Bingley had such a good relationship with him. Once Bin married Jane, he would inevitably see Elizabeth often, but he was afraid that the emotional tide would not be within his control in the future. 

The reason why he did this does not need to be added. He despised Elizabeth’s background, her family, and her relatives. The book has a similar meaning that if Elizabeth was not humbled because of her status, Darcy would have held a rose on one knee long ago. Kneel down.

       Girls have to have girlfriends. Because a good girlfriend gives your soul an extra harbor. After all, what you can say to your mother is different from what you can say to your girlfriends. At the same time, girlfriends often bring you many unexpected opportunities. Elizabeth's best friend is Lucas Charlotte. At the time in Charlotte's house, the interaction of the two girls playing the piano attracted some of Darcy's attention. 

In many cases, Elizabeth's confusion can always be relieved by Charlotte. Charlotte married Elizabeth's cousin Colin for the sake of wealth, which made Elizabeth sad for a long time, and there was even a gap between the two. But then Elizabeth forgave her. Because Charlotte really has no choice. Charlotte is smart and honest enough to be Elizabeth's good girlfriend. After the marriage, she invited Elizabeth to be a guest at home. 

I have to say that there is a coincidence in it. Because Charlotte's neighbor happened to be Darcy's aunt, and Darcy also visited her aunt during Elizabeth's visit. But according to the text, it means that Darcy knew Elizabeth was there before he came, so there was a deliberate intention in the coincidence. 

While poor Darcy was planning to prevent Jane and Bingley from meeting in London, he ran all the way to see Elizabeth, guessing that his left and right hands had always been rock-paper-scissors.

       The girl who went with Elizabeth to Mrs. Catherine's (Aunt Darcy)’s house and Charlotte’s sister Mary. Mary is a supporting role and naturally can’t get on the stage, but her stage fright is fatal to her, and the lady basically treats her as Transparent, always only talking to Elizabeth. 

It is said in the book that Miss Elizabeth was calm, polite, and generous in front of her wife. Even her wife praised her for her demeanor in front of Charlotte. If it weren't for the threat to her interests, she would have always appreciated Elizabeth. Anyone who can impress this arrogant lady, on this point, doesn't doubt Darcy's vision.

       Darcy thought he was a sane person, but when the more and more perfect Elizabeth appeared in front of him, he finally couldn't bear it. Can't stand it anymore, go and propose, it ended in a disastrous defeat! Refusal is necessary. It is necessary to develop the needs from the story and from the development of the relationship. 

The refusal is not for the sake of wanting to get caught, but for Elizabeth in this situation, if she does not refuse, she is not worthy of Darcy to cherish. First of all, Elizabeth has no emotional foundation for Darcy, and she has no idea that Darcy is in love with herself. Why is this so? 

In addition to the prejudice in the theme of the story, there is another reason that Elizabeth is a person with a steady heart, and is not driven by Darcy's wealth. At the same time, she is also a very self-respecting girl. She thinks Darcy is very arrogant, so She would never allow herself to flatter or pay more attention to such people. 

Secondly, before Darcy proposes, Elizabeth has just learned that Darcy has ruined her sister's marriage. As I said before, she will never fall in love with someone who destroys her sister's happiness. This is against her own true temperament. Once again, Darcy has been irritated by how crude and humble Elizabeth's relatives are. 

Elizabeth is a very stubborn person. She would never be wronged at all. Even though this marriage has countless benefits, she would never accept that she was so humiliated. Finally, Elizabeth is a compassionate person. Due to Wakeham's framing, she does not know the truth and thinks Darcy is a very bad moral person. 

If there were so many prerequisites, she also promised to marry him, even Darcy would despise her in the days after the marriage. This was a sincere rejection, and Elizabeth did not consider gains and losses at all. She didn't think about how wealthy it would be to marry this person, and she didn't think about what a good opportunity to marry herself was. 

She herself did not expect that it was this true temperament that made her gain a lot. Darcy resolved her heart knot one by one, finally letting the two people realize the joy of two people, and realizing her desire to marry for love. This is something.

       Elizabeth got a marriage proposal from Darcy on the conditions of a prince, even if his way was a little inappropriate, and his attitude was too arrogant and arrogant, but for a daughter's family, what a thing to show off. If Lydia is changed, it is estimated that the entire UK will know. 

But Elizabeth didn't mention a word in her girlfriend's home, and she went to live in her uncle's house for a few days without revealing it. She didn't talk to her sister Jane until she returned home. This calm and calmness can be done by a few girls.

       If this can be understood as a kind of emotional control ability, Elizabeth can rise to a higher level. When faced with the pressure of others deliberately making things difficult, she always answered without hurried, humble, or humbly, letting the other person ask themselves for boring. 

Let me talk about the conversation with Mrs. Catherine first. Mrs. Catherine's very tall figure and domineering personality made people daunting. But Elizabeth, who is petite and humble, is never overwhelmed by her. "The rumors say that my aunt and nephew Darcy asked you to marry me. It is impossible. Would you tell me?" "If you say it is impossible, why bother to ask? You are not afraid that you will come to me and let the rumors come true?" Did Darcy propose to you?" "No." "Then you promise me not to accept his proposal." "I'm sorry, I won't agree." ...

       Darcy and Elizabeth's love, apart from threatening Catherine His interests also interfered with Miss Bingley’s dream. She has been looking forward to forming a good relationship with Darcy. So when she saw Darcy invited Elizabeth to the house, she was so jealous that she said sarcastically: "The legions next to your house have moved away. It's a loss to you." (The implication is that the sisters of the Ban family acted. Don't pick it up, and hang out with the men of the Legion all day long.) 

This is indeed a knot for Elizabeth because her two youngest sisters do have shortcomings in that respect. But Elizabeth adjusted her emotions a bit and said: "It's really a pity that the legion has left because the army and the people live in harmony, and they are very happy with each other, but it is not a pity that some people who are false and deceive come and go." Bin. Miss Gurley's face turned red and white. This answer made Darcy couldn't help but cast a compliment on Elizabeth.

      Putting it all together, it can be roughly seen that Elizabeth is a very easy person to get along with. This is Darcy's first request to take a wife because he needs to see the peace of his sister-in-law. The novel finally proves this point.

      Having said a lot of nonsense, now let’s summarize the advantages of Elizabeth that can capture the heart of Darcy who is in good condition: 
  1. The rich connotation can make the eyes bright; 
  2. Good communication skills show personal charm; 
  3. It has to be a little bit Young talents attract attention; 
  4. A healthy body and mind can give people a sense of vitality; 
  5. Sincere feelings, no matter whether they are relatives or friends(people with true temperaments can attract people with true temperaments); 
  6. There is a mind that can accommodate(A narrow-minded person is easily disgusting); 
  7. Everyone's demeanor(can be understood as a self-confident temperament); 
  8. A strong heart and can withstand pressure; 
  9. Vanity must be appropriate and not excessive; 
  10. Easy to get along with; 
  11. Self-esteem, and self-love. 
When you have all these advantages, coupled with a pretty appearance, you will convince yourself that in fact, Elizabeth's counterattack against Gao Fushuai is not an idiot.

      Therefore, the adopted daughter should be like Elizabeth, and Darcy is waiting for her not far away. 

Reading Notes

There are several books beside my pillow all year round. One of them is Pride and Prejudice, which has been with me for almost ten years. Many nights when I couldn't sleep, I would open it and read a passage, whether it was Darcy and Elizabeth at the ball. A sparkling confrontation or Mrs. Bennet's neurotic nagging.

Jane Austen's wisdom always makes me fall in love. I smile knowingly and then fall asleep recalling the familiar plot.

Jane Austen's life is unremarkable. She almost She has never left the rural town where she lives, so there are never any historical plots in her books, nor are there any passionate accusations and revelations about the dark world.

She only relies on her sensitive observation talent and excellent language. She has the ability to repeatedly write about ordinary people in her life, their little happiness, little troubles, their little calculations, and their little tricks.

Although those stories all took place in the British countryside in the 19th century, they are still lively and vivid today, and she may call them vivid. She is not a great writer, but she is definitely the smartest author and the loveliest woman in my heart.

The women written by Jane Austen still live in our world today, some of them are like Charlotte, cold and cold. 

Being sober and decisive, seizing the opportunity, and choosing a marriage that does not require love is a bit like Lydia, who is rash and naive, thinking she is brave for love, but is actually just a bargaining chip for worldly interests.

Some are like Mei, who is plain-looking, self-admiring, and superficially regards men as stupid. Some are like Jane, who is weak, kind, passive, and reserved, and has no courage to save her love when she sees it disappear.

There are also the vain Bingley sisters, the simple Miss Darcy, and of course, there are women like Elizabeth.

Gentle and firm, smart and open-minded, she never compromises even if she has to bear the price of lifelong loneliness.

She thoroughly understands all disappointments and flaws but understands them tolerantly.

She is such a good girl who deserves to be cherished, just like Jane Austen, and the reality is always It is impossible for such a happy life to happen.

Jane Austen never married. Her only good friend was her sister Cassandra. Her wisdom and mischief, her stubbornness and gentleness finally did not wait for someone as worthy as Darcy to appreciate her. I have many friends around me, women like Jane Austen.

They are talented and independent. They face life seriously. They also work hard to enrich their hearts and feel the beauty of the world. They also know how to take good care of themselves. I have loved others fiercely, but now I am alone.

They are like the pink and white peaches and plums blooming in the valley. Even if no one appreciates them, they still want to live richly. They understand life and should live for themselves.

In fact, they have always been reluctant to happy endings. The stories always feel like they are whitewashing the peace, but Pride and Prejudice never feels like this.

All the women got their best ending. The happiness she gave them was the happiness she gave to herself.

She taught us this way, Don’t despair of the world because of a little loneliness.
The ending does not feel harsh at all but is filled with happiness and warmth within reach. 

Continue to embrace beautiful hopes, not because of naivety but because we believe in ourselves and have the ability to make ourselves happy no matter what. Whether that person finally exists or not, we are all the most beautiful and unique women.

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