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Best Stephen King Books for Beginners must-read in 2022

Today we will talk about the 10 Best Stephen King Books for Beginners and What are the best Stephen King books for beginners? 

Stephen Edwin King (September 21,1947), is a prolific and award-winning American best-selling author. He has written scripts, and column comments, and served as a film director, producer, and actor. 

Stephen King's works have sold more than 350 million copies, and he is known for his horror novels, which vividly summarize the entire development history of this category. 

His works also include science fiction, fantasy, short stories, non-fiction, film and television scripts, and stage scripts. Most of the works have been adapted to other media, such as movies, TV series, and comic books. He was awarded the Medal for Outstanding Contribution to American Literature in 2003.

I personally think that there is Stephen King among the classic American horror writers is indispensable. Stephen King is an American novelist with the most readers, reputation, and reputation in the world today. In the United States and Europe, his name is almost well known by women and children. 
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10 Best Stephen King Books for Beginners

Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine. When he was two years old, his father suddenly ran away from home and never returned. At the age of fourteen, he found a box in the attic of his home containing some horror novels from his father's collection. Since then, he has become obsessed with horror novels and aspires to become a horror novel writer.

Stephen King was always anxious, ever since he found out that he fell in love with writing. In 1954, at the age of seven, he dropped out of school due to illness and lay in bed all day reading comics. Encouraged by her mother, she created a four-page magical animal story and won a dollar contribution fee from her mother. He consciously opened a door to "possibility" in his life, but anxiety also began.

At different stages of life, this anxiety about writing appears in different ways. "Rejection" is of course one of them, but it is not serious. For a 14-year-old teenager who enjoys writing, the nail hanging on the wall that was rejected fell off because it could not bear the weight. 

At best, it was enough to replace it with a longer one. Such as "Writing well, but not suitable for us. You are very talented, let's work harder!" Rejection comments made him greatly encouraged, and he felt that there was endless hope and an unlimited future.

From the 1980s to the 1990s, Stephen King's novels have always been at the top of the list of novels in the United States bestsellers list over the years, and they have been on the list for a long time. Therefore, he is regarded as the king of horror novels by the younger generation. 

No matter what your taste in thriller or dramatic tome is, King has something to tempt you. Just be careful once you dive into it you don't start seeing killer clowns lurking in the sewers ...

To be honest, it's very difficult to condense all of King's work into a concise list of the best. The man is so prolific, he is insane!

So, I'll start this by saying that the books on this list are just my personal picks. These are novels that I think are a good introduction to King's masterful storytelling style. I have also excluded his short stories/novels, focusing solely on his full publications.

1. Carrie  


Book Review: Carrie by Stephen King

This book deserves to be the best work. There is no clear value judgment in this book. Stephen King understands that the immaturity, cruelty, and selfishness of youth are just a closed epitome of adulthood. The publicity and rebellion of individuality are but the other side of the closure.

Explore in self-contradiction. When everyone is committed to describing the suffering of youth, the grace of love, and other contrived themes, Stephen Golden Spear has keenly and decisively smelled the true taste of youth, that is, the inevitable fear and the powerlessness of resistance.

Stephen King demonstrated in this book his unsurpassed narrative skills. The same theme may become boring in the hands of others, but he does a good job. Rather than saying that he has a cute brushstroke, it is better to say that his perception is extremely keen, and at every step of the development of the matter, he can have insight into everyone's heart, when to express emotions and when to narrate, he is using perception to know.

Stephen King's personal charm is revealed in this book. The attitude of contemporary literary circles towards girls is, without exception, praise. In their descriptions, girls have become synonymous with a desire for knowledge, perseverance to fight against fate, kindness, and bravery. 

Occasionally, there are young girls who are coy, like to show off, win the favor of others or are vicious in their hearts, but they are all kind of blunt, in order to make up for the bigger flaws, and the technical deliberate setting. 

Obviously, at this point, Stephen King took off his hypocritical coat and sank to the bottom like a diver. It is viciousness, hypocrisy, and weakness. This is a flaw in human nature.No matter who it is, whether it is a man or woman, it is something carved in the bone marrow. No one can use literary means to cover up.

Looking at the writing ideas of an article, you can roughly judge the personality charm of the author.

2. The Shining

Originally, Stephen King's novels were all used as hypnotic readings by me. There are a lot of delicate and easy life descriptions of characters in his books, which are very non-dramatic.

    At least I thought so when I first started.

    Because I have the habit of reading my favorite novels over and over again, for example, "The Silent Lamb" has been read more than twenty times, and I am basically familiar enough to memorize it, so I can't accept the adaptation of the movie.

   "The Shining" is similar, but every time I watch it again, it feels more terrifying. Obviously, it is a familiar plot, but because I am more and more familiar with every detail of the novel, every time I read it, the feeling of the novel becomes more vivid and clearer. The bone-chilling cold and horror are very different. It's hard to describe in words.

    Compared to Joey hiding "The Shining" in the refrigerator, I understand it very well, because I now wrap the cover of this novel, then press it under a thick pile of military novels and comedy novels, and then lock it in the cabinet. 

    I don't feel scared anymore, hehe. I've seen too many horror novels, horror movies, etc. Except for the kind of work that challenges my stomach with blood, if there is any story that can scare me from the beginning "The Shining" is the one that is so cold that he is too scared to sleep. It's only this work that frightens me so persistently.

    I am sure that any reader who does not think "The Shining" is scary, has not read it carefully and has not experienced the feeling of immersion in it.

3.  It: A Novel 

I remember that When I read this novel, the title was translated into "Dead Light" and it is now republished. It became "It", but after reading the original book, my friends felt that it was seriously unfinished, and the later themes were too rough. 

When I was young, I hid my book under the textbook in the summer afternoon class when the daylight was abundant and drowsy, and I quickly scanned the stories on the yellowed pages in a frightened manner. At that time, I was just immersed in those horrible plots, and I was often startled in cold sweat by the sudden ringing of the get out of the class bell. 

I still remember the scene when I was too addicted to the story and my hands and feet were soft, but the details of the story have long been forgotten. As written in the book, children's imagination is endless, but at the same time, courage is also endless. We are fragile and powerful. No matter how much fright we have experienced, we still sleep till dawn when we touch our pillows at night.

        What does growth take away? After re-reading this book, I finally realized that what lies under the huge horror shell is nothing more than an interpretation of growth and a recount of the past and childhood. Yes, there are always nightmares and fears in the darkness of childhood. 

We are afraid of them and avoid them, but at the same time, we also firmly believe that there will always be something to overcome them. We firmly believe that evil can overcome righteousness, warriors will always fight against evil dragons, and light will always overshadow darkness. 

At that time, each of us had faith. Even if all kinds of setbacks make you deeply sad, there will always be something you will remember forever. They are precious and beautiful, and they are still lifelike after years.
       "We continued to struggle forward, sailing against the current, being pushed back and forth until we returned to the past."

       I almost shed tears when I saw the last few pages. When looking back through the fog of time, who has never felt the almost sad sweetness?

       "Leave, leave Delhi. We're leaving. Assuming this is a story, it's the last five or six pages. Prepare to put the book on the shelf and forget it forever."

         No, I won't forget. Don't forget the youthful years, don't forget the alleys where you ran in your childhood, don't forget how young and strong you were, both brave and strong, believing in love, faith, and believing that you can fulfill your dreams.

         Can you still be a child, safe because of faith, and at the same time afraid of the dark?

4. Pet Sematary 

If the main theme of the novel is summarized to a high degree, it is the price of love. Because of love, there is a pet cemetery; because of love, Irene cannot leave her kittens, because of love, Louis resurrects the kittens; because of love, Louis resurrects his son ... even though the result is bloody. Because of their love for his son, even if the son is resurrected and turned into a monster, even if the son is resurrected and turned into dementia, Louis will not hesitate. 

Maybe everything was too happy and unrealistic in the previous period. This family of four has almost no problems: a loving couple, a smart daughter, a healthy and lively son, and a naughty kitten (according to the author's original words, "Happiness makes people feel cruel"), so there will be suffering afterward.

  If the concept of the novel can be summarized at a high level, it is an extended version of "Monkey Paw", but "Monkey Paw" leaves all the horrible associations to readers, while "Pet Cemetery" tears up everything we don't want to see. 

  Before us. We hope that this family of four can be happy forever, at least not to experience successive devastating blows, but the kitten is still dead, Gage is still dead, and the resurrected Gage happens to be the most brutal of all resurrected One, Chad is also dead, Rachel is also dead, the story is over.

  As always, the story is not about blood or cruelty to create horror but to create an atmosphere of horror through subtle environmental descriptions. The cat's resurrection didn't make any horrible changes, it just became clumsy, its eyes became weird, and its predation became more fierce, but it still makes your back chill; The woods leading to the pet cemetery have no monsters that you can see directly. But the haunting white mist, crazy laughter, and the flickering light all made people feel suffocating and terrified.

  Many people say that the novel is a little anticlimactic, and the ending climax is too short, but it is not addictive, but I think it is just right to write it this way. Too much description is nothing more than Chad and Rachel who were trampled by Geki to be inhumane, nothing more than a scene of blood spray, nothing more than naked horror, but Jin is not so popular, maybe because he wants to embody more of it. Despair is the despair born of love. Imagine a mother hugs her lost child with great joy, but the child hides a knife in his little hand and wants to eat his mother ...

  After reading the novel, my heart is full of love for real life. We should cherish the people and things around us, and do not leave regrets even if we lose them, because the world is so, if we insist on changing it, we will be punished. There are still people who have died in love in real life. If there is such a pet cemetery, can we guarantee that we will not be tempted by it? Its evil, irresistible temptation?

5.  Misery: A Novel

I chose this book at the beginning because I saw Stephen King's series in the library, and I chose it when I saw this row number ... Who knows that I was fascinated after reading it. I have to stop reading. Okay, I have been rushing to the subject.

      For many years, I have always longed for the characters I like to get their own ending, whether it’s a happy life or satisfying death... It’s just that this is the only book I have always I hope that the protagonist can die soon, get rid of the big demon Annie, and avoid being tortured and imprisoned by Annie.

        To be honest, I sympathize with Paul, and I feel sorry for him. He was supposed to be a glamorous writer who was sought after by readers. Because of a car accident, he became a nightmare. He had broken limbs in order to escape constantly trying to write. He Perseveres, he worked hard. As a reader, I couldn’t bear the suffering he suffered, but let the Buddha witness his tears and hear his hissing desperate roar...

         In the book, after being chopped off by Annie, Paul was desperate and dizzy. He always thought that the motivation for supporting him to continue writing and trying to escape was the resurrection of suffering, including me. As a result... his persistence turned out to be revenge on Annie. I have to say that Paul is also a dark negative energy figure. 

Even though Paul’s tenacious perseverance is revealed in the book, Stephen King did not deliberately emphasize it but used terrible psychological derivation to explain a creepy storybook. There are also frequent questions of "Can you do it?" "You can't do it?" Paul kept asking himself, constantly urging himself to kill Anne personally, personally revenge Anne this crazy woman, but it was not yet the time when Paul fled. 

After that, in fact, Annie never died. Her soul was always in Paul’s mind. Nightmares appeared frequently. Paul would never forget his experience. With gratitude and fear, she continued to write with tears. This is him. The final value, the value to oneself, and the experience of confessing to him finally came to light.

6. The Dark Tower I

Now a major motion picture starring Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba.

“An impressive work of mythic magnitude that may turn out to be Stephen King’s greatest literary achievement” (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution), The Gunslinger is the first volume in the epic Dark Tower Series.

A #1 national bestseller, The Gunslinger introduces readers to one of Stephen King’s most powerful creations, Roland of Gilead: The Last Gunslinger. He is a haunting figure, a loner on a spellbinding journey into good and evil. In his desolate world, which mirrors our own in frightening ways, Roland tracks The Man in Black, encounters an enticing woman named Alice, and begins a friendship with the boy from New York named Jake.

Inspired in part by the Robert Browning narrative poem, “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came,” The Gunslinger is "a compelling whirlpool of a story that draws one irretrievable to its center” (Milwaukee Sentinel). It is “brilliant and fresh…and will leave you panting for more” (Booklist).

Perhaps this book is more attractive to European and American readers. Sometimes when I read this book, I know what the author means and what kind of emotional cooperation I should show, but I just can't get excited. The rhythm of the language is always so gentle and not anxious, even when it comes to the most anxious place.

   However, the end of the book is still very exciting. It has a rather grand perspective and time, which transcends personal emotions and contradictions of the times and directly points to some of our eternal concerns. This aspect needs to be gradually experienced. But at this point, it is enough to make Gunman our hero.

7. Different Seasons: Four Novellas

There are four very good short stories in the book, three of which are said to have been made into movies, including "Shawshank's Redemption". Stephen King is worthy of a master in plot control and psychological description, and he is probably in the same line as his writing horror novels. 

He always shows you a corner of the climax first, and then slowly builds up the background and process of the climax, showing you how incredible things have led to the climax, and all the losses, regrets, and meanings that follow. It makes people want to stop.
I found that this book can be used to discuss with the opposite sex the most, and it can best help me pack my temperament and connotation, so there is no waste of time, and the pain of a straight male breath I endured is not in vain, which is quite good. 

In the future, you can try to think more about books, about yourself, about life, about your career, talk more, do more, give yourself more, and read other books as well. It is very worthwhile to be able to tell stories in combination with yourself. Youth, time, money, and energy. It has always been like this. 

The book that I discussed with my yoga teacher at the time was amazing. I was very satisfied with it, especially with a book that I forced myself to read. The choice was right.

This shows from the side the popularity of this book, which is the display of the melody about freedom, childhood, and beauty. Of course, I still have to remind you that this is also A horror novel, the author spends a lot of pen and ink to describe blood and horror, and even uses blood to create drama, which is not suitable for teenagers. 

8. The Stand


Book Review: The Stand by Stephen King 

It takes a long time and it is difficult to finish reading...At this time when the epidemic is spreading, it will make people deeply sigh that the sentence that art comes from life is very appropriate, and it turns out that reality is the real magical novel. 

In this doomsday world constructed by Stephen King, except for the evil existence of the dark man, basically, most of the plots are real existences that are very likely to happen. Compared with reality, you will feel that it is no exaggeration.

Finally finished reading the original work of The Stand, and let out a long sigh! Both the character portrayal from a young age, and the views and thinking on history, politics, and religion from a larger perspective are epic-level excitement. 

History is the scars of mankind's repeated past sins. Larry Underwood is not one of my favorite Golden Lord characters, I really love him too much, crying, words can't describe.

9. 'Salem's Lot

In the beginning, the development of the story was relatively slow, and most of them were laying the groundwork. In the second half of the story, the rhythm began to be tight, which is also the more exciting part of the book.

In the past, most of the understanding of vampires came from film and television works: "Twilight", "The Vampire Diaries", "Vampire in Brooklyn", "Like Blood", "Elf"... Most of the vampires in the film and television works are handsome and handsome, even Kind and beautiful, but apparently this book started to make me realize the true cruelty of vampires.

From a human standpoint, they are dark and terrifying and must be eliminated, but these are all based on the fact that they take human lives. If vampires drink artificial blood as some film and television works say, they might live in peace with humans.

I think the text is relatively weaker in terms of expression of terror than the pictures. If this book is made into a movie, then I probably wouldn't dare to read it. But if it is text, I will feel more comfortable.

I used to like darkness sometimes. It can contain and hide all my pains and sorrows without being noticed by others. But when I read this book, I think sunlight, daylight, and flame are such beautiful things. 

10. The Dead Zone


Book Review: The Dead Zone by Stephen King 

Nice! So lovely! Stephen King is really a genius for writing stories!

      "Powerful, nervous, fascinating, like a magnet attracting a needle!"--"Houston Post"

      "The rhythm is perfect... the heart is always holding."--"Los Angeles Times"

      "His works inherit the great tradition of American literature focusing on plot and atmosphere, and reflect the beauty and tragic moral truth deep in the human soul."-Review of the National Book Foundation of the United States.

      These evaluations are extremely pertinent. When I turned to the first page, I was deeply attracted. It has been a long time since I had forgotten to sleep and eat for a book, just like watching a blockbuster with no urine points throughout. It is about special people with inexplicable and supernatural powers, about politics, religion, beliefs, and beliefs, about the good and evil of human nature... 

You can't predict what will happen next. It's unpredictable but reasonable, showing strong imagination and power. creativity. The suspenseful atmosphere and depth of thinking are both compact and fascinating. The whole novel is full of profound humanistic thinking, creating a lovely, warm, attractive, charismatic, and heart-wrenching John, so clear as if standing in front of you, within reach.

      "A prediction about the disaster, will you choose to avoid disputes or stick to justice?" There is no element of horror and horror. What you gain from it is more moving and thinking. Let us see a person's loneliness in the face of having superpowers that the world cannot understand, and the pain and courage to alone save people from war disasters. 

Stephen King's brushstroke descriptions are very graphic. Holding this book, there are clear pictures in his head as if watching a movie at the same time. I looked it up, and I didn't even make a movie when I wrote this book. It's a pity, what a great script and character!

      In short, it's really a good book! Thanks, Stephen King!

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