15 Christmas contemporary romance books for winter holiday in 2022

Today we will talk about Christmas contemporary romance books for the winter holiday in 2022. Hi booklovers welcome back to my blog, it is almost Christmas hopefully by the time I write this article it is not Christmas just yet 

but I have spent the past week binging on a bunch of popular contemporary romance books and the best contemporary romance novels in 2022

I ended up finishing 15 contemporary Christmas romance books for Winter Holiday and it was a pretty successful week it has definitely gotten me even more into the holiday mood 

most of these were the best contemporary romance novels of all time though which is why I could read again so many of them. 


15 Christmas contemporary romance books for the winter holiday in 2022

But I just wanted to share with you all Christmas contemporary romance books that I read if you're still in the mood for reading some cute Christmas romance books by the best contemporary romance authors then definitely check these ones out. 

I really enjoyed these romance books for Winter Holiday so stick with my reviews for these great festive holiday reads.

These are the top 15 Christmas contemporary romance books you should read for the winter holiday season of 2022.

1. Fire Night: A Devil's Night Holiday Novella 

The first book that kicked off my holiday romance reading was actually 'fire night' by Penelope Douglas. This one I honestly did not know it was gonna be a holiday-themed kind of novella it is a book in the devil's night series 

so this one you can't really read until you've already read all four books in the series but I'm a huge Penelope Douglas fan I will read anything and everything from her. 

I had so much fun being back in the devil's night world with Michael kai Damon and will this novella is told from all four of the guys' points of view plus a bonus point of view for the epilogue but this one is a holiday novella, winter novella because fire night is a holiday celebrating the yuletide the winter solstice 

it's a new holiday that all four of our couples have started celebrating ever since they started their families so it's like another tradition in addition to devil's night we're back in thunder bay it's all snowy and wintry. 

it's a fairly long novella I don't really think Penelope Douglas can ever write anything short which I love her for but it's not devil's night without some action and suspense which there is a little bit of towards the end of this novella so I gave fire night four stars 

I just loved being back with all these characters seeing how they are grown up as parents and seeing all their kids there are so so many kids and the end does leave you wanting more especially from that epilogue which is told from a certain character's point of view. 

I don't know if I'd want an entire whole series about second-generation kids there are certain characters that I would love stories for like madden ethos and Octavia madden kind banks' son ethos is Michael Enrique's daughter and Octavia Damon and winter's daughter 

so those three I would love stories just because they're so intriguing to me but I'm just so happy Penelope Douglas gave us this novella and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us.

2. Forever Wild: A Novella 

Next, another longish Christmas holiday novella that I read which is also part of a series that I love is 'forever wild' by k.a tucker this is part of the simple wild series book so it's set after wild heart I love the simple wild it's one of my favorite books I also enjoyed the sequel wild at heart.

I loved this novella I gave 'forever wild' five stars I just love this novella I loved this ending to Kala and jonah's story I do believe this is the actual ending for their story though we will be getting more books set in Alaska but just about different characters a different couple but in this novella, it is Christmas in Alaska jonah's family 

and callous family are all flying up to their Alaskan home to celebrate Christmas and jonah and Kala are still engaged we get to see how happy and in love jonah and Keller how wonderful a couple they've become after all that they went through they are so cute and adorable in this novella. 

But I was just so happy seeing how happy they were together there's some family drama going on that Kala and jonah are trying to decide whether they should get married immediately or not it was all just a perfect conclusion to their story it's a very bittersweet ending I mean I loved it but I also I'm super sad that this is the end for Kala and jonah 

but we will get to see them some more in later books because k tucker is writing some more books set in Alaska about some side characters we were introduced to in the series and I'm so so happy about that I also read some other novellas some shorter novellas.

3. Making Merry 

This one is 'Making Merry' by Kerrigan Byrne this one is actually part of the good girl series but I haven't read it yet so I didn't really see the connection to anything and I read fine as a standalone this one I'm giving it three and a half stars it's very very close to a four-star read but I just wanted a little bit more from it it is a historical romance with a paranormal twist because one of our main characters the hero is a ghost I've read a couple of ghost romances in the past and loved them. 

So I was so so excited to see Kerrigan burn writing one Vanessa is our heroine she's pretty much been exiled by her family and currently, she's been traveling through the Scottish highlands but then a blizzard shows up she gets stuck at an old inn and that's where she meets our ghost hero Jonathan. 

Jonathan is actually British like Vanessa he's not Scottish unfortunately but he did die during the battle of Kaladin which I only know because of outlander he was an earl and he does have a descendant that Vanessa actually met at one time and the two of them looked very very similar you can kind of see how this ghost romance will play out pretty much from the beginning of the book. 

But I just really enjoyed Vanessa and Jonathan the romance is very quick lots of chemistry going on between them Jonathan luckily can take on a more physical form because of the day that Vanessa arrives so they can touch each other and they do. 

I really like this novella I liked how Jonathan and Vanessa met and fell in love but I kind of wanted a little bit more towards the end this miracle happens that you do expect but I kind of wanted it to be a little bit more to it things wrapped up a little bit too quickly neatly for me but I mean it is a novella so you can't really expect that much still it was a good novella really great for Christmas lots of winter vibes and if you love Kerrigan burn definitely read this one.

4. A Touch of Sugar 

The next novella that I read was 'A Touch of Sugar' by Christina C. Jones this is actually the third novella in a series I haven't read the other two but I knew this one was the Christmas novella. 

I like this one I gave it three stars it's more like the beginnings of a romance than an actual romance but it was a sweet novella we do have the hole stuck in a cabin together during a snowstorm trope true the heroine is feeling the Christmas blues because her boyfriend, her late boyfriend actually passed away during Christmas this year she decides to drive out to the forest and chop down her own tree for Christmas she's always wanted a real-life tree and that's what she's gonna get. 

Unfortunately, it's not that easy to chop down her own tree and she ends up finding a tree that's on land that belongs to our hero Xavier they actually know each other already he ends up saving her and taking her back to his cabin because of a snowstorm is coming in the two of them have always kind of had their eye on each other but nothing ever really was explored because they were with other people but now they're stuck together in this cabin they need to stick together in bed for warmth. 

It's a good novella that sets up their romance but doesn't really explore the actual romance it's a quick short novella we have characters who are really fun and have great chemistry together Zave does act hot and cold a bit too much but still, it was a good read I really enjoyed Pru and save together.

5. The Office Party 


The Office Party (Holiday Homecoming Book 1) by Whitney G.

Next up I read 'The Office Party' by Whitney G. This was fun, it was pretty much what I expected from a holiday romance from Whitney G. 

I was actually in the middle of reading my holiday and I was so so excited but if you can tell from this title it is an office romance it's a boss-employee romance we have a jerk hero who is the CEO of the company and a heroine who likes to make fun of the boss along with her co-workers and is so tired of him Garrett 

and savannah have been circling each other for years there's always been some good tension between them anytime they're together they always end up pushing each other's buttons every year for Christmas. 

The company has the secret Santa tradition and this year savannah gets Garrett the big boss she accidentally gives him the vibrator that her sister gifted him and that's when things start to come together for the romance this one was quick and short again there's not much to it it is still very entertaining if you like characters with lots of banter you'll enjoy this one 

I do wish we get a little bit more time exploring these two in their story but if you have read Whitney g's other novellas and you do know what to expect it was still fun and it definitely hit the spot for a short and steamy Christmas novella.

6. Ho! Ho! Ho!: A Christmas Short  


Ho! Ho! Ho!: A Christmas Short by Rilzy Adams

The last novella that I read was "Ho Ho Ho" by Rilzy Adams. I have been wanting to read woolsey Adams for a while I know sill from the book voyagers loves her so I finally found the perfect excuse to read her with this Christmas short. 

It is fairly similar to the other novellas that I read where things are you know really short and fast but I ended up liking this one just a little bit more than the other ones the writing was great and I really like the unique setup to the story, Mila, 

the heroine is newly divorced one Christmas she ends up telling her sob story to the bartender at the bar that she ends up at to jb about how her ex-husband was a lying cheat jb ends up encouraging her to have some fun with her newly single life, not with him surprisingly 

but with other men to start dating and having fun sleeping around the next Christmas she ends up running into jb and it's like the stars align and it's the perfect time for them to get together she tells them about the steamy fun that she had in the years since they first met and they finally end up together like they always wanted from the beginning. 

This was really steamy I didn't really expect a hero who wanted to hear about the heroine being with other men I like the concept I really like these two characters and their chemistry so this one worked really well for me.

7. A Warm Heart in Winter 

The first one is 'A Warm Heart in Winter' by J.R. Ward. This one is the book of the black dagger brotherhood series. It is a follow-up to belay and Quinn from lover's last book 11. last year we also did get another winter romance from J.R. Ward. So I'm guessing this is going to be like an annual tradition and even though I haven't been loving these books. 

I'm still happy that Jared ward is writing these winter romances I gave 'A Warm Heart in Winter' three stars, I still liked it I did love being back in the black tiger brotherhood world with Blaine Quinn, I love these two, and I loved to love her last but it ended up being pretty depressing which was not really what I wanted to read or feel in a winter romance 

So in this book Blay and Quinn are living their happy lives they are loving and happy parents to two children co-parenting with Layla and Xcor but one thing that is missing is the fact that they never really gone through the mating ritual we've actually seen this mating ritual in some earlier books. it's this formal mating marriage ceremony for the vampires in this world but surprisingly Blaine Quinn just never got around to doing that. 

But unfortunately, before these two can start planning for this mating ritual Quinn's brother Lucas ends up dying and that's what the majority of this book is about Quinn is dealing with grief and loss, and depression Blaise trying to navigate how to help Quinn through this a lot of heartbreak 

and grief from Quinn's past is also brought up because of this and surprisingly the one brother who connects most with Quinn is Zadis I loved seeing z again we get to see him so much more and how even though he's already overcome so much there are always things that need to be dealt with which is why he's still in therapy. 

I did enjoy this one but the whole plot surrounding Quinn and his past family I just got a little bit bored with because it's so dragged out if it was shorter I probably could have enjoyed it more because I still love Blaine Quinn so much and bonus we get more of z plus we get to see Lassiter who is always entertaining. 

The story doesn't really add much to the whole grand scheme of the series but it is a good treat for the series with lots of winter vibes with the whole brotherhood and their families being stuck at their mansion because of the snowstorm. This one is a great one to read it's not mind-blowing or anything but like I said it's a great treat for fans of the series.

8. In a Holidaze 

The next book that I read for my holiday Christmas is 'In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren. This one I honestly didn't really have that many expectations going into it because I was slightly disappointed with a few of Christina Lauren's newer releases they were veering more towards the woman's fiction side of romance which is not what I read 

so I just haven't been loving their newer stuff I much prefer their older series like a beautiful bastard and the wild season series but this one I surprisingly really enjoyed it. 

I ended up giving it four stars it's a really quick read only about 300 pages but it is like the Christmas version of groundhog day where the heroine is reliving the same day over and over reliving Christmas over and over I think an old blurb kind of hinted more towards a love triangle 

and that's what I thought there was going to be when I went into this one the blurb also does mention these two brothers who are family friends but I would not call this one a love triangle or anything there's very firmly. 

But in this story, every year may her family and their family friends gather they meet up at their snowy Utah cabin and just have a good fun family time but this year mae accidentally ends up making out with the wrong brother and during the drive home they get in an accident 

but mae wakes up and it's like the week at the cabin never happened she's back at the beginning of their winter break their winter vacation and is so confused about what's going on but she does take this chance to change things up to take that chance to be with the wright brother that she's always wanted all along 

I didn't have many hopes for the romance but I actually really enjoyed mae and Andrew it's a really great friends-lovers romance they are so cute and sweet together I like the dynamics between all three of these families, friends 

but I do wish we had gotten to know some of them a bit better they did have all the perfect Christmas winter vibes which I really enjoyed it's cozy and sweet it makes you want to rent out a cabin in Utah and just cozy up there for Christmas I'm just really surprised by how much I enjoy this one, I'm so so glad it didn't let me down like some of their recent releases have and of all the holiday romances that I read this one definitely was the most Christmassy.

9. The Party Crasher: A Novel 


The next book that I picked up right here is this one from Sophie Kinsella it's her latest new release called 'the party crasher' and I know when you take the first glance at this book you're already thinking to yourself this one doesn't look like a holiday romance well it is 

because I just started listening to the audiobook of it and I can confirm that basically the first couple of chapters of this book takes place in December and they are setting up for like the holiday season they're celebrating Christmas together. 

Our heroine is upset because her parents have decided to sell the manor that they grew up in like the house that they grew up in and she's upset because there are so many things that are changing in her life she got laid off from the job she is kind of like in between jobs right now too as well 

and her parents who once had a very loving relationship had decided to get a divorce and now her father is dating someone that she cannot stand whatsoever and there's like a party there and she needs to go back into that house to go find like this family heirloom that is buried inside the house so she needs to crash the party and sneak in and grab the heirloom because she can't stand the fact that her life is changing so quickly. 

I feel that Sophie tends to rewrite her ideas a lot like she has written this idea a lot where the character has always had her life falling apart changing too quickly wanting to want to go back to the past wanting to have everybody stay the same so it'll be interesting to see what kind of other twisters Sophie can do with a story that I have read before from her okay.

10. Always, in December: A Novel 


The next book that I do want to read is this new one called 'Always in December by Emily stone. In this book, our heroine lost her parents and she doesn't like Christmas because she doesn't really have a family to live with anymore 

so every single year she writes a letter and she sends it back to London which is her home and she writes missing you always to her family and to like her parents but obviously, she never expects to reply because her parents are dead. 

And then she bumps into our hero in like the last place that she would think to bump into someone as good looking as him as charming as him they have this really nice moment together and they briefly have like a fling I feel like but then he disappears and then she's heartbroken by it and then over the course of the year they keep bumping into each other at like different cities. 

now I'm talking about like new york city Edinburgh and even the English countryside too as well but like what's the mystery there's like a mystery behind our hero and there's something about our hero and there's a reason why he always has to keep leaving her in the dust basically 

so I don't know I feel like this one is going to be like for fans of 'One Day in December' by Josie silver maybe so I'm excited to read this cozy English countryside romance too as well.

11. The Tourist Attraction: A Sweet Vacation Romantic Comedy 


The Tourist Attraction: A Sweet Vacation Romantic Comedy by Sarah Morgenthaler

The next book on my list I'm gonna have a really hard time reviewing it's 'The Tourist Attraction' by Sarah Morgenthaler. She has another book on my list I'm probably going to say wrong again 

but anyway I really enjoyed it so it follows Zoe who is a tourist and she's been saving up pretty much her whole life to go to Alaska to moose springs which is this really posh resort where everyone is very very rich and her best friend actually is staying there and goes there every year, 

so she's going to visit her best friend and her best friend introduces her to graham who I can best describe as luke from Gilmore girls for those of you who are Gilmore gore fans he's just this grumpy owner of a diner that he doesn't like tourists he wants it just to be locals only but for some reason, it's become famous 

so all of these tourists keep going to his diner and he and Zoe start a relationship and it's kind of hard because like I said luke doesn't like tourists and Zoey's a tourist so the book pretty much goes from there it's definitely a comedy I was laughing out loud throughout a lot of this book 

But let me start by saying when I first started this book I hated it for the first 50 or so pages and it's a pretty long book I think it's over 400 but over 400 pages, but anyway I wasn't a huge fan of it going into it 

and when I was a little less than half I told my husband that I was probably going to give up on it just not finished reading it then something clicked and I adored it I remember being at the grocery store and having to get out and like listening to this book for another 20 minutes while it finished. 

You know what book's really good when you can't get your errands done because you just want to read it I loved it so much I loved the relationship I love Zoey, I love graham I love the side characters this was my favorite book in the list and I hope that other people pick it up and enjoy it as much as I did.

12. Mistletoe and Mr. Right 


Mistletoe and Mr. Right (Moose Springs, Alaska, 2) by Sarah Morgenthaler

Next up is 'Mistletoe and Mr. Right and which is set in the same town as the last book 'the tourist attraction' it's also by Sarah Morgentaler and it's part of her moose springs Alaska series I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as I enjoyed 'the tourist attraction' the romance just didn't really do it for me it was still very funny and very enjoyable. 

She's doing something that she started doing in 'the tourist attraction' and the town is kind of against her and she meets rick who is the owner of a bar and he's kind of shy and quiet while she's very outgoing and they start a romance together with a little Christmas romance 

and while all that's going on there's also a Santa moose that is going around and destroying all the Christmas lights so while this budding romance is happening Lana is also trying to find and relocate the Santa moose. 

like I said It's definitely a comedy, also both of these books feature a border collie and I grew up with border collies my dad still has one now and they just hold a special place in my heart 

so I absolutely loved that but either way, I did enjoy this book I thought it was funny some of the humor didn't hit the way the last book did it was fine it just wasn't I wasn't cracking up in my car like I was with 'the tourist attraction' still good 

I believe Sarah Morgenthaler has the third book in the series coming out in January and I will definitely be picking that up like I said wasn't my favorite out of the five but it is still, an enjoyable fun read still very much like a Hallmark movie definitely check it out.

13. The Twelve Dates of Christmas 


Next up is 'The Twelve Dates of Christmas by jenny Bayless so this book follows 34 girls Katie who is a designer she's very happy with her job she's very happy with the small town she lives in she has two best friends Lauren and matt owns a bakery that she's been going to since she was a child 

and her life is pretty great except she hasn't found a man yet so her friend Lauren signs her up for 'the 12 dates of Christmas which is this really cool idea actually. 

It's people meet and they end up going on 12 dates with 12 different guys and they're all winter or Christmas themed so like one of them was ice skating another one was gingerbread making and just really cute dates to that nature so she goes on these dates trying to find the right man and it pretty much goes from there. 

And I really enjoyed this it ended up being a little bit deeper than I was expecting based on the cover I was kind of thinking this would be more of a rom-com a lot of comedy and just like a cutesy story but it wasn't I mean it kind of tackles some of the stuff that would happen if you go on dates with people that you don't know it really doesn't glorify it in any way 

and I really appreciated that it was definitely different than the previous three I think if you want more of a romantic comedy then go for the three I just mentioned but if you want a like deeper winter romance I think this would be a really really good pick.

14. One Day in December: A Novel 


The last book on my list is 'One Day in December by Josie Silver. This story follows Lori she's at a bus stop and sees the man of her dreams outside the bus stop and isn't able to get to him so they lock eyes and then the bus goes away and she spends a year searching for him because just love at first sight 

and unfortunately, she doesn't find him and she's pretty much given up hope then her best friend Sarah wants her to meet the new boyfriend in her life and it ends up being her mystery man jack so she has to deal with the fact that her best friend is dating who she thinks could be the love of her life and go from there. 

I just didn't like the idea of a girl pining after her boyfriend's boyfriend's partner it just I didn't like it I didn't enjoy the beginning I eventually decided to pick it back up and I continued and it did get better I did end up really really enjoying this by the end 

I will say I never liked the main love interest in this I just think he's not the best person and I kept trying to like him but I did like Lori enough that it kind of made up for it. 

And I still enjoyed the story as a whole I just wish the romantic lead wasn't quite as self-absorbed as I felt he was but teaches his own I think there will be a lot of people that like this um this is lighter on the comedy 

and is a little bit more has a little bit more adult language in it so just be wary of that but overall still an enjoyable read I really liked it if you want something that's a little bit more angsty and it's a romance in the winter then I would def definitely pick this one up.

15. Catching Christmas 

The first Christmas story from New York Times and the USA TODAY bestselling author Terri Blackstock. "The feel-good Christmas book of the year. Blackstock's tale of love and redemption wrapped in a holiday bow will leave you smiling. Don't miss Catching Christmas." -New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hauck This Year, 

Christmas Comes Just in Time As a first-year law associate, Sydney Batson knows she will be updating her resume by New Year's if she loses her current case. 

So when her grandmother gets inexplicably ill while she's in court, Sydney arranges for a cab to get her to the clinic. The last thing cab driver Finn Parrish wants is to be saddled with a wheelchair-bound old lady with dementia. 

But because Miss Callie reminds him of his own mother, whom he failed miserably in her last days, he can't say no when she keeps calling him for rides. 

Once a successful gourmet chef, Finn's biggest concern now is paying his rent, but half the time Callie doesn't remember to pay him. And as she starts to feel better, she leads him on wild-goose chases to find a Christmas date for her granddaughter. When Finn meets Sydney, he's quite sure she's never needed help finding a date. 

Does Miss Callie have an ulterior motive, or is this just a mission driven by delusions? He's willing to do whatever he can to help fulfill Callie's Christmas wish. He just never expected to be a vital part of it. "Blackstock's Catching Christmas is not your average romance. Darling and laugh-out-loud cute, it makes the reader think about the important things in life. 

I read it in one gulp and wished there was more. Highly recommended!" -Colleen Coble, USA TODAY bestselling author of the Hope Beach and Lavender Tides series "Terri Blackstock's latest offering touches tender places with its quirky characters and stirring plot. 

Catching Christmas explores what happens when the paths of a disenchanted taxi driver collide with that of an overworked attorney. Blackstock weaves a compelling, romantic tale that is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit!" -Denise Hunter, bestselling author of Honeysuckle Dreams and The Convenient Groom.

Conclusion of Christmas contemporary romance books for the winter holiday in 2022

All alright, guys, so those were all the Christmas holiday winter romances that I read for the 2022 holiday season. there were some really good reads I kind of wanted to read more but I just didn't have the time those were the 15 Christmas Romance Books for Winter Holiday in 2022 that I read.
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