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13 Best Christian Children's Books to read in 2023

13 Best Christian Children's Books to read in 2023. favorite christian children's books, christian children's book series

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Today I'm going to be talking about some of my 13 best Christian books for children to read to little ones I have some young nieces and I have a toddler and I've tried to make it a habit to read at least one biblical or Christian book to my son.. 

There are some of my favorite Christian children's picture books/ devotional/ inspirational books. 

so I thought it'd be cool to also share with you guys the books that I'm using for the best Christian books for children right now. 

But it's hard sometimes to find some great Christian children's books. I found again this is just my personal opinion you guys but I have found that when it comes to books Christian books for kids and Christian movies as well they're a little cheesy they're not the best quality. 

they're not going to go down as classic movies or classic best Christian baby books, I don't know what you think do you agree or disagree with me. 

these best Christian books for babies and toddlers are excellent stories and they have beautiful pictures and they teach concepts to our kids that I think are even difficult for some of us adults to grasp so I love these best Christian children's books of all time for myself. 

1. Jesus Calling for Little Ones 


my first favorite book I've been reading with the kids is Jesus Calling for little ones and this is by Sarah Young now this devotional is a board book so it's hard they're not gonna rip the pages out and that's one thing that I love about it because my kids no matter what they always find a way to destroy books am I the only one the thumbs up that you guys agree with me. 

so it's very simple it's not anything crazy there are pictures in here where you can like to look in point and talk about the pictures and it's just really easy to the point way for you to sit down with your little ones and just remind them of God and really be able to pour into them every morning. 

2. The One-Year Devotions for Preschoolers 


moving on this one is the one-year devotions for preschoolers and I like this one because once again they're just all really simple they're a little bit longer and a little bit more thought-provoking and then the Jesus calling I really like this one. 

because they have a good lesson it's thought-provoking there are questions in here that you can ask there's the Bible verse and then there's also a prayer and it goes through the entire year so this is one that I've been liking to do specifically more geared towards Fiona.

3. Everything a Child Should Know About God 


The next one is Everything a child should know about God and this is by Kenneth Taylor I really like this because it covers all of these different topics that are really the foundation of the Christian faith and some of these are things that I wouldn't sit down and think to talk to my kids about especially at such a young age. 

so with each of these topics, it gives a blurb specific to what the topic is about and what it means, and then on the very bottom, it has a simple question so it's really getting them to start thinking about these things, and then you can talk about them throughout the day. 

so I absolutely love this book if you're a Christian parent I would definitely recommend it because it's a really easy and applicable way to go over all the foundations of what we believe.

4. God Made All of Me: A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies 


God Made All of Me: A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies by Justin S. Holcomb and Lindsey A. Holcomb 

this is God Made All of Me and this is by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb I can't even say enough about this I'm not gonna go super into detail because I do want to do a separate feature/review for this book but this book is seriously an amazing tool for teaching your kids to protect their bodies to know that their bodies are special and that they're scared and that God created them. 

and it really just does an amazing job giving you as a parent and as a caregiver the tools to know how to discuss with your children what's right and what's wrong as far as people and as far as people touching them it's such a sensitive topic. 

and I feel like it's something that not everybody wants to talk with their children about because we all hope and pray that something like that would never happen but the fact is you guys know just as well as I do that it does happen sadly. 

and we've got to educate our children and ourselves about what did to prevent it from happening and then God forbid anything ever should happen our kids even know that they can come to us they need to know what they should come to us. 

and this book really does an excellent job of going over that and really giving you an outline and a way of knowing how to discuss that at an age right away. 

5. The Priest with Dirty Clothes 


this is my favorite children's book of all time and it's called The Priest with Dirty Clothes and it was written by RC Sprawl and I have to say that I'm sad to say that RC Sprawled just recently for Christmas passed away but what a great theologian and pastor and Bible teacher he was and the fact that he can take those big concepts in Scripture that are hard for even adults to understand and to put them into a book for children to be able to grasp is absolutely amazing. 

he has beautiful writing in terms of the storyline and the rich words that he uses I love the pictures I'm just gonna read from the back of this book so that you can get an idea of what I'm talking about it says here is a powerful tale that unfolds the concept of imputation that is at the heart of the biblical doctrine of justification all communicated and illustrated in a style that will captivate children's imaginations. 

this book captivates even my imagination I absolutely love it and you guys do have a hard time defining what imputation and justification are for me too but RC sprawled us a wonderful job of making those two concepts reachable and understandable for even children so I love this book. 

it's got beautiful pictures and just a wonderful wonderful storyline and trying to open it up here just so I can give you a peek inside there but just beautiful pictures and I am absolutely an all-time favorite this is my favorite children's book.

6. The Prince's Poison Cup 


another book that I really like by RC Sprawl is The Prince's poison cup now this one is just kind of an allegory about Christ and in Christ kind of drinking that cup for us on our behalf and taking the place for the punishment of arsons that we deserve. 

This beautiful story really brings this whole concept to life and I absolutely love the pictures in it so this is another one that I highly recommend.

7. The Barber Who Wanted to Pray 


this one is the barber who wanted to pray and this is a story about a barber who wanted to learn to pray and wouldn't you know who shows up in his barbershop but Martin Luther and Martin Luther and I'm going to open this up so I could make sure I get the name of the book right but Martin Luther actually wrote a letter and it is known today in a little book called a simple way to pray. 

this book is based on Martin Luther's book A Simple Way to Pray and it teaches our kids and frankly, it teaches us as adults just a simple way to pray using the Lord's Prayer the Ten Commandments, and the Apostles Creed and so I really really enjoy this book love this one as well.

8. Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World 


Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World by Paul L. Maier

this is Martin Luther this is kind of a biography of Martin Luther and again beautiful pictures and a really great storyline let me see if I can get a picture here so beautiful pictures you guys and just tells the story of this great man who really helped start the Reformation the Protestant Reformation so this is a great one we read this in October. 

if you guys aren't familiar October 31st is not only Halloween it is the day that Martin Luther nailed his theses on the Wittenberg door and so it is also Reformation Day so we like to read this in October in honor of Martin Luther and the start of the Protestant Reformation.

9. The Very First Christmas 


another one that he wrote is the very first Christmas and this is just a sweet story it's off with the boy who is telling his mom but he wants real stories at bedtime he wants stories about real people and real things that have actually happened. 

so she tells him the story of Christmas and he asks a lot of great questions about the Christmas story you know were the Wiseman there when baby Jesus was born in the stable to which the answer is no the Wiseman came when he was probably a year or two old. 

so a lot of kinds of questions and maybe misconceptions that we have about the Christmas story are addressed in this book so really liked that one.

10. The Very First Easter 


and then he also did one for Easter so the very first Easter it's so again just talking about the first Easter and addressing some of the questions that children might have about what actually happened in the Easter story. 

11. The Jesus Storybook Bible 

I'm sure you've heard of it so wonderful is the Jesus Storybook Bible so this goes through just lots and lots of different stories in the Bible I love. 

I think the illustrations are beautiful so just some examples illustrations are great but also every single story that they do it's pointing to a bigger picture of the gospel and always leads up to that Jesus is coming to earth to save us from our sins 

so I think that sums up kind of what this book is about how all through it God is pursuing us so much so that he came to earth to dine across so that we wouldn't have to be punished for our own sins and we could live with him forever how it's supposed to be um and it's written just so wonderful and so describes things so well and I would say this is more geared towards younger or elementary school children not necessarily perfect for a toddler. 

but I still do read it to him because like I said it's just such beautiful stories and told so well but and even to me, but it's even a blessing to me as I read it because it really lays things out, and like I said continually points to Christ all right so that's the Jesus storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones.

12. Jesus and the Very Big Surprise 

the next series I want to talk about is I have three of their books we actually have a fourth one coming in the mail this week so these are called Tales that Tell the Truth these months have been really fun they remind me a little bit of Jesus's Storybook Bible. 

I'd say maybe even a little more fun so they have like the story but then also there's some text in the pictures just the design is really fun and again each book will tell a specific story so we have the 1 o'clock miracle, the Christmas promise and the storm that stopped and the one that we're getting is called the garden the curtain and the cross that's what's coming soon so and each of the little stories is one story from the Bible but just like this Jesus Storybook Bible, it does a great job of ultimately pointing you to Christ. 

and then it has just different things that are just great truths for little ones to hear and learn about but also told in a really fun way so these are the series of books as tales that tell the truth and it's by Alison Mitchell all right.

13. Read Aloud Bible Stories 

and the third series I want to talk about is read-aloud Bible stories I believe there are we have four volumes I think that the total is four volumes and these are just perfect for toddler age the other ones I talked about are so great they always go into cries they're stories that are told in really fun ways and I do think little ones can understand but this is definitely geared towards you know two three four or five-year-olds. 

so these stories are told really simply so that children can understand for example when they talk about money they call it pennies when they talk about just a lot of people, gathered they say mommies and daddies grandma grandpas, and Friends so they really try to frame everything. 

in terms that little children will understand the pictures are really simple the words and the phrases are really simple and it just goes through lots of different stories in the Bible at the very end of each little story, they'll have a section called What did you learn to kind of highlight and try to capture what the listener should have heard about it and it gives parents an opportunity to talk more in-depth about what was going on. 

so this story was I see this was a story of this when Jesus was in a boat with his disciples there's a big storm and the disciples woke Jesus up to say hey we're really scared what should we do and Jesus you know spoke and the winds and the waves obeyed him and so the questions at the end what did you learn so Jesus took care of his friends Jesus is God he can take care of you too so it really makes it very bowl for little ones to understand.

Conclusion of the Best Christian Children's Books

Right guys those are all the books that I've been using with my children lately. so these are some of my favorite Christian children's books

I found have been such wonderful resources as I teach my son about God. I hope you guys enjoyed reading through these with me. 

thank you guys so much for reading and I will see you guys again in another article, bye.

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