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20 Best Classic Halloween Books for Kids - Spooky Fun Guaranteed 2024

Looking for some scary good fun for your little ones this Halloween? Check out our list of the top 20 best classic Halloween books for kids 2024
Halloween is coming! Come and get the 20 Best Classic Halloween Books for Kids - Spooky Fun Guaranteed 2024

Halloween, also known as All Saints' Day, is a traditional Western festival on November 1 every year; October 31, the eve of Halloween, is the busiest time of the festival. 

To celebrate the advent of Halloween, children will dress up as all kinds of cute ghosts and knock on doors from house to house, asking for candy, or they will trick or treat.

How will the children spend Halloween? readingandthinking.com prepared a Halloween-themed book list for children. Ghosts may not be so scary...

When Halloween comes, children can't wait to put on colorful clothes, put on all kinds of strange masks, carry a "jack-o-lantern" around the house, and ask adults for candy.

Then the problem comes, the world of children is full of curiosity.

Masquerade, singing, dancing, begging for candy, you scare me, I scare you, can satisfy the child's powerful curiosity?

As a parent, you have to deal with your child's various brain problems at any time.

basically, I have all of the best kid's Halloween books featuring focusing on Halloween. I love seasonal books, especially kid Halloween picture books for my toddler. 

Discover the 20 Best Classic Halloween Books to Read with Your Little Ones

Today, I will share with you 20 classic children's Halloween books -related to Halloween picture books, so that children can become brave survival masters!

These children's Halloween books are not only beautifully illustrated but also delicate and warm in content, allowing children to understand the necessary process of life and the true meaning of life in the process of reading.

Humorous style, short stories, share children's life growth stories with readers of all sizes.

In addition to being touched, the children can feel more nostalgia and a perception of family affection.

Let's first review the masterpieces of Halloween books for 3 to 10-year-olds that have become popular all over the Internet in recent years... 

1. Baby Touch and Feel: Halloween 


Baby Touch and Feel: Halloween by DK

the first one here is the baby touch-and-feel Halloween book these baby touch-and-feel books are perfect for under one because they barely have any words on top and they're all you can touch and feel like it says so there's just a couple like one sentence here and there ours has been used in the views. 

I do kind of keep books in the crib with my baby as well so they get a lot of love but we've had this book probably for a good two years my son is going to be two and a half this month so this one is pretty good if you want one of the more touches and feel books pretty durable and there are just different things for them to touch so this one is a nice kind of starter book. 

2. Spooky Pookie 

we recently got this book and my baby is obsessed this is called Spooky Pookie by Sandra Boynton boy Munchen I guess that's how you say it and basically the Pookie series there is a whole bunch of kinds of spooky books it's a little pig and it's like a pig in the mom kind of books series and this one is the Halloween one so basically in this book their little spooky is trying to figure out his Halloween costume for the year. 

and then what's really cute is at the end of the book he turns into a ghost and kind of scares his mom who goes eek and then it says no it's just me spooky Pookie my baby now is trying to pretend to be a ghost and then I'll be like ah and he'll be like no it's just me my baby so really cute book durable it is a board book and yeah cute for Halloween. 

3. The Spooky Wheels on the Bus 

this next one isn't a board book but this is another one of his favorites that we picked up this season this is the spooky wheels on the Bus so every toddler knows the Wheels on the Bus song but this is kind of the spooky Halloween edition and it talks about kind of the spooky wheels spiders on the bus the mummies on the bus and the monsters on the books and it goes to the same kind of the wheels on the bus song. 

so it is one of those things along with a book kind of songs that your kid will remember and they will start to read the book if you know what I'm saying so my baby will turn the page and be like the witches go or cackle hell and he'll like to remember that kind of stuff which is really cute but this is such a cute Halloween book especially if they like the kind of sing-along Halloween or sing-along books this one's really cute so check it out.

4. Disney Baby My First Halloween 

another one of those kinds of touch-and-feel books that we got his first Halloween this is my first Halloween from Disney Touch and Feel and a lot of the pages, not every page it's more the page on the right has the touch and feel but it just has the different kind of items a witch's hat black cat pumpkins with faces spooky places. 

and just different things to feel my baby really liked this book growing up and he likes to still play and feel them as well so this is a cute touch-and-feel book Disney we love Disney here in this house.

5. Happy Halloween, Daniel Tiger! 

the next one has been news and abuse I got this last year and kind of let my baby play with a little bit too much so these are a lift and flat book this is the Daniel Tiger Neighborhood Happy Halloween Daniel Tiger and this is one of those PBS kids shows have an episode too but some of these flaps have kind of ripped off they're not like the sturdy like forwarding flaps. 

they're definitely just the paper flaps but we still like the story non-same They're all trying to figure out what their Halloween costume is going to be your kind of guess but like this one flaps gone that kind of stuff but this one is a pretty cute book as well but if you hand it to your kid or have it readily available where they can reach and pull things sometimes the flaps might go away but this one is a good book as well. 

6. Boo Halloween Lift-a-Flap 

now this one is another lift and flat book but it has sturdier like board book flaps if that makes sense so this is called the peak of flap boo this one it's pretty educational I would say so they have a little bit more words and then it has like pumpkin jack-o'-lantern it like kind of points out and there's the word for what it is and they are thicker flaps.
It also kind of gives you more of the history behind Halloween most of the pumpkins grown in the United States are grown on farms in Illinois just kind of different tidbits that you don't get to pick your favorite costume in the parade and it says what all of the costumes are and then like this one is like where the word werewolf came from just different kind of actual facts that your toddler can learn versus just like a fictional book. 

so this one kind of is a little bit of non-fiction in the fiction but my baby likes this one as well a lot of different things to open and play with and just different things to learn.

7. There's a Monster in Your Book 

This one isn't Halloween, but it's a monster book. so I put it in here this is Then There's a Monster in your book and I picked this up when I was visiting Myrtle Beach this past summer just to kind of get a different book but this book is so cute there are a couple of other ones there's like there's an elf for Christmas I'm gonna pick up there's a dragon all that kind of stuff there are different things in here. 

but basically, it is this little cute monster guy and it's telling you to shake the book turn the page you have to tickle his feet or tickle the monster you have to blow the monster away just different things your child can interact with the book you have to wiggle the book things like that and it's just fun to kind of imagine there is a little monster in your book and you have to do all these things. 

so my baby was really obsessed with this book he's kind of grown out of it we were very obsessed with this book if you know what I mean now we're obsessed with spooky Pookie and spooky Wealth on the bus but this one is another really cute book if you are wanting a more interactive book with your little one.

8. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown  

a classic book is It Great pumpkin charlie brown they also have the tv show as well but this is the book and it's just kind of a paperback book and this one I've read this a couple times my baby definitely has longer paragraphs and words in it if you can see but it goes along with the same storyline if you haven't heard of this book or the series before. 

basically, it's a charlie brown Halloween there's a great pumpkin that I think Linus wants that brings presents and stuff and he waits for the great pumpkin and the pumpkin patch while Halloween parties going on so it's a pretty classic story if you follow along with charlie brown things like that. 

so I do read this book to my baby but it is probably towards the older side of it depends every now and then if you will sit and read the whole book but this is in our Halloween collection. 

9. The Night Before Halloween 

The one I love in this series is Natasha Wings the night before Halloween she also has a lot of other nights before preschool night before kindergarten night before Thanksgiving, and not before the fourth of July, she has all the nights before loving them. 

it's the same tune you can really ask the same tune as it was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse but she changes the words a bit for whatever the theme is this one is like Twas the night before Halloween and all through the house all the creatures were stirring except for the mouse. 

and this one is just really cute because it is kind of all the monsters living in the house getting ready for Halloween kids are getting dressed up for Halloween and all that kind of stuff so I like the books that you kind of already know the tune to read it in your head or has kind of like a song kind of thing my baby likes this one as well so acute kind of more mature book I guess but little kids like it as well.

10. One Leaf, Two Leaves, Count with Me! 

A fall book we actually got from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. This is the one-leaf two-leaf count with me and my baby has been obsessed with this one because it has two leaves on the tree. 

so I tell my baby to count two leaves and then basically the leaves grow and it's springtime but then it's fall time and they all change color and fall and then you count down from 10 leaves to one they become a bed just different things like that. 

this goes through all the seasons kind of teaching the child kind of the different ways a tree kind of grows and falls and all that kind of stuff for the seasons so pretty cute I use this kind of in my fall Halloween material because I mean leaves changing I guess it would be good for spring too but this book is with my fall stuff right.

11. Shake Dem Halloween Bones 

one of my favorite books and my baby's favorite books as well I have mentioned this in my mommy toddler favorites from this past month I'll link it in the cards but this is the shape dem Halloween bones and this is more like a hip hop Halloween ball kind of thing it has like the shake your sillies out theme song kind of but different words and it has. 

it's just a good book with all the different main kinds of fairy tale character characters you have Little Red Riding Hood Jack and Beanstalk kind of different illustrations for diversity in your little one's library well there are Goldilocks and the Three Bears 

but it's just another one of those sing-along kinds of songs you know the tune in the back of your head and just a different kind of storyline they're all kind of getting ready for the Halloween ball and it's a fun cute book something different to add to your child's library.

12. Little Blue Truck's Halloween 

and then the last one which a lot of y'all especially if you have boy toddlers have heard of is the Little Blue Truck series The Little Blue Truck has a bunch of different books there's the Little Blue Truck like the original Goes to Town Springtime Christmas all that kind of stuff we pretty much now have all of them and this is the Halloween one. 

so all of the animals are all dressed up like this one is a little duck and these are left in flat books so it's me the ballerina quacks is the duck it's me so it's just a fun book to kind of be like oh what is this oh it's a cow what does the cow say moo and have the lift and flap as well. 

so such a fun book these are thicker kinds of lifts and flaps too so these haven't ripped on us yet and we got this last year this one's a little bent but yeah this is a really cute book for your little one as well.

13. Halloween Pumpkin by Erica Silverman

Halloween is coming. The witch planted a big pumpkin, which was round and round and hung on the vine. Ghosts, mummies, and vampires all pulled hard, but no one could take it off. Little Bat comes to help, what good idea does he have?

14. Enzo's Very Scary Halloween by Garth Stein

Halloween is coming, and Enzo doesn't know what to look forward to. Jack-o'-lanterns light up the streets, giant spiders spin webs on porches, even ordinary lawns turn into creepy graveyards, and children and dogs turn into monsters—including Enzo!

15. Winnie's Amazing Pumpkin by Valerie Thomas

Winnie and Wilbur love their vegetables. They are regulars at the weekly farmers' market to stock up on their greens, but bringing them back home on a broomstick proves to be rather hazardous. So Winnie decides to grow her own and digs a vegetable patch in her garden. 

Not having the patience of a true gardener, she uses a little magic to speed up the growing process . . . only to end up with a garden overrun by enormous vegetables. 

She uses her giant pumpkin to make pumpkin pies, pumpkin scones, creamy pumpkin soup for Wilbur, and dish after dish of roast pumpkin. 

She invites all her neighbors to help themselves to pumpkins, too. Eventually, the yummy orange flesh is all gone but the shell remains. 

What can Winnie do with it? She waves her wand, shouts 'Abracadabra!', and something amazing happens . . .

16. Pumpkinhead by Eric Rohmann

Otto was born with a pumpkin head. No matter what others thought, his family never thought he was a freak. Then, a series of funny stories happened in the life of this very unusual boy...

17. Bone Dog: A Picture Book by Eric Rohmann

A long time ago, Gus and his dog Ella were good friends. Ella is getting older and doesn’t have much time left. But Ella promised Gus that no matter what happened, they would always be together. After Ella's death, Gus didn't want to go out. He reluctantly went out on Halloween and was surrounded by a group of skeletons. At this time, Ella appeared...

18. Llama Llama Trick or Treat by Anna Dewdney

Rama the alpaca finds the perfect costume and picks a pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern, then goes trick-or-treating with his mom and his friends!

In Llama Llama Trick or Treat, little llama finds the perfect costume, picks out a pumpkin for a jack-o’-lantern, and then goes trick-or-treating with Mama and his friends!

With short and simple rhyming text, the Llama Llama board books introduce Llama Llama to babies and toddlers before they’re ready for longer full-length stories. And their small size and durable pages are perfect for little hands.

19. Babymouse #1: Queen of the World! by Jennifer Holm, Matthew Holm

Beibei Shu is going to hold a Halloween party, and the party will be filled with monsters! Can Baby Rat survive this Halloween? Will Felicia Furrypaw attend her Halloween party?

20. Scary, Scary Halloween by Eve Bunting

I peeked out secretly, and something made me feel creepy and trembling. It's Halloween! Looking from the dark place and green eyes, what is it?

This book list is for the boldest, naughtiest, and cutest kids on Halloween! Share it if you like it~
Happy Halloween in advance!

Conclusion of Classic Halloween Books for Kids

but that is everything for this Halloween fall time toddler a book kind of collection. so be sure to subscribe to stay up to date to get in on my next article. thanks so much for reading my article, bye.

  • There’s A Ghost In This House
  • Leila the Perfect Witch
  • Pick A Pumpkin
  • Room on the Broom
  • Gilbert the Ghost
  • The Scariest Book Ever
  • Bonaparte Falls Apart
  • Bone Soup
  • A Tiger Called Tomás
  • Snowmen at Halloween
  • The Haunted Mansion
  • Arthur’s Halloween
  • Los Gatos Black on Halloween
  • There’s A Monster In Your Book
  • Turkey Trick or Treat
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • The Good, The Bad and The Spooky
  • Boo Stew
  • Vampirina Ballerina
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