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20 Best BBQ Cookbooks of All Time [Barbecue Books & Guides]

Discover the ultimate BBQ cookbooks for 2023! Explore the top 20 barbecue books and guides to elevate your grilling skills.

On this page...

In today's article, we will provide some interesting 20 Best BBQ Cookbooks of All Time, aiming to bring to everyone A whole barbecue cookbook experience for beginners and professionals.

Barbecue, or simply "BBQ", is a style of cooking meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables low and slow over an indirect heat source like a grill, smoker, or pit. 

A BBQ chef uses rubs, marinades, and sauces to flavor the food and control the temperature and smoke to get the perfect blend of taste and texture.  

From chicken, ribs, and brisket to pulled pork, wings, and tri-tip, BBQ can be used to cook just about any cut of meat to succulent, smoky perfection. 

The key tools needed are a good BBQ grill, smoker, or charcoal pit along with wood chips, quality charcoal, or gas grill. 

And herbs, spices, sauces, and well marinade are essential for adding layers of flavor. The smoke ring and bark are hallmarks of the great BBQ. Low, indirect heat and patience are key to the ideal BBQ. 

Serving up smoked meats and grilled veggies along with classic BBQ sides like coleslaw, baked beans, and cornbread makes for a mouthwatering meal. 

Whether cooking on an offset smoker, kettle grill, pellet grill, or kamado, following recipes from a highly-rated BBQ cookbook is the best way to learn tips, techniques, and secret spice blends to take your grilling skills to the next level.


Best BBQ Cookbooks of All Time

Title Pages
on Goodreads
from Amazon
Serial Griller 320 pages 4.1 Check Price
Rodney Scott's World of BBQ 224 pages 4.4 Check Price
Weber's Complete BBQ Book 320 pages 4.2 Check Price
Franklin Barbecue 224 pages 4.5 Check Price
Project Smoke 336 pages 4.2 Check Price

The Best Books on Grilling and Real Barbecue

Barbecue is a cooking method enjoyed by men, women, and children all over the world. There are various methods, such as clay grilling, skewer grilling, bamboo grilling, open oven grilling, dark oven grilling, etc., exuding endless charm and teasing the taste buds of diners. 

This "Best BBQ Cookbooks of All Time" edited by ReadingAndThinking.com comprehensively introduces all aspects of barbecue knowledge, explains the detailed production process of hundreds of barbecue delicacies, and simplifies complex cooking methods, allowing you to easily make barbecue delicacies, every time Each barbecue delicacy is introduced to detail the materials, seasonings and cooking steps used in its preparation. 

The explanation is comprehensive and practical, allowing you to easily learn how to make delicious barbecue while deepening your understanding of barbecue and learning more about barbecue. 

As long as you lightly apply the fragrant sauce on the tender meat and fresh vegetables, or grill the staple food, the delicacies with different flavors from all over the world will become attractive as the temperature rises. The aroma. Smelling the tangy aroma, you will find that it is so easy to make a super delicious barbecue! 

These grilling books give you recipes, examples, and enough guidance to get the beginner going and make it a better master. Whether it's gas, charcoal, electricity, or anything else, you can get the knowledge and skills you need to build a real grill that you really need.

As a true foodie, I will share with you a list of 20 barbecue cookbooks suitable for barbecue based on my lifelong delicious barbecue experience. 

The following is a detailed introduction:

1. Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto [A Cookbook] by Aaron Franklin, Jordan Mackay


When Alan Franklin opened his barbecue joint in Austin, Texas, he started a revolution. 

Sure, Texas barbecue has always been big, but he's already achieved global acclaim as the owner of America's most famous barbecue restaurant. 

The book is a cross between his personal journey and the core text of traditional smoking. For true Texas BBQ, this is a must for anyone.

2. Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling by Meathead Goldwyn, Greg Blonder


Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn has conducted years of research for his award-winning website Amazingribs.com, a very healthy science, and his usual wit exposes and hopefully ends some of the most common myths about outdoor cooking in the world. 

This book separates everything and puts together the best methods you'll ever find for grilling and grilling. 

This is a remarkable achievement and needs to be on a bookshelf. Oh, and there are recipes. There are many of them.

3. The Prophets of Smoked Meat: A Journey Through Texas Barbecue by Daniel Vaughn


When Daniel Vaughn moved to Texas, he not only embraced its barbecue traditions, he devoured them. 

As a blogger and barbecue writer for Texas Monthly, Daniel has compiled the only road map Texas deserves: a list of the best barbecue spots in Texas. Please note that this is not a cookbook, but a travelogue on the grill. 

This book won't teach anyone how to make a really good barbecue, but it will certainly make them hungry.

4. Smoke: New Firewood Cooking: How To Build Flavor with Fire on the Grill and in the Kitchen by Tim Byres


Strictly speaking, this is not a barbecue book in particular. Barbecue, traditional Southern barbecue, is a big part of it, but there's more to it. 

Tim Byres takes it all - grilling, grilling, camp cooking - back to the beginning. Back to the fire. 

Tim used to be a top chef and worked in restaurants where they filled small portions on art plates with scraps of vegetables and herbs. 

He turned away and returned to the simplest way of cooking, where he discovered an art form that continued throughout human civilization. 

This is an amazing book that inspires and teaches. Of the hundreds of cookbooks on my bookshelf, this is the only one I've read that covers it twice. Anyone who is serious about barbecue, about food, must have this book.

5. Diva Q's Barbecue: 195 Recipes for Cooking with Family, Friends & Fire: A Cookbook by Danielle Bennett


Danielle "Diva Q" Bennett is a fierce competitor on the barbecue circuit, a serious cook, and a very nice person. 

This book is about her journey from simple grilling to complex smoking and lots of bacon. The recipes are creative and many are excellent. 

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, making it a great choice for experienced grilling enthusiasts or beginner grilling enthusiasts.

6. Big Bob Gibson's Barbecue Book: Recipes and Secrets from the Legendary Barbeque Joint. Clarkson Porter


If you were to make a list of the most important, influential, and best barbecue joints in the United States, at the top of the list would be Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur, Alabama. 

For 85 years, this restaurant has served some of the best barbecues in the country. Famous for its barbecue chicken served in white barbecue sauce, enthusiasts continue to flock here to chew on their history. 

Now, Big Bob's Gibson is in the hands of Chris Lilly, who married into the family and worked his way up from the bottom to the top of the barbecue world. This book - part recipe, part history - is the legacy of Gibson's dream.

7. Peace, Love & Barbecue by Mike Mills, Amy Mills Tunnicliffe, Jeffrey Steingarten


Peace, Love & Barbecue: Recipes, Secrets, Tall Tales, and Outright Lies from the Legends of Barbecue: A Cookbook by Mike Mills, Amy Mills Tunnicliffe, Jeffrey Steingarten

Mike Mills is a barbecue legend. He is the only person to win the Masters and Memphis in the May BBQ competition. 

The book is as much a biography of the book as it is a cookbook, as he and his daughter tell it. Recipes are great, but storytelling is even better. 

This book will give you the recipes that won the Memphis competition in May and featured seven restaurants from New York to Las Vegas.

8. Project Smoke by Steven Raichlen


Project Smoke: Seven Steps to Smoked Food Nirvana, Plus 100 Irresistible Recipes from Classic (Slam-Dunk Brisket) to Adventurous (Smoked Bacon-Bourbon Apple Crisp) by Steven Raichlen

When Steven Raichlen wrote The Barbecue Bible 20 years ago, he revolutionized backyard cooking and launched one of the most successful barbecue books in history. 

Although Steven has always been around smokers, this is his first cookbook that focuses entirely on smoke. 

This book takes you from freezing cold smoking to hardcore barbecue with Steven's unique global approach. This is a book that has it all.

9. Slow Fire: The Beginner's Guide to Barbecue by Ray "DR. BBQ" Lampe


Twenty years ago, Dr. Ray Lampe, aka Dr. BBQ, entered a small barbecue competition to see if he was any good. Turns out he was, and still is. 

From award-winning competitor to award-winning author, Ray has become a mainstay in the barbecue community and one of the most popular and popular. 

With his years of experience, Ray has written six books, starting with the modern classic Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Cookbook. 

Then he came out with Slow Cooker: A Beginner’s Guide to Lip-Smacking Grilling. This is an elegant cookbook. 

Not only is it well made, but it's also simple and straightforward enough for any newbie to grill, yet thorough enough to allow you to enjoy delicious grilling without any experience. Whether you're new to grilling or not, this is a great book.

10. Smoke & Spice, Updated and Expanded 3rd Edition: Cooking With Smoke, the Real Way to Barbecue by Cheryl Alters Jamison, Bill Jamison


This is The Book. When Jamison put this book together, they created a true barbecue bible, one that was started (and continues to be) by the most advanced barbecue cooks in the modern era. 

This is a great cookbook that puts awesomeness into the hands of real people and hundreds of wonderful recipes into smokers. If you want to learn to cook barbecue, this is the book to start.

11. Michael Symon’s Playing With Fire: BBQ and More from the Grill, Smoker, and Fireplace


In preparing to open his barbecue restaurant, Mabel's BBQ, Michael Symon enthusiastically sampled smoked meat from across America. 

The 72 finger-licking, lip-smacking recipes here draw inspiration from his favorites, including dry ribs from Memphis, wet ribs from Nashville, brisket from Texas, pork steak from St. Louis, and burnt ends from Kansas City--to name just a few--as well as the unique and now signature Cleveland-style barbecue he developed to showcase the flavors of his hometown. 

Michael offers expert guidance on working with different styles of grills and smokers, choosing aromatic woods for smoking, cooking various cuts of meat, and successfully pairing proteins with rubs, sauces, and sides. 

If you are looking for a new guide to classic American barbecue with the volume turned too high, look no further.

12. Serial Griller: Grillmaster Secrets for Flame-Cooked Perfection by Matt Moore


From the author of South's Best Butts and A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen, an all-around grilling cookbook showcasing different methods and diverse cuisines, as well as sought-after stories and recipes from America's all-star grillers.

Matt Moore confesses: He is a serial griller. He can't help it—if there's food and flame, he'll grill it. In his newest book, he shares his indiscriminate appetite for smoky perfection with a broad collection of recipes varied in method, technique, and cuisine. 

After a review of the basics—the Maillard reaction, which grill is best for you, and more—he takes the reader on a tour across America to round up authentic stories, coveted recipes, and indispensable tips from grill masters of the South and beyond, including stops at unexpected but distinguished chefs' spots like Michael Solomonov's Zahav and Ashley Christensen's Death & Taxes. 

Moore offers his own tried-and-true grilling recipes for every part of the meal, from starters and salads to handhelds (Tacos al Pastor, Pork Gyros) and big plates (Country-Style Ribs with Peach Salsa) to desserts (Grilled-Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches). 

Serial Griller is a serious and delicious exploration of how grilling is done all around America.

13. Flavors of the Southeast Asian Grill: Classic Recipes for Seafood and Meats Cooked Over Charcoal by Leela Punyaratabandhu


Buy from Amazon

60 vibrant recipes proving that Asian roadside barbecue is just as easy, delicious, and crowd-pleasing as American-style backyard grilling.

Sharing beloved barbecue dishes from the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia, experienced author and expert on Asian cooking Leela Punyaratabandhu inspire readers with a deep dive into the flavor profile and spices of the region. 

She teaches you how to set up your own smoker, cook over an open flame, or grill on the equipment you already have in your backyard. 

Leela provides more than sixty mouthwatering recipes such as Chicken Satay with Coriander and Cinnamon, Malaysian Grilled Chicken Wings, and Thai Grilled Sticky Rice, as well as recipes for cooking bone-in meats, skewered meats, and even vegetable side dishes and flavorful sauces.

The fact that Southeast Asian-style barbecue naturally lends itself to the American outdoor cooking style means that the recipes in the book can remain true to tradition without any need for them to be Westernized or altered at the expense of integrity. 

This is the perfect book for anyone looking for an easy and flavorful way to expand their barbecue repertoire.

14. Flavor by Fire: Recipes and Techniques for Bigger, Bolder BBQ and Grilling by Derek Wolf


In Flavor by Fire, join live-fire cooking expert Derek Wolf for the most interesting, flavor-packed recipes you’ll cook this year.

In Derek Wolf’s first book, Food by Fire, he shared the how-to behind starting and cooking with various types of cooking fires, as well as skillets, skewers, and more. 

Now he’s ready to take you on another culinary adventure—but this time it’s all about flavor. 

From instant classics like Chipotle Peppercorn Smoked Brisket to envelope-pushing Chile Con Limon Candied Bacon, the recipes offer lots of variety. 

All the major tastes—salty, sour, sweet, bitter, and umami—are explored in depth. 

Derek also leads an investigation of other components you should consider when it comes to flavor, such as aroma, heat, and texture.

Each chapter explores a specific protein’s taste and flavor considerations and then tours through impressive recipes including:

  • Beef: Beer Marinated Bavette Steak with Creamy Corn Salsa, Coal Roasted Hanger Steaks with Thai Chili Sauce, Black Garlic New York Strips with Bone Marrow Butter, Spiced Rum-Marinated Tri-Tip
  • Pork: Cotija Crusted Pork Skewers, Cocoa Molasses-Glazed Spiral Ham, Loaded Chorizo Sandwich with Chilean Inspired Pebre
  • Chicken/Turkey: Rotisserie Chicken with Alabama White Sauce, Maple Whiskey Chicken Lollipops, Smoked Tequila Lime Spatchcocked Chicken, Honey Habanero Rotisserie Turkey Legs, Smoked Spiced Whole Turkey
  • Fish/Seafood: Garlic-Crusted Tuna with Spicy Avocado Salsa, Baked Lobster with Buffalo Chive Butter, Coal-Roasted Lemon Herb Trout, Sweet Tomatillo Grilled Salmon, Seared Scallops with Beer Pan Sauce, Honey Sriracha Shrimp Skewers, Fire-Crusted Oysters Kilpatrick
  • Game/Lamb/Duck: Cast-iron bison Ribeyes with Caramelized Red Wine Onions, Bison Steak Frites with Spicy Gremolata Butter, Coffee Crusted Elk Medallions, Hanging Leg of Lamb with Chimichurri Aioli, Smoked Honey Cider Lamb Ribs, Seared Duck Breast with Black Cherry Tamarind Sauce

With features on topics like bringing, working with citrus, using alcohol in marinades, and more, you’re sure to both build on what you know and learn something new. No matter what flavors call to you, cooking over the fire will never be the same.

15. Rodney Scott's World of BBQ: Every Day Is a Good Day: A Cookbook by Rodney Scott, Lolis Eric Elie


Rodney Scott was born with barbecue in his blood. He cooked his first whole hog, a specialty of South Carolina barbecue when he was just eleven years old. 

At the time, he was cooking at Scott's Bar-B-Q, his family's barbecue spot in Hemingway, South Carolina. 

Now, four decades later, he owns one of the country's most awarded and talked-about barbecue joints, Rodney Scott's Whole Hog BBQ in Charleston.

In this cookbook, co-written by award-winning writer Lolis Eric Elie, Rodney spills what makes his pit-smoked turkey, barbecued spare ribs, smoked chicken wings, hush puppies, Ella's Banana Puddin', and award-winning whole hog so special. 

Moreover, his recipes make it possible to achieve these special flavors yourself, whether you're a barbecue pro or a novice. 

From the ins and outs of building your own pit to poignant essays on South Carolinian foodways and traditions, this stunningly photographed cookbook is the ultimate barbecue reference. It is also a powerful work of storytelling. 

In this modern American success story, Rodney details how he made his way from the small town where he worked for his father in the tobacco fields and in the smokehouse, to the sacrifices he made to grow his family's business, and the tough decisions he made to venture out on his own in Charleston.

Rodney Scott's World of BBQ is an uplifting story that speaks to how hope, hard work, and a whole lot of optimism built a rich celebration of his heritage—and of unforgettable barbecue.

16. How To Grill Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Flame-Cooked Food by Mark Bittman


The ultimate grilling guide and the latest in Mark Bittman’s acclaimed How to Cook Everything series. Here’s how to grill absolutely everything—from the perfect steak to cedar-plank salmon to pizza—explained in Bittman’s trademark simple, straightforward style.

Featuring 1,000 recipes and variations, plus Bittman’s practical advice on all the grilling basics, this book is an exploration of the grill’s nearly endless possibilities. Recipes cover every part of the meal, including appetizers, seafood, meat and poultry, vegetables (including vegetarian mains), and even desserts.

Plenty of quick, high-heat recipes will get dinner on the table in short order (Spanish-style garlic Shrimp, Green Chile Cheeseburgers); low and slow “project” recipes (Texas-style smoked Brisket, Pulled Pork with Lexington BBQ Sauce) are ideal for leisurely weekend cookouts.

You’ll also find unexpected grilled treats like avocado, watermelon, or pound cake, and innovative surprises—like cooking meat loaf or from-scratch Rosemary Olive Oil Bread on the grill—to get the most out of every fire.

17. Weber's Ultimate Grilling: A Step-by-Step Guide to Barbecue Genius by Jamie Purviance


From the experts at Weber, the must-have guide for total grill mastery, with 100 all-new recipes and more than 800 inspiring and instructive photos

This is your new go-to companion from the most trusted name in grilling. Much more than just a recipe collection, Weber’s Ultimate Grilling is an entirely new take on grilling today, with every recipe step visually depicted in full-color photography. 

With these extensively tested recipes, anyone—from amateur to ace—can be a barbecue genius. 

Foundational recipes for popular grilled foods—steak, burgers, pork chops, ribs, chicken breasts and wings, and salmon fillets—are masterfully explained in this keepsake classroom-in-a-book. 

“Flavor Bomb” spreads offer inspiring, weeknight-friendly recipe ideas for how to create wonderful variations of the most-loved grilled foods. 

And fun food science facts, along with infographics, illustrations, and tips, help you get the absolute best results every time.

18. Bludso's BBQ Cookbook: A Family Affair in Smoke and Soul by Kevin Bludso


Kevin Bludso was born and raised in Compton, California, by a Black Panther–supporting mother and a police officer father. 

To stay out of trouble, he spent his summers in Corsicana, Texas, where he was schooled on the art of barbecue and worked long, hot hours on the pits at his granny’s legendary BBQ stand. 

In 2008, Kevin opened his own Bludso’s BBQ, a small walk-up stand in the heart of Compton that has led to multiple locations in California, Texas, and even Australia.

In this honest and engaging cookbook, Kevin teaches you everything you need to know about BBQ: from choosing, seasoning, and cleaning your pit to selecting your brisket, ribs, and sausages, plus all the rubs and sauces you could need. 

Kevin also shares seventy-five delicious recipes for main meats such as BBQ Lamb Leg, Spicy Curried Oxtails, Buffalo Rib Tips, Blackened Catfish, and Grilled Mojo Shrimp; sides such as Creole Cabbage, Pinto Beans, and Down Home Mac and cheese; and even desserts such as Mom’s Banana Pudding, Buttermilk Pie, and Kevin’s famous Hennessy on the Rocks, along with mouthwatering photographs to accompany them. 

But Bludso’s BBQ Cookbook is also a story about Kevin's family and community. It’s a love letter to the often misunderstood city of Compton, and the story of how Kevin has fed and supported his own community while teaching everyone the art of barbecue. 

This is more than a cookbook; it’s Kevin’s incredibly personal story of family, food, and how following your passion sometimes leads you back home.

19. Seared: The Ultimate Guide to Barbecuing Meat by Genevieve Taylor


Seared is a one-stop shop for recipes and practical advice that will help you get the most from cooking meat on your barbecue, beginning with the science of why we need to cook different cuts in different ways and the physics of how fire works.

Divided into two sections – BEAST and BIRD – and into SLOW and FAST within those sections, live-fire cooking expert Genevieve Taylor covers everything you'll ever need to know about buying and cooking all kinds of meat, from steaks and fillets to whole joints and whole birds, and looking at techniques from brining to marinading, smoking to braising, searing super-hot and low and slow cooking.

Genevieve provides essential information about setting up your barbecue, sourcing your fuel lighting your fire, and setting up your grill, with troubleshooting tips throughout. 

Full of succulent, colorful recipes, Seared is the most useful, practical, and comprehensive guide to grilling meat on the market.

20. Weber's Complete BBQ Book by Jamie Purviance


We all love to get the barbecue out on a hot summer's day and enjoy some down-to-earth al fresco dining, but why restrict ourselves to only one season in the year? 

This comprehensive guide shows you how to cook food the Weber way to get the most from your grill throughout the year, and contains everything the avid barbecue enthusiast needs to know: 

  • over 150 triple-tested recipes for meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, and fruit; 
  • 1,000 step-by-step photographs to guide you through every process; 
  • invaluable ideas for rubs, marinades, and sauces; 
  • expert answers to common questions about barbecuing; and 
  • tips and advice on safety, upkeep, fuel, and lighting methods. 

From simple kebabs to elaborate rotisseries, a grilled cheese salad, or a tasty fruit pudding, "Weber's Complete Barbecue Book" is packed with an extensive range of delicious recipes for all-year-round barbecuing.


How long does it usually take to become a barbecue apprentice?

To learn barbecue, you can usually choose to go to a barbecue training school, or you can be self-taught, or you can find an apprenticeship with a barbecue stall owner. 

There are three methods that some people choose. There is an approximate learning time, and the specifics will depend on your own understanding and feelings. 

Let’s take a closer look at the three methods of learning barbecue time.

Timetable for three ways to learn barbecue:

  1. It takes about half a month to learn to barbecue by yourself. If it is a charcoal grill, the time will be slightly longer, and the electric grill will be shorter, because it takes some time to master the ignition and heat of the charcoal grill, and the heat of the electric grill is obviously easier to control.
  2. Become an apprentice to a barbecue stall owner and learn how to barbecue. It will take at least a few months. You can help out and you can’t just work for 15 days and then leave. So a few months are needed, otherwise I'm sorry to your master. And it depends on whether the master is willing to teach you and whether he can pass on the key recipes to you.
  3. Go to a barbecue training school to learn barbecue. It will take about 3 to 7 days, which means you can complete it in a week. The teachers in the school will definitely teach you everything they have. I hope you can master the skills as soon as possible and start your own business as soon as possible. This is the purpose of the school.

BBQ training content:

  1. Understand the various barbecue methods and barbecue equipment. Whether to use charcoal grilling or electric grilling is something you must choose from the beginning. In addition, there are barbecue racks, tongs, barbecue stations, barbecue charcoal selection, ignition methods, etc.;
  2. Types and processing of barbecue spices ;
  3. Cutting and rough processing of barbecue dishes ;
  4. Pickling and seasoning of dishes ;
  5. Preparation of five-spice juice and red oil ;
  6. Control the heat during the barbecue process;
  7. Time control of barbecue dishes;
  8. Store selection, cost accounting, and management skills.

BBQ training varieties:

There are many varieties of barbecue, and the commonly used ones include vegetarian food: corn, leeks, enoki mushrooms, gluten, green peppers, cauliflower, lotus root slices, dried fragrant mushrooms, eggplants, potatoes, rice cakes, bread, steamed buns, tofu, and various vegetables.

Meat dishes: oysters, sausages, ham sausages, chicken faces, chicken legs, chicken wings, saury, chicken, beef, mutton, pork belly, meatballs, squid, croaker, mantis fish, river shrimp, ham sausages, etc.

In short, those who want to be a barbecue apprentice and have plenty of time can choose to learn the skills from a barbecue restaurant. 

Students who are short on time and want to start their own business early can go to a barbecue training school to learn skills. 

Barbecue is not a particularly complicated snack. The learning time is short and the difficulty of starting a business is low. 

Students in formal barbecue schools can get started quickly. It is recommended to go to the school for an on-site inspection and try out the food.

FAQ: BBQ Cookbook

What are some good BBQ cookbooks full of barbecue wisdom?

There are many great BBQ cookbooks available that offer a wealth of barbecue wisdom. Here are some of the best:

Where can I find great barbecue recipes?

There are many places to find great barbecue recipes, including:

  • BBQ cookbooks
  • Food blogs and websites
  • YouTube channels
  • Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest

Can you recommend a BBQ cookbook that comes with barbecue sauce recipes?

Many BBQ cookbooks include barbecue sauce recipes, but here are a few that are particularly noteworthy:

Which BBQ book is best for grilling meat?

If you're looking for a BBQ book that focuses specifically on grilling meat, here are a few great options:

What's the best BBQ cookbook for someone new to grilling?

If you're new to grilling, you'll want a cookbook that's easy to follow and provides plenty of guidance. Here are a few great options:

  • How to Grill by Steven Raichlen
  • Weber's Way to Grill by Jamie Purviance
  • The Grilling Book: The Definitive Guide from Bon Appétit by Adam Rapoport

I heard there's a BBQ cookbook that covers different regions' views on BBQ. What's the title?

If you're interested in learning about the different regional styles of BBQ, you might want to check out:

How can I add to my collection of BBQ cookbooks?

There are many ways to add to your collection of BBQ cookbooks, including:

  • Browsing online bookstores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • Checking out your local library
  • Attending BBQ festivals and events, where you can often find cookbooks for sale
  • Asking friends and family for recommendations

Are BBQ cookbooks only about meat?

While most of the BBQ cookbooks do focus on meat, there are also plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans. Here are a few cookbooks that offer plant-based BBQ recipes:

What foods can you grill?

You can grill a wide variety of foods, including:

  • Meat (beef, pork, chicken, lamb, etc.)
  • Seafood (fish, shrimp, scallops, etc.)
  • Vegetables (corn, zucchini, peppers, etc.)
  • Fruit (pineapple, peaches, plums, etc.)
  • Bread (baguettes, naan, etc.)

What's the difference between grilling and barbecuing?

Grilling and barbecuing are both methods of cooking meat over an open flame, but there are some key differences. Grilling typically involves high heat and quick cooking times, while barbecuing involves low heat and slow cooking times. Additionally, grilling is usually done over direct heat, while barbecuing is done over indirect heat.

Do all grills have the ability to smoke?

Not all grills have the ability to smoke, but many do. If you're interested in smoking meat, you'll want to look for a grill that has a built-in smoker box or the ability to add a smoker attachment.

What are must-have accessories for grilling?

There are many accessories that can make grilling easier and more enjoyable. Here are a few must-haves:

  • Grill brush
  • Meat thermometer
  • Tongs
  • Spatula
  • Grill basket
  • Chimney starter

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