Top 21 Must-Read Agatha Christie Books: Where to Start

Dive into Agatha Christie's best mysteries! Discover where to begin with our top 21 must-read books. Uncover the queen of crime.

Welcome to an insightful journey on the "Top 21 Must-Read Agatha Christie Books: Where to Start" written by Muhiuddin Alam from

Over the years as a leading Authority on Book recommendations and reviews, I made countless articles many of which can be found on this site.

I have received many requests to recommend some of the best Agatha Christie books. 

I will recommend you best Agatha Christie books in this post, which is based on my in-depth study and testing in this field. Such as An Autobiography, Murder on the Orient Express, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, And Then There Were None, The Murder at the Vicarage, Death on the Nile, and Curtain.

These are not only the best Agatha Christie books. Below I provide you 21 books with descriptions on this topic.

21 Best Agatha Christie Books Ranked

Agatha Christie is one of the greatest writers in the history of mystery.

There are many genres of mystery novels with different purposes. Many works are regarded as masterpieces by one group of people but at the same time unacceptable to another group of people. 

The mystery literary world often quarrels over which genre is superior and which is inferior, and whether writing style or conspiracy is more important.

There are only a few writers who can unite mystery fans with widely different tastes, and Agatha Christie is the most representative one.

Agatha Christie (1890-1976), was a British female detective novelist and playwright. His creative career lasted for more than 50 years, and he created a total of 80 detective novels, which are best-selling in many countries and regions around the world.

However, when it comes to naming Agatha's masterpiece, many people have different answers. Moreover, a book cannot truly represent the charm of this queen of reasoning.

This time I review the world-famous British mystery queen Agatha Christie (nicknamed "Grandma") in my Top 21 works in my mind.

These best Agatha Christie books were carefully selected based on the popularity and sales of Agatha's works and the professional vision of the editorial department.

Let us follow these 21 books to see what charm Agatha has!

Agatha Christie

1. An Autobiography

Readers who fell in love with Agatha during their teenage years will be amazed by the changing scenes, complex characters, strange plots, and unexpected techniques in her books. 

I have always believed that this is the inherent talent of Agatha, the British manor-woman writer. and talent. 

After reading this thick autobiography many years later, I can feel her legendary life taking on a more complete look. 

This autobiography, narrated by herself and recorded by others when she was 75 years old, recalls the influence of stage plays in her childhood and the skills of a pharmacist she acquired as a field nurse. 

And the marriage with her first husband that started warmly but ended bleakly. , adventure in the Middle East by chance, encountering her second husband who is passionate about archeology, and her great enthusiasm for the site selection and decoration of houses at all stages of life. 

Ranking the autobiography as Agatha's first work in my mind not only stems from admiration for this prolific writer's rich experience but also because it allows women of all ages to realize the broad possibilities of life.

Classic quotes from "The Autobiography of Agatha Christie":

For me, life is composed of three parts: the present that is enjoyable and always full of enjoyment, always fleeting at a fast speed; the vague and uncertain future, for which any number of interesting plans can be made, The more outrageous, the better. Since things are bound to backfire, you might as well enjoy the fun of planning; the third part is the past: memory and reality are the cornerstones of a person's current life. A smell, the shape of a hill, or an old song can suddenly transport you back in time - these things will make you blurt out with indescribable joy: "I remember..." That's right One reward of age, certainly a pleasant one - these are memories.

2. Murder on the Orient Express

"Murder on the Orient Express" has always been the first masterpiece of the Poirot series in my heart. 

In addition to the immersive scenes, intriguing plot, and tight logic of the story, more importantly, the detective Poirot whose ultimate belief is to explore the truth. 

After unraveling the mystery step by step, he turned his strong sense of justice into a deep tenderness and made a difficult choice that shines with the brilliance of humanity. 

"East Express" was inspired by a real kidnapping case of a pilot's son, as well as Agatha's repeated blizzard journeys between Europe and the Middle East on the Orient Express. 

Its enduring charm is not only reflected in its vitality as a mystery novel but also leads to thinking about good and evil and the legitimacy of revenge in the dilemma of lack of legal principles.

Classic quotes from "Murder on the Orient Express":

The impossible could not have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances. 

3. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

When Keigo Higashino mentioned "Malicious" in his last post, some netizens commented in the comment area about its origins with "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd". 

Agatha's recognized masterpiece, "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" is undoubtedly the originator of this kind of "self-narrative trick". 

However, it has been imitated but never surpassed. The benchmark for mystery novels it has set lies not only in the wonderful time traps, the subtle flaws in objects, and the inexplicable false appearances of mysterious figures, but more importantly, in the foreshadowings buried in the undercurrents of the relationships between the characters, which makes people feel shocked at the ending. 

Huh, thinking back on that moment, there was already a hint. In the Roger mystery where "no one lies", only Poirot, who retired to the countryside to grow pumpkins and had the deepest understanding of human nature, could solve all the mysteries.

Classic quotes from "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd":

Women have a strong instinct to tell the truth. How many husbands have deceived their wives all their lives and carried their secrets to their graves. And how many unfaithful wives have ruined their lives by confessing to their equally unfaithful husbands! Once they are cornered, they will reveal the whole truth regardless of the consequences (of course, they will inevitably regret it later), forget about their personal safety, and just want a moment of pleasure.

4. And Then There Were None

With an impressive record of sales of more than 100 million copies worldwide, "There Are No Survivors" has become the most adapted work in film, television, drama, comics, and games due to the unique suspenseful atmosphere of the serial murder case on a desert island. 

In the private villa on Indian Island where Poirot and other detectives no longer appear, ten characters of different identities and classes appear in the form of mysterious invitation letters. 

On one side are the prophecies of British horror nursery rhymes, and on the other side are the reflections of small porcelain figures on the dining table. , the continuous fear of death and despair linger in every corner of the island. 

Agatha used the coldest words to gradually reveal everyone's pretense and conducted a ruthless trial on the greed and cruelty of human nature. I think this book achieved a good result in the twists and turns of the process and the straightforward ending. balance.

Classic quotes from "No One Survived":

That's peace - real peace. To come to the end - not to have to go on... Yes, peace.

That's peace - real peace. It's all over, there's no need to continue. Yes, this is peace.

5. The Murder at the Vicarage

The number of misogynistic remarks uttered by the characters in the Miss Marple series is shocking (of course, in the story, most of these misogynistic stereotypes are refuted directly or indirectly by Granny's carefully arranged plot or the narrator). 

The story is mainly from the perspective of a priest, centered on a murder that occurred in the vicarage, and depicts a picture of British rural life. A few words and vivid characters. The language is playful and the characters are different. 

This is Miss Marple's hometown murder, and the plot design can only be considered mid-range, but the priest is really a very good narrator, sincere, clumsy, and endearing.

The ending is forcibly happy, and the whole point of the article is Grandma's thoughts on crime and the depth of human nature. I like Grandma’s typical British subtle and venomous tongue the most.

6. Death on the Nile

"Death on the Nile" is the first work of Agatha to be translated into mainland China, and it is also the one with the highest frequency of film and television productions. 

Although from today's perspective, the theme of the murder case on the Bai Fumei luxury cruise ship cannot be compared with Grandma's other masterpieces in terms of layout, the theme of love remains timeless. 

The character of Cinderella Jacqueline in the story once became a typical example of independent personality, subversion of tradition, and unrepentant love. 

"The moon is real, but if the sun comes out, you can't see the moon at all. Our thing is like this, as soon as the sun comes out, Simon can't see me." 

Agatha describes this frustrating relationship in the most delicate and tender way and finally warns everyone through Poirot's words: "Love is not everything in life. Only when we are young, we will think so."

Classic quotes from "Death on the Nile":

Life is empty, there is a little love, a little hatred, and we say good morning to each other; life is short, there is a little hope, some dreams, and we say good night to each other.

7. Curtain

This is one of the few mystery novels that made me cry. If you also started from "The Mysterious Case at Styles Manor" and followed Poirot and Hastings around and witnessed the changes in the world, then you will also be extremely sad when you see the end of this work.

This book is the debut work of the great detective Poirot. In her many years of creative career, Agatha originally did not want to continue describing the story of this "Belgian dwarf" solving crimes, but later developed a cross-dimensional friendship with him. 

In the process Readers' praise for Poirot also witnessed Agatha's growth from a young girl to a mature writer.

This book was published in 1975, only one year after Agatha's death, but in fact, this book had been written as early as 1944. At the time of World War II, Agatha dedicated the book to her daughter and locked it in a safe. 

She didn’t know when the war would end, nor what the world would be like tomorrow, or even whether she could survive until tomorrow. 

What she wanted was that if she could never create again, she would at least leave her daughter with a book. It also leaves Poirot with an ending.

"Curtain" is the best and most suitable farewell performance she can give Poirot. Just as the answers to all her works will be given in the previous article, Poirot's farewell is also foreshadowed by more than thirty novels. 

In those novels, Poirot showed his amazing talent, revealed his arrogance and conceit, sighed for the murderer, and reflected on the importance of truth and justice. 

All these experiences merged into the choices he made in "Curtain", A decision that makes readers extremely heartbroken, but with a clear conscience.

Classic quotations from "The Curtain":

Maybe it's the danger... My friends, no one wants their life to be boring. Some people get stimulation in indirect ways—like watching bullfights. Some people get stimulation from reading. Some people get stimulation from watching movies. But one thing I know for sure is that humans don’t like excessive security.

8. Appointment with Death

"Appointment with Death", which takes place in the holy city of Jerusalem, is a work that is especially suitable for reading while traveling. 

It is greatly enriched by the unusual experience of Agatha and her second husband, who met during their adventure in the Middle East and went to North Africa for archeology together. her later creative career. 

The deformed American family described from the perspective of the female medical staff Sarakin - the Boynton family of five who are suffocated by the control freak old lady - is simply a model of the character map of the novel, about the Solomon Hotel, Camp Petra, etc. 

The active reproduction of the scene allows people to fully appreciate the ancient and mysterious beauty of the East. 

At the same time, the character of brave freedom and rational restraint conveyed by the female image of Sarakin is also a valuable highlight in Agatha's works.

Classic quotes from "Appointment with Death":

Beneath the etiquette and traditions of everyday life lies a host of strange things. For example, someone abuses for the sake of abuse and derives pleasure from it. But once you discover that, there's something deeper: a powerful and pathetic desire to be admired and noticed. If this desire is not satisfied, if you don't get the response you need because of your unlovable personality, you will take other methods - you must make people feel your existence and importance. This resulted in countless bizarre and anomalous behaviors. Cruel habits, like other habits, can be developed, and once formed, are difficult to break.

9. Five Little Pigs

Five Little Pigs, which once again uses elements of nursery rhymes, solves an old case from 16 years ago. 

The five people at the scene of a talented painter being poisoned relived it through their memories. That sunny summer afternoon. More than the reveal of the mystery itself, what is more touching about this novel is the beauty of the combination of movement and stillness flowing through the text. 

The vitality of youth, wealth, and beauty is burned out in an instant, and the perspective is stretched to the decades, a strong soul built up by efforts to build self-confidence; armor that can resist jealousy, dissatisfaction, regret, and other bad emotions; Understanding the compassion of regret, sympathy, and understanding is the life lesson that Agatha tries to teach readers through her works.

Classic quotes from "Five Little Pigs":

"Because, my child, you have so much to learn." "What do I have to learn?" "All the adult feelings—pity, sympathy, understanding. All you know—have ever known—love and hatred."

10. The Mousetrap

The short story "The Mousetrap" has become the most adapted work into plays or stage plays because of its "enclosed space" setting. 

It is also a popular piece that many Chinese audiences are keen to watch in theaters. Grandma pioneered the "Snowstorm Night" scene. 

The strong atmosphere created in the book comes from the isolation of rural life in the long winter in England that she is familiar with. 

This is also an important part that the mainland imported version cannot perfectly restore. The story itself continues its consistent unexpected ending. 

However, I always feel that "The Mousetrap" has some elements that lack thoroughness and need to be considered in the plot of the story.

Classic quotes from "The Mousetrap" :

No one's life can be ruined by others unless it is himself.

11. The Mysterious Affair At Styles

When this book was published, Agatha was already 30 years old. But in fact, Agatha had already finished writing this book four years ago. 

During World War I, her newlywed husband was serving in the army on the front line in France, and Agatha worked as a volunteer nurse. I learned pharmacy knowledge in the process.

She applied this knowledge of pharmacy to "The Mysterious Case of Styles Manor". The scientific theoretical basis and the fantastic poisoning plot gave this debut novel a very high-quality assurance. 

Of course, in addition to the twists and turns of the cases and novel tricks, Agatha also created the image of the great detective Poirot in this work. 

The prototype of this image was the Belgian refugee she saw during the war. He was ugly in appearance, but impressive.

When we look back at this work, we will find that it is still an epoch-making mystery novel because it is pure long-form reasoning. 

Prior to this, most of the mystery novels that focused on solving puzzles were short stories, while full-length novels were often mixed with elements of adventure and romance, such as Conan Doyle's "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and Gaston Leroux's "Yellow." 

"The Secret of the Room" has a lot of adventure plots, and the story stage of "The Mysterious Case of Styles Manor" takes place in a manor, which is a complete mental competition.

After 1920, a large number of long-form mystery novels began to be published, which is known as the "Golden Age of Mystery Novels" in history. The most important key to opening the door to the Golden Age is "The Mysterious Affair At Styles".

12. The ABC Murders

This book still has popular characteristics even now. Its pace is very fast, the scenes are always switching, and the serial murder case plus the murder preview whet the reader's appetite.

Among Agatha's works, "The ABC Murders" is also a relatively alternative work. In her previous masterpieces, whether it is "The Mysterious Case of Styles Manor", "Roger Mystery" or "Murder on the Orient Express", the stage is always Within a square inch, suspects take turns in a limited space, and they are emotionally entangled with each other. 

This is Agatha's specialty, but this work is an open stage. To use an inappropriate analogy, it is like a screenwriter who is good at writing palace battle scenes. Asking him to write outdoor adventure novels will eventually make people sweat.

But Agatha still completed it exceptionally well. Serial murder cases are hunted in alphabetical order, with no connection between the identity, occupation, age, and background of the victims. 

We and the detectives both understand that only by finding the connection between the victims can we find out the real culprit.

"Accident" is the characteristic that Agatha pays most attention to. Unlike other mystery writers, the "accident" in Agatha's works is not often reflected in the "modus operandi" and "murder tactics", but focuses on the "accidental murderer". 

"Someone once commented on Agatha's work: During the reading process, readers will doubt everyone, and in the end, the real murderer turns out to be the person who has not been suspected from beginning to end.

This evaluation is accurate, but it is limited to her early works. Agatha, who has been in her sixteenth year since her debut, has reached her peak period. 

During this period, the works she created combined both the misleading ability that she was good at in the past and the Keep creating new "accidents". "The ABC Murders" is a perfect example of unexpected motives.

This motive makes the setting of the serial murder story so valid that many writers in later generations can write a new masterpiece by borrowing just a little bit from this book.

13. Cards on the Table

Agatha entered her true peak period in 1936. At this time, she was already in control of her work. Readers would queue up overnight to buy her new books. 

Her desire to create was also at an all-time high. In the next few years, she would Several landmark works will be published in a short period of time.

Shortly after the publication of "The ABC Murders", "The Card" was released. This book is unique in terms of story content, detection method, and characters.

First of all, the content of the story. Most of the book is devoted to describing the process of playing bridge. A certain rich man introduces his proud "collection" to the great detective Poirot-four murderers who have escaped legal punishment. 

Later, Poirot was invited to participate in a card game organized by the rich man. Also participating in the card game were three other detectives and the four murderers. 

After the card game ended, everyone found that the rich man was stabbed to death on the chair next to him. Who was the murderer? How to complete the murder in the game of cards? The battle between the four detectives and the four murderers officially begins.

Judging from the content of the story, Agatha completely turned "murder" into a "game". She gave up the complex character relationships and deep motivations that she was good at before, and instead put the good guys and bad guys directly on the table, just like talking to the readers. Just like playing chess, the whole story is completed.

The detection methods are more game-like. Agatha's reasoning method is called "mental evidence reasoning" by the world. 

Different from "physical evidence reasoning", Agatha's detectives often do not need to rely on footprints, soot, etc. to solve crimes. As long as you talk to the suspect and figure out his psychology, you can solve the mystery. 

And "Card" is simply the ultimate in "mental reasoning". The detective uses the card strategy in the bridge game to infer the suspect's psychology at the time, and then restore the truth of the case. It sounds weird, but Agatha has this ability to convince all readers.

It is also worth mentioning that the four detectives who appear in this work have all appeared in other works, and they are even the protagonist detective. Poirot needs no introduction. 

He is the most famous detective character in Agatha's works; Mrs. Oliver is Poirot's good friend and appears in six works of the Poirot series; Inspector Bartel appears in five works, except Apart from "The Trump Card", the other four books are all protagonist detectives; the last one, Colonel Reis, is relatively unknown. 

Apart from "The Trump Card", he only appeared in "The Man in Brown" and "Tragedy on the Nile". But he is full of charm every time he appears, and he is also one of the characters that is quite popular among readers.

If "The Mysterious Case of Styles Manor" is the beginning of Agatha's detective universe, then "The Card" is equivalent to "The Avengers".

14. Evil Under the Sun

In my personal mind, "Tragedy on the Nile" is Agatha's best work and the work that best represents Agatha's abilities. The shadow of "Tragedy on the Nile" can be found in many subsequent works. In other words, Agatha only needs to make slight changes in her areas of expertise to shock readers again and again.

The most typical example is "Evil Under the Sun". The structure of the novel, the setting of the main characters, and the setting of suspense once again remind us of the familiar Agatha. 

This may be a kind of setting she set for herself. With a sense of form, readers will feel like meeting old friends when reading different novels.

Of course, the reason why "Evil Under the Sun" is a classic has many unique features. If "Death on the Nile" is the night, then "Crime in the Sun" is the afternoon. Agatha, who is good at describing sad emotions, is also very good at describing happy and sunny atmospheres.

Later generations will always mention "comfortable reasoning" when evaluating Agatha's works. The "comfortable" here refers to the relaxed, humorous, and joyful atmosphere in most of her works. 

This kind of atmosphere is contrary to the temperament of murder, but under Agatha's description, every character and every scene is so vivid.

The characters, scenes, and the final trick with strong visuals also give the movie adaptation a lot of room to play. 

That’s why when I was a kid, I especially liked the translation of "Crime in the Sun", Poirot, Beauty, and the Pool. Think about it. The picture is so cute.

15. A Murder Is Announced

Agatha wrote many detective series, but only two are the most famous, one is Poirot and the other is Miss Marple.

Many people believe that Miss Marple seems to be more in line with Agatha's "view of reality". Unlike Poirot's "running around to solve crimes" by sea, land, and air, Miss Marple, as an old lady living in the countryside, has experiences and interpersonal relationships that are similar to those of Agatha. 

Gaza herself bears a strong resemblance. But I think both of them are Agatha. Don’t forget, although Agatha was a woman more than a hundred years ago, she had a very adventurous spirit and had traveled around the world. 

She was not willing to live in a snail’s nest all her life. In the countryside, after becoming famous, you can live your life well.

As a girl, Agatha flew on a plane when her flying skills were immature. She was also the first woman recorded in history to stand up for surfing. 

Her dress even led the trend - this kind of curiosity about the world and a love for the world. A zestful attitude toward life continues into old age.

Therefore, Poirot and Miss Marple are both part of Agatha's self.

Although there are only 12 novels with Miss Marple as the protagonist, the average level is surprisingly high. 

This "Murder Notice" is Agatha's masterpiece in her later period of creation. It is like a hexagonal warrior, with excellence in every point and almost no flaws.

Classic quotes from "A Murder Is Announced":

People who are cowardly and kind-hearted by nature are often the most prone to betrayal. Once they resent life, whatever moral strength they have will be consumed by resentment. Simple kindness is the most perishable.

16. Hercule Poirot

At last, a single volume that gathers together all of the short stories featuring Agatha Christie's most famous creation, Hercule Poirot. 

The dapper, mustache-twirling little Belgian with the egg-shaped head and curious mannerisms has solved some of the most puzzling crimes of the century—and, in his own humble opinion, is "probably the greatest detective in the world."

In this complete collection of more than 50 stories, ranging from short tales to novellas, Poirot faces violent murders, poisonings, kidnappings, and thefts—all solved with his characteristic panache. 

Only Agatha Christie could have devised cases worthy of Hercule Poirot's skill and "little gray cells."

17. Miss Marple

Miss Marple is Agatha's second most famous detective after Poirot.

"The Complete Mysteries of Miss Marple" contains a total of 14 mystery novels, including famous mystery novels such as "Deathweed" and "Murder Revealed".

The mystery story of "Murder Notice" has even been regarded as a classic textbook on criminal psychology.

Compared with the Bearded Poirot detective series, the spinster Miss Marple series is much closer.

Miss Marple, like Agatha, is hidden in the lively rural life. Although the people here are simpler, they also have a complex human nature.

This may also be Agatha's source of inspiration and the source of her power to push mystery novels to the top by herself.

18. The Man in the Brown Suit

The Man in the Brown Suit is one of the few thrillers in Agatha Christie's career as a detective novel - it shows that she is not only good at writing detective novels but also at thrillers. 

Content introduction: The red-haired Ms. Hillary embarked on a path of no return due to her husband's betrayal and the death of her beloved daughter. 

But luckily she escaped the plane crash. The author Agatha Christie (1890-1976) is known as the universally recognized queen of detective mystery novels. 

Her books have sold more than 1 billion copies in English and have been translated into more than 100 languages, with sales of more than 1 billion copies. 

19. Hallowe'en Party

It started off well, with a girl claiming to have seen a murder, and everyone didn't believe it, but then she was murdered. Polo finally solved the case by interviewing many people.

The story is not new, but I felt really bad after reading it.

The reasoning in Agatha's novels is usually more rigorous, which is different from the subjective reasoning of Sherlock Holmes. 

But when Poirot in this book finally announced the answer to the mystery, he pointed out that the evidence for murderer 1 was actually a small detail, and this detail did not necessarily point to the crime. 

There is no evidence to point out murderer 2, and I rely on my intuition during the interview. The old man judged some of the truth about the case by relying on a few words from someone. He was simply Kyogokudo, who knew everything.

The story is far-fetched, the reasoning is far-fetched, and the writing style is not as smooth as in the past. Instead, it is sometimes plain and sometimes gorgeous, which makes people impatient to read.

In total, I have read about 60 of Agatha's novels, and I have been buying her books, hoping that there will be more good works like The Nile, ABC, No Survival, and The Secret of the Chimney Building. 

But now it seems, the best ones have probably been released, and the ones that come out are all mediocre ones.

20. The Mystery of the Blue Train

This is another one of my favorite unpopular works by Grandma. The strange thing is that Grandma herself doesn’t like it.

Maybe when my grandma wrote this book, she not only lost her mother but also got married and was at a low point in her life.

First published in 1928, it is an expansion of a short story "Murder on the Plymouth Express" collected in "The Masked Woman". The plot is basically the same as the short story. 

The millionaire's daughter also brought jewelry and equipment to meet Count Roach. She was murdered during the journey, and the jewelry was stolen. Even the names of some characters are similar.

The author has expanded the story this time to include many more emotional scenes, but the characters are delicately drawn and feel quite real.

Moreover, the heroine in the book, Jane Gray, is one of the most lovable heroines written by Grandma. The plot is also very exciting, especially the various coincidences of the heroine in the early stages. It is really a coincidence.

It is worth mentioning that the village of St. Mary Mead in the Marple series is mentioned for the first time in this book, and is a rare connection between the two series of Granny.

In addition, the valet George and the intelligence agent Mr. Goby, who have appeared many times in Grandma's subsequent works, also appear in this book for the first time.

21. Hercule Poirot's Christmas

The beginning of "Hercule Poirot's Christmas" felt a lot like "Detective Conan" to me. This is a typical locked-room murder case that often appears in Japanese anime. 

If I had been born in the early 19th century and had not experienced Conan many times, perhaps the reading process would have been more difficult than it is now.

Based on experience, I classify the methods of locked room murders into the following categories:

  1. The murderer hides at the scene of the crime after killing, waiting for everyone to break in and blend into the crowd;
  2. The murderer rushes in at the end when following everyone to break in. In the front, it creates the illusion of breaking in, but in fact, the door is not locked;
  3. Use tools such as fish hooks and long wires to create a secret room;
  4. Confuse the time of the crime and reduce the number of victims by adjusting the indoor temperature, forging the characteristics of the crime, etc. There was a time difference between the moment the victim was injured and the time everyone arrived at the scene, but the murderer had already left the scene of the crime openly.

        Therefore, when Superintendent Sugden noticed Pilar picking up a handful of rubber shards and wooden wedges from the ground at the scene, it was already hinted that this was an extremely important clue.


The above summarizes the top 21 works of Agatha Christie in my mind. Twenty years ago when entertainment forms were far less abundant than today, I would like to thank my grandma for bringing us so many wonderful stories. 

This kind of "set up the stage and set up the lights" It is very difficult to find a true-style drama in the mode of "light, characters appear, story advances, and the truth is revealed" nowadays. 

Going astray while reading and being amazed after the secret is revealed are also the most innocent and beautiful times of our youth.

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