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5 Best Air Fryer Cookbooks for Beginners and Experts in 2021

I don’t know if you have taken advantage of this New Year’s Festival to start the 5 Best Air Fryer Cookbooks for Beginners and Experts in 2021. If you already have a favorite best air fryer cookbook of 2021 for Beginners and Experts, then you may be thinking, how can I use it to make delicious and eye-catching food? We suggest you "5 Of the Best Air Fryer Cookbooks for Beginners and Experts in 2021", try it now, surprises await you!

In fact, after I started with the Best Air Fryer Cookbooks for Beginners and Experts 2021, I opened the door to a new world. Every day, I am rewarding myself with different kinds of tricks. The happiness is up, not much to say, the freshly baked guide is here.

Today, I would like to recommend the following best air fryer cookbook of 2021 for Beginners and Experts that is very easy to read and easy to make. There are many delicious air fryer recipes and easy to make, it's very suitable for many foodies. Come and give it a try! 
However, some friends may still be unfamiliar with an air fryer. An air fryer is a more popular cooking product recently, and it has been loved by many people, especially young people.

Let me give you a brief introduction to the working principle of the air fryer. It borrows high-speed air circulation so that the final effect of the food can be similar to the taste of fried food. Simply put, when it is working and heating, a very high-temperature hot air will be formed in the pot, so that the appearance of the food in the pot will become crispy, and the water inside the food will not be lost, so cooking The food that came out was really fragrant and delicious.

Air fryer cookbooks are divided into 3 categories according to meat dishes, seafood, vegetables and fruits, and snacks, and you can find them on demand.

After reading this article "Best Air Fryer Cookbook of 2021 for Beginners and Experts", you will find that the best air fryer cookbooks of 2021 are not just for frying French fries and roasting sweet potatoes. Use it well and it will become your right-hand man in the kitchen.

A Complete Best Air Fryer Cookbooks for Beginners and Advanced Users.

    5 Best Air Fryer Cookbooks for Beginners and Experts in 2021

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    1. The Super Easy Air Fryer Cookbook 

    by Brandi Crawford 


    In this book, Brandi Crawford teaches you how to make fried food exquisite and delicious, which will definitely become your most popular recipe. It's worth mentioning: Most of the 100 recipes can be served on the table in 30 minutes or less.

    The Super Easy Air Fryer Cookbook feeds your family healthier everyday meals without compromising the amazing fried flavor we all crave, with:

    100 easy air fryer cookbook recipes that feature quick prep and cook times―most recipes are ready in 30-minutes or less―and use grocery go-to ingredients for hassle-free cooking

    A guide to air frying that offers tips for getting started and troubleshooting your air fryer, plus handy charts for guiding timing and temperature

    Recipe labels that indicate fast, family-favorite, gluten-free, and vegetarian dishes, and "Aren't You Glad You Didn't Deep Fry" air fryer cookbook recipes, plus detailed nutritional information and serving sizes

    Everyone loves fried food. Now, you can enjoy the full taste of your favorite fried foods―without any of the guilt―when you whip up easy meals in minutes with The Super Easy Air Fryer Cookbook.

    Promising review:

    Purchasing The Super Easy Air Fryer Cookbook was a super EASY decision to make. I often find myself searching for crave-worthy recipes that I can creatively make dairy-free to accommodate my love for food and dietary lifestyle.—Read More—Krystal C

    2. Good Housekeeping Air Fryer Cookbook 

    Part of: Good Food Guaranteed


    A must-have for a good cookbook-air fryer recipe 

    Knock on the blackboard: This is meat-eaters heaven. All these air fryer recipes (such as chicken breast, black pepper pork chop, and jalapeno) have been fully tested in the author's restaurant and received rave reviews. So you know that if you choose him, you are equivalent to hiring a top chef to advise you on your dinner. Ding dong, your good help is online, don’t turn away if you like it!

    Promising review:

    I bought my 21-year-old son an air fryer/toaster oven for Christmas for his new house and threw in this cookbook to get him started. He has told me on several occasions that the cookbook has inspired him to do more than cooking a frozen pizza in his new oven. It has gotten him to shop in other aisles at the grocery, and hopefully will have him doing more real cooking than heating up processed unhealthy foods.—Read More—Michael DeLong

    3. Air Fry Every Day

    by Ben Mims 


    If you feel nervous the first time you use your air fryer, then this book will be the best teacher you need right away. This cooking cookbook has meticulously prepared 75 kinds of recipes with different styles, different ingredients, and even colors. There are not only classic daily recipes, but also various special snacks, as well as various small foods that children like. Here, you will learn how to bake, steam, and fry with your air fryer. It is definitely your cost-effective choice!

    Promising review:

    I don’t know if I have ever had a more useful or reliable cookbook. I know that seems ridiculous, but once you fall down the air fryer wormhole you want to figure out how to cook everything in it and Mimms has done us all the favor of doing exactly that. His recipes are wondrous, but he is going well beyond just recipes to explain darn near everything about this miracle appliance and the layout is a dream!—Read More—Renata

    4. The Air Fryer Bible (Cookbook)

    by Susan LaBorde  (Author), Elizabeth Hickman  (Author)


    This is probably the most expensive of the 5 books I recommend. If you like French fast food, please don't miss it. There are not only French crispy toast sticks, avocado fries, but also zucchini sausage pie. In short, there are about 200 recipes to choose from. With full blessings from the author, I hope you can experience a different kind of deliciousness even as a beginner at the air fryer.

    Promising review:

    The authors do live up to that title. I wish that I could give it more than 5 stars because it certainly deserves it. It's exactly what I was looking for: a comprehensive, clearly written cookbook mostly typo-free and well proofread, written in American English, (by two Southern girls), that has recipes in it that I want to eat, that I can eat, and that I don't have to order ingredients over the internet to make, and break my budget in the process.—Read More—K. J. Kalin

    Click Here To Check Out More Author Susan LaBorde & Elizabeth Hickman Books on Amazon.

    5. Every Day Easy Air Fryer

    by Urvashi Pitre


    This book focuses on daily life, easy to use, you deserve it.

    I believe that when you open this book, you can't wait to use your air fryer every day. The author of this book is the first bestseller in the same series last year, so you can be happy to believe that she has this ability to bring you a different experience! The focus of this book is on fresh ingredients and taste supremacy.

    After reading these books, dear, are you eager to try, now use your new air fryer to start the first test dish.

    Benefits to Air Fryer Cooking:

    *Minimal oil needed to cook most foods
    *Doesn't heat up the entire kitchen
    *Has fan-forced heat so it reduces cooking time by 25 to 35% 
    *Fan-forced heat can produce a crisper outer crust than baking alone
    *More energy-efficient: lower temperatures and shorter cooking times
    *Splatters are contained within the device
    *All of the surfaces (drum and grid/basket) can be put in the dishwasher
    *Smaller footprint than the oven so it's great for smaller spaces like dorm rooms, apartments, and RVs.
    *Drastically shorter pre-heating time

    Promising review:

    OMG! This cookbook is exquisite! The recipes are out of this world and the photos are stunning. Just looking through the book elicits a mouthwatering yearning to start cooking right this minute. Urvashi Pitre has hit another one out of the ballpark. I started with her Instant Pot Indian cookbook followed by her Keto book. I’ll order any and all cookbooks she ever authors. Her recipes are just that awesome. You will not be disappointed.—Read More—Ladiediver

    This is a gorgeous dividing line. I hope today's content will inspire you. see you later.

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