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29 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks of All Time

Best Vegetarian Cook of 2024 and Explore the best vegetarian cookbooks of all time, featuring a variety of cuisines, techniques, and delicious recipes
Best vegetarian cookbooks of all time: Vegetarian Enlightenment, nutrition, health, vegetarian recipes, vegetarian lifestyle book lists!

Dear friends, we will talk about the Best vegetarian cookbooks of all time, today is the first day of the holiday, so enjoy the time to slow down!

If you don't want to get together to "see people", then it is better to accept this best book for vegetarian cooking.

Because the best vegetarian recipe book of all time will change your view of food and fall in love with another way of life.

Below we recommend the 29 best vegetarian cookbooks divided into 4 sections and include an additional few books that are honorable mentions for vegetarian cookbooks.
  • 7 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks for Beginner's Enlightenment
  • 6 Must-Know Books about Vegan Nutrition and Health
  • Best Vegetarian Starter and Diet Cookbooks: 11 Best Vegetarian Recipe Books
  • 5 Books on the Vegetarian Lifestyle
  • Honorable Mentions: Best Vegetarian Cookbooks of All Time


The Best Vegetarian Cookbooks for 2024

With the continuous improvement and improvement of the quality of life, modern people consume too much fat, protein fat, and sugar, resulting in overnutrition and nutritional imbalance. 

After obesity, fatty liver, and other diseases appear, they eat more vegetables and fruits. The "vegetarian trend" of eating less meat is on the rise. 

Most people's vegetarian diet has nothing to do with faith, but because of beauty, weight loss, body shape, and health. 

7 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks for Beginner's Enlightenment

1. Hope's Edge


Hope's Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe & Anna Lappe 

The predecessor of this book was "The Diet of an Asteroid", which sold 3 million copies worldwide and changed millions of people's views on the earth. 

The author Lape’s mother and daughter traveled to all corners of the world to explore the interlocking meaning of people, food, and the earth, as well as solutions to the lack of food resources. 

The name of these best vegetarian cookbooks is like an extraordinary spiritual journey, and this journey is related to hope and happiness.

2. World Peace Diet 


World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony by Will Tuttle 

Presents the outlines of a more empowering understanding of our world, based on a comprehension of the far-reaching implications of our food choices and the worldview those choices reflect and mandate. 

The author offers a set of universal principles for all people of conscience, from any religious tradition, that they can follow to reconnect with what we are eating, what was required to get it on our plate, and what happens after it leaves our plates.

This is a book about healthy eating. The book mentions the various hidden dangers of meat-eating habits to our personal health and the various impacts on society. 

This book cares not only about the physical and mental health of individuals but also the health of society.

Many concepts about health in it run counter to many of the ideas we accept and are thought-provoking. If you want to know the truth about healthy eating.

3. Eating Animals 


After Jonathan became a husband and father, he has been thinking about two questions: Why do we eat meat? If we knew how the meat was brought to the table, would we still eat it? 

These best vegetarian cookbooks skillfully combine philosophy, literature, science, and my own undercover experience, and explore some conventional legends that form our eating habits. It is a must-read for everyone who cares about the way we eat.

4. Harvest for Hope


Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating by Jane Goodall & Gary McAvoy 
"Most people often choose not to know." I'm too sensitive! ’ They’d say, ‘I love animals and I can’t stand the thought of them suffering. Please don't tell me."
However, we will only make efforts to improve the lives of animals if we fully understand the harsh reality. 

We must not tolerate inaction, bury our heads in the sand, and continue to live normal lives." Excerpted from The Harvest of Hope by Jane Goodall.

The book mainly starts from four aspects
  1. It introduces the harmony between traditional farming methods and nature, as well as the unsustainability of the environment caused by the large-scale transgenic production mode and the use of chemicals; 
  2. The farm under the modern industrial model 
  3. The plundered ocean and the harm it brings to humans. 
  4. hope. The last and most important part of each theme is:
What can we do?

Everyone can do their part, without having to strip naked and tell everyone they'd rather be like that than wear animal fur, and without having to be vegan. Changing the world can start with one purchase, one meal, and one bite at a time.

We can:
  1. Don’t waste (in this overconsumed world)
  2. Buy organic
  3. Eat free-range animals and eggs as much as possible (to help farm animals have a better life)
  4. Eat less Meat, become a vegetarian or semi-vegetarian
  5. Eat local, eat in season
  6. Avoid fast food
  7. You can put a filter on the faucet at home to avoid drinking bottled water
  8. Don’t take water for granted, and don’t waste it( Turn off the faucet in time, drink the bottled water when it is open, and put a full water bottle in the toilet tank if you don't choose to use water to save water (this is my own method)) 
  9. Buy fair trade coffee
  10. There are many more
Maybe most people don't like change and are even less happy when they're told what to do. 

But I believe that many people, like me, also like a healthy life and are eager to contribute to the kindness of animals and a harmonious ecological environment, but they don't know where to start. 

Jane is right: “Continue to be hopeful.” It's actually quite simple to get started. We can live healthier lives while caring for our planet and its fellow citizens.

5. Diet for a New America


Diet for a New America: How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness and the Future of Life on Earth Second Edition by John Robbins 

From John Robbins, a new edition of the classic awakened the conscience of a nation. 

Since the 1987 publication of Diet for a New America, beef consumption in the United States has fallen by a remarkable 19%. 

While many forces are contributing to this dramatic shift in our habits, Diet for a New America is considered to be one of the most important. 

Diet for a New America is a startling examination of the food we currently buy and eat in the United States and the astounding moral, economic, and emotional price we pay for it. 

In Section I, John Robbins takes an extraordinary look at our dependence on animals for food and the inhumane conditions under which these animals are raised. 

It becomes clear that the price we pay for our eating habits is measured in the suffering of animals, suffering so extreme and needless that it disrupts our very place in the web of life. 

Section II challenges the belief that consuming meat is a requirement for health by pointing out the vastly increased rate of disease caused by pesticides, hormones, additives, and other chemicals now a routine part of our food production. 

The author shows us that the high health risk is unnecessary and that the production, preparation, and consumption of food can once again be a healthy process. 

In Section III, Robbins looks at the global implications of a meat-based diet and concludes that the consumption of the resources necessary to produce meat is a major factor in our ecological crisis. 

Diet for a New America is the single most eloquent argument for a vegetarian lifestyle ever published. 

Eloquently, evocatively, and entertainingly written, it is a ca-n't-put-down book guaranteed to amaze, infuriate, but ultimately educate and empower the reader. A pivotal book nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Non-Fiction in 1987.

6. Deep Vegetarianism


Deep Vegetarianism by Michael Fox

This book makes an in-depth analysis of vegetarianism in historical and philosophical aspects and comprehensively proves that "vegetarianism is reasonable" from various angles such as animal protection, environmental ecology, world hunger, and feminism. 

It even reached the conclusion that "people must cut off meat, and must try their best to reduce meat", and refuted various theories of "maintaining the legitimacy of meat" or "criticizing the legitimacy of vegetarian food." 

The analysis is sharp, the argument is rigorous and complete, and it is called the "Encyclopedia of Vegetarianism" or "Handbook of Vegetarianism Movement" which has never been seen before.

7. Animal Liberation


Animal Liberation: The Definitive Classic of the Animal Movement by Peter Singer 

This book was written in the 1970s, and this book is as relevant now as the day it was written. It should not be shocking, but there are still some chapters that make people cry, and some chapters that make people burn from the nose.

"Animal Liberation" mainly discusses animal testing and industrialized ranching. Now that "animal testing-free" cosmetics and daily necessities have gradually become mainstream, the state of industrialized ranching may hardly improve. 

Obviously, people all over the world must make every meal With cheap meat, it's impossible to have enough room for our supper to take a leisurely walk. 

Coincidentally, the idea of ​​"animal liberation" has many similarities with free software, both of which have very low economic benefits and are opposed to large-scale industrialization, and their supporters are often reviled for going to extremes.

The facts listed in the first three chapters of "Animal Liberation" would have been enough to make a friendly propaganda book, if Peter Singer instead focused on his other argument, raising animals requires several times more water and ( Oil) resources, and maybe more people can listen to it. 

He is a philosopher, and he wants to use ethics to explain his arguments, and he talks about animal rights at length. (He has published some more controversial works on other ethical topics and is often cited in criticism of Animal Liberation as an ad hominem attack. It is unfortunate that philosophers are found to have personality problems.) 

Worst of all It is he who forgets our bottom line and often uses "we must" and "there are many things we can and should do" to make the attitude of the whole book full of cult color in the eyes of outsiders.

I still respect Peter Singer very much. Any idea that is not in the mainstream needs some people who are not afraid of being scolded and have a reputation for making a radical voice. 

But what kind of concept to hold and how to act, after all, everyone needs to make their own decisions.

6 Must-Know Books about Vegan Nutrition and Health 

1. Vegan for Life


Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy on a Plant-based Diet by Jack Norris & Virginia Messina 

The two authors are both meatless and unhappy, and because of their compassion, they began to explore the nutrition of a pure plant diet. The basis of the discussion in this book is based on scientific evidence, large amounts of data and peer reviews, and as objective research as possible. 

The book does not advocate extremes such as completely raw food or a gluten-free diet, because this type of diet is targeted at special populations and the general public does not need it. In particular, these methods may be inconvenient and may be more expensive. I agree with this point. The methodology of the first chapter is very important. 

This is the rational knowledge that we must have when looking at new research results. The best vegetarian cookbooks discuss topics such as protein, B12, calcium and bone health, fat, minerals, and vitamins that vegans care about. 

It also talks about the transition from meat to vegan, pregnancy, children, adolescents, and old age. The problem. Finally, it discusses the health benefits, disease prevention, and exercise issues.

2. Becoming Vegan 


Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Based Nutrition by Brenda Davis  & Vesanto Melina 

You're about to discover how many have changed their lives for the better by taking up the Vegan lifestyle. 

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...What is a Vegan? What to eat; the Vegan dietDo it, Go Vegan! Why go Vegan? No starving, no fad diet; Lose weight the Vegan way Vegan, Be healthy! Types of food to eat. Things to avoid. Much, much more! 

Every day, more people are shifting towards a plant-based diet without meat, eggs, and dairy products due to concerns about their health, the environment, or animal ethics. 

Two of North America's foremost vegetarian dietitians present up-to-date findings on how to meet all of your nutritional needs by eating a nutritious, vegan diet. 

From infants and toddlers to seniors - as well as the special needs of athletes and pregnant women, -you'll discover the information you need to stay healthy and enjoy a balanced diet. 

Also includes a section on how a vegan diet can protect against cancer, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses. 

Considered the definitive work on vegan nutrition, anyone interested in becoming a vegan should read this book.

3. The China Study: for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health


The China Study: Revised and Expanded Edition: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-Term Health by T. Colin Campbell  & Thomas M. Campbell II 

This is the culmination of three epidemiological studies on diet, lifestyle, and disease mortality conducted by professors from the United States, Britain, and China in various provinces and cities in China. 

This is also the largest epidemiological study on diet, lifestyle, and disease mortality in history. On the basis of this research, Campbell and his sons wrote "Life-Saving Diet: China Health Survey Report." 

The research conclusions of this book are shocking: animal protein (especially milk protein) can significantly increase cancer, heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, kidney stones, osteoporosis, hypertension, cataracts, Alzheimer's disease, etc. The odds of getting sick. 

The book also pointed out that all these diseases can be controlled and treated by adjusting the diet.

4. Whole 


Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition by T. Colin Campbell  & Howard Jacobson 

"Helping Diet 2" is the sequel to "Helping Diet". By expounding on the relationship between genetics and nutrition, the relationship between disease and nutrition, anti-cancer research, and the response of the American social environment to nutrition, further research has shown that solving human health problems is related to eating every day. 

The "natural food" that comes into the mouth is closely related.

5. How Not to Die 


How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease by Michael Greger M.D. FACLM  & Gene Stone 

I have finished reading, and I will follow some theories, such as supplementing some vitamins, not eating processed foods, sitting for a long time, and eating more colorful and bright fruits and vegetables. 

I still agree with most of the points in the book, such as:
  1. Promote a balanced diet. Nutrients from whole plant foods are more effective than supplements. This seems to be more reliable than some books that ask you to take various supplements.
  2. The daily intake of various vegetables + whole grains + beans + potatoes + nuts to achieve a balanced diet has given me a basic understanding of a balanced diet, at least I will take it into consideration when buying vegetables and cooking.
  3. The principle of eating at traffic lights, lets us choose unprocessed or lightly processed foods as much as possible and avoid deep processing and junk food.
  4. The secret to staying healthy: an all-vegetable diet + 90 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every day. I am a self-disciplined person who loves sports. Exercise brings me health, and the secreted dopamine makes me feel full and healthy all day long. To be happy, of course, I have my doubts about whether it is necessary to eliminate all animal foods and be completely vegetarian. Let's judge after learning more nutrition knowledge in the future.
In any case, I finished reading this 580,000-word magnum opus in less than three days, and it is worth recommending.

6. Plant-Based Sports Nutrition


Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert fueling strategies for Training, recovery, and Performance by D. Enette Larson-Meyer & Matt Ruscigno 

Gain a plant-based advantage! Join the thousands of runners, bodybuilders, and athletes from virtually every sport who rely on foods and beverages made without animal products. 

Every day an increasing number of athletes, even those who are not fully vegetarian or vegan, incorporate a plant-based diet when training or recovering from competition.

In Plant-Based Sports Nutrition, registered dietitians Enette Larson-Meyer and Matt Ruscigno combine decades of evidence-based research with personal experience working with--and as--vegan and vegetarian athletes to offer you a reliable and complete explanation of how, when, and why you need to plan your nutrient intake to maximize nutrition and get the best results. 

They will help you make smart decisions about properly fueling your body so you have the energy and stamina to boost your training and excel during competition.

Learn how to get proper amounts of all essential micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, taking into account your personal caloric needs. Draw inspiration from athletes who share how they succeed in their sports while following a plant-based way of eating. 

Enjoy plenty of recipes to use for training, events, and everyday nutrition needs, and utilize the tailored meal plans and training strategies to properly fuel your body. 

Understand nutrient timing and relative energy deficiency syndrome (RED-S) as well as how to meet protein and amino acid requirements while doing light, moderate, or intense training for your sport. Get information on keto diets, tips for optimizing bone health and iron intake, and instructions for making your own fluid-replacement beverage.

Whether you are a dedicated vegetarian or vegan looking to add variety to your diet or you are an athlete searching for a plant-based competitive edge, Plant-Based Sports Nutrition will help you maximize your diet for optimal performance!

These best plant-based cookbooks on sports nutrition, especially for those who want to try a vegetarian diet, but not limited to athletes. The diet recommendations before, during, and after exercise, muscle cramps and inflammation, and weight control are listed. The research found that the author, as a nutritionist who once worked for the Olympic Committee, has a relatively objective viewpoint.

Best Vegetarian Starter and Diet Cookbooks: 11 Best Vegetarian Recipe Books

1. Thug Kitchen 101 


Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*CK (Thug Kitchen Cookbooks) by Thug Kitchen 

Thug Kitchen 101 includes more than 100 easy and accessible recipes to give you a solid start toward a better diet. TK holds your hand and explains ingredients from chickpeas to nooch so you'll feel confident knowing exactly what the f*CK you're cooking. 

This kickass kitchen primer also serves up health benefits and nutrition to remind everyone, from clueless newbies to health nuts, how a plant-based lifestyle benefits our bodies, minds, environment, and pocketbooks. THAT'S RIGHT. EAT GREEN, SAVE GREEN.

So scared of commitment you can't even dedicate some time to cooking? Thug Kitchen's here to fix that sh*t: All recipes in TK 101 are guaranteed to be faster than delivery, so you can whip up some tasty meals with simple ingredients regardless of when you stumble home from work. 

You're too damn important to be eating garbage, so TK has made it easy to take care of #1: you. No needless nonsense or preachy bullsh*t. Just delicious, healthy, homemade food for all the full-time hustlers out there.

2. Isa Does It 


Isa Does It: Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes for Every Day of the Week by Isa Chandra Moskowitz 

Recipes, tips, and strategies for easy, delicious vegan meals every day of the week, from America's bestselling vegan cookbook author.

How does Isa Chandra Moskowitz make flavorful and satisfying vegan meals from scratch every day, often in 30 minutes or less? It's easy! In ISA DOES IT, the beloved best vegetarian cookbook author shares 150 new recipes to make weeknight cooking a snap. 

Mouthwatering recipes like Sweet Potato Red Curry with Rice and Purple Kale, Bistro Beet Burgers, and Summer Seitan Saute with Cilantro and Lime illustrate how simple and satisfying meat-free food can be.

The recipes are supermarket-friendly and respect how busy most readers are. From skilled vegan chefs to those new to the vegan pantry, or just cooks looking for some fresh ideas, Isa's unfussy recipes and quirky commentary will make everyone's time in the kitchen fun and productive.

3. More Quick-Fix Vegan


More Quick-Fix Vegan: Simple, Delicious Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less by Robin Robertson 

Following on the success of Quick-Fix Vegetarian, Robin Robertson's Quick-Fix Vegan provides 150 new vegan recipes ranging from starters, snacks, salads, sauces, and sandwiches to stovetop suppers, pasta, soups, and desserts that can all be prepared in 30 minutes or less. 

Quick-Fix Vegan also features "Make-Ahead Bakes," convenient recipes that are assembled ahead of time (in less than 30 minutes) and then baked before serving. 

Quick-Fix Vegan draws upon a myriad of ethnic influences including French, Mexican, Moroccan, Mediterranean, Greek, Cajun, East Asian, Italian, and Middle Eastern, and features recipes such as Spicy Black Bean Hummus with Orange, Korean Hotpot, Rotini with Creamy Avocado-Herb Sauce, Moroccan-Spiced Pumpkin Soup, BBQ Pinto-Portobello Sandwiches, Burmese Ginger Salad, Autumn Harvest Gratin, and Catalan-Style Creme Brulee. 

An introductory chapter provides the reader with basic information on how to maintain a "quick-fix" vegan kitchen including pantry suggestions and kitchen tips, as well as basic recipes for ingredients such as homemade vegetable stock and seitan. 

Cooks of all skill levels will find that the recipes inside Quick-Fix Vegan are just as delectable and adaptable to the omnivore, as they are essential to the vegan lifestyle. Quick-Fix Vegan is a companion volume of Robin Robertson's Quick-Fix Vegetarian.

4. Oh She Glows Every Day 


Oh She Glows Every Day: Quick and Simply Satisfying Plant-based Recipes: A Cookbook by Angela Liddon 

Angela Liddon’s irresistible and foolproof recipes have become the gold standard for plant-based cooking. Her phenomenally popular blog and New York Times–bestselling debut, The Oh She Glows Cookbook, has amassed millions of fans eager for her latest collection of creative and accessible recipes. 

Now, in this highly anticipated follow-up cookbook, Liddon shares wildly delicious recipes that are perfect for busy lifestyles, promising to make plant-based eating convenient every day of the week—including holidays and special occasions! 

Filled with more than one hundred family-friendly recipes everyone will love, like Oh Em Gee Veggie Burgers, Fusilli Lentil-Mushroom Bolognese, and Ultimate Flourless Brownies, Oh She Glows Every Day also includes useful information on essential pantry ingredients and tips on making recipes kid-, allergy-, and freezer-friendly. 

These beautiful best vegetarian cookbooks from one of the Internet’s most beloved cooking stars, Oh She Glows Every Day prove that it’s possible to cook simple, nourishing, and tasty meals—even on a busy schedule.

5. But I Could Never Go Vegan! 


But I Could Never Go Vegan!: 125 Recipes That Prove You Can Live Without Cheese, It's Not All Rabbit Food, and Your Friends Will Still Come Over for Dinner by Kristy Turner 

Can’t imagine living without cheese? Convinced that dairy-free baked goods just don’t cut it? Hate the taste of tofu and are not a fan of boring salads? EXCUSES, BE GONE!

Blogger-author extraordinaire Kristy Turner deliciously refutes every excuse you’ve ever heard with 125 bursting-with-flavor vegan recipes for every meal of the day—including dessert!

If you’re a waffling vegan newbie, on-the-fence vegetarian, or veg-curious omnivore, these best vegetarian cookbooks will banish your doubts. You’ll find you can get enough protein, fit in at a potluck, learn to love cauliflower, and enjoy pizza, nachos, brownies, and more—without any animal products at all. (Even vegan pros will discover some new tricks!)

Colorful photographs throughout will have you salivating over Kristy’s inventive, easy-to-follow recipes. So what are you waiting for? Get in the kitchen and leave your excuses at the door!

6. The Ultimate Vegan Guide


The Ultimate Vegan Guide: Compassionate Living Without Sacrifice by Erik Marcus 

You could be the world's next vegan. It's easy if you know how and this uniquely helpful book tells you everything you need to know. Every topic related to vegan living is covered including cooking, nutrition, food shopping, travel, dining out, and much more. 

You'll get clear and straightforward guidance from Erik Marcus, a vegan of twenty years and counting. Join the thousands of people who've used these best vegetarian cookbooks to easily and successfully transition to a vegan lifestyle. 

Erik Marcus is the author of Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating, Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, & Money, and A Vegan History: 1944-2010.

7. But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan! 


But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan!: 125 Recipes to Win Everyone Over (But I Could Never Go Vegan!) by Kristy Turner 

With her first cookbook, But I Could Never Go Vegan!, Kristy Turner deliciously refuted every common excuse to prove that, yes, anyone can go vegan. Now, My Family Would Never Eat Vegan! serves up 125 all-new, scrumptious, satisfying recipes—organized around 20 too-familiar objections to eating vegan as a family:
  • Don't have time to cook elaborate family dinners? Whip up an easy weeknight solution: Quick Cauliflower Curry, BBQ Chickpea Salad, or Cheesy Quinoa and veggies.
  • Worried about satisfying the "meat and potatoes" eaters? Wow, them with Lazy Vegan Chile Relleno Casserole, Jackfruit Carnitas Burrito Bowl, or Ultimate Twice-Baked Potatoes.
  • Hosting a special event? Try Pizzadillas for game day, Champagne Cupcakes for bridal showers, Maple-Miso Tempeh Cutlets for Thanksgiving, or Herbed Tofu Burgers for your next potluck.
Easy-to-follow, bursting-with-flavor recipes—free of all animal products!--make it easier than ever to please vegans and non-vegans at gatherings. Even your most skeptical relatives will be begging for more!

8. Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen

This book contains 220 vegetarian dishes, from appetizers to delicious meals, rich and varied staple foods, moisturizing soups, and tempting snacks. 

It will teach you how to play with the kitchen hand by hand, using dexterous hands and good dishes. 

The book also includes guides to help “veganize” your kitchen, cooking techniques for vegan staples, and wellness tips, making it the perfect book for both long-time vegans and newcomers alike.

9. The Oh She Glows Cookbook 


The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Over 100 Vegan Recipes to Glow from the Inside Out by Angela Liddon 

"All Plant Vegan " has 109 dishes from the vitality "breakfast" to "homemade specialty foods", and lists the characteristics of each dish, whether it is gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free, nut-free, grain-free, or oil-free. 

To prevent accidental ingestion of allergenic ingredients. Therefore, you can choose different recipes from different chapters according to your own preferences to customize a menu that is exclusive to you.

10. Nourish


Nourish The Definitive Plant-Based Nutrition Guide for Families--With Tips & Recipes for Bringing Health, Joy, & Connection to Your Dinner Table by Reshma Shah M.D. M.P.H.  & Brenda Davis R.D.

While nearly all parents agree that a nutritious diet is important for children to thrive, most feel that their children are not eating a healthy diet. 

This is not surprising, given the demands of busy families and confusing, conflicting research about what diet is really best for health.

Nourish offers the solution parents have been waiting for when it comes to deciding what and how to feed their families. 

Authors Reshma Shah, MD, a plant-based pediatrician and affiliate clinical instructor at Stanford University School of Medicine, and Brenda Davis, RD, a world-renowned expert and pioneer in plant-based nutrition, will empower parents to become experts in nourishing their families. 

11. The End of Animal Farming


The End of Animal Farming: How Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and Activists Are Building an Animal-Free Food System by Jacy Reese

A bold yet realistic vision of how technology and social change are creating a food system in which we no longer use animals to produce meat, dairy, or eggs.

Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals brought widespread attention to the disturbing realities of factory farming. 

The End of Animal Farming pushes this conversation forward by outlining a strategic roadmap to a humane, ethical, and efficient food system in which slaughterhouses are obsolete–where the tastes of even the most die-hard meat-eater are satisfied by innovative food technologies like cultured meats and plant-based protein. 

Social scientist and animal advocate Jacy Reese analyzes the social forces leading us toward the downfall of animal agriculture, the technology making this change possible for the meat-hungry public, and the activism driving consumer demand for plant-based and cultured foods.

Reese contextualizes the issue of factory farming–the inhumane system of industrial farming that 95 percent of farmed animals endure–as part of humanity’s expanding moral circle. 

Humanity increasingly treats nonhuman animals, from household pets to orca whales, with respect and kindness, and Reese argues that farmed animals are the next step. 

Reese applies an analytical lens of “effective altruism,” the burgeoning philosophy of using evidence-based research to maximize one’s positive impact in the world, in order to better understand which strategies can help expand the moral circle now and in the future.

The End of Animal Farming is not a scolding treatise or a prescription for an ascetic diet. Reese invites readers–vegan and non-vegan–to consider one of the most important and transformational social movements of the coming decades.

5 Books on the Vegetarian Lifestyle 

1. Famous Vegetarians and Their Favorite Recipes


Famous Vegetarians and Their Favorite Recipes: Lives and Lore from Buddha to the Beatles by Rynn Berry 

In the best vegetarian cookbooks, the author talks about Pythagoras, the "father of vegetarianism", Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, Nobita, the founder of Jainism in India, Lao Tzu, the founder of the Chinese Taoist school, and Plato in ancient Greece, until contemporary Phi The vegetarian story of top singer McCartney and others. 

After introducing every vegetarian celebrity, there is a "kitchen" named after this celebrity, in which you can see their most representative vegetarian recipes.

2. Eat and Run


Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness by Scott Jurek  & Steve Friedman 

For nearly two decades, Scott Jurek has been a dominant force -- and darling -- in the grueling and growing sport of ultrarunning. 

In 1999, a complete unknown, he took the lead in the Western States Endurance Run, a 100-mile jaunt over the Gold Rush trails of the Sierra Nevada. 

He went on to win that race seven years in a row. Jurek was also one of the elite runners who traveled to Mexico to run with the Tarahumara Indians, as profiled in the bestseller "Born to Run." 

Jurek's accomplishments are nothing short of extraordinary -- and all were achieved on a plant-based diet.

In "Eat and Run," Jurek opens up about his life and career -- as an elite athlete and a vegan -- and inspires runners at every level. 

From his midwestern childhood of hunting and fishing to his slow transition to ultrarunning and veganism to his epic, record-breaking races, Jurek's story shows the power of an iron will and the importance of thinking of food as fuel. 

Full of stories of endurance and competition as well as practical advice and some of his original recipes, "Eat and Run " will motivate people to go the distance, whether that means getting out for a first run, expanding food horizons, or simply exploring the limits of human potential.

3. Raw


Raw: Recipes for a modern vegetarian lifestyle from acclaimed Icelandic cook Solla Eiríksdóttir by Solla Eiriksdottir 

A modern and fresh take on vegetarian, vegan, and raw food

A raw food diet is now a widely accepted route to healthy eating. Raw: Recipes for a Modern Vegetarian Lifestyle features 75 healthy and delicious mainly raw recipes and introduces readers to an ethical and sustainable approach to eating that has found its way into the everyday diets of people around the world.

Divided into five chapters - breakfast, snacks, light lunches, main dishes, and sweet treats - the book abounds with bright, fresh recipes such as turmeric tostadas, quinoa pizza, kelp noodles with tofu, and vegan vanilla ice cream.

4. The Yoga Kitchen Plan

The Yoga Kitchen Plan: A Seven-Day Vegetarian Lifestyle Plan with Over 70 Recipes by Kimberly Parsons

The Yoga Kitchen Plan is a soulful journey towards finding your best, most authentic self where a quiet mind and overall sense of calm is the ultimate goal. Through the use of non-stimulating foods, the plan helps the reader reach a state of bliss and tranquility each day. 

The book starts by explaining the body's chakra system and how this is integral to a yogic lifestyle

The core of the best vegetarian cookbooks is the simple, 7-day plan which incorporates breathing exercises, meditations, basic yoga practice, daily tasks, and then a selection of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that target each of your 7 chakras to take you through a whole week. 

The 65 recipes follow a sattvic (pure) food model – this means that the food is Lacto-vegetarian i.e. fruit, vegetables, and dairy predominate while stimulating foods that unsettle the mind are excluded, such as eggs, garlic, onion, and caffeine. 

Examples include Raspberry and Apple Bircher with Pistachio Confetti, Blueberry and Basil Kombucha with Poached Pear and Rhubarb, Feta Whipped Ricotta with Balsamic, Fennel, Beetroot and Orange Salad, and Smoky Grilled Romaine Lettuce, Corn and Black Bean Salad.

5. Vegan Yack Attack's Plant-Based Meal Prep


Vegan Yack Attack's Plant-Based Meal Prep: Weekly Meal Plans and Recipes to Streamline Your Vegan Lifestyle by Jackie Sobon

If you're a vegan and frequently on the go, it can be hard to find plant-based options that you can not only eat but want to eat. In many cases, packing your own goods is both the healthier and more delicious, option. But it's not always easy to figure out what to pack and how.

With The Vegan Meal Prep Cookbook, author Jackie Sobon does all the "figuring" for you, giving you meal plans you can start on Sunday--or whatever day works for you--and use throughout the week. 

From bulk grains and beans to big-batch sauces and soups you can use in all sorts of different ways (think Kimchi Cheese Sauce drizzled over a baked potato or rice), there'll be no more "What's for dinner?!" panicking. 

You'll also find ideas for great car breakfasts and work lunches, along with all the tips and tools you'll need to plan ahead and make your life easier.

With more than 100 recipes and 14 weekly plans (plus Jackie's signature stunning photography), meal prep success is in the bag!

Honorable Mentions: Best Vegetarian Cookbooks of All Time

Here are some honorable mentions of Best Vegetarian Cookbooks that are worth checking out:

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