19 Best Christmas Historical Romance Novels

19 Best Christmas Historical Romance Novels to Read this Holiday. such as Window Shopping, Loaded, Mistletoe Christmas, No Ordinary Christmas, Death.
I have received many requests to recommend some of the Christmas historical romance books. In response, I'm pleased to offer my expert recommendations in this article.

I will recommend some notable Christmas regency romance books include here: Window Shopping, Loaded, Mistletoe Christmas, No Ordinary Christmas, and Death.

These aren't the only books on this topic. Below, you'll find 20 books with detailed descriptions of each of these outstanding resources, which are based on my in-depth study and extensive research in this field. 

So, when I suggest these books, it's because I've read a lot and want to share the best ones with you. I'm all about making your reading experience awesome. Trust in a guide deeply immersed in the literary books and stories. I love books just like you do!


Best Christmas Romance Books

1. Window Shopping

The first one on my list is one you might have already heard of which is window shopping by Tessa Bailey. it's her latest release her first Christmas romance I think I love Tessa of course I have to read her newest release. 

I pretty much read every single book of hers and this one sounds like a lot of fun it's a boss-employee romance with a grumpy sunshine couple except this couple is reversed so the hero is the sunshiny character and the heroine is the grump.

2. Loaded: A Holiday Romance 


Loaded: A Holiday Romance by Kilby Blades

I'm also reading Loaded by Kilby Blades. this is a novella Thanksgiving romance novella I literally just got this in the mail today and decided why not let me read this one it's an interracial romance with a billionaire hero so I already I'm like yes the hero's family is apparently a little bit crazy because of how wealthy they are and he's been hiding his girlfriend from them. 

because he doesn't want her to meet them and then break up with him but he is forced back home for Thanksgiving for a family dinner and he also wants to propose to this girlfriend honestly it kind of reminds me of crazy rich Asians so I do expect this one to be a lot of fun and plus it's really short.

3. Mistletoe Christmas: An Anthology 


Mistletoe Christmas: An Anthology by Eloisa James, Christi Caldwell, Janna MacGregor, Erica Ridley

I have a Christmas anthology on me to read this is Mistletoe Christmas with Eloisa James and three other authors Christy Caldwell Jana McGregor and Erica Ridley so there are four novellas in this book and all of them are centered around this Duke's Christmas house party. 

my friend Desiree has been giving me a play-by-play of this anthology and she's been enjoying it a lot she's been liking every single novella that she's been reading I'm mostly looking forward to Eloise and James because she's the one that I've read the most from and I usually enjoy her books.

4. No Ordinary Christmas 

Next is "No Ordinary Christmas" by Belle Calhoune is a small-town Christmas romance novel set in Mistletoe, Maine. 

The story revolves around Dante West, a former local resident turned Hollywood actor, who returns home to shoot a movie and make amends for leaving without saying goodbye. 

Lucy Marshall, the town librarian, and Dante's former best friend and love interest is hesitant about his return. 

However, Dante offers a generous donation to the struggling library to film on-site, forcing Lucy to confront her feelings. 

The book explores their second chance at love amidst the holiday season and the challenges they face as a famous actor and a small-town librarian. 

Readers praise the author's ability to bring the characters and setting to life, the emotional depth of the story, and the charming small-town atmosphere.

Best Historical Romance Books

5. The Earl Takes All 

The first one is my book club read which is The Earl Takes All by Lorraine Heath this is our November read and we do have a Christmas one for December but I won't spoil it I actually have two Lorraine Health books on my to-be-read This is the first one and it is technically the second book in a series but reads totally fine as a standalone this one has a wild blurb. 

I think my friend Lisa from remarkably Lisa talked about this book and that's how I heard about it but it is a twin replacing twin brother kind of romance the hero is a twin his twin brother has recently just died and his last dying wish was for the hero to take his place to take care of his wife who is now a widow this heroine has no idea that her husband is dead she has no idea that her brother-in-law has taken his place and she is also pregnant so there are a lot of things going on in this one. 

and I do believe that this hero was in love with the heroine before she ever married his brother it sounds wild and I expect a lot of angst in this one.

6. The Duchess Hunt 

The other Lorraine Heath book that I want to read is The Duchess Hunt which is book two in her Once Upon a Dukedom series this is about the duke who was not chosen from book one in that kind of love triangle and he falls for his secretary who he asked to find himself a bride so she becomes his matchmaker. 

and I just love historical romances where the main characters are from two different social classes I've heard amazing things about this one like people love it even more than book one so I am very very excited.

7. The Sinful Ways of Jamie Mackenzie 

This last historical romance is one that I have been waiting so long for since it was first announced it is The Simple Ways of Jamie Mckenzie by Jennifer Ashley which is Ian and Beth's son's book Ian and both were from the Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, which is one of my favorite historical romances books.

apparently, Jamie and his heroine have previously met around a decade ago when she accidentally pushed him into a river and it happens again in the present day she pushes them in except this time he ends up kissing her like how cute is this set up this heroine is very interesting her name is Evie and she's currently engaged but she's only friends with her fiance she doesn't really love him. 

and she's actually planning a heist she's planning to break into this British museum and Jamie ends up sliding his way into this heist because he wants her I'm going to read the blurb now because it sounds amazing I'm quoting it he is not going to let the trivial matter of her betrothal to a dull stick put him off Jamie is Ian McKenzie's son all right he'll use all of Mckenzie determination and jointness to prove that she is for him and he is for her. 

I'm already in love with this book I'm already in love with Jamie I'm really hoping we get to see a lot of Bath and Ian and also it is set in the Edwardian era which I'm not sure I've read before but it's the early 1900s the first decade so that should be interesting.

Best Fantasy Romances to be Read

8. Death 

The first one is one of my most highly anticipated of the year it is Death by Laura the Lasso which I do have an arc of I have barely started it I'm nine percent in but I do have to put it down in order to finish up my Halloween to be read but I totally screamed when it showed up on my kindle cause I love laura Thalassa I love the four horsemen series. 

I know my friend Lisa has already finished it and she said that death is her favorite horseman so I am extremely hyped so far it's been intense a lot of people died which is not surprising the heroine is literally the only being the only person that death cannot kill like she is immortal.

9. Wed to the Wild God 


Wed to the Wild God: A Fantasy Romance by Ruby Dixon

I'm also planning to read Wed to the wild god by Ruby Dixon it's been a while since I last read Ruby Dixon I don't really read her too much anymore as much as I used to at least but I love this fantasy romance series it's the third book in the aspect and anchor series about Kasem. 

and I've been waiting quite a while for his book the series is so good though it's like a mix of Outlander and Game of Thrones with gods each book in the series has been an extremely long and extremely slow burn. 

so it's very different from her other books there is no instant love there is no Insta lust but I do really love this series if you love high fantasy and you love a slow burn and you love long books you definitely need to read them.

10. King of Battle and Blood 

I have quite a few scarlet Sinclair books to read as well as three of her fantasy romances the first one is an arc of her upcoming release which is The King of Battle and Blood. 

it's a fantasy romance with vampires so kind of similar to another popular series but I am very excited it's the first in a new series with a publisher Scarlett Sinclair got picked up by a publisher which is really exciting. 

the heroine enters this marriage of convenience with a vampire king and she plots to kill him the day of their wedding but she doesn't succeed he stops her so it's enemies to the lover's marriage of convenience and fantasy with vampires.

11. A Touch of Ruin & A Touch of Malice 


I also plan to read the last two books in her Hades and Persephone series I read book one and I really liked it I actually have the audiobooks of both of these books A Touch of Ruin and A Touch of Malice. 

I had them on hold for so freaking long but I do have the paperbacks too clearly I really like the setup of this world though it was really easy to read I like the characters and the romance so I'm looking forward to reading more of them.

Best Rom-Com Books to Read 

12. A Lot Like Adiós: A Novel 

This first one is 'A Lot Like Adios' by Alexis Daria I have read You Had Me at Hola but I thought it was okay I do want to read this one mainly because it's a second chance romance anytime I hear that a book has the second chance romance I want to read it. 

I also currently have this audiobook checked out at my library so it's coming up soon I think this one is work related to the main characters they reunite and they're forced to work together for this marketing campaign.

13. The Heart Principle 

and of course, I do have to eventually read the new Helen Huang I've been pushing it off for some reason that I don't really know myself but I am going to read it in the next two months I know this book is very very different from her first two books like it's not even that much of a romance.

I've heard it's very heartbreaking I'm fully prepared to cry during this one and I don't even cry for books really but she didn't make me tear up for the bright test so this one will probably get even more than that.

14. The Donut Trap: A Novel 

I want to read 'The Donut Trap' by Julie Tieu which is out in early November I've been really excited to read it first because of this adorable cover and second, it's an Asian romance debut in the heroine works at her family's donut shop the hero is her old college crush I know my friend madison from the princess of paperback really liked this one so I'm excited.

15. Battle Royal: A Novel 

I also have 'Battle Royal' by Lucy Parker on my read it's a foodie romance it's another foodie romance it's got baking it's pretty much like the great British bake off except the main characters are competing to win this opportunity to bake a wedding cake for a princess it's enemy still lovers with a very grumpy hero lucy parker is very good at writing grumpy heroes. 

I read her for the first time this year and I really liked it so I've been wanting to read more of her books.

Best Dark Romance Novels

16. Her Soul for Revenge 

I want to read 'Her Soul for Revenge' by Harley Leroux this is a sequel to Rehearsal to Take which I read earlier this year I think Charles from Books on the Stereo was the one who told me to read it and we are planning to buddy read the sequel it's actually the book that I'm starting today. 

it's a dark horror romance dark horror paranormal the hero is a demon and I believe this takes place during the same time as book one because we got a little bit of the second couple in book one and I'm not really a big fan of you know replaying the same events because I already know what happens but I am looking forward to it and hopefully we do get a lot of new content. 

17. Hooked: A Dark, Contemporary Romance 


Hooked: A Dark, Contemporary Romance by Emily McIntire

This next book I'm pretty sure is on quite a few people's to read because of Tori from the novel Life it's 'Hooked' by Emily McIntyre I keep seeing this book everywhere and now I want to read it. 

It is a dark retelling of Peter Pan the hero is hooked so it's the villain getting his happily ever after which is always great he's definitely not a good guy he is literally a killer and he's out for revenge against Wendy's father Wendy is, of course, our heroine I just love romance retellings and I love dark romance so I have high hopes for this one.

18.  Marriage & Malice: A Dark Mafia Romance 


Marriage & Malice: A Dark Mafia Romance by Trisha Wolfe

I'm also planning to read 'Marriage and Malice' by Trisha Wolfe which is a mafia romance I think it's the first mafia romance from Trisha Wolfe. I know she has a couple of other dark romances like her serial killer romance that I do want to read but this one is going to be my first. 

the heroine is a ballet dancer and the daughter of a mafia-made man who pretty much signs her over to the hero who wants revenge against her family so this one is another revenge plot in a dark romance.

19. Brutal Prince 

and the final book on this list to read for the rest of 2024 is A Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark. I was eventually convinced to read this series first to start from the beginning of her Sophie Lars because I do own the Kingmaker series. 

so I wanted to read that one first but I guess they can sit on my shelves for a little bit longer so I can start with the brutal Birthright series even though it is six books long everyone told me to start with a brutal prince so I will it's a dark mafia romance with a marriage of convenience and age gap it's got enemies to lovers. 

so all of my favorite things and I guess if I do read this one and love it and I do have time I will add the rest of the series to my to-be-read but that's it for my end of year to be read.

Conclusion of Best Christmas Historical Romance Novels

let me know your thoughts if you read any of these books or even if you have any suggestions for books you want me to read that are not on this list I'm always open to that but that's it for this article. hope you enjoyed it and thank you so much for reading this article.

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