What Is Your Favorite Book?

Today we will talk about what is your favorite book and why in 2022. I think anyone who loves reading will have a few favorite books. These books may help to gain new knowledge or solve difficulties. 

In any case, it is like a good friend who accompanies you for a period of time to give great comfort to the soul. 

As a self-proclaimed avid reader, I am inevitably asked the dreaded question, "What is your favorite book?

Of course, if I talk to a fellow reader who is sensitive to this question, I get a more acceptable form: "What are your favorite books?"

What is Your Favorite Book and Why?

Do you have a favorite book? Books are friends who never leave your side. I find this saying to be very true, as books have always been there for me. I enjoy reading books. They have the power to help us travel through worlds without moving from our places. In addition, books also enhance our imagination.

Today I will share with you my favorite books. Here are the 12 most favorite books recommendations.

1. Robinson Crusoe 

I have gained some inspiration from this book. I wrote it down in the hope that it will serve as an introduction and also lead you to get to know it. I first came into contact with this book on middle school language essays, but it was only a fragment of it. Later, I had the opportunity to read the whole book at university. During that time, because of a few terrible things, I felt that everything was far away in the foreseeable future, and the future was hopeless. 

It was the most confusing period in the past. I suffer from insomnia every day at night, and I often dream of walking in the thick and damp fog, a vast expanse of whiteness and no light. 

The face was also covered with large acne, and the hair fell out quickly. I know that physical conditions are often caused by psychological factors, but I don't want to face it or talk to anyone, because my inner world collapses. At that time, apart from going to the library for reading and recreation, I was basically isolated from the outside world. I happened to borrow this book to read in the maple grove one weekend. 

So what inspiration did " Robinson Crusoe " give me? Why is it my favorite book? This book is about Robinson living a stable life but being called by his inner world to eager to go sailing and adventure. On the fourth voyage, the ship encountered a storm on the way, and all the companions on the ship were killed. Only Robinson survived. Drifting alone to a deserted island. When he first arrived on the deserted island, he said, "I decided where to wait to die. I really can't see the prospect of living." This is like most people's first reaction to a major accident and chooses not to act. 

Then Robinson salvaged everything that could be used, masts, food, and clothes began to set up tents and dig caves to live in. It was like encountering this book, using more or less useful things. Reading here at that time felt my own The encounter is like in the book, and it seems to see my life in the book. 

I am looking forward to the changes in Robinson as if what Robinson will do next can tell me what to do next. Robinson then began to grow barley and rice on the island, and then encountered several changes: he almost died of illness and then healed, domesticated wild goats ran away, risked their lives to save the prisoners from the cannibal savage next Friday, Man-bear battle, man-wolf battle. 

At the end of the reading, I understand that life is always full of difficulties, and when it comes to difficulties, I will always take action to make changes. It is only a question of when the time of auction begins. I remember reading the entire book at that time and I looked up and found that there was just fine sunlight hitting my face. 

I felt a trance. It seemed that they had become different together. I jumped from a quagmire to go out to see where I was. The current difficulties are nothing from the length of life. This is the inspiration that this book gave me. The paper version of the book is placed by the head of the bed, and I will read it again from time to time.

2. The Kite Runner 

The story tells a touching story between Amir and Hassan, who are sympathetic to brotherhood.

When he was a teenager, Amir was a wealthy young master in Afghanistan. He and his servant Hassan were brothers and sisters and flew a kite together. Because Amir’s father treated him and Hassan fairly, it made Amir very unhappy. He wanted his father to love him more and more. 

Therefore, in a kite competition, Amir tried his best to win the kite competition in order to change his father's view of him. When Hassan pick kite, he met frequently bullied their Assef, Amir huddled in the corner, have the courage to stand up for Hasan, which became a period of remorse of the past lie in the hearts of the Amir, and then there is no feeling of sympathy with Hassan when he was a child.

In order to get rid of this feeling, Amir used a trick to force Hassan away, and went to the United States with his father, until he got married. After getting married, Amir has always been cherished by the betrayal of Hassan in his childhood. With the encouragement of Rahim Khan, he went to Afghanistan again to find Hassan's orphan and his nephew and brought him back to the United States and their nephews after many hardships. The story of living together.

At the end of the story, Amir picking up a kite for Sohrab echoes Hassan to Amir.

3. The Bell Jar: A Novel 

If Slyvia Plath was born in today's Internet age, I don't know if she will become a poet. The Internet age makes it possible for everyone to become a poet or novelist. Although this is an era of less and less poetic, personal experience is also devalued due to excessive proliferation.

Everyone has their own fears, inexplicable dreams, little pride, and depression in life. The network provides a platform for telling and sharing, that is, on this platform, our thoughts become bytes-and as trivial as bytes, or even worthless.
I often make these byte garbage.

In the era of Slyvia Plath, "I" can still be read carefully. Of course, the premise is that you can be like her, behave so beautifully, without being pretentious. She said that her quietness and emptiness were just as felt by the eye of a storm. 

She said that she was like a hole in the ground. She said she wanted to bloom in all directions like fireworks on National Day. She said she wanted to be as sharp as a knife. She said that suicidal thoughts are formed calmly in her heart like a tree or a flower. She said that some kind of mischief was like a bad tooth when it was stuck in her veins. She said that everything in the past is her landscape...

This is just the anxiety of a young woman at the end of adolescence: about career, about sex, about herself. Before he had time to enjoy the arrogant youth, he suddenly realized that the unavoidable bifurcation point was in front of him. She was 18 years old, afraid that she would soon become a vulgar housewife like her mother, but found that she was not good at anything other than taking an A. 

She had a vague fear and desire for sex but suddenly realized that the object she had always admired was an asshole --All the confusion and anxiety are constantly poured into the bell jar hanging above the head, and it will dump at any time. Hearing hallucinations, insomnia, and extreme depression followed, and after reading a few pages of "Finnegan's Watch", she collapsed. All of a sudden, it was as clean as white paper.

Only a genius can collapse like this, and only a genius can play with such humor rather than a mess. This is the neuroticism and hysteria of genius.

Although people in this era often sell their own collapse (because collapse decadence is a label of "character"), but often people only see hypocrisy.

4. Harry Potter 

The epic story finally came to the finale.

The title page of "Harry Potter" is the ancient Greek tragedy writer Aeschylus "The Liber". The trailer for the movie "Harry Potter" is Hogwarts in the raging fire.
Yes, this is the epic of this era. Of course, only some people can indulge in it. People who have nothing to do with it are just like Muggles, who are neither willing to believe nor commit.

Because we know that books, in fact, are like magic wands. Not only do readers choose books, but books also choose readers. The book you meet and the book you fall in love with is because he also chose you. The book you missed, sorry, your aura is wrong, he didn't choose you.

Many people like the first four. Indeed, the last three parts are long and dark, like always groping in the dark, and there is no light. The first four are dreamlike childhoods, and the last three are dark and cruel youths. The first four parts make dreams, and the last three parts break the bubbles of dreams one by one in front of you. In the end, there is only the only light that shines on the faint beauty. This is much like the teens that each of us has experienced.

Without the latter three, "Harry Potter" is just a set of beautiful fairy tales.
And now, he has become an epic.

I am very worried about the performance of the last film that has not yet been released. The Hogwarts decisive battle was too magnificent and magnificent, too sad, too carrying the last dream of every Harry Potter reader. It is the grand trip at the end of youth, the life-and-death exam, and the unforgettable love affair. It leaves us with a bright tail because the partners who did not see this starlight have already gone on the road.

Fortunately, we came to the end in the long march of four million words and twenty-four hours of film. At the moment when I opened the ending, I had to be grateful. This life without Diagon Alley, even without Ollivander’s wand, even if it’s not in the bookstore called Lihen, finally has such a set. Book-chose me.

5. The Night Circus 

The story of "Night Walk Circus" is actually the love of the children of the family of enemies that have never changed. It just wraps the protagonist, background, environment, and plot of the story in a fantasy coat, or more simply, the magical Romeo and Juliet.

Since it is a fantasy subject, it is naturally difficult to escape the comparison with "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter". When she was at the airport with Jinny, she said that she prefers fantasy based on simplicity, such as Harry Potter. I quite agree with her. My idea is actually simpler. The most important thing in the novel is the story. The plot of "Night Walking Circus" is still not enough. It uses a lot of fantasy details to build a very ordinary story. It's inferior.

The text in the novel has a special sense of the picture. When you read it, there will be pictures in your head. I can’t help but think that this segment is very suitable for making a movie. If this segment is shot, it is difficult to do special effects, even the heroine has already With a face, although the fairy-like beauty described in the book, she looks like Bjork in my mind. I am very puzzled about this. I don't know if this sense of picture is due to the author's endowment or because the information received now is more and more focused on the scope of the image.

It took me a month or two to finish reading this novel. Of course, there were business trips and other reasons, but the distraction of attention is really a big problem, and I would subconsciously feel that I read such a novel. What's the point? When I got a novel in elementary and junior high school, I eagerly read it in the fastest time, and then read it over and over again in the rest of my free time. It feels like it's no longer a real thing.

6. The Great Gatsby 

A few days ago, a friend asked me, do you believe that fate is destined? I said I believe that character determines fate, and character is born.

  Who is Gatsby? Gatsby is a cousin of the German emperor, Gatsby is a German spy, Gatsby is a murderer, Gatsby is Trimarchau in the Western Peninsula-the endless party supplier. But we know that Gatsby is not Jay Gatsby, Gatsby is James Gates, the son of a farmer in the West.

  Just as some people say that Jilda destroyed Fitzgerald, some people say that Daisy destroyed Gatsby. But what kind of person is Gatsby? He is a person who plans his life to achieve his goals since he was a child. I always think that people who strictly plan their lives are paranoid, but only paranoia can succeed.

  Gatsby's success is inevitable, and his character determines that he must succeed. He can't be like Tom without consuming and pursuing, nor can he be stupid like Wilson, and he's not willing to live his own life like Nick. When he changed his name to Gatsby at the age of seventeen, he could only succeed. Either succeed or die.

  Whether it's a bootlegger or something else, Gatsby will succeed in the end, I firmly believe.

  Just as Dan Cody gave Gatsby a possibility in life, Daisy's appearance is the embodiment of success: falling in love with the golden girl and living happily.

  Either Daisy or Trish or someone else, who must shine like silver, always charming and always in the center of people's eyes. Only such a golden girl can be worthy of Gatsby's luxurious mansion feast, and only such a golden girl who needs money in her voice can be worthy of Gatsby's dream.

  It’s a pity that Gatsby’s perfectionism can’t be sustained by Daisy. "I did love him--but I also loved you." Daisy’s love is like a coin in a beautiful handbag. Throw it to this person. , And threw some to that person. These are all real, but you know, none of these are real.

  But what's the use of seeing through these? Gatsby's road to success is no longer perfect, and without Daisy's end, all of this is no longer perfect. A paranoid person will not find a young golden girl again, then wrap her up in the velvet of money, and then give a little bit of love. In that case, there is no way to recover the failure of Daisy here. Failure is a brand and cannot disappear from the heart.

 There is nothing crueler than life giving you a perfectionist character and enough wisdom.

  As long as you need others, they are destined to disappoint you.

7. Rebecca 

In this novel, she is the one who has not appeared, but she is also the one who has always existed in everyone's hearts. Outsiders think this stunner is impeccable: beautiful, noble, smart, capable, courageous, and courageous; but in the eyes of her husband Derwent, he is a complete demon, bitch! She can pretend that everyone can't see her heart, can't see her madness, can mingle with anyone, and confuse sentient beings. She will do things that are unethical and are also being cleaned up. 

This woman is too independent and too courageous. She can ride a horse better than a man, so she can go out to sea alone. She loves no one, she only loves herself. She didn't want to be someone's accessory, she didn't want to put a man's last name after her name. Think about how scary, why do you want to ask for your opinion on what clothes to wear? Why do you depend on your color when you speak? Why do you have to invite guests and friends to a party as you wish? Just because of your surname!

       I think this is a novel about women's liberation. The two heroines in the book come from two eras. Rebecca seems to be a feminist. She pursues her freedom, enjoys all kinds of men, enjoys pleasure, and may be called a bitch, so what? She has a cabin that belongs only to her. Anyone can stay here overnight, but not get the right of residence. As soon as daybreak, we have to leave. I think Rebecca may not bring too many people of the opposite sex. A person who is willing to go to sea has a heart that cannot be chained. 

Maybe she just hopes that she can go on like this, read a book, daze, sleep, all Yes, only where does she feel that she is the master, that she is Rebecca, not the mistress of the mandala, not Mrs. Derwent. But the other poor Mrs. Derwent was so pretty. No wonder it will be loved by the male protagonist. 

Men want to have a wife like Rebecca, but at the same time, they are afraid of having it. Just because it's hard to tame? No, it is not. They are afraid, women get more respect and praise than them, and their timidity is concealed by her. Make the huge sun of man hide under the clear brilliance of the moon. They can't stand the trick of controlling women and apply it to themselves.

8. Crime and Punishment 

"Crime and Punishment" is a classic. Biting it down, I swallowed a reassurance pill like a robber, calm as a ghost. I no longer want to go online, there is too much irritability; I no longer want to make comments, there is enough noise. I can still clearly perceive that there is a quiet power in my heart, it is faint and indescribable, but I believe it is there. 

Whenever I get tired, I just have to lean there, that is, when I complete the action of "close to it" in my mind, it seems that my heart is not tired. This is a peaceful pleasure. Looking back at the other people, it was pitiful. Go ahead, I still have sweet things to do. So recently I fell in love with plants. I kept a pot of gardenia a long time ago, and it is still lush. It is better to think about plants. There is no concept, no concept, and even the sound is omitted. Head and brain growth.
"Crime and Punishment" is a book about people. A man lying there all day, doing nothing, thinking about nothing, time lost its meaning in him. This person is incomprehensible. So people still have to have stories. But stories that are too exciting and bizarre won’t work. I can’t get used to thrillers. How can there be so many ghosts in life? Even neuropathy is rare. Or ordinary people, most of the plain stories, in general. "Crime and Punishment" is an ordinary story: a college student killed someone and finally surrendered. 

There are too many murder stories in society, and they are not reported in the news; but in literature, Dostoevsky wrote half a million words. shining. In our absurd era, there has never been a shortage of Hollywood-like fantasy stories, where petitioners are locked in morgues and young girls are raped...too many, so exciting, that people living in it have long been numb and even bored. 

Our aesthetics are unknowingly changed and destroyed. Literature has a restorative effect. We don't need more and more violent and perverted social news to stimulate our conscience, and we don't need to stimulate our facial features with shocking surround sound, just rely on pure words to impress you. The power of literature.

9. Little Women 

This book that has a great impact on my life. Until now, I would recommend this book to little girls. It can be said to be a must-read classic for girls. I started reading this book when I was in elementary school. In the long hours that followed, I read it countless times, disappointed and frustrated in the late night of sleeplessness, and revisiting this book, I felt that life was wonderful and everything was possible.

      Until now, those sentences in the book can be twisted out randomly: the wise move is to be prepared so that when the moment of happiness comes, you will feel that you are ready to take responsibility and you are worthy of this happiness.

"Well said, Joe, I would rather be a happy old maiden than a sad wife or a bad girl, running around looking for a husband,"

Laurie lay on the carpet, pretending to rest, actually staring Huo Miao was thinking about things, and his thoughtful look made his dark eyes appear clear and gentle, very beautiful. (By the way, I really like Laurie) I

      had insomnia last night, and I went to read halfway in the early morning. In those years, the simple and simple outlook on life in the book still warms me. But I still didn't dare to watch the ending. For so many years, I hated that ending, so I only wanted to read half of it again.

       When I was a child, I was so sad that I couldn't sleep at night because of that ending. I can't accept the ending of Amy and Laurie together, let alone the ending of Joe and the professor together. Everyone thinks that it is very wise for Joe to marry a professor. It is in line with the orthodox concept of Christianity and in line with the definition of women in society at that time. 

I am really mad, I admit, I have always wanted to be Joe in my heart, although on the surface I can only work hard to be Amy. I believe that a certain compromise can be exchanged for freedom, but in the future, I will compromise my life to that point, give up my chic, give up my dreams, give up the justice I believe in. Then I really want to stop at this moment.

10. Jane Eyre 

A good book may change a person's outlook on life and the world, and benefit you for life. One of my favorite books is "Jane Eyre".

Some characters described in the book "Jane Eyre" played a lot of subtle effects on my growth. Jane Eyre is optimistic, strong, and kind. She is always hopeful about life in adversity and strives to create her own new life. These characteristics shown in her are what I admire. They tell me not to be pessimistic or disappointed in setbacks. 

But to maintain a good attitude and move on on the road of life; and the tolerance, detachment, and sincerity embodied in her friend Helen are also what I admire. I think sincerity is the foundation of one's life, and to be sincere and tolerant to colleagues, friends, and everyone around me. As the saying goes, "the water is clear, there will be no fish, and the human being will be unscrupulous". Tolerance to others and strict to yourself. Only in this way can we have a good interpersonal environment.

"Jane Eyre" is the representative work of the famous British female writer Charlotte Bronte in the 19th century. It is an autobiographical work. It tells the story of a British woman who has been an orphan since she was a child, constantly pursuing freedom and dignity, persevering in herself, and finally gaining happiness through various ordeals. 

The novel fascinatingly showcases the ups and downs of the hero and heroine's love experience, praises the freedom from all old customs and prejudices, and successfully creates an image of a woman who dares to resist and who dares to fight for freedom and equal status.

Jane Eyre’s life pursuit in Jane Eyre has two basic melodies: passion, fantasy, resistance, and perseverance; desire for freedom and happiness in the world and the pursuit of a higher spiritual realm. The theme of this novel is to successfully create an image of a woman who is uneasy, unwilling to be humiliated, and daring to fight through the rough life experience of an orphan, reflecting the call sign and condemnation of an ordinary soul, a lowercase person The desire to become a capitalized person.

11. Wuthering Heights 

In the past, I thought that the best atmosphere for reading "Wuthering Heights" was a stormy night with violent winds and lightning; now I suddenly feel that, in the wild and unruly on the surface of the story, you must taste the deepest tranquility like water sadness, or fall in the snow. Silent winter night reading.

Wuthering Heights is actually a story of growth and betrayal.

Growing itself means betraying the pure childhood and compromising the ugly adult world. Catherine stepped through the door unsteadily, but Heathcliff stayed outside the door stubbornly.

When Catherine had realized that Heathcliff, who was unknown and had nothing, was definitely not the target of marriage, and soberly said that "marrying Heathcliff would damage my identity." At that moment, she had temporarily escaped from the madness. In her capricious childhood, she became a sensible and sophisticated adult woman.

And Heathcliff, the Heathcliff who is as bad as the devil in everyone's eyes, is always the unfettered gypsy child deep in his soul. He simply rejected Catherine's "reasons" in the adult world. In his mind, Catherine was always the little Kathy who was the wild girl who went around with him to make trouble. His logic is extremely simple: if there is no Catherine in heaven, then heaven is hell; if there is Catherine in hell, hell is his heaven!

Therefore, after losing Catherine, Heathcliff, whose heart is dead, only focused on one thing: to completely destroy this ugly world without Catherine.

In the abandoned Wuthering Heights, grass grows hurriedly in the wind. The haunted legend is still passed on from generation to generation among the ignorant villagers. I saw the souls of Little Heathcliff and Little Casey running and laughing together in the vast wilderness under the moonlight. 

12. Pride & Prejudice 

There are several books on my pillow all year round. One of them is Pride and Prejudice. It has been with me for almost ten years. For many nights, I can’t sleep, so I just turn around and watch a section of whether it’s Darcy and Elizabeth at the prom. The spark-sparkling confrontation or Mrs. Bennet’s neurotic nagging Jane Austen’s wit always overwhelmed me, smiled knowingly, then reminiscent of the familiar plot, fell asleep, and Jane Austen’s life was unremarkable.

She was almost She has never left the country town where she lives, so there has never been any historical plot in her book, nor has there been any indignation and exposure to the dark world. She is only based on sensitive observation talent and excellent language. the ability to repeatedly written on the life of an ordinary person her their little happiness, little annoyances their little calculation, careful machine although the stories take place in the 19th-century English countryside, today is still lively, almost certain she might be called Not a great writer, but she is definitely called the smartest author in my heart, the cutest woman. 

Those women in Jane Austen’s writings are still living in our world today, a little bit like Charlotte, cool sober, decisive grasp the opportunity to choose a marriage of love do not need some like Lydia, reckless naive, self-righteous love for the brave, but the actual chips secular interests somewhat like plum, plain, narcissistic, depending on the surface of a shallow man is stupid The vulgar things, but their heart is extremely longing for their love.

Some are like Jane, weak and kind, passive and reserved, watching the love disappear without the courage to retain, and the vain Bentley sisters, the simple Miss Darcy, of course, and women like Elizabeth. Gentle, firm, intelligent, and open-minded, she never compromised even at the cost of lifelong loneliness. She thoroughly understands all disappointments and flaws but understands them with tolerance. 

She is such a good girl that is worth cherishing, just like Jane Austen and the reality is always It’s impossible to let this kind of happiness appear. Jane Austen is unmarried for life. Her only good friend is her sister Cassandra. Her wisdom and naughty, and her stubbornness and gentleness finally haven’t waited for someone like Dashi to appreciate her.

There are many friends with Love and Care. They are women like Jane Austen. They are talented and have their own opinions to face life seriously. They are also working hard to enrich their hearts and feel the beauty of the world with their heart, and they also know how to take good care of themselves. The fire loves others, but now they are alone. They are like a tree in full bloom in the valley. The white peaches and plums. Even if no one appreciates, they must live prosperously. They know life and should live for themselves.

In fact, they have always rejected happy endings. The story always feels that there is a kind of inexplicable whitewashing, but arrogance and prejudice never feel like this. All women have got their best ending. The satisfaction she gave them, that is, the satisfaction she taught us, Do not let a little lonely and desperate for the world so that people feel there is no hint of the outcome stiff all within reach of the warm and happy to continue to embrace a better hope not because innocent but because we believe in yourself, has the ability to make yourself happy regardless of Is that person finally there? We are all the most beautiful and unique women.

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