20 Best Vegan Cookbooks for Beginners in 2024

Discover top 20 vegan cookbooks for beginners. Perfect for families and budget-friendly individuals. Start your plant-based healthy journey 2024.
Dear planet friends, today we share with you the 20 best vegan cookbooks for beginners in 2024, enjoy the time to slow down!

If you don't want to get together to "see people", then it is better to accept this booklist about the best vegan cookbooks.

There is no guarantee that it is the most complete, but we can guarantee that this is definitely the vegan books list that will shock you, change your worldview, and even change your lifestyle.

Because they will subvert your view of food and fall in love with another way of life.


The 20 Best Vegan Cookbooks For Beginners in 2024

With the continuous improvement and improvement of the quality of life, modern people consume too much fat, protein fat, and sugar, resulting in overnutrition and nutritional imbalance. 

After obesity, fatty liver, and other diseases appear, they eat more vegetables and fruits. The "vegetarian trend" of eating less meat is on the rise. 

Most people's vegetarian diet has nothing to do with faith, but because of beauty, weight loss, body shape, and health reasons need wonderful vegan cookbooks.

Below we recommend The 20 Best Vegan Cookbooks in 2024.

1. Vegan Meal Prep

by JL Fields


Reasons for recommendation:

With 8 meal preps to suit a variety of nutritional needs and tastes - grains, vegetables, legumes, bowls, and more - this vegan cookbook offers nutritious and balanced recipes 5 days a week. 

Complete with a start-to-finish guide to prepping day efficiency, plus meal prep must-haves like shopping lists and storage tips, the hardest thing you'll have to do is choose which meal prep is right. for you.

Vegan meal prep includes:
  • Meal Prep 101 explains the benefits of vegan meal prep, along with basic techniques, basic ingredients, and storage tips.
  • 8 meal preps, each with a meal plan, shopping list, equipment list, action plan for the step-by-step preparation day, and 5 recipes for the week.
  • 70 recipes including Tofu-Spinach Scramble, Quinoa and Kale Bowl, Miso Spaghetti Squash, Pesto Pearled Barley, Kale Chips, and more!

Promising review:

I actually returned this book...I wanted to like it so much. I was hoping to prep meals with a plan and not have to make many separate things to create a meal.-Ann Nessalk 

2. Fuss-Free Vegan

by Sam Turnbull 


Reasons for recommendation:

This is the vegan cookbook Sam wishes he had when he went vegan: one that recreates and vegan the dishes he loved the most in his pre-vegan days, like fluffy pancakes and crispy bacon, cheesy jalapeno poppers and pockets of pizza, salad Creamy Caesar, and macaroni and cheese, rich chocolate brownies and holiday-worthy pumpkin pie, to name just a few. (And there is no recipe for hummus insight.)

Promising review:

So happy to finally have this book. I already knew from Sam's blog that her simple no-fuss recipes were amazingly delicious. It's nice to see this book lives up to the expectations of RJ 

3. Deliciously Ella The Plant-Based Cookbook

by Ella Mills 


Reasons for recommendation:

In addition to the 100+ new plant-based recipes, for the first time, we are given a personal insight into Ella's journey - how she grew her blog, which she began writing to help her recover while suffering from illness. into a wellness brand, and everything she's learned along the way, as well as what drives the Deliciously Ella philosophy and her team's passion for creating delicious and healthy food.

Promising review:

I bought this book because Ella had confirmed to me via Instagram DM that the US version had finally been released. But like many of the comments state, when I actually got the book the measurements are not in US metrics.-Celeste P. 

4. The Beginner's Guide to a Plant-based Diet

by Brandon Hearn  


Reasons for recommendation:

A plant-based diet, especially when they are whole and unprocessed, has a lower calorie density, which means you will have to eat larger portions and it will be much easier to lose some weight because these foods add so much more bulk.

One of the best motivators for people transitioning to a plant-based diet comes from how good they feel and how much more they can do in their lives once they feel healthier.

Promising review:

Turned off by the fact that the pages and images are NOT in color. I like pretty pictures, that’s my first step in deciding what to eat.-Denise R.

5. Vegan Cookbook for Beginners

by Rockridge Press 


Reasons for recommendation:

With over 150 versatile vegan recipes, Vegan Cookbook for Beginners will allow you to experience the benefits of better health and increased energy when eating vegan with recipes that are filling, comforting, and nutritious. 

Going vegan is a smart choice for your body and the planet, and Vegan Cookbook will take the guesswork out of cooking daily vegan meals. 

Vegan Cookbook will help you enjoy the benefits of veganism today with * Over 150 easy and delicious vegan recipes straight from Vegan Cookbook

Promising review:

I like my recipes as simple, quick, healthy, and tasty. Too many recipe books have 20 ingredients and loads of prep time or weird ingredients. This book uses straightforward ingredients you can find at any grocery store and keeps the steps simple.-Aaron 

6. World Peace Diet 

by Will Tuttle


Reasons for recommendation:

Twenty-six years ago, Tuttle gave up his position as a professor at Berkeley University and began a vagrant life. He later wrote that I used five years of system landscape foods writing. 

In this book, we explore the profound cultural and spiritual influences derived from food choices, as well as the different psychological states behind different choices. 

If you open this book, you will definitely conform to the call of the universe's nature, make a decision to change your lifestyle, jointly open a new era, and create a more peaceful world beyond your imagination. (Poke here, read the excerpt from " World Peace Diet ")

Promising review:

My family and I went vegan about 9-10 months ago now. I felt compelled at the time to make the change but did not anticipate just how life-enhancing this transition would become.-Liz Anderson 

7. The Plant-Based Diet for Beginners

by Gabriel Miller 


Reasons for recommendation:

Dishes like Walnut Crunch Banana Bread, Savory Sweet Potato Casserole, and Oat Crunch Apple Crisp come with detailed instructions and use simple, everyday ingredients that you can easily find at your local grocery store. 

You'll find nutritional information for each recipe, a guide to following a plant-based diet even when you don't want to cook, and much more.

Promising review:

I started this lifestyle due to my health. I have RA and a friend recommended I go plant-based. I started about three months ago. For the first time in ten years, my fingers do not hurt! I am feeling better and stronger each day. I am no longer taking my medications.-Julie M. 

8. Harvest of Hope

by Jane Goodall 


Reasons for recommendation:

Jane Goodall is an internationally renowned animal behaviorist and one of the most legendary women of the 20th century. For 40 years, she has been doing in-depth research and protecting chimpanzees on the African continent. 

In April 2002, Dr. Jane won the title of "United Nations Messenger of Peace". She tells us in the vegan book that mankind is destroying this planet in countless ways. 

She hopes that through this book, people will pay more attention to the sustainability of natural resources, the well-being of animals, human health, and other issues that are vital to life.

Promising review:

Like most of us, I have always thought of Jane Goodall as the "Ape Lady" and I was interested to see what she had to say about eating. I saw an advertisement for this book in a magazine I subscribe to and thought it would be a good read as I began my transition from carnivore to herbivore.-Texas Vegan 

9. The Super Easy Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook

by Toni Okamoto 


Reasons for recommendation:

You'll learn how to make tasty staples like marinara sauce and lazy lentils, as well as delicious entrees like butternut squash soup and sweet and sour tempeh. 

Make the most of these hassle-free vegan recipes with detailed nutrition information, ingredients and cooking tips, and tips for using your leftovers.

Promising review:

Such an awesome cookbook! Every time I make something out of this book my husband says it's the best vegan dish he's ever tasted. It's simple enough for everyday dishes but not so simple that it's boring. I've never been a person who likes to cook which is why I LOVE slow cooking.-Katie 

10. Diet for a New America

by John Robbins 


Reasons for recommendation:

The author has studied in depth for three years, using a large number of research reports and historical events, as well as many shocking real stories that make you cry, to expose the crisis caused by the wrong diet. 

It debunks the nutritional myths fabricated by the food industry to conceal the public and also tells us how to prolong life, increase vitality and vitality, and provide us with an exciting new choice of healthy eating. 

The vegan book tells us: What diseases are caused by eating? How many things can't be eaten? Are you eating nutrition or poison? This book may change your perception of food.

Promising review:

I'm struggling with this book and can only read a little at a time. I'm well aware that animal cruelty goes on, and I sign petitions against cruelty to animals constantly. Seeing it in the written word just compounds the whole ugly image of the business.-Gypsy 

11. Animal Liberation

by Peter Singer 


Reasons for recommendation:

"Time" Weekly rated this vegan book as the 100 most important non-fiction works. Peter Singer tells us that being a vegetarian will make humans live in harmony with animals and will save the overwhelmed planet. 

Respect for other lives is the concern for human life; to liberate animals is to liberate human beings...

Promising review:

Book nearly 40 years ago and became a vegetarian because of it. Singer, a philosopher, writes clearly and effectively. Today the public knows more about factory farming and experimentation on animals, largely, I think, because of this book's influence. J Edens 

12. Becoming Vegan

by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina


Reasons for recommendation:

In this book, the two authors combine their professional experience to provide scientific guidance for vegetarians of different age groups and different needs, thoroughly correct your diet structure, ensure balanced and comprehensive nutrition, and let you eat healthily and at ease. 

Since its publication, it has long become a nutrition bible for vegetarians around the world. Open the book, and feel the positive changes brought about by vegetarianism, making the body and mind light and pure. The only downside is that the recipes in the book are mainly Western recipes.

Promising review:

After reading Becoming Raw, I felt that my diet was sub-par, to say the least. I had started a raw diet several months previous to reading Becoming Raw, following the advice of several "experts," much of which turned out to be dangerous to my health.-Laura M 

13. How Not to Die

by Michael Greger M.D. FACLM, Gene Stone


Reasons for recommendation:

In 2017, as soon as "How Not to Die" was launched, it was on the top bestseller lists of Amazon and the New York Times. The author of the book is Dr. Michael Gregg, an expert in the field of public health. 

The publication of the Chinese version of this "life-saving book" is undoubtedly a monumental masterpiece in the field of nutrition and returning to whole foods!

The book covers heart disease, cancer, emphysema, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, kidney failure, respiratory infection, depression, blood infection, chronic hepatitis, hypertension, Parkinson's disease, aspiration pneumonia, etc. Various diseases include the 15 leading causes of death in humans.

Promising review:

This book details the connection between our food and many diseases. I myself have prostate cancer, stage 4 with bone metastasizes. I was given less than a year to live at diagnosis. My conventional meds had stopped working, and my cancer markers had steadily increased for the last 4 months when I read this book. Lugger 

14. The I Love Trader Joe's Vegetarian Cookbook

by Kris Holechek Peters


Reasons for recommendation:

"The I Love Trader Joe's Vegetarian Cookbook" records in detail the seasons, nutritional effects, selection methods, preservation methods, and processing methods of raw materials so that readers can grasp the basic knowledge of making vegetarian food at a glance. 

The book introduces extreme vegetarian foods with a wide variety of styles. Whether you are a fan of vegetarianism or a beginner who pursues a healthy vegetarian experience, you can find a heart-pounding and memorable vegetarian diet.

Promising review:

I love Trader Joe's and bought this cookbook to get ideas for cooking some of the cool items there. First, the cookbook has beautiful and amazing photos of most of the recipes. Anyway, I got a lot of ideas from this cookbook and everything I have made thus far has been amazing. I love Trader Joe's and bought this cookbook to get ideas for cooking some of the cool items there. First, the cookbook has beautiful and amazing photos of most of the recipes. Anyway, I got a lot of ideas from this cookbook and everything I have made thus far has been amazing.-Mashehu 

15. Eat and Run

by Scott Jurek 


Reasons for recommendation:

This vegan book reveals the greatest secret of human running! 

The author Scott is good at running ( ultramarathon runner, breaking the record of the most difficult ultramarathon event many times), and his diet is also very special. 

He realized the principle of concentration from the thinking of a philosopher. This is a secret that every runner must master. He told us that a vegan diet can also run well. There is also a personal training recipe by author Yurek.

Promising review:

To start, Scott Jurek is not nearly as skilled a writer as Christopher McDougall so if you seek the artistry of good writing, you might be a little disappointed. Jurek writes acceptably, but clearly, his first profession is running while McDougall's equally as clearly is writing.-Martin J. Coady

16. But I Could Never Go Vegan!

But I Could Never Go Vegan! is a vegan cookbook by Kristy Turner, which offers 125 vegan recipes for every meal of the day, including dessert. 

The book refutes common excuses for not going vegan, such as the expense of special ingredients or the inability to give up cheese. 

The recipes use whole-food ingredients and do not rely on faux meat products. 
The author of the review is a vegetarian who is impressed by the book's use of spices and seasonings and its ability to create comfort food dishes.
I recommend the book to anyone who wants to cook flavorful, healthy, and delicious food that is dinner party-worthy.

17. Vegan on the Go: Fast, Easy, Affordable

If you're following a vegan diet and are frequently on the go, it can be hard to eat well while still maintaining your plant-based lifestyle. Vegan on the Go will help you put flavor back into your lunch box with delicious, healthy meals that you can take anywhere. 

Inside the pages of this plant-based, on-the-go recipe book, you’ll discover;
  • 100 vegan recipes, with ideas for snacks, breakfast, dinner, and how to whip up delicious portable lunches.
  • Exactly how long you need to prepare and cook each lunchbox recipe, with mouth-watering photographs of every dish to whet your appetite.
  • Top tips on which ingredients to stock up on, and how to store and transport your vegan lunches to ensure they taste fresh and delicious every time! 
Enjoy delicious vegan foods anytime, anywhere! This vegan recipe book serves up nutritious, easy-to-make, affordable recipes that will transform your lunches and snacks. Packed with 100 vegan recipes that include plant-based snacks and sandwiches, soup recipes, salad recipes, dessert recipes, and more.

18. Fast Easy Cheap Vegan

Some people think that a vegan diet can be too time-consuming, too much work, and too expensive! 

In Sam Turnbull's Fast Easy Cheap Vegan, she's busting those myths and showing us just how simple (with 10 ingredients or fewer), inexpensive (for $10 or less), and quick (in 30 minutes or less) it can be to cook delicious plant-based comfort food at home. 

Wholesome recipes can be made using items you already have in your pantry and fridge. And if they're not stocked in your kitchen, these ingredients are easily found at your local grocery store. 

Fast Easy Cheap Vegan is filled with 101 recipes, many of them perfect for busy weeknights, like 10-Ingredient Creamy Basil Gnocchi, Gorgeous Greek Bowl, and Quicker Quesadillas. 

You'll have tons of options for speedy breakfasts and lunches, including Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies, 20-minute Breakfast Sandwiches, 15-minute Apple Chickpea Salad, and DIY Instant Ramen Soup, and no shortage of ready-to-go snacks, like Cheesy Cracker Snackers, Loaded Queso Dip, and Cool Ranch Popcorn. 

And don't skip dessert because there's Lickety-Split Ice Cream, Easy Peasy Peanut Butter Squares, Brownie in a Cup, and 10-Minute Mini Berry¬ Crisp.
Fast Easy Cheap Vegan is all about smart tips and easy techniques that simplify cooking. Many recipes are one-pot, freezer-friendly, and make-ahead meals, creating a stress-free kitchen. 

So whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, Sam has thought of everything to help get delicious, fuss-free meals on the table in no time flat.

19. Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats

Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats offers brilliant plant-based dishes that make cooking and enjoying delicious vegan food every day genuinely easy—and fun. No bland or boring dishes, and forget all-day cooking. 

Rachel takes inspiration from naturally vegan dishes and cuisines as well as her Caribbean and West African roots to create great full-flavor recipes that are easy to make and will inspire you to make vegan food part of your daily life. 

Rachel’s recipes are quick and often one-pot; ingredients lists are short and supermarket friendly; dishes can be prepped ahead and, most importantly, she has included a song with each recipe so that you have a banging playlist to go alongside every plate of delicious food. 

Recipes include cinnamon french toast with strawberries, chickpea sweet potato falafel, peanut rice and veg stir-fry, Caribbean fritters, a plantain burger, tabbouleh salad, and carrot cake waffles with cashew frosting. 

So if you share Rachel's attitude that vegan food should fit into your life with ease and pleasure—whether you are a fully-fledged vegan looking for new ideas, want to reduce your meat intake, make more environmentally friendly food choices, or are just keen to eat more veg—Rachel’s genius cookbook is for you. 

All recipes in this book use metric measurements and UK cooking terms.

20. BOSH!

Want to cook ridiculously good plant-based food from scratch but have no idea where to start? With over 100 incredibly easy and outrageously tasty all-plant meals, BOSH! will be your guide.

Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, creators of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing plant-based platform, BOSH!, are the new faces of the food revolution.

Their online channels have well over one million fans and constantly inspire people to cook ultra-tasty and super simple recipes at home. Always ensure they stick to fresh, supermarket-friendly ingredients, BOSH! truly is "plant-based food for everyone".

In BOSH!, Ian and Henry share more than 100 of their favorite go-to breakfasts, crowd-pleasing party pieces, hearty dinners, sumptuous desserts, and incredible sharing cocktails. The book is jam-packed with fun, unpretentious, and mega-satisfying recipes, easy enough to be rustled up any night of the week. It's enough to convince the staunchest of carnivores to give plants a whirl.

Whether you're already sold on the plant-based lifestyle or you simply want to incorporate more meat, dairy, and egg-free meals into your week, BOSH!  is your plant-based bible.

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