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About - Muhiuddin Alam
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10 Great Spiritual Books for New Christian Readers

10 Great Spiritual Books for New Christian Readers. such as The Purpose-Driven Life, Experiencing God, The Garden of the Soul, The Pilgrim's Progress

Today we talk about 10 Great Spiritual Books for New Christian Readers. Recently, brothers and sisters often ask if there are any best Christian spiritual books suitable for brothers and sisters who have just converted to Christianity. 

I have just embraced Christianity and want to buy the best books for new believers to learn more about Christianity. Is your purpose to learn about Christianity in all aspects from the beginning to the end?

There are indeed the best Christian spiritual books in this area. Today, the editor will carefully select the 10 best Christian books on spiritual growth, hoping to bring some help to family members.


10 Best Christian Spiritual Books of All Time (for New Christian Readers)

Christianity is one of the three major religions in the world. It has the largest number of congregants in the world. It has produced countless classic literature. 

Do you know what are the books on Christian attractions? In this article, the editor brings you ten books for new believers in Christ.

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1. The Purpose-Driven Life

If I want to recommend a book to new believers, the first thing I think of is Pastor Rick Warren's "The Purpose Driven Life". This book is divided into 40 days. Reading one of the contents every day can change a person's life for 40 days. It is especially suitable for family members who have just believed in the Lord.

This book is a very famous bestseller all over the world, and the lives of many people have undergone earth-shaking changes because of reading the contents of this book. 

Among them, some criminals read this book in prison and later became priests; I also read this book when I once wanted to commit suicide and regained hope in life.

So far, this book has been ranked among the top best-selling Christian books in China almost every year, and it is often out of stock, and the supply of reprints is still in short supply. 

Therefore, if you have just converted to Christianity, I suggest that you must read this book; if you have a friend who has just converted to the Lord, you can also give him a copy of "The Purpose Driven Life". Perhaps, your or TA's life will be different because of this.

2. Experiencing God

Compared with "The Purpose Driven Life", this book "Experiencing God" is more suitable for those brothers and sisters who pursue life growth. To be precise, this is a set of courses for the growth of spiritual life, with a total of 12 units (5 days per unit, 60 days in total) of training to help your life become different from before.

Since 1990, God has used this course to touch and change millions of lives and thousands of churches around the world. Ten years later, this book has issued more than 3 million copies, and there are translations in 47 languages, and it is used by almost all denominations, and God even uses other derivatives of this book.

The response to "Experiencing God" has been astonishing. Lives have been transformed -- in prisons, in the military, and in all walks of life: lawyers, judges, CEOs, Professional athletes, and politicians. Not only that, thousands of churches and seminaries have been greatly helped and changed. 

God has used these truths to influence people all over the world. Hundreds of missionaries have embarked on the missionary path because of this course, and hundreds more have become pastors, evangelists, and faithful servants of the Lord.

Only God in heaven really knows what He is going to do with the book Never the Same. If you have just converted to Christianity, this book is very suitable for your faith training; if you have been a believer for a while, but find that your life has not grown, then you need this book to bring changes in your life.

3. The Garden of the Soul 

For brothers and sisters who have just converted to Christianity, it is very important to cultivate the habit of daily devotional practice. If you can develop the habit of getting close to God every day from the very beginning of your belief, it will play a very valuable role in your future life.

However, how cultivating the habit of daily devotional practice is not an easy task. However, this "Garden of the Mind" is designed for this purpose. 

This book has a total of 365 devotional essays written by Martin Luther, Spurgeon, Now in, Edwards, and other very famous spiritual giants in the history of Christianity. A spiritual giant every month, a total of 12 spiritual giants will help you get closer to God every day 365 days a year.

With "The Garden of the Soul", you can spend only 5 minutes a day, as long as you stick to it, gradually you can develop a good habit of daily spiritual practice and be close to God, which will play a role in your future life huge help.

4. Rick Warren's Bible Reading Method

At the beginning of faith, it is very important to develop the habit of reading the Bible. However, "The Old Testament cannot get out of Egypt, and the New Testament cannot reach Rome" is a great worry for many Christians. 

So, learning to read the Bible is not as easy as you think. Rick Warren's Method of Reading the Bible by Pastor Rick Warren will help you develop a uniquely tailored way for you to search, understand, and apply the Bible.

Rick Warren's Bible Reading Method is a classic book on how to read and study the Bible for individuals. It has been widely used by Bible colleges, universities, seminaries, churches, and Bible study classes in the past 20 years. 

Thousands of individuals, small groups, churches, and conference courses have used this practical handbook to unravel the wondrous truths of the Bible. you can also!

5. The Pilgrim's Progress

"The Pilgrim's Progress" is the most widely circulated and translated book besides the "Bible". It is said that there are more than 200 translations around the world. The author's name is John Bunyan, a devout Christian who was imprisoned for 12 years for preaching the gospel. He wrote this book while in prison.

"The Pilgrim's Progress" is an allegorical novel. This allegorical work is usually regarded as an important Christian classic second only to the "Bible" in Western countries. It is called "the encyclopedia with eternal significance". A landmark chapter in literary history.

The narrator in the book saw a man named "Christian" reading a book in his dream, and was terrified when he knew that the city he lived in would be destroyed by fire. 

At this time, a man named "Preacher" pointed out that he must flee his hometown and go to heaven. Bearing the burden of the world on their backs, Christians have embarked on a difficult and courageous journey to find salvation for themselves and for others.

6. The Grand Weaver

This book compares God to a great weaver and tells us how to use every humble thread in our life to weave the tapestry of God's glory and beauty, which is God's ultimate goal.

Is everything we encounter in our lives predestined? Or is it all just a coincidence? This book tells us: whether it is a chance meeting in line or a father's last words, whether it is a random phone call or a verse in the Bible, every detail in life is woven into God's perfect plan.

The topics discussed in The Great Weaver cover every area of life, allowing us to more fully experience what it means to be alive. This is a book about the meaning of life. 

In each chapter, the author will raise a topic that is very important and unique to human beings: uniqueness, disappointment, calling, moral law, spiritual pursuit, personal will and God's plan, worship, and ultimate pursuit.

7. Discovering God

The Bible tells many true and wonderful stories—the stories between God and his children, but the vast ancient history often restricts our eyes to fragmented and fragmented fragments, and the pages always make us look at the stories in a flat way. People and things, even only isolated truths are extracted.

It leads readers to discover God's intentions for human beings in various periods of history—from the moment of creation of the world to the final change of the whole world, bringing everything back to God's plan.

This book may be the starting point of your lifelong habit of reading scriptures. You are invited to start a journey of searching with Philip Yang, discover God, and then know him.

8. This Morning in Prayer: Early Morning Words from Jesus Christ

How can Christians live differently every day? Is there any secret? There is really a secret, and that is to get up every morning and draw close to God.

Early morning is a particularly beautiful time nourished by God’s grace: Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed in the early morning; Jesus Christ was resurrected in the early morning; It is also early in the morning when it will collapse and walk around the city; it is also early in the morning when the Red Sea parted.

Early morning is especially suitable for prayer. Through prayer and the word of God, we can draw from heaven the strength and wisdom to overcome the world. 

We should allow great power to manifest, following God's great and wonderful deeds, crossing any dark and precipitous valley, to overcome obstacles and circumstances that cannot be overcome by our own strength.

In order to bring down the iron-walled city of Jericho, the people of Israel dedicated their mornings to God. If you also want to experience more of God’s grace and power, then come to God every morning and experience the power bestowed by God through prayer!

9. The Transforming Friendship

Prayer is like spiritual breathing, so learning to pray is very important for Christians. But many of us can be wrong about prayer. "Friendship That Transforms Lives" may change your understanding of prayer! 

She told us: Prayer is a friendship, and the point is not necessarily to get something, it is just a gift from this friendship; what God wants is to be your friend.

To pray is to be with God. "Prayer involves both theology and ethics. It requires thought and action." The author of "Friendship That Transforms Lives" said so. Prayer is not about striving for performance, but about cultivating a relationship with God because "God is friendship." We cannot persevere in prayer if we misunderstand the purpose of prayer.

This book delves into the ways of praying and reveals its life-changing power. Prayer can lead us to learn to rely on God, let him heal our past pain, remove the dark side of our hearts, make us bravely face his love, and establish a beautiful relationship with God and others as friends. A deep understanding of prayer will help us break through barriers and form heavenly friendships.

10. Humility

Humility is one of the most important qualities of a Christian. The Christian faith tells us that the greatest sin of man is pride; humility is one of the important manifestations of the difference in Christian life.

The book I recommend this time is called "Humility". The author is the famous spiritual great Andre Murray. He is the most beloved spiritual writer in South Africa. He has written more than 240 books in his life. It is also one of his masterpieces.

This book consists of 12 chapters, which systematically explain Christianity’s understanding of the quality of humility, namely, humility is the glory of the creature, humility is the secret of perfect redemption, humility is manifested in Jesus, humility is manifested in Jesus’ teachings, humility Manifested in the disciples of Jesus, humility manifested in daily life, humility, and holiness, humility, and sin, humility, and faith, humility, and death to self, humility and joy, humility and exaltation, etc.

As brothers and sisters who have just believed, being able to read the book "Humility" by Andrew Murray at the beginning will be of great help to our spiritual growth.

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