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25 Best Mediterranean Diet Cookbooks of 2024

Discover the best Mediterranean diet cookbooks recommended by nutritionists for a healthy diet eating plan. Easy-to-make recipes and nutritious meals.

Looking for Cookbooks that provide easy-to-make recipes inspired by the Best Mediterranean Diet Cookbooks?

These 25 best Mediterranean diet cookbooks as recommended by nutritionists. 

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, get started on the journey towards better heart health with expert-recommended Mediterranean Diet books that offer the best cookbooks with easy recipes.

Discover the ultimate guide to authentic Mediterranean Diet books. Follow the healthy Mediterranean Diet eating plan, inspired by the UK, Australia, and more, and enjoy nutritious dinners all month long! 


The 25 Best Mediterranean Diet Cookbooks, According to Experts 

The Mediterranean diet generally refers to Greece, France, and other countries along the Mediterranean Sea. 

It is based on natural nutrients, including olive oil, vegetables, fruits, fish, seafood, and beans, plus a proper amount of red wine and garlic, supplemented by a unique diet. Seasoning diet. It is not only a healthy diet, but also a way of life. 

The author of this blog searches the classic dishes and cooking methods of more than ten countries along the Mediterranean Sea, collects many Mediterranean diet recipe books, and expounds on the Mediterranean diet cookbook structure and health concept. 

You will learn this Mediterranean diet cooking method from those books. These Mediterranean diet books and food heritages are passed down from generation to generation on the plate.

The classic recipes of the Mediterranean countries and the Mediterranean diet cookbooks are listed as the world's intangible cultural heritage.

Below I recommend you 25 Best Mediterranean Diet Cookbooks of 2024.

1. The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook by America's Test Kitchen

The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook: 500 Vibrant, Kitchen-Tested Recipes for Living and Eating Well Every Day (The Complete ATK Cookbook Series)

The famed Mediterranean diet is more than just a regional cuisine, it’s food at its best: the variety of bright flavors and tastes, the health benefits, and the simple, uncomplicated dishes. 

America’s Test Kitchen makes it easy to eat healthy, with over 500 kitchen-tested recipes from across the Mediterranean.


  • Beyond Greece & Italy: You’ll find a deeper variety of dishes from countries all around the Mediterranean Sea, including Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco
  • Build Your Plate, Mediterranean Style: Learn to build meals that put the focus on the healthiest food first. You'll find large, plant-forward chapters devoted to Beans and Vegetables, and more space is devoted to Seafood than to Poultry and Meat
  • Mediterranean Mainstays: Detailed information on wholesome ingredients found in every supermarket is included throughout the book, from olive oil to whole grains, and spice blends, plus a variety of seafood. Guides to meal planning, entertaining, and pantry building are also included
  • Quick & Healthy: Many recipes are ready in 45 minutes or less—perfect for busy weeknights
  • Nutrition First: Not only does every recipe have nutritional guidelines, but we also set specific nutritional goals (e.g. every fish recipe is less than 750 calories, with fewer than 8.5g of saturated fat)

Need a housewarming gift? Get The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook Gift Edition, in a gorgeous keepsake hardcover edition

Love your Instant Pot? Check out ATK’s Mediterranean Instant Pot

Want to build your repertoire even further? Try More Mediterranean: 225+ New Plant-Forward Recipes Endless Inspiration for Eating Well.

2. The 30-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook by Serena Ball RD & Deanna Segrave-Daly RD

The 30-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: 101 Easy, Flavorful Recipes for Lifelong Health

Discover how easy it is to adopt a Mediterranean diet!

Indulge in healthy, home-cooked meals every night of the week, courtesy of The 30-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook. 

With this book in hand, you’ll discover the guiding principles of the Mediterranean diet, its essential ingredients, and all the potential health benefits—like lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease to help maintain a healthy body for life.

  • Delicious everyday meals—Whether you want to start the day with a hearty breakfast or wind down with a delectable dinner, you’ll find nourishing recipes like avocado toast, quick honey nut granola, and mushroom-barley soup.
  • Beginner-friendly instructions—These recipes range from super simple to more in-depth, but step-by-step guidance makes them manageable for home cooks of any skill level in approximately 30 minutes.
  • Something for everyone—This Mediterranean cookbook features limited photos, making room for more than 100 tasty recipes, so you’re sure to find options the whole family will enjoy!

Embrace healthier eating habits today with these homemade Mediterranean favorites.

3. The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Two by Mila Davis

The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Two: Quick, Easy, and Healthy Recipes That Are Perfect for Any Night at Home

The Mediterranean diet prioritizes fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, lean meats, and whole grains for a well-rounded, healthy eating pattern.

These recipes, with their tender grains and fresh ingredients, fit the bill precisely.

Recipes like our Greek Grilled Eggplant with Basil and Parsley, Kale Salad with Quinoa, Chickpea Salad and Roasted Root Veggies, and baked Halibut are perfect for a cozy dinner for two—or for dinner one evening and lunch the next day.

People who follow the Mediterranean diet for two have a longer life expectancy and lower rates of chronic diseases than other adults.

Find out how easy it can be to eat well while avoiding food waste. The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Two provides you with simple, wellness-boosting recipes that won't leave mountains of leftovers in the fridge:

  • Feta Spinach and Sweet Red Pepper Muffins
  • Beet Hummus
  • Pasta and Chickpea Soup
  • Spaghetti with Tuna and Capers
  • Moroccan Salmon
  • Sicilian Olive Chicken

Start cooking with these Mediterranean recipes for Two today as making this change could save your life.

4. Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Cookbook by Sarah Sophia

Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Cookbook: 30 Healthy & Delicious Recipes You Can Easily Cook For Breakfast That Will Help You Lose Weight, Feel Great & Look Amazing (The Essential Kitchen Series)

Mediterranean Diet Breakfast CookbookLooking to start your day with a Mediterranean meal, but don’t know where to start? 

Are you looking to implement the diet into your life, but want some more ways to have it for breakfast? 

Well, you’re going to love the Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Cookbook, because it is packed with mouthwatering meals to help you start your day with the Mediterranean diet. 

Cook amazing and delicious Mediterranean breakfasts at home that will improve your life. Bring meals that you could only get in luxury outside places right into your kitchen and on your breakfast table. 

In this book you’ll learn:

  • What is the Mediterranean Diet
  • How it Can Improve Your Life
  • What Ingredients Are Used

Breakfast Recipes And much, much more! But not only that, you’ll also learn about the 3 things almost everyone does wrong when trying to make a Mediterranean dish, and how NOT to make the same mistake yourself. 

So, stop eating the same breakfast over and over, and get the best book available on Mediterranean breakfast. You’re going to love it, and you’ll never eat a boring home-cooked breakfast again.

5. Mediterranean Instant Pot by America's Test Kitchen

Mediterranean Instant Pot: Easy, Inspired Meals for Eating Well

Bringing together the #1 diet and the #1 most popular kitchen appliance, this Instant Pot-authorized cookbook makes it more convenient than ever to cook the Mediterranean way, incorporating more vegetables, grains, beans, and seafood into your diet, and exploring the healthful, authentic flavors of cuisines ranging from Turkish to North African in everyday one-pot meals.

Made in the Instant Pot, succulent meals such as Chicken Tagine, Lamb Meatballs with Couscous, Pickled Onions, and Tahini, Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto, and Gigante Bean Soup with Celery and Olives become hands-off affairs for the busy cook. 

The Instant Pot also takes the waiting game out of cooking dried beans and sturdy grains so it's easy to enjoy them more often. 

And vegetables get star billing, both as main dishes (Braised Whole Cauliflower with North African Spices), and sides (Marinated Artichokes and Baba Ghanoush). 

Recipes embrace the tenets of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, translating its less-meat-and-more-vegetables approach into vibrant, healthy one-dish meals that take the guesswork out of balancing portions and multiple dishes. 

Most recipes are ready in under an hour. Full nutritional information is provided.

6. The 5-Ingredient Heart Healthy Cookbook by Andy De Santis RD MPH & Katherine Green

The 5-Ingredient Heart Healthy Cookbook: 101 Flavorful Low-Sodium, Low-Fat Recipes

Heart-healthy cooking is easy and delicious with 5-ingredient recipes

Supporting your heart’s health is fast and flavorful with The 5-Ingredient Heart Healthy Cookbook. 

Find expert guidance for maintaining a heart-healthy diet, along with 101 ultra-simple recipes that focus on fresh, whole-food ingredients and enhancing flavor with spices.

  • 5-ingredient dishes—Minimal ingredients mean less time in the kitchen, fewer trips to the store, and instructions that are simple enough for home cooks of any skill level.
  • Comprehensive advice—Take control of your health with a heart-healthy cookbook that covers key topics like the science behind fats and cholesterol.
  • A combination diet—Support your heart with an approach that draws from multiple healthy diets, including Mediterranean, DASH, veganism, and the Portfolio diet.

Reform your diet while still eating delicious meals, with a hearty healthy cookbook that guides you through everything you need to know.

7. Ottolenghi Simple by Yotam Ottolenghi 

Ottolenghi Simple: A Cookbook

In Ottolenghi Simple, powerhouse author and chef Yotam Ottolenghi presents 130 streamlined recipes packed with his signature Middle Eastern–inspired flavors, all simple in at least (and often more than) one way: made in 30 minutes or less, with 10 or fewer ingredients, in a single pot, using pantry staples, or prepared ahead of time for brilliantly, deliciously simple meals. 

Brunch gets a make-over with Braised Eggs with Leeks and Za’atar; Cauliflower, Pomegranate, and Pistachio Salad refreshes the side-dish rotation; Lamb and Feta Meatballs bring ease to the weeknight table; and every sweet tooth is sure to be satisfied by the spectacular Fig and Thyme Clafoutis. 

With more than 130 photographs, this is elemental Ottolenghi for everyone.

8. Mediterranean Paleo Cooking by Caitlin Weeks NC

Mediterranean Paleo Cooking: Over 150 Fresh Coastal Recipes for a Relaxed, Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Mediterranean Paleo Cooking showcases a wide variety of creative recipes that are Paleo-friendly—no gluten, grains, inflammatory oils, dairy, or refined sweeteners. 

These flavorful dishes combine traditional food from southern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East with the healthful principles of a Paleo diet. 

With more than 150 recipes, two 30-day meal plans (one for general health and one for those following an autoimmune protocol), shopping lists, cooking tips, and more. 

Mediterranean Paleo Cooking helps readers become better cooks and more informed eaters. 

More importantly, it turns healthy eating into delicious eating with enticing Mediterranean meals that every foodie will enjoy. 

This book includes:

  • More than 150 Paleo-friendly recipes inspired by the relaxed coastal attitude and ingredients of the Mediterranean—all gluten-free, grain-free, refined sugar-free, and dairy-free
  • Chef’s tips from Nabil help you learn as you go, with advice on cooking and techniques for Mediterranean ingredients
  • Nutritionist's tips from Caitlin to educate you on the health benefits of Mediterranean foods
  • Familiar, comfort-food favorites are modified for a Paleo lifestyle, including pizza, pasta, rice, biscuits, and brownies
  • Mediterranean recipe favorites, recreated including falafel, pita bread, moussaka, hummus, and biscotti cookies
  • Recipe/ingredient notes and swaps for those who have food allergies (including to eggs and nuts) as well as for those following a low FODMAP diet, lower carbohydrate diet, SCD or GAPS diet, or the autoimmune protocol
  • Two 30-day meal plans to help you jump-start your Paleo lifestyle: for general health or follow an autoimmune protocol
  • Six different menu plans perfect for a weeknight dinner party or special occasion (including one that is 100% AIP compliant or is easily modified to be so with notes on the recipes)
  • Eighteen guilt-free desserts with no refined sugar
  • Shopping lists and an optimal food-buying guide make it easy to find the right ingredients.

9. The Vegiterranean Diet by Julieanna Hever MS RD CPT 

The Mediterranean diet has been the gold standard dietary pattern for decades, and with good reason: it has been linked with lowered risks of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. 

Now, Julieanna Hever takes the Med to a whole new level! By focusing on whole-plant foods that promote long-term wellness and ideal weight management, you can reap the benefits of the most researched and beloved diet—made even healthier. 

The Vegiterranean Diet offers:

  • comprehensive nutrition info
  • shopping lists with everyday ingredients
  • more than 40 delicious, budget-friendly recipes
  • flexible meal plans (great for families, too!)
  • strategies for overall health.

10. The Pescatarian Cookbook by Cara Harbstreet MS RD LD

The Pescatarian Cookbook: The Essential Kitchen Companion

The Pescatarian Cookbook is the definitive kitchen companion to the Pescatarian diet with fundamental information, recipes, and healthy meal plans.

Rich in fish and seafood, hearty vegetables, and wholesome grains—pescatarianism is a varied and balanced diet. The Pescatarian Cookbook is a complete reference to reap all the benefits of this naturally nutritious diet with essential information, recipes, and healthy meal plans.

From Zucchini Pancakes with Smoked Salmon for breakfast to Grilled Swordfish with Chimichurri and Roasted Vegetables for dinner, this pescatarian cookbook offers perfectly portioned pescatarian plates for every meal. 

Complete with 3 weeks’ worth of meal plans—that include shopping lists and tips for meal prep—The Pescatarian Cookbook is your go-to reference to make the Pescatarian diet a sustainable and satisfying lifestyle.

The Pescatarian Cookbook is a recipe for good health and great taste with:

  • An essential introduction that explains everything you need to know to follow the pescatarian diet, including the health benefits, pantry staples, and cooking equipment, plus shopping and storage tips.
  • 75 recipes for breakfasts, soups and salads, vegetable mains, seafood mains, sides and snacks, and dessert!
  • 3 one-week meal plans that take the guesswork out of what you should eat and when, and provides shopping lists to do the rest of the heavy lifting.

There’s more to the pescatarian diet than eating seafood. Get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals from both the land and sea with the recipes and meal plan from The Pescatarian Cookbook.

11. The Weeknight Mediterranean Kitchen by Samantha Ferraro

The Weeknight Mediterranean Kitchen: 80 Authentic, Healthy Recipes Made Quick and Easy for Everyday Cooking

With a focus on vibrant, modern flavors and a gorgeous full-page photo for each recipe, the Mediterranean diet has never been easier or more delicious!

Samantha Ferraro’s fresh and simple dishes make it easy to eat healthy food throughout the week. Enjoy all of the amazing benefits of the Mediterranean diet, no matter how busy your schedule is. 

Lean proteins, bright produce, and heart-healthy oil make for light meals full of zesty, aromatic spices that leave you nourished and satisfied.

Try One-Pot Paprika Chicken with Olives and Orzo when you need dinner in a hurry―you’ll be transported by each layer of flavor, with a bonus of quick cleanup. 

Red Lentil Falafel is a fun, family-friendly meal, and Stuffed Tomatoes with Lamb and Feta make a colorful spread for guests. 

With so many choices of creative soups and salads, richly spiced meats, healthy grains, and indulgent desserts, cooking the Mediterranean way is a breeze even on your busiest weeknights.

12. Mediterranean Every Day by Sheela Prakash

Mediterranean Every Day: Simple, Inspired Recipes for Feel-Good Food

Cook your way through 75+ simple yet tantalizing Mediterranean recipes that make the most of what’s in season.

Mediterranean Every Day embraces a style of cooking that celebrates flavor with a relaxed, flexible attitude. It’s simple enough for a quick family meal, but never out of place for a weekend gathering with friends. 

Alongside stunning photography, discover easy crowd-pleasers like Herby Ricotta; weeknight meals like One-Pan Sausage, Pepper, and Onion Bake; and desserts like Roasted Figs with Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt.

Beyond the recipes, this is a book that teaches how to build a wholesome, well-stocked pantry. 

Start off with an introduction to the Mediterranean style of cooking and then choose your own adventure:

  • Three-Ingredient (or Less) Snacks and Cocktails: Whether it’s a pre-dinner snack you crave or a simple cocktail to shake up for friends, you’ll find easy and fun ideas like Smoky White Bean Hummus, Za’atar Pistachios, and Honeyed Prosecco.
  • Salads and Soups: Enjoy creative salads like The Easiest Arugula Salad, Smoked Salmon Greek Salad, Peak-Summer Panzanella, and a must-try Niçoise. Hearty soups include Lemon Parmesan Soup with Beans and Greens and Roasted Greek Tomato Soup.
  • Beans, Grains, and Bready Things: This non-traditional chapter features a variety of main dish–worthy recipes that can also be served as sides. Celebrate the seasons with a Spicy Broccoli Rabe and Chickpea Skillet, Lentil Fritters with Herbed Yogurt Dip, a Cheesy Brussels Sprout and Farro Bake, and risotto ideas for winter, spring, summer, and fall.
  • Colorful Pasta: Who doesn’t love a diet that lets you eat pasta? Enjoy feel-good pasta that is heavy on vegetables. Recipes include Brown Butter Tortellini with Spinach and Hazelnuts, Melted Broccoli Pasta with Capers and Anchovies, Pasta with Burst Cherry Tomatoes and Swordfish, Israeli Couscous Salad with Herbs, Green Olives and Pistachios, and a No-Cook Summer Tomato Pasta.
  • Gathering Dishes: The chapter’s name says it all! Whether it’s Tuesday or Saturday, and whether you’re cooking for just your family or a handful of friends, gather around Salmon in Crazy Water, Thyme Pesto Roast Chicken with Crispy Potatoes, Roasted Cod Saltimbocca, and Baked Chicken Milanese with Lemony Escarole.
  • Desserts: Seasonal and fresh are at the heart of this chapter. Recipes include Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta, Apricot Almond Clafoutis, Rosé-Soaked Peaches, and Chocolate Olive Oil Cake.

13. The Plantpower Way by Rich Roll & Julie Piatt

The Plantpower Way: Italia: Delicious Vegan Recipes from the Italian Countryside: A Cookbook

A plant-fueled lifestyle guide to la bella vita, complete with 125 vegan Italian recipes the whole family will love, from the authors of The Plantpower Way.

Julie Piatt and Rich Roll have inspired countless people to embrace a plant-fueled lifestyle, and through their advocacy efforts, podcasts, and talks, thousands of people are now living healthier and more vibrant lives. 

Now, with their new cookbook, they're doing it again but with added Italian flair. If you think a healthy vegan lifestyle means giving up your favorite creamy pasta and cheesy pizzas, then think again. 

In The Plantpower Way: Italia, they pay homage to Italy's rich food history with an inspiring collection of 125 entirely plant-based recipes for the country's most popular and time-honored dishes. 

Julie is known for her creativity and resourcefulness in the kitchen, and her recipes will show just how rich and luscious Italian cuisine can be, without a drop of dairy in sight! 

Filled with fresh vegan takes on Italian staples, inventive new recipes, and stunning photographs of the Italian countryside. 

The Plantpower Way: Italia is a celebration of Italy's most delicious flavors and will show everyone a fresh, beautiful, and healthful side to Italian cooking.

14. The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook by Amy Riolo

The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: Harness the Power of the World's Healthiest Diet to Live Better, Longer

More than a mix of rich history, gorgeous beaches, and warm blue waters, the countries along the Mediterranean Sea and their people have a history of living longer and healthier lives and you can too! 

By simply following a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, nuts, beans, fish, fruits, and vegetables, and even drinking wine with meals, you can prevent diseases and prolong your life.

The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook is the only book needed to unleash the power of one of the world's healthiest diets. 

It integrates the latest research and clinical findings with 100 delicious, authentic, easy recipes and Mediterranean lifestyle tips while dispelling any myths and misinformation.

Using the Mediterranean Pyramid as a guide, cuisine expert Amy Riolo gets to the core of the Mediterranean lifestyle and explains what is eaten, when to eat it, and why. 

Each recipe in The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook contains a cultural tip from the Mediterranean region. Fun historical facts, legends, and lore, as well as nutritional information, accompany each recipe.

The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook features recipes from all countries in the region to include perennial favorites, little-known treasures, and recent discoveries.

Get ready to enjoy a healthy lifestyle that includes enticing, satisfying, recipes- great for family dinners and entertaining, for any and all occasions, to be appreciated by any palate.

"Amy Riolo is a true guardian of the techniques and inherent goodness of the Mediterranean lifestyle! 

Her food, her philosophy is an absolute pleasure to read and consume." - Chef Jason Roberts www.chefjasonroberts.com.

15. Giada's Feel Good Food by Giada De Laurentiis

Giada's Feel Good Food: My Healthy Recipes and Secrets: A Cookbook

Food Network's most beautiful star shares her secrets for staying fit and feeling great in this gorgeous, practical book with healthy recipes including nutritional information, and personal lifestyle and beauty tips.

The number one question that Giada De Laurentiis is asked by fans is, "How do you stay so trim?" Admirers then ask about her favorite recipes, her nail polish color, her exercise routine. . . and much more. 

In Giada's Feel Good Food, she answers all of these questions in her most personal and also most hardworking book yet.

Here are 120 recipes for breakfasts, juices, lunches, snacks, dinners, and desserts—each with nutritional breakdowns—that can be combined into 30 days of delicious feel-good meals. 

Special sections delve into Giada's everyday life, including her beauty and exercise routines, how she satisfies sugar fixes, what's always in her bag, and her ordering tips for eating in restaurants. 

With 100 color photographs, Giada's Feel Good Food is a beautiful guide to leading a happy, healthy lifestyle.

16. Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi

Jerusalem: A Cookbook

In Jerusalem, Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi explore the vibrant cuisine of their home city—with its diverse Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities. 

Both men were born in Jerusalem in the same year—Tamimi on the Arab east side and Ottolenghi in the Jewish west. 

This stunning cookbook offers 120 recipes from their unique cross-cultural perspective, from inventive vegetable dishes to sweet, rich desserts. 

With five bustling restaurants in London and two stellar cookbooks, Ottolenghi is one of the most respected chefs in the world; in Jerusalem, he and Tamimi have collaborated to produce their most personal cookbook yet.


MEDITERRANEAN DIET COOKBOOK FOR BEGINNERS 2023: 1600-Day Quick, and Easy Blue-Zones Recipes to Change your Eating Lifestyle and Live Better! 28-Day Meal Plan to get started!

The Mediterranean Lifestyle more easily, Starting Today with the New Mediterranean Recipes for Beginners #2023!

Discover the NEW RECIPES + BONUS!

  • Quick & Easy Mediterranean Recipes ready in a few minutes for Every day, suitable for both beginners and experienced users
  • Nutrient list, including sodium. Perfect for monitoring Diet
  • The recipe includes the symbols GF (Gluten-free) & DF (Dairy-free)


  • Mediterranean Air Fryer Cookbook. 200 delicious Healthy Mediterranean Recipes. To thank you, I will give you 1 of my most famous cookbooks as a GIFT in PDF format, downloadable directly from the QR code


You're probably just starting the Mediterranean Diet, or maybe you're just looking for recipes to help make it easier.

Congratulations! You're doing the right thing! The Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest for losing weight and solving high cholesterol, heart problems, and more.

However, starting a Diet is not always easy. Understanding how to create, prepare, and organize meals can be challenging.

This Cookbook will help you start your new lifestyle by eating healthy, stress-free meals that taste amazing and are scientifically proven to prevent heart disease and live a longer, more vital life.

With this book in hand, you'll have an extra weapon for your success, achieving your health goals without stress without sacrificing taste.

As a registered dietitian and chef, Naomi Lane is here to help you gain confidence in the kitchen to cook nutritious meals in your everyday life!

With proper management, meal planning, and taking advantage of new and tested Ideas, you will soon lose a significant amount of weight and feel much more energetic and healthy.

18. Mediterranean Diet Cookbook 2023 by Debbie J. Purcell

Mediterranean Diet Cookbook 2023: 1500 Healthy and Flavorful Recipes with 28 Days Meal Plan for Smart People Eating Well Every Day

Get closer to the Mediterranean Diet and a healthy lifestyle with tons of easy& tasty recipes and a 28-day Meal Plan.

Are you looking for a diet that will help you stay healthy, lose weight, and enjoy great taste?

Are you looking for simple, effortless, and delicious recipes to easily achieve your dietary goals?

would you like a suitable 30-day diet plan to help you start your healthy eating journey?

If your answer is yes, then the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook 2023 will be your best friend with regard to your diet!

The Mediterranean diet is universally accepted as a healthy diet, which is not just a re-choice of food, but a change in lifestyle. 

It helps you to leave behind unhealthy processed foods and embrace a diet based on vegetables, fruits, and beans. 

This recipe book for the Mediterranean diet is dedicated to helping beginners embark on their Mediterranean journey, with everyday ingredients and easy-to-follow steps to help them stick with it.

Here is a glimpse of what you could find in the Mediterranean diet cookbook:

  • Introduction to the Mediterranean Diet
  • Considerations for Starting the Mediterranean Diet
  • 28 Days Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Beans and Grains Recipes
  • Fish and Seafood Recipes
  • Vegetable Mains Recipes
  • Pastas and Salads Recipes
  • Desserts and Snacks Recipes
  • Poultry and Meats Recipes
  • And much more........

Now, all you need to do is grab this recipe book and delightfully dive into the Mediterranean diet!

19. Milk Street: Tuesday Nights Mediterranean by Christopher Kimball

Milk Street: Tuesday Nights Mediterranean: 125 Simple Weeknight Recipes from the World's Healthiest Cuisine

Quick and simple weeknight recipes that bring the delicious flavors and health benefits of the Mediterranean diet into your home—from the James Beard award-winning team at Milk Street. 

The Mediterranean diet is so much more than olive oil, grilled fish, and just-harvested vegetables—or its well-earned reputation for health. 

It is a diverse cuisine that encompasses the cultures and traditions of Southern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. The food is direct, simple, and honest, served without disguise or embellishment. 

Every Tuesday night's recipe delivers a big flavor, but the cooking is quick and easy. 

These 125 Mediterranean dinners are ready in under 45 minutes, with many taking just 20 minutes:

  • Chicken alla Diavola with Broccoli
  • Crispy Pasta with Chickpeas, Lemon, and Parsley
  • Fennel-steamed salmon with Warm Olive and Caper Vinaigrette
  • Shrimp with Orzo, Tomatoes, and Feta
  • Panzanella with Fresh Mozzarella
  • Green Shakshuka
  • Flank Steak with Tomato-Eggplant Ragu

Chapters are organized by how you cook, focused on time—Fast (45 minutes), Faster (35 minutes), and Fastest (under 25 minutes)—while others dive into themes such as Hearty Vegetable Mains, Supper Soups, and Flat and Folded—including pizza, flatbreads, pita sandwiches, and panini. 

Many of the recipes require only one piece of cookware, and they all are built from pantry staples.

20. Ikaria by Diane Kochilas

Ikaria: Lessons on Food, Life, and Longevity from the Greek Island Where People Forget to Die: A Cookbook

Part cookbook, part travelogue, Ikaria is an introduction to the food-as-life philosophy of the Greek island "blue zone" and a culinary journey through luscious recipes, gorgeous photography, and captivating stories from locals. 

The remote and lush island of Ikaria in the northeastern Aegean is home to one of the longest-living populations on the planet, making it a "blue zone." 

Much of this has been attributed to Ikaria's stress-free lifestyle and Mediterranean diet: daily naps, frequent sex, a little fish and meat, free-flowing wine, mindful exercise like walking and gardening, hyper-local food, strong friendships, and a deep-rooted disregard for the clock.

No one knows the Ikarian lifestyle better than Chef Diane Kochilas, who has spent much of her life there. 

Capturing the true spirit of the island, Kochilas explains the importance of shared food, the health benefits of raw and cooked salads, the bean dishes that are passed down through generations, the greens and herbal teas that are used in the kitchen and in the teapot as "medicine," and the nutritional wisdom inherent in the ingredients and recipes that have kept Ikarians healthy for so long.

Ikaria is more than a cookbook. It's a portrait of the people who have achieved what so many of us yearn for a fuller, more meaningful, and joyful life, lived simply and nourished on real, delicious, seasonal foods that you can access anywhere.

21. The Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Solution by Julene Stassou MS RD & Mark Sapienza MD

The Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Solution: The 28-Day Kickstart Plan for Lasting Weight Loss

A holistic approach to weight loss with easy Mediterranean diet recipes and a 28-day meal plan.

The Mediterranean diet is a healthy and delicious way to lose weight and nurture your overall health and well-being. Filled with 100 tasty, low-calorie recipes and a 28-day meal plan to help kick-start your weight loss. 

This Mediterranean diet cookbook is specifically designed to help you lose weight, keep it off, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Explore simple Mediterranean diet recipes that cut calories without sacrificing flavor, like Berry and Yogurt Parfait, Easy Zucchini Lasagna Wraps, and One-Pan Tuscan Chicken. 

Four weeks of pre-planned menus and exercise routines help you establish healthy habits and accelerate your weight loss without requiring much time or effort.

Get started with:

  • A Mediterranean diet primer―Learn more about the pitfalls of the standard American diet and how the Mediterranean diet offers a healthy alternative for sustainable weight loss and holistic well-being.
  • The science of weight loss―Get essential information about how weight loss works, including how to identify your daily caloric intake, the importance of exercise and rest, and tips for portion control.
  • Quick and easy dishes―Spend less time in the kitchen with convenient recipe labels for 30-minute and one-pot meals, plus make-ahead tips, shopping lists, and suggestions for leftovers.
  • Exercise, rest, and relaxation tips―Discover how to get the most out of your workouts and create a schedule of sleep and activity that facilitates weight loss.

Lose weight and feel your best with the help of this complete Mediterranean diet guide and cookbook.

22. Vegetarian Mediterranean Cookbook by Sanaa Abourezk

Vegetarian Mediterranean Cookbook: 125+ Simple, Healthy Recipes for Living Well

Over 125 vegetarian ways to savor the Mediterranean

A Mediterranean mealtime is an event, accompanied by close family and friends, where Western wellness worries are simply managed through healthy eating and living. 

While it is a culture filled with fresh, farm-to-table ingredients, many Mediterranean cookbooks’ meat-centric meals leave users seeking vegetarian recipe conversions. 

Let The Vegetarian Mediterranean Cookbook be your guide to delectable, all-vegetarian recipes passed down from the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea—from Spain to Syria.

Whole, simple ingredients and timeless recipes are the effortless secrets to the healthy Mediterranean standard of living. 

From recipes like Moroccan-style vegetable and Olive Tagine to Fresh Sauce Pasta, along with standard staples like Hummus and Basil Pesto, The Vegetarian Mediterranean Cookbook brings the region’s famous freshness and flavors into your home.

This Mediterranean cookbook includes:

  • Authentically Mediterranean—Learn the meticulous vegetarian take on cooking philosophies of the region like infusing oils and a focus on texture.
  • Live globally, shop locally—This Mediterranean cookbook is filled with recipes sourced at local supermarkets, proving virtually all vegetarian ingredients are easily accessible.
  • Tips and tricks—Bursting with simple shortcuts and ideas to make cooking easier, get the most out of your ingredients, and enhance flavor with this Mediterranean cookbook.

The Vegetarian Mediterranean Cookbook will take you on a culinary expedition of a wide variety of cultures with distinct cuisines.

23. The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook by Martina Slajerova & Thomas DeLauer & Nicholas Norwitz & Rohan Kashid

The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: The Optimal Keto-Friendly Diet that Burns Fat, Promotes Longevity, and Prevents Chronic Disease (Volume 16) (Keto for Your Life, 16)

The Mediterranean diet has long been touted as one of the world’s healthiest diets, renowned for its protective effects against heart disease, cancer, and other chronic illnesses. 

However, its heavy inclusion of grains and carbohydrates can contribute to obesity and is a drawback for many. 

Also shown to have many health benefits, the ketogenic diet stimulates the fat-burning and longevity-promoting state of ketosis by limiting carbs and emphasizing high-fat foods. 

While the keto diet is about the proportion of macronutrients (fats, protein, carbohydrates) in the food you eat, the Mediterranean diet is about specific food types: seafood, olive oil, colorful vegetables, and other anti-inflammatory foods.

This book is about living and eating at the intersection of these complementary diets so you can reap the benefits of both. 

While both diets advocate significant amounts of healthy fats and protein, the new Mediterranean approach to keto significantly shifts the fat profile of the diet to emphasize the monounsaturated and omega-3 fats that health experts agree promote living a long disease-free life. 

It also includes colorful vegetables, providing a diversity of nutrients and flavor. 

The result is an enhanced Mediterranean diet that stokes metabolism, supports the gut and microbiome, and is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and nutrient-dense.

Improve your overall health while enjoying delectable dishes including:

  • Superfood Shakshuka
  • Blender Cinnamon Pancakes with Cacao Cream Topping
  • Green Goddess Salad
  • Pancetta Wrapped Sea Bass Sheet Pan
  • Crispy Salmon Piccata
  • Fierce Meatball Zoodle Bolognese
  • Nordic Stone Age Bread
  • Chocolate Hazelnut “Powerhouse” Truffles

With The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, you’ll learn how to balance your macronutrients, what foods are considered the new Mediterranean superfoods, and how to make tasty dishes to keep you satisfied all day.

24. The Sicily Cookbook by Cettina Vicenzino

The Sicily Cookbook: Authentic Recipes from a Mediterranean Island

Get a taste of the unique fusion of flavors that Sicilian food has to offer!

Packed with more than 70 Sicilian recipes, all accompanied by evocative food photography from the island, this Italian cookbook will bring the Mediterranean sunshine into your kitchen.

Discover authentic Italian cooking at its finest with this Sicilian recipe book. Here’s what’s inside:

  • More than 70 Sicilian sweet and savory recipes, from Pasta Alla Norma, grilled octopus, and Sicilian baked sausage to arancini with tuna, Jerusalem artichokes with black lentils, and Sicilian orange bread
  • Recipes include appetizers, main courses, individual dishes, side dishes, desserts, and drinks
  • Easy-to-follow cooking instructions with preparation times
  • Stunning full-page food photography with atmospheric scenes of Sicilian architecture and landscapes
  • Features on local chefs, food developers, and producers

Embark on a culinary trip of a lifetime with the Sicilian cook, writer, and photographer, Cettina Vicenzino. 

While only a few miles from Italy, Sicily’s heritage is proudly distinct from that of the mainland, favoring dishes packed with spices, citrus fruits, cheeses, olives, tomatoes, aubergines, and seafood.

Bring the food of Sicily to your table with recipes ranging from smoked tuna to pasta with Trapani pesto. 

This Sicilian cookbook features three strands of Sicilian cooking — Cucina Povera (peasant food), Cibo di Strada (street food), and Cucina dei Monsù (sophisticated food). It also includes profiles of local chefs and food heroes.

Whether you’re a lover of Italian and Sicilian food or want to eat more food from the Mediterranean diet, The Sicily Cookbook will be sure to hit the spot!

25. Mediterranean Air Fryer by Katie Hale

Mediterranean Air Fryer: 95 Healthy Recipes to Fry, Roast, Bake, and Grill

Air fry your way to a healthier Mediterranean lifestyle starting today

Whether it's fried favorites or grilled classics, air fryers allow you to enjoy the food you want without breaking from your diet goals. 

The Mediterranean Air Fryer cookbook is your go-to guide to eating delicious and healthy Mediterranean diet recipes with a crispy twist.

From breakfast frittatas and whole-wheat baked goods to seared tuna steaks, the Mediterranean Air Fryer has all meals covered. 

Along with an overview of the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, you’ll learn how the air fryer works, what cooking essentials to keep in the kitchen, and tips for cleaning and care. 

Sticking with a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle has never been easier or tastier.

This Mediterranean diet cookbook includes:

  • More than meals―The Mediterranean diet recipes go beyond breakfast, lunch, and dinner; they also include snacks, sides, and desserts―all made in part with the air fryer.
  • Complete how-to―New to air frying? The tips and step-by-step instructions for easy use will turn you into a seasoned veteran in no time.
  • Dos and don'ts―Find out how best to use your air fryer, as well as what not to do with it―like making sauces, gravies, soups, and stews.

Create mouthwatering meals with this go-to Mediterranean diet air fryer cookbook.

Conclusion: Best Mediterranean Diet Cookbook of 2024

The Mediterranean diet is a healthy eating pattern that originated along the Mediterranean Sea. It was listed by UNESCO in 2010 as the intangible cultural heritage of France, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Morocco.

The Mediterranean diet is based on rich and fresh vegetables and fruits, especially berries, as well as beans, non-refined carbohydrates, nuts, and olive oil as the main dietary components, supplemented by appropriate amounts of fish and milk, And a small amount of red meat and red wine as food composition of a diet pattern.

Since the Mediterranean diet has the habit of drinking a small amount of red wine for a long time, and the healthy diet requirements proposed by our country are to abstain from alcohol as much as possible, limit alcohol, and not encourage alcohol intake, so it can be used for reference based on the Mediterranean diet, and at the same time combine your own The characteristics of the diet are used for diet matching.

Mediterranean Diet (MD) characteristics include: eating a lot of plant foods; fresh and varied fruit as the main dessert; olive oil used in salads and cooking and is a major source of fat; small amounts of meat; often fish; alcohol in moderation with meals; Eat dairy products.  

The Mediterranean diet is recognized for its nutritional content and impact on human health.

Mediterranean lifestyle (Mediterranean lifestyle), in addition to food, the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle also includes physical exercise and social factors related to eating habits. 

The Mediterranean lifestyle advocates regular daily outdoor physical activity, adequate exposure to sunlight to promote vitamin D synthesis, regular sleep and rest, and an extensive social support network, etc., which goes far beyond the Mediterranean diet itself.

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