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25 Classic Books Every Woman Should Read in 2024

25 Classic Books Every Woman Should Read in 2024. such as The Second Sex, Madame Curie Biography, Jane Eyre, The Hours, The Bell Jar
Welcome to an insightful journey through the '25 Classic Books Every Woman Should Read in 2024,' written by Muhiuddin Alam on the book recommendations and reviews site,

Over the years, as a leading authority, I've authored numerous articles, many of which are available on this site.

I have received many requests to recommend some of the best classic books for women. 

I will recommend books all women should read in this post, which is based on my in-depth study and testing in this field. Such as Doll House, Vanity Fair, Escape, Little women, White roses and red roses, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Second Sex, Madame Curie Biography, and The Bible in 52 Weeks,.

These are not just the finest classic books for women. Below, I offer you 25 books with descriptions on this topic. 

Books Every Woman Should Read in Their Lifetime

Read one of these classic books when you're feeling down and need a motivational boost.

Shakespeare once said: 
"Books are the nourishment of the world. Without books in life, it is like no sunlight; without books in wisdom, it is like birds without wings." 
Books are the source of femininity and the eternal youth of the spirit. Women become intelligent and mature so women understand that packaging appearance is important, but more important is the nourishment of the soul.

In addition to the appearance of a woman, her inner temperament is also very important. The charm of a woman plays a very crucial role in a woman's life.

Attractive women are outstanding and popular wherever they go.

No matter what an attractive woman does, she is so successful and her life is so wonderful.

Maybe some women look very beautiful, like a blooming flower, but the face will always age and the flowers will fade. 

Once a woman's face is absent, then her inner temperament is very important. The inner temperament is like a perfume made of flowers, which lasts for a long time and makes people memorable.

Reading is the continuation of the charm of a woman beyond her face. Reading can make women's mouths into chapters, reading can make women have more topics after chatting, and reading can expand their horizons. 

Here are 25 classic books every woman should read at least once in her life. I hope they will be helpful to everyone!

1. Doll House


In the early days, the status of women was relatively underground. In married life, women were like servants. There were even various rules in society that stipulated women's three obedience and four virtues. 

The book "House of Dolls" talks about many equal relationships between men and women, which is very suitable for married women to read.

2. Vanity Fair


A woman’s love sometimes seems silly, at least in the eyes of his friends and relatives. In Vanity Fair, two women with different pursuits have experienced a rich love life. 

They have happiness, joys, and sorrows, and control over money. They show the feelings of the two women in Ukiyo-e.

3. Escape


Escape: A Memoir by Carolyn Jessop 

Many women live the ordinary lives of many people. After marriage, women always have their own troubles. Life is like rape. You can only follow it and make yourself more comfortable. And "Escape" deeply portrays the emotional life of ordinary women. 

"Escape" is not a single feminine novel, but a novel that explores the eternal theme of female growth. It is not only a reproduction of rural life in Western Canada but also a deep exploration of human nature in the universal sense.

4. Little women


The life of an ordinary family is actually more likely to resonate with women. "Little Women," tells the story of four sisters in an ordinary family. 

Although poor, they have been living positively. It is one of the famous American books.

5. White roses and red roses


The Red Rose and White Rose by Zhang Ailing 

"White Rose and Red Rose" is Zhang Ailing’s classic work. Zhang Ailing uses delicate brush strokes to describe the secret psychology and complexity of ordinary people, showing people’s emotions and marriage life when the Chinese and Western cultures converged in the 1930s and 1940s. 

It reveals the tragic life that women can hardly get rid of in the patriarchal society under the integration of tradition and modernity.

6. To Kill a Mockingbird


"Killing a Mockingbird" is a novel published in 1960 by American female writer Harper Lee. The subject matter of the story involves serious issues such as racial inequality and rape, and its style is still warm and interesting. 

The novel is written in the first person. The narrator’s father Atticus Finch plays a morally upright role in the book and is also a model of upright lawyers.

7. The Second Sex  


As one of the 10 books that changed human thought and life in the 20th century by Time magazine, the "Bible" of the contemporary Western feminist movement, is the most thorough research on women's issues so far Book. 

When I learned that "Second Sex" was called a feminist work and was banned by the Holy See just after it was published in 1949, I intuitively felt that this book would be a declaration of war on the patriarchal society, and it would be full of attacks on all gender injustices. Will call on women to break the bondage of gender through the struggle with a comprehensive accusation. 

However, I was disappointed to find that the tone in the book did not simply correspond to the cynicism in my heart. There is very little emotional incitement in the book, so after reading it, I don't experience any cathartic pleasure; it rarely criticizes violently, so there is no destructive impact. 

A lot of space in the book is devoted to listing the facts, and even the sharp sentences the author writes still maintain a high degree of calmness and objective scientific analysis. The author is not so much a feminist as is a scientist in the female humanities. However, listing the facts has a powerful force in itself. 

After turning over certain passages of "Female Formation" and "Situation" in Volume Two, I couldn't bear to read. The author exposed the plight of women's growth and survival to the readers nakedly. 

In front of the readers, the unbearable bruises that women can't avoid are also naked. Without too much description, the truth itself is powerful and cruel. I don't know how to overcome the gloomy mood after reading. That is also a truth, although it is expressed in a different way. 

8. Madame Curie Biography 


A detailed biography of a scientist, the extraordinary life of a great woman who has influenced the process of the world, and the spiritual world of a great mother who has set a brilliant example for her children. 

After reading the masterpiece "Madame Curie", I understood a truth: every great scientist goes from setbacks to success. "Madame Curie" is about a girl named Marie who has been studying hard since she was a child. She has always been the first in every subject in the class. She is a Polish who has always been humiliated by Russia. 

Until I was admitted to the university, I had a bachelor of physics and a bachelor of mathematics to a doctorate and finally became an admirable scientist. She has won two Nobel Prizes, all of which are famous for her research on the radioactive element radium. She also named the unit of radium element Curie. 

This book is very close to our lives. It tells a woman’s path to success. It is a great encouragement for struggling young people. Success is not casual, we must experience difficulties and obstacles. We must have great faith. , Persevere to the end can win.

9. The Bible in 52 Weeks


The Bible in 52 Weeks: A Yearlong Bible Study for Women by Dr. Kimberly D. Moore 

Books of the bible every woman should read: An all-encompassing encyclopedia of ancient culture, which opens the key to the Western spiritual world. To understand Western literature, you must first understand the "Bible". 

When you need to lift your spirits or tackle life’s challenges, the Bible is always there to offer guidance. 

This inspiring approach to Bible study for women combines a daily reading plan with weekly opportunities to reflect, discuss, and explore how God’s wisdom can be applied to your daily life.

10. Jane Eyre 


An extraordinary life experience of an ordinary woman, a bizarre and lingering love story, and an enduring classic. Through the love story of Jane Eyre and Rochester, this book has created an image of a strong woman who was born humble and has a tortuous life, but who always insists on being herself, pursuing individual freedom, and not bowing to fate. 

I still remember one night in high school, when the lights were turned off, everyone was lying in bed, listening to a girl in the dormitory talk about themselves. 

In her current seemingly immature and painful relationship, she carefully recited a paragraph from "Jane Eyre": "You think that because I am poor, humble, unbeautiful, and short, I have no soul and heart. Are you wrong? My soul is the same as yours, and my heart is exactly the same as yours! 

If God grants me a little beauty and a little wealth, I will make it hard for you to leave me, just like I am now It’s hard to leave you. I’m talking to you now, not through customs, conventions, or even through mortal bodies, but my spirit is talking with your spirit; it’s like two of them have passed the tomb and we stand We are equal before God's feet—because we are equal!" 

Now that I think about it, no matter how disproportionate or even bluffing this passage is to her situation at the time, how she will compromise with her life later and give up struggling, "Jane. The significance of the book "Love" when this girl is experiencing emotional distress is always undeniable. 

The Experience of Jane Eyre is a book that fully demonstrates a woman's understanding and practice of love, friendship, independence, equality, and self-confidence. I hope that every girl who finishes reading this book can become a strong, simple, strong and soft, independent, and aggressive woman.

11. The Hours: A Novel


Virginia Woolf, affected by severe mental weakness, is conceiving her new work "Mrs. Dalloway"; Clarissa, a publishing editor in New York in the 1990s, was called "Dallow" by his friend Thomas. "Mrs. Way", held a party for Thomas, 

but that night she witnessed Thomas commit suicide by jumping from a building; Mrs. Brown, a housewife who lived in California after World War II, and a reader of "Mrs. Dalloway," was eager to get rid of a dull life. The day of three women is woven into work about human loss, despair, fear, longing, and love. 

The golden sentence in the book: 
  • Some things are worth losing because we will always remember them. 
  • I want a love that is destined to have no future, I want the streets in the dark, let the wind blow and rain, and no one will wonder where I am. 
  • You must see life thoroughly, you must face life truthfully, and understand the essence of life when you finally understand life, you can truly love life, and then you are willing to let it go.

12. The Bell Jar 

Sylvia Plath tells about a full-bodied student at a university who got an internship opportunity in a fashion magazine in New York. She was full of doubts about life in New York. 

The countless possibilities made her unable to determine the future, nor could she return to the state of life that she thought was safe in the past. Esther finally decided to be a writer but struggled with the contradictions of morality, behavior, and self-awareness. 

In this touching autobiographical novel, Sylvia Plath recalls the disappointment, anger, depression, final collapse, and subsequent healing process she experienced in her youth, all of which exude fragility. 

A powerful woman who is brave and firm in the face of life. With the accumulation of years, her works are like Prath, with shocking wisdom and heartbreaking frankness. 

13. Lean In


Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg 

She is one of the most successful women in the world. She is Mark Zuckerberg's, right-hand man. She is the highest-paid senior woman in the United States and is hailed by the American media as "the most influential woman in Silicon Valley." 

She is ranked No. 5 on the Forbes 100 Women's list, was featured on the cover of "Time", and was named the most influential person in the world by "Time"! She is Facebook COO Cheryl Sandberg Grid. 

As one of the most successful women in the world, Sheryl Sandberg deeply analyzes the root causes of inequality between men and women in this book, and unlocks the code for women’s success! 

She believes that women do not have the courage to join the ranks. Leaders dare not let go of their own steps to pursue their dreams, more out of inner fear and confidence. 

In the book, she encourages all women to boldly "sit at the table", take the initiative to participate in dialogues and discussions, and speak out their thoughts.

14. Theater 


Julia Lambert is in her prime, a generation of reactors in England. On the stage, she is a master of emotions, but off the stage, she is tired of her husband and can no longer restrain her behavior. 

She first rejoiced for the diligence of a shy and ambitious young theater fan and then trembled because of her persistence, and finally fell in love frantically and dangerously, and acted out the stage play into life alive, but life is life after all. 

Behind this kind of performance, there is actually a fear of being unable to be independent in the heart. In order to seek support, I finally fell into a "designed" river of love... 

This novel is a very beloved work written by Maugham who claimed to be in a very happy mood. It was published simultaneously in the United States and the United Kingdom in 1937 and was a sensation. 

The famous critic Bernard de Voto praised it in the "Saturday Literary Review" as "exquisitely exquisite and a model for contemporary excellent novels." Maugham used joking and mockery, "to dissect feelings ruthlessly, and describe the world he sees without mercy without mercy." 

15. The Time In Between 


Sira, the innocent tailor girl, opened the door of a typewriter store with her fiance on the eve of her wedding, and her destiny that had been determined was immediately changed: a huge fortune and a father who had never met, All fell from the sky! 

This is just the first page of the immortal time facsimile. As the pages of the era of the beacon are gradually opened, the entire Mediterranean coast has become her stage. Politics, spy wars, conspiracies, and adventures have nothing to do with her. 

Irrelevant things are also smelled with her breath... Without any marketing promotion, this newcomer debut, based on the charm of the novel itself, has been enthusiastically sought after by readers. 

It has sold more than 1.5 million copies in Spain alone and has been translated into more than 20 languages. Distributed globally. A good novel will be like a picture scroll, with local customs, ups, and downs. 

In addition to its historical value, this book can achieve great success. The most important thing is that the heroine Sheila went from being cowardly deceived to listening only to her boyfriend, and finally listening to her own inner independence.

16. Emma 


More than a dozen female surnames are depicted in the book, the most important being three young girls: Emma, Jane Philfix, and Harriet. 

These three girls have the gentle three beauties in Austin's ideals: dignified and elegant appearance, amiable expression, tolerance and integrity of character quality, and indispensable enthusiasm. 

Emma loves and cares for her family and friends with tenderness and care, Phil Fex is so affectionate that he can almost tolerate all torture for his lovers, and Harriet is a passionate girl who has fallen in love wholeheartedly throughout the year. Three men. 

The golden sentence in the book: 
  • Soft, this word is really appropriate to describe her eyes. The most appropriate word among all the attributives is this word. 
  • Miss Smith, please allow me to propose to you. Guess my mystery and my intention at a glance. 
  • Perhaps, it is precisely because of our imperfections that we become each other's, perfect companions. 

17. The Help 


The novel tells the story of three ordinary women in the southern United States trying to change their lives and the world in the 1960s. In Mississippi in 1962, 47 years before Obama was elected president, white men were supreme, 

and the most decent job for women was to be housewives, and black women were all servants. Most people have a destined life trajectory from the moment they are born. 

The golden sentence in the book: 
  • We are just two different people, but there is no insurmountable barrier between us. 
  • Sincere feelings and sincere help between people are irrelevant. 
  • The estrangement between people has always been my imagination.

18. The Lover 


"Lover," tells the love story of a 13-year-old French girl and a 30-year-old Chinese man in Vietnam. From the moment this man took her hand, it was doomed to have a love tragedy between them... 

One day after leaving her Chinese lover for 54 years, her Chinese lover passed away 12 years. 

The author's brushstrokes are deep into some of the most fundamental and hidden qualities of human nature, which are thought-provoking; and the reader will slowly sink in with every word and word in "Lover", and willingly.

19. Stray Birds 


"The Collection of Flying Birds" is one of Tagore's masterpieces and one of the most outstanding collections of poems in the world. It includes more than 300 beautiful poems. 

Day and night, streams and seas, freedom and betrayal are all combined into one in Tagore's writings. Short sentences express a profound philosophy of life and lead the world to explore the source of truth and wisdom.

20. Love in the Time of Cholera 


García Márquez after he won the Nobel Prize in Literature. It tells a love epic that spans more than half a century, exhausting all the possibilities of love: loyal, secretive, rough, shy, platonic, slutty, fleeting, life and death dependent... 

Mark Si once said: "This is my better work, and it is my creation from the heart." It is one of the most important classic literary masterpieces of the 20th century, and is known as "the great love novel in the history of mankind."

21. The Summer Before Darkness


The novel portrays a middle-aged woman who suddenly breaks the routine and walks out of the emotional changes and psychological experience of a standardized life when a certain summer day comes. Kate, the protagonist of the novel, has taken care of all family affairs for twenty years, and she has long been used to such a life. 

However, when her husband and children were busy planning their summer itineraries, she was suddenly lost and felt extremely sad. So, in doubt and hesitation, she walked out of the house and embarked on her own journey. 

The golden sentence in the book: 
  • To learn a language is to breathe in the language! Soak in it! Live! 
  • Now you are young and young, but you have quickly entered middle age, it is not easy to figure out when you have entered from one stage to another. 
  • Young people in countries with low levels of education and lack of food and clothing have no choice but to rely on stealing, eating one meal and one meal, not knowing what kind of life they want to live.

22. Gone with the Wind 


This book is the work of Margaret Mitchell for ten years, and it can be regarded as a classic love masterpiece. The novel is based on the American Civil War. 

The mainline is the love and hatred of the strong and wayward lady Scarlett Scarlett entangled between several men, accompanied by major social and historical changes, and everything familiar to the past. Never return... 

In the book, Scarlett Scarlett and Melanie Han tell us that different women have different conquering powers, and different women have different tastes, but they all have their own unique flavors. Detail Book Reviews

23. Wild 


Wild (Movie Tie-in Edition): From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed 

If you are only interested in a girl’s hiking experience, not for the Oscar nomination for best actress or the halo of the famous director, or to appreciate the well-maintained face of the former "American Sweetheart", don't look at it. The movie is out. It's better to read a novel. The novel is frank, humorous, inspirational, and easy to understand, and there is not so much jerky vocabulary. 

The novel is not only an exhaustive travel narrative but also a record of the spiritual growth of the author Cheryl. She has divorced her parents since she was a child, and she remembers the violence of her father and the hardships of life. Fortunately, her mother is strong and optimistic. She has been in a close relationship with her since she was a child, and her mother is like her spiritual support. 

When she was 22 years old, her mother suddenly died of cancer. She felt abandoned by the whole world. From then on, she was devastated. She did not finish college, was promiscuous, had drug abuse, abortion, and divorce, and was sinking deeper and deeper into the whirlpool of self-destruction. In the summer of 1995, at the age of 26, she trekked on PCT for 94 days alone, covering a total of more than 1,700 kilometers. 

In fact, she didn't know why she had to do this (perhaps for drug addiction, or s*x addiction) before she set off. The process of walking was shocking and risky, and she wasn't immediately reborn after walking. The impact of this hike on her was a little bit that she experienced in the next seventeen years.

She was 43 years old when this novel was published. She accepted the harm that no father brought to her and got rid of the shock of her mother's death. She accepted that the world could only rely on herself, and believed that she could control her own life. 

It took her seventeen years instead of three months to grow from a little girl waiting to be loved to an independent mature adult. This hike is just a turning point, a beginning, and a shell. 

Because pilgrimage-like trekking is very similar to the growth process of a person’s soul: a person in the wilderness, carrying a 60-pound bag, has no experience, no help, no retreat, only various unknown difficulties and the destination on the map.

Can a walk from point A to point B really change my life? Maybe it just makes people stronger, as strong as the verse of Emily Dickinson that Cheryl likes: "If your courage rejects you, surpass your courage." 

24. The Happiness Project 


The Happiness Project, Tenth Anniversary Edition: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun by Gretchen Rubin 

The best-selling list of books this year. The author is a happy wife who lives on the Upper East Side of New York. She has a handsome husband and two cute little girls. She has a stable income, harmonious in-laws, and a happy family. Such a background... Frankly speaking, it is usually difficult to produce superb writing.

The same New Yorker also uses the time scale of the year as the theme, The author borrowed a year to implement a set of life guidelines every month to enhance the connotation of a happy life. The content of these happy life proposals is not yet vague and incorporates many classic masters’ elegant words and research statistics (or statistical myths). 

It regards happiness as a specific behavior that requires repeated practice, which is planned, recorded, evaluated, and revised. Less lasting spiritual inspiration purely shows the determination of the writer to implement the happy course of action.

The atmosphere of the whole book is like a life statement version of a lesson plan from an enterprise research institute. The gist of the book is the repeated practice of the happy life principle. Its readability is rich in interest due to the multiplication of the author’s life case and the response of blog fans. Many proposals seem trivial, but they are not unreasonable. Most of them contain elements of self-restraint or relaxation.

The author of this book uses 12 methods such as health, marriage, occupation, parenting, making friends, consumption, gratitude, and thinking patterns to formulate his own plan for happiness- happiness, which can be learned. We are fully capable of making ourselves feel happy.

For me, real happiness can only be achieved through comprehension and gradually strengthening the whole me from the inside out. But my dear friend, if you have difficulty gaining comfort and happiness by comprehending life, you might as well read this book. 

Learn to change external behaviors to improve internal balance; be happy through practice and make yourself happy. Although I personally feel that this book was written deliberately, citing many famous quotes deliberately, and deliberately citing too many statistics, it is still a good happy reference book.

25. A Dream of Red Mansions


A Dream of Red Mansions, one of my country's four great masterpieces, is very suitable for women to read. It depicts the destiny of all women under the suppression of feudal society. 

Most women find it difficult to find their own happiness, and even if they are brave enough to pursue it, they often have no good end later.

So that was my article for today. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you share this article with your friends, family, and coworkers then they will find some of the most inspiring, impactful, and amazing books on this list.

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