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Best Newborn Parenting Books: First-Time Parents

Best Newborn Parenting Books: First-Time Parents such as The Baby Book, Brush Your Teeth, Please, Positive Discipline, Baby Play etc..
Today's topic is Best Newborn Parenting Books: First-Time Parents. What kind of books do first-time mothers read? What are the best parenting books for new moms with toddlers and babies?

We know just pregnant expectant mothers and first-time mothers are always under great pressure to raise their children. If they are not happy, they buy and buy to vent their pressure.

In fact, compared with a large number of necessary products & best parenting books. Best parenting books for new parents are actually more important, but they are always ignored. 

When your partner is upgraded, you will find that the people around you, such as aunts, aunts in the neighborhood, and even the salesmen you meet in the supermarket, become "parenting experts", pointing out your various behaviors. 


Best Parenting Books for New and Expectant Parents in 2024

If first-time parents do not know about the best parenting books for newborns, it is easy to be misled by the wrong "experience". Therefore, it is the right thing to master scientific parenting knowledge. 

The requirements for us to choose the best parenting books for new parents are also very consistent: authoritative, easy to understand, and practical. 

There are tens of millions of Best Parenting Books For Newborns on the market and many of them are mixed eyes. Many books have not only missed a lot of key points but also the source of information is not a scientific authority.
What's more, we should know that parenting books do not lie in quantity, but in essence. Good parenting books for newborns to read a few on the line read too much, and you will get messed up. 

If you make a list of books for a pregnant mother and a new mother, the following best parenting books for newborns & first-time mothers must be recommended. 

Here are some of the best books for first-time parents, covering various aspects of pregnancy, parenting, and career:

Best Pregnancy Books for First-Time Parents:

  • "What to Expect When You're Expecting" by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel, and Lisa L. Akil
  • "Baby 411: Clear Answers & Smart Advice for Your Baby's First Year" by Dr. Harvey Karp
  • "The Montessori Baby" by Simone Davies

Best Parenting Books for First-Time Parents:

  • "The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Dr. Harvey Karp
  • "Cribsheet: A Data-Driven Guide to Better, More Relaxed Parenting, From Birth to Preschool" by Emily Oster
  • "Bringing Up Bébé" by Pamela Druckerman
  • "The Confident Parent" by Dr. Jane Mersky Leder
  • "The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read" by Philippa Perry
  • "The Conscious Parent" by Shefali Alvarez Tsabary
  • "The Postnatal Depletion Cure" by Dr. Oscar Serrallach
  • "The First Forty Days" by Amely Greeven and Marisa Belger
  • "Parenting Right from the Start" by Vanessa Lapointe
  • "The Montessori Toddler" by Simone Davies

Best Baby Books for First-Time Parents:

  • "Baby's First Five Years" by Laurie Nunn
  • "The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Dr. Harvey Karp
  • "The Montessori Baby" by Simone Davies

Best Career Books for First-Time Parents:

  • The Fifth Trimester by Lauren Smith Brody
  • HBR Working Parents Series by Harvard Business Review
These books cover a wide range of topics, from pregnancy and breastfeeding to sleep training, discipline, and career management for new parents. They provide practical advice, expert insights, and relatable stories to help you navigate the challenges of being a first-time parent.

Next, let's take a look best parenting books for new moms.

Part A: Nursing and Feeding Diseases

For newborn babies, the most important thing is daily care and feeding, as well as the ability to cope with the common diseases of the baby. Therefore, books on nursing/feeding/diseases must be bought first.

1. Caring for Your Baby and Young Child

by the American Academy Of Pediatrics 

Reasons for recommendation:

Be authoritative - first-time mothers or expectant mothers will not be unfamiliar with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). All the knowledge and conclusions of this book are based on the fact that a large number of sample studies of infants and young children in the United States have been conducted.

Each conclusion can be checked with evidence, which is far away from the "parenting experiential school" and "parenting metaphysics school". When people have different opinions on the same parenting problem, the view of the American Academy of Pediatrics is the Holy Grail.

PS: This book is constantly updated, and new versions will be published every once in a while. The important content that is too late to be published will be published on the official website. Now, the latest edition is the sixth edition.


Super practical - if you can only buy one parenting book, it will be. Most baby-feeding development questions have answers. It can be read in order, or as a reference book, read according to the child's age or when the child is sick.

The content is super detailed and complete ~ this is a Book of experience composed of 62000 pediatricians, doctors, and nursing doctors. The first part is the basic development, safety, and rehabilitation of children from birth to 4-5 years old. 

The second part is about children's physical health, developmental disorders, behavior, and environment. In a word, all kinds of problems in parenting can be found in detail through this book!

Promising review:

I had this book recommended to me by one of my supervisors who has a kid around the same age as mine. I'm glad I listened to her, this book has a lot of fantastic information about anything from illnesses to developmental milestones.—Read More—Alex

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2. The Baby Book

Part of: Sears Parenting Library

Reasons for recommendation:

Grandfather William Sears is a well-known "godfather of parenting" in the United States and a core member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. He has more than 40 years of clinical practice in pediatrics, and he has raised eight children with his wife, which can be said to be the authoritative version of Cui Yutao in the United States.

Close parenting philosophy - This book not only has a lot of popular parenting knowledge as the American Academy of Pediatrics Pediatrics encyclopedia but also conveys a parenting philosophy: how to make children and parents happier and more closely connected. 

If your partner is tortured by your baby to the point of collapse, take a look at this book. Besides giving correct guidance, it will also help you gradually calm down your anxiety and adjust your mind.


It covers almost all the problems that the baby may have. From the beginning of greeting the baby, the food and safety of the baby, the way of raising children and the nursing care of the baby's diseases, etc., 

I found the reasons for the problems of my own baby in the book, which is really recommended, especially for the novice numb! After reading this book, I believe you can all become parenting experts.

Promising review:

A comprehensive guide and a great reference book for the first two years of your child's life, especially if you are interested in attachment parenting.

I like to consider myself a fairly laid-back parent and open-minded person and I can't even tell you how helpful this book has been. Certain things that Dr.Sears recommends certainly wouldn't work in my household, but the most important takeaway is "trust your instincts".—Read More—Grace Kerrigan

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3. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

by Marc Weissbluth M.D.

Reasons for recommendation:

Sleep problems are solved - This book covers all sleep problems and solutions from birth to adolescence, as well as an explanation of the relationship between sleep quality intellectual development, and adaptability. 

In particular, the author clearly states that good sleep can be obtained by learning and practicing, rather than just looking at "talent". It's also helpful for adults who have a lot of sleep problems.


My baby's sleep has been seriously regressed since he was about 5 months old. Finally, I began to adjust his sleep according to the "sleep Bible" and "practical parenting law" and strictly regulate his work and rest time. 

It has been more than a week. My baby can sleep on his own now, and the whole family is relaxed. After eight o'clock in the evening, we have our own time. I can brush the drama, and my father can be the king of pesticides. It's so happy.

Promising review:

Yes, yes yes! Weissbluth's methods work if you take the time to read (and understand them) and then decide to commit to them. It is not necessary to read the book cover to cover since the book provides information and plans for an array of age groups.—Read More—Clio

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4. Brush Your Teeth, Please

by Jean Pidgeon

Reasons for recommendation:

"Give your child a beautiful tooth" is a dental health book tailored for children aged 0-12 years. It introduces the characteristics of teeth in different periods, common problems of teeth, and methods of tooth maintenance. 

Parents do not have to be bad parents to let their children "do not cry, do not make demands", and cooperate obediently to develop good dental care habits.


This book not only has the principle but also the practical content with pictures and texts to guide and control what posture parents should take to guide and control the baby's tooth care, to change the traditional concept of tooth cognition.

Promising review:

Love. Love. Love this book. When my son started cutting his teeth, we knew we had to find a way to regularly brush his teeth but the fights to let us get near his mouth with a toothbrush were just too much. We tried every toothbrush we could find... maybe he just didn't like the toothbrushes we were trying to use? We tried different kinds of toothpaste—Read More—Jeremy Clark

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Part B: Psychological Cognitive Development

1. How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

by Adele Faber  (Author), Elaine Mazlish  (Author)

Reasons for recommendation:

Teach adults how to talk to their children -- bear children are not obedient, which is the most troublesome thing for parents. This book teaches Baba Ma how to help children overcome negative emotions, how to make children willing to listen, how to praise and encourage children, how to correctly punish children when they make mistakes, and so on. 


In short, this book is to teach the art of talking to children. It is very important to establish effective communication from childhood, which is of great importance to the harmony of the family and the "not long crooked" of the baby! 

I've bought more than 20 parenting books, and I've read the rest. It's not practical. I've read this book over and over again. It's also very useful in practice. It's suitable for all ages. 

Promising review:

Every parent needs this book. This book is really great. At first, it can seem really ....well... cheesy. But when you actually apply the methods.... man oh man is it cool. It feels really great to be able to talk to my kids without yelling.—Read More—Leeleeinjax

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2. Positive Discipline

by Jane Nelsen Ed.D.

Reasons for recommendation:

The basic principle of traditional education is "rewards and punishments". If you finish your homework, you will be rewarded with new toys. If you don't finish your homework, you will be fined for one week to watch TV. 

It works in a short period, but the long-term effect is poor. If there is no numbness around, will the children finish their homework independently, or will they be unscrupulous because of the lack of supervision and punishment? 


This book emphasizes no punishment and indulgence. Based on kindness and firmness, the book cultivates children's self-control ability and various social skills, and at the same time makes children feel a sense of belonging and self-identity. It sounds incredible, but the book gives detailed examples of how to deal with all kinds of situations, even sentence patterns.

The author Jane Nelsen's theory of individual psychology based on Adler, one of the three psychological giants, has been proven to be effective after 40 years of practice in the United States. 

Its essence is to interact with people and emphasize "respect". It is also very enlightening for communication between adults. It is very popular in foreign countries, and it is strongly promoted!

It's a very good book. I'd like to simplify some of them. However, the contents are very good. It's really difficult to choose between them. The examples are easy to understand. 

So the contents have been sent out. Positive discipline advocates neither punishment nor indulgence, abandoning the shortcomings of the two and adopting their strengths, eliminating the indulgence of no rules and excessive punishment. Only in such an atmosphere can we cultivate self-discipline, a sense of responsibility, cooperation, and the ability to solve problems by ourselves.

Promising review:

My wife wanted me to read this book that she heard about from a friend of hers. It sounded like a good concept from the title, but I was still in the mindset of giving punishments to try to change behavior.—Read More—IAmAbe

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3. Spock’s Parenting Classic

by Benjamin Spock  (Author), Robert Needlman (Author) 

Reasons for recommendation:

Spock's parenting books are recognized as the most reliable parenting manual of the 20th century, which condenses the effective parenting experience of Dr. Spock, the "father of parenting", after 60 years of testing. It was rated as one of the 10 books that influenced the 20th century by time.


Since 1946, Spock's parenting Sutra has been constantly revised and supplemented. This book is the latest revision of the 9th Edition, which not only updates the most comprehensive, authoritative, and reliable information, such as accidental injury, common diseases, immunity, behavior, and psychological disorders, but also adds about children's growth and development, and different ages of life given the focus problems that parents have paid attention to in recent years Physical, intellectual and emotional needs: such as obesity and nutrition, children and computer games, how to deal with stress, etc. 

Promising review:

As a parent and school-based Speech-Language Pathologist, I highly recommend this book. It has sections about every topic you can think of relating to kids. It is a long and factual book, so it is not a quick read. Some might find it better to use it as a reference book, as needed. Others may want to skim parts that they already feel well-versed in. Dr. Spock was ahead of his time, and this book is completely up-to-date and fact-based.—Read More—Jonathan

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4. The Whole-Brain Child

by Daniel J. Siegel

Reasons for recommendation:

This book from the physiological, psychological, and other stages of brain development characteristics information, so that parents can understand the family, husband, and wife relationship and emotions in the child's intellectual development process the key role, in examining their own must-change behavior habits; is for the children's brain freedom. 


Complete with age-appropriate strategies for dealing with day-to-day struggles and illustrations that will help you explain these concepts to your child, The Whole-Brain Child shows you how to cultivate healthy emotional and intellectual development so that your children can lead balanced, meaningful, and connected lives.

Promising review:

So important! I have 6 kids and am assistant director at a Daycare and this is INVALUABLE! Understanding how the brain works from a psychological standpoint in a way that helps anyone to get it is so great. I got the audible version, the hard copy, and the workbook and am putting the material together to teach the teachers at our center along with Parent Effectiveness Training and The How to Talk series. This is a life changer and It has given me some tools to help some autistic kids in our center as well as understand myself and other adults I know!—Read More—Heather

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Part C: The High Score Recommendation List

In addition to these Best Newborn Parenting Books, there are also some small red books recommended by first-time mothers with high scores. They are also worth reading as an auxiliary. Here is a brief introduction.

1. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

by the pregnancy experts at the Mayo Clinic

Reasons for recommendation:

Its contents are comprehensive and rich, and the chapters are clear. First, during the planning of pregnancy, you can have a certain understanding of the whole process of pregnancy and some problems and solutions during pregnancy. 


Then, the pregnancy from pregnancy to childbirth is explained in detail month by month, so that you will not feel overwhelmed by the subtle physical changes in each pregnancy period. Finally, it introduces some special risks of pregnancy situations. I use this book as a reference book for pregnancy. 

After reading it, I put it by the side of my bed. If I encounter any problems or puzzles, I will turn to them again.

Promising review:

After searching through a lot of different options in terms of a tangible baby book, as we found out we are expecting, I was hesitant at first to purchase this book, however, seeing some of the other reviews put my mind at ease.—Read More—Patrick

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2. Pregnancy Notes

by Rujuta Diwekar 

Reasons for recommendation:

This book is a record of Rujuta Diwekar from preparation for pregnancy to pregnancy to childbirth to child-rearing, which is very close to life. The table of contents is also very clear. 


If you open the corresponding page, you can still find the answer you want. The important parts of each chapter are also marked with notes and lines. For lazy mothers who don't like reading books, they can also get a general understanding of the key points, which is very considerate.

Promising review:

Though I had my baby 20 months back I still got this book. Loved it and finished reading it right away. Rujuta explains every stage of pre-during pregnancy-post pregnancy so well. Now I understand why though I was so fit before and during pregnancy(Which helped me conceive and deliver easily) the post-pregnancy has been an uphill battle. I have been constantly fatigued and had mood swings cos I really did not care about taking care of myself. Now I am going to follow your advice. Thanks, Rujuta.—Read More—Sahana

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3. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

by Tracy Hogg 

Reasons for recommendation:

This book focuses on babies aged 0 to 3 months. It tells us in detail the characteristics and life patterns of babies in the first four months and teaches first-time mothers how to judge their baby's crying and various behavioral signals.


Tracy also dispelled the insidious myth that parents must go sleepless for the first year of a baby’s life–because a happy baby sleeps through the night. Now you too can benefit from Tracy’s more than twenty years of experience. 

In this groundbreaking book, she shares simple, accessible programs in which you will learn:

  • E.A.S.Y.–how to get a baby to eat, play, and sleep on a schedule that will make every member of the household’s life easier and happier.
  • S.L.O.W.–how to interpret what your baby is trying to tell you (so you don’t try to feed him when he really wants a nap).
  • How to identify which type of baby yours is–Angel, Textbook, Touchy, Spirited, or Grumpy–and then learn the best way to interact with that type.
  • Tracy’s Three Day Magic–how to change any and all bad habits (yours and the baby’s) in just three days.

Promising review:

I read the book and there is some helpful advice. Like tips on how to learn what your babies' cries mean. It helped me to identify gas and also helped me decide to get my son on a schedule as it discusses why it’s important not only for them but for the parents.—Read More—Kimber

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4. Baby Play (Gymboree)

by Wendy Masi Ph.D. (Author), Roni Cohen Leiderman (Author), Dr. Wendy S. Masi (Author), Dr. Roni Cohen Leiderman (Author)

Reasons for recommendation:

American Gymboree early education baby game, according to the baby of different months of age to develop different games. The games inside all emphasize the participation of parents. 

They don't need delicate toys. Basically, they can play with the baby. Different games at each stage can also develop the different abilities of the baby.


The book also includes a glossary of key terms in child development, beneficial to any new parent, as well as detailed information on how parents can identify development skills as they emerge in their baby. 

From stretching exercises to puppet games, BABY PLAY encourages learning during that first critical year of life.

Look at what this book offers:

  • Includes over 100 activities for babies 0-12 months.
  • Organized by appropriateness for each month of life.
  • Includes a wide variety of play activities, from ball rolling to imitative play.
  • Developed in consultation with the play experts at Gymboree.
  • Contains a useful glossary of key terms in child development.

Promising review:

I think this is a great baby shower gift. It has activities for newborns, 3 months, 6 mo, 9mo. Some require equipment that I don't have (i.e. a top) but they are nevertheless fun and easy to follow. Each activity only takes about 5 minutes, but when combined, you can entertain your kid for a while. I think all moms go through days when they lack creativity because they lack sleep, so this is great to fill in the gaps!—Read More—amazon buyer

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5. The Little Girl at the Window

by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

Reasons for recommendation:

This book's small edition also wants the wall crack recommendation once saw the hot tear in the eye, especially warm moving!


The author Tetsuko Kuroyanagi is not only a famous writer but also a goodwill ambassador of the United Nations Children's Fund. Several works are very suitable for parent-child reading. Adults often see tears in their eyes.

This is a book about how to communicate with children, many kindergarten teachers & Junior primary school teachers will also recommend a book. Each story is an example, that lets us know about children, understand children, cherish ourselves, and be a parent and ready to be pregnant. Parents are recommended to watch.

Promising review:

This book is the only book that I will recommend for anyone to read and re-read all over again. From time to time, our perception of something changes. Whenever that happens and I will re-read it again, I find myself understanding the child's mind even better.—Read More—Sabrina Aokira

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6. When I Meet You

by Olivia Newport

Reasons for recommendation:

If I didn't buy this book, maybe my mind would not be established now. Because of this book, I like parenting instead of simply taking care of children. 


This book will dissect the inner trauma of growing up, but we must face it bravely, calm down, read all the contents carefully, avoid making the same mistakes, and make the children's childhood unhappy. Every chapter in the book, from infant psychology to childhood psychology, is worth reading several times.

Promising review:

When I Meet You is the third book in Olivia Newport's Tree of Life series. I read book one but didn't have a chance to read book two however I feel like this book can also be a stand-alone. I think it would be more fun to read the books to build a relationship with the characters but with Olivia's writing style I can promise you will be drawn into the story from the moment you begin reading the first chapter.—Read More—Janet

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7. We're Pregnant! The First-Time Dad's Pregnancy

The book I bought for R’s father-to-be, I can read the entire book in just over an hour with a few pages per week. I asked R to read according to my pregnancy progress, and he didn't think it was very useful. It’s funny that he started urging me very early on why the hospital bag hadn’t been collected yet. 

The book says that it should be ready at this time. It turns out that he reads too fast. He was pregnant when I was in the second trimester. It's late...If dad-to-be wants to be lazy, you can take a look, but the amount of information is average, if there are other books, this one won't be necessary.

8. What to Expect When You're Expecting  

This is a reference manual for pregnancy. When you need it, you can search for relevant knowledge points at any time when you have questions. It is not suitable for reading the whole article, because you can't remember it completely after reading it.

Regarding pregnancy, in the early stage, I will basically study the relevant precautions in a short time to do a systematic study. In the next few months, I go to the hospital for examination on time, and another related knowledge supplementation is relatively slow.

In other words, in the early stages of pregnancy, the utilization rate of this book will be relatively high, and then the utilization rate will gradually decrease. When encountering a problem, there is about half the probability that the book can give an answer, but it is only for reference. 

We will go to the hospital for real questions and find the doctor to give the best choice instead of listening to a book. book. Furthermore, a book written by foreigners still feels a bit distant from our real situation, so this book cannot solve the real problems encountered during pregnancy. As a supplement to pregnancy-related knowledge, it is still possible, such as some precautions.

In fact, in the beginning, I had a very high enthusiasm for learning, but this book is too thick. Although I filled in some relevant knowledge in the process of reading, this knowledge did not change much. When I really encountered a problem, I couldn't find the answer in the book, so my enthusiasm for reading naturally weakened.

The overall feeling is: that when you have this book, it means that you will have your own baby. It is worth celebrating, but the real problem is that this book can’t solve the problem. Put it on the shelf, and another friend will be pregnant. You can give it to them.

9. The Happiest Baby on the Block

This book promotes a view (the baby is born three months early, so it has to go through a fourth period, at this stage, parents should provide it with a womb-like experience) and a set of practices (5S method, namely, wrapping, shushing) Sound, lying on the side, shaking, and nipple are integrated into a set of hug therapy, which can quickly calm down a crying child).

I believe this method is very effective for American parents who are busy at work and have little time to spend with their children but effectively does not mean beneficial. 

I think the first consideration in raising children is whether our behavior is conducive to the growth and development of the child, not whether it can calm the child down. 

The starting point of this book is to quiet down the child, so I questioned the method, which may bring some potential side effects while quieting the child. 

Although the author has made a lot of explanations in the book in advance, I still reserve the right to question, and I hope to see the critical views of others, I also look forward to seeing more effective and helpful experiences from parents.

10. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child 

One of the country's leading researchers updates his revolutionary approach to solving--and preventing--your children's sleep problems.

Here Dr. Marc Weissbluth, a distinguished pediatrician and father of four, offers his groundbreaking program to ensure the best sleep for your child. 

In Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, he explains with authority and reassurance his step-by-step regime for instituting beneficial habits within the framework of your child's natural sleep cycles. 

This valuable sourcebook contains brand-new research that
  • Pinpoint the way daytime sleep differs from night sleep and why both are important to your child
  • Helps you cope with and stop the crybaby syndrome, nightmares, bedwetting, and more
  • Analyze ways to get your baby to fall asleep according to his internal clock--naturally
  • Reveals the common mistakes parents make to get their children to sleep--including the inclination to rock and feed
  • Explores the different sleep cycle needs for different temperaments--from quiet babies to hyperactive toddlers
  • Emphasizes the significance of a nap schedule
Rest is vital to your child's healthy growth and development. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child outlines proven strategies that ensure good, healthy sleep for every age. Advises parents dealing with teenagers and their unique sleep problems.

11. Boys Should Be Boys  

Ten years of trees, and 100 years of people, to educate an excellent, healthy, and strong-hearted son is the wish of every mother.

     When the son fell to the ground, the parents thought with tears, as long as they were healthy, everything was fine.
     When the son is healthy and smart, the parents greedily hope that the son will be better than the children of the same age, and go all out and run around for this. 

And the beautiful name is that this is for the future of the child. In fact, asking yourself maybe for your own vanity, for your own son is not worse than the neighbor's son, for your own son to study better than the son of classmates, for. . . .
     So have we thought about what kind of person you want your son to be when he is twenty-five years old?

     Many times parents are exhausted every day, letting their children learn various subjects. At the end of the day, when they were twenty-five years old, they found that he did not learn more than other children, but less.

     When we were young, we knew the rule of 7+1>8, that is, the efficiency of learning for eight hours is far lower than the principle of taking one hour in the middle of learning seven hours. 

But when we switched to our own children, we forgot to let them shuttle in various classes on holidays, piano, violin, saxophone, ballet, national standard, English, composition. . . . .
     After reading this book, I reflected a lot.

12. The Wonder Weeks 

If you don’t finish reading, you won’t be starring. The basic concept is that, just as the body has a prolonged period of rapid growth, there are also stages of rapid development of brain development, accompanied by regression of sleep and eating well, no reason to cry. After downloading the app that matches the book, you can track the baby's leap growth stage.

In parenting reference books, new mothers can take a look, there are detailed introductions and examples for several leap periods. I think the most important function of this kind of book is to prevent novice mothers from anxiety and let novice mothers have books to rely on. 

Tell you that sometimes stepping back a little bit maybe for better progress later. It is more fragrant with the matching app, you can set up multiple children, record and view the leap period, and possible abnormal behavior, and tell you how to solve it.

13. The Sleepeasy Solution 

Is your child a night owl or a nap resister? Help has arrived with "The Sleepeasy Solution!" Jill Spivack and Jennifer Waldburger have earned their reputation as two of America's leading experts on children and sleep because they give parents the key ingredients for success- a customized sleep plan, clear step-by-step instructions, and plenty of emotional support. 

Their ' least-cry' approach ensures that healthy sleep habits are established quickly without any guessing and without any guilt. Teach your child to sleep through the night and take regular naps. 

Say goodbye to early morning waking. End bedtime battles. Find easy solutions to common problems such as teething, illness, traveling, and managing multiple siblings.

14. Cribsheet by Emily Oster 

A Data-Driven Guide to Better, More Relaxed Parenting, from Birth to Preschool

As a professor of economics at Brown University and the mother of two children, the author uses the perspective of a scientist to study whether the modern popular parenting concept is supported by data and proposes a framework that can be used in decision-making. 

From breastfeeding, early education, and rule-making, to infants, and vitamin supplementation, it covers almost all the topics that parents care about from the birth of the baby to preschool. 

The biggest feature of this book is also the most precious. It does not tell you what to do but guides you to make the most suitable choice for your family scientifically and rationally.

15. The Good Sleeper  


"The Good Sleeper" by Janet Krone Kennedy Ph.D. 

Cry it out or co-sleep? Bassinet or swing? White noise machine or Bach? How many hours anyway? For something so important, there's too much conflicting information about how best to get your baby to sleep through the night and nap successfully during the day. 

This book is a straightforward, no-nonsense answer to one of the biggest challenges new parents face when they welcome a brand-new baby home. This book is written for exhausted parents, giving them immediate access to the information they need. 

Reassuring and easy to understand, Dr. Kennedy addresses head-on the fears and misinformation about the long-term effects of crying and takes a bold stand on controversial issues such as co-sleeping and attachment parenting. 

With polarizing figures and techniques dominating the marketplace―and spawning misinformation across the internet―Dr. Kennedy's methods and practices create an extensively researched and parent-tested approach to sleep training that takes both babies' and parents' needs into account to deliver good nights and days of sleep, and no small dose of peace of mind.

The Good Sleeper is a practical, empowering―and even entertaining―guide to help parents understand infant sleep. This research-based book will teach parents the basics of sleep science, determine how and when to intervene, and provide tools to solve even the most seemingly impossible sleep problems.

16. Your Baby and Child 

This is Penelope Leach's classic childcare manual updated for 21st-century parents. In the 21st century, we know a child's psychological development and well-being are just as important as any physical need. 

Here Penelope Leach brings together key new scientific evidence about the way infants think and react to their parents and the outside world. 

Find guidance on sleeping, feeding, playing, and washing as well as stage-by-stage advice on your baby's physical, intellectual, and emotional development from birth to five. You'll learn how to respond to your child and achieve a happier, more harmonious family life. 

More than a guide to this insight from Penelope Leach into your child's needs, thoughts and behaviors will help you to really communicate together. 

You'll get support and learn to trust your parenting instincts and gain the confidence to live by your baby and child, not by the book.

17. The Fifth Trimester  

The Fifth Trimester is your new best friend: a brilliant, tells-it-like-it-is guide that helps moms cope with the demands of the real world after the baby arrives The first three trimesters (and the fourth—those blurry days ) are for the baby, but the Fifth Trimester is when the working mom is born. 

No matter what the job or how you define work, you're going to have a lot of questions. 
  • When will I go back? 
  • How should I manage that initial "I want to quit" attack? 
  • Flex-time or full-time? 
  • How can I achieve 50/50 at home with my partner? 
  • What's the best option for childcare? 
  • Is it possible to look like I slept for eight hours instead of three? 
  • Why is there never a convenient space to pump? 
Whether you're in the final stages of pregnancy or hitting the panic button on your last day of leave, The Fifth Trimester is your one-stop-shop for the honest, funny, and comforting tips, to-do lists, and take-charge strategies you'll need to embrace your new identity as a working parent and set yourself up for success. 

Based on interviews with 700+ candidly speaking moms in wildly varied fields and incredible expert advice, The Fifth Trimester tackles every personal and professional detail with the wit, warmth, and inspiration you need to win when you head back to work. 

Like What to Expect When You're Expecting and The Happiest Baby on the Block, this is an indispensable guide every new mom needs on her shelf.

18. How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids 

"Even when they are asleep, infants as young as six months react negatively to angry, argumentative voices..."

"At ages three to six, children assume they are the cause of the fight. By ages of six to eight, they tend to side with one parent."

"...when parents battle, it is the father's relationship with his kids that takes a major hit. Most moms were able to compartmentalize and reported a quick recovery and even an improved relationship with their children. 

But fathers had a much greater tendency to let the negative marital tension spill over into the rest of the family."

19. Bringing Up Bébé  

It was written by an American journalist who married in France and found out that French families and American families have very different parenting methods during the process of having children in France. 

Mainly from the perspective of criticizing American parenting methods: the kind of parenting method that overemphasizes giving up self to be intimate with, always praise, letting children learn everything early, and worrying about children in every detail.

A quite witty narrative, but there are inevitably some exaggerated descriptions that Americans use. According to the author, the mothers of French families are elegant and calm, and the children are well-behaved, but I still believe that there are children everywhere. 

Of course, the author still analyzes from all levels of government, history, and social environment why French mothers look easier to take care of their children. Actually, I want to give it 3 and a half stars. As a parenting reader, it is worth reading to understand some different perspectives.

20. Operating Instructions 

I would like to recommend a book to every novice mother. How can Anne Lamott, a frank and self-deprecating writer, After reviewing this diary after four or five years, I am still amazed by the words that accurately capture the movements of the baby boy, and laugh at the humorous metaphors and associations? 

"Sometimes he's the Dalai Lama, and sometimes he's like a cross between a bad boyfriend and a high-strung puppy." She became a single mother when she was thirty-five. A good girlfriend (the most powerful helper in life) also started chemotherapy after suffering from cancer this year. 

The final part of the diary writes about her son's first birthday, and then a record, that two years later, her girlfriend died of illness. I checked the wiki, and now Anne Lamott has become a grandmother.

21. And Now We Have Everything  

Everyone’s production process is different. Some people are surprisingly smooth, two or three hours to complete, some people like the author’s twists and turns for more than forty hours or even more dangerous. And this kind of experience will directly shape you, and it's also very random when you think about it.

In short, before giving birth, you must understand all the risks and sufferings you may face (a severe unsuccessful production process may cause severe pain for dozens of hours, and may cause major sequelae including but not limited to organ damage. 

Depression, loss of libido, career hindrance, husband and wife/couple relationship frustration, no freedom anymore); you have to discuss with your partner or figure out how to bring your children, whether to breastfeed exclusively, or whether to make meals by yourself Infant meal, do you want to be responsive to your child, or give your child the best meal beyond your ability.

But there is still good news, that is, the hardest part of raising a child is at the beginning. When the child grows up and becomes a real person who can express himself and take care of himself, everything will get better and better.

In addition, this book proves once again that young women have a deadline even in the United States and New York. You need to find a partner before the deadline to give birth.

Conclusion: Best Parenting Books for New Parents 

Pregnant and first-time mother anesthetics can be included in Sears Parenting Library on nursing, feeding, medicine, and health as reference books. Wait for the baby to grow up, then buy about psychology and discipline. 

If you are a little confused about the new life, you can adjust yourself by reading books like "When I Meet You". 

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