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Top 10 Books Every Woman Should Read In A Lifetime





Inspirational Top 10 Books Every Woman Should Read In Their LifetimeRead one of these inspirational books when you're feeling down and need a motivational boost.

Shakespeare once said: "Books are the nourishment of the world. Without books in life, it is like no sunlight; without books in wisdom, it is like birds without wings." 

Good books are the source of femininity and the eternal youth of the spirit. Women become intelligent and mature so that women understand that packaging appearance is important, but more important is the nourishment of the soul.

In addition to the appearance of a woman, her inner temperament is also very important. The charm of a woman plays a very crucial role in a woman's life.

Attractive women are so outstanding and popular wherever they go.

No matter what an attractive woman does, she is so successful and her life is so wonderful.
Maybe some women look very beautiful, like a blooming flower, but the face will always age and the flowers will fade.

Once a woman's face is absent, then her inner temperament is very important. The inner temperament is like a perfume made of flowers, which lasts for a long time and makes people memorable.

Reading is the continuation of the charm of a woman beyond her face. Reading can make women's mouths into chapters, reading can make women have more topics after chatting, and reading can expand their horizons.

Some time ago, my friend asked me to recommend some Best Books Every Woman Should Read In A Lifetime, but I didn't answer immediately. The reason is that there are different choices due to different genders, ages, hobbies, and orientations in reading. However, trust in bloggers cannot be fruitless. 

Therefore, after consulting relevant materials and editing this bibliography for women, this article can be regarded as an answer to my friend and also a recommendation 10 Books Every Woman Should Read In A Lifetime to all-female who love reading.

Women are very sensitive and attentive, so when it comes to reading, women are more likely to understand the truth in books, and women who love to read are very temperamental, and knowledge can also become a woman's confidence. 10 Books Every Woman Must Read At Least Once In Their Lives.

Top 10 Books Every Woman Should Read At Least Once In Her Life

    10 Books Every Woman Should Read In A Lifetime

    1. Jane Eyre


    Women in modern society are independent and have their own dignity in getting along with the opposite sex. Then the famous book "Jane Eyre" describes the process of women's pursuit of freedom and dignity. After reading this book, many women can boldly pursue equal treatment.

    2. A Dream of Red Mansions


    A Dream of Red Mansions, as one of my country's four great masterpieces, is very suitable for women to read. It depicts the destiny of all women under the suppression of feudal society. Most women find it difficult to find their own happiness, even if they are brave to pursue it, they often have no good end later.

    3. Second sex


    "Second Sex" can be said to be a classic book that a woman must-read in her life. It is hailed as the Bible among Western women, and it is a book for fighting for the status and rights of women and the entire society. It has made outstanding contributions to the improvement of women's status and has awakened the self-esteem of many women.

    4. Doll House


    In the early days, the status of women was relatively underground. In married life, women were like servants. There were even various rules in society that stipulated women's three obedience and four virtues. The book "House of Dolls" talks about many equal relationships between men and women, which is very suitable for married women to read.

    5. Vanity Fair


    A woman’s love sometimes seems silly, at least in the eyes of his friends and relatives. In Vanity Fair, two women with different pursuits have experienced a rich love life. They have happiness, joys and sorrows, and control over money. They show the feelings of the two women in Ukiyo-e.

    6. Escape


    Many women live the ordinary lives of many people. After marriage, women always have their own troubles. Life is like rape. You can only follow it and make yourself more comfortable. And "Escape" deeply portrays the emotional life of ordinary women. "Escape" is not a single feminine novel, but a novel that explores the eternal theme of female growth. It is not only a reproduction of rural life in Western Canada but also a deep exploration of human nature in the universal sense.

    7. Little women


    The life of an ordinary family is actually more likely to resonate with women. "Little Women," tells the story of four sisters in an ordinary family. Although poor, they have been living positively. It is one of the famous American books.

    8. Floating


    "Gone with the Wind," tells the story of Scarlett, the daughter of a plantation owner during World War II. Scarlett can be said to be the representative of independent women in that period. Through the love entanglement between Scarlett and Rhett, the novel successfully reproduces the civil war led by Lincoln and the social life in the southern United States.

    9. White roses and red roses


    "White Rose and Red Rose" is Zhang Ailing’s classic work. Zhang Ailing uses delicate brush strokes to describe the secret psychology and complexity of ordinary people, showing people’s emotions and marriage life when the Chinese and Western cultures converged in the 1930s and 1940s. It reveals the tragic life that women can hardly get rid of in the patriarchal society under the integration of tradition and modernity.

    10. Kill a robin


    "Killing a Mockingbird" is a novel published in 1960 by American female writer Harper Lee. The subject matter of the story involves serious issues such as racial inequality and rape, and its style is still warm and interesting. The novel is written in the first person. The narrator’s father Atticus Finch plays a morally upright role in the book and is also a model of upright lawyers.

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