23 Best Christmas Books for Toddlers, and Preschoolers in 2024

Discover enchanting tales! Explore the 23 Best Christmas Books for Toddlers & Preschoolers in 2024, sparking joy & festive wonder for your little ones
Hey guys and welcome back to my blog. Today I'm really excited to recommend 23 Best Christmas Books for Toddlers, and Preschoolers in 2024.

I have enough best Christmas books for toddlers to share with you guys a full-blown Christmas book article. 

I have a ton so let's get into it I'm going to start off with the newer books for this year that we picked up just in case you have been following me for a while reading. 

You'll see some board books, some lift, and flat books, touch and feel that kind of stuff.  

I picked out your baby for this year I'm really excited to share Christmas books for toddlers and preschoolers, every child should read in 2024 with you guys.


Best Christmas Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

1. Paw Patrol Christmas Heroes! 


'Paw Patrol Christmas Heroes' book and if you have a little toddler you know probably with Paw Patrol especially. 

I had to grab this one they go on a Christmas adventure to find a Santa sleigh and also find the magic Christmas star no lift and flaps or anything in this one 

so if you have a paw patrol lover in your house this is a fun Christmas book for them.

2. Merry Christmas, Mouse!


Another board book we've picked out this year is 'Merry Christmas Mouse' we love Mouse and Cookie we love the TV show that's actually on Amazon Prime as well 

so this is another kind of storyline for that mouse puts one star on the Christmas tree he has two angels and three snowflakes so this is a nice counting book that they can count the snowflakes and it goes all the way up to ten rockets and then a hundred only a hundred more to go with the ornaments things like that 

so this book is The Mouse from Mouse and Cookie and he is decorating the Christmas tree and putting on all the ornaments really cute book it also has a nice kind of glitter embossing detail on it 

so this I thought would be a nice kind of addition to our Christmas book collection.

3. There's an Elf in Your Book 


'There's an Elf in Your Book' There's a monster in your book and a dragon in your book so this is a very engaging book for your little one pretty much you're pretending there is a monster in your book 

there are different things that you have to do and trick him you have to say he's a one weisenheimer this next test is 'done your loudest stinkiest pizza burp' definitely a boy kind of book 

but still fun for kids what do elves do in the toilet 'Jingle Smells' I mean it's just kind of a fun cutesy little book if you like humor and if you like to just have fun with your little one this one is really cute.

4. Construction Site on Christmas Night


And then 'Construction Site on Christmas Night I saw this book and had to pick it up I haven't fully read any of these newer books yet 

but I assume it's just about construction kind of sight digging scooping chugging clouds rolling in it starts to snow thanks for all you do for our crew Merry Christmas Excavator is just kind of a cute book 

I think your baby will love he's very into his dump trucks and excavators things like that so I saw this and had to grab it up.

5. Dino-Christmas (Dino-Holidays)


And then the last kind of newer edition for our Christmas books this year right now is a 'Dino Christmas' and I'm planning on giving this to my baby on Christmas Eve with his box but we got done at Thanksgiving this past Thanksgiving 

so I saw a 'dino Christmas' and it was definitely one that I added to the cart if you know what I mean I like this because it has the same kind of rhyming as the Thanksgiving dino Thanksgiving so fat flight stitch a quilt of white perfect for a snowball fight raptor races stego chases see the smiles on happy faces and 

then you have just like basically the dino family getting ready for Christmas a Christmas parade getting Santa clause here or he says these are claws like claws but I don't know it's kind of a cute book if you have a toddler who loves dinosaurs this is nice 

I love when books rhyme too so I'm excited to read this book with my baby this Christmas time. 

Best Christmas Books for Babies

So moving on to the rest of the Christmas books in our Christmas collection. I have separated it now from baby board books to pop lift and flat books to our picture books 

and some that you can actually do things with the pretty neat picture books so I'm going to start off with the baby books. 

1. Christmas Fold-out Book 


This is just a 'Christmas Fold-out Book' what I like most about this is it's just pages with just like one thing that doesn't kind of meaning of Christmas or that is associated with Christmas like a penguin snowflake present stocking and star 

but what I like most about it is if you do have a baby, especially doing tummy time you can just lay this out on the floor next to them and it's just different pictures that they can look at, and then the same kind of side for those little one pictures 

so it's something different and engaging for your little baby and in that Christmas spirit but this one has a big kind of picture of all the elves and Santa Claus getting the splay ready so a really cute kind of Christmas gift idea for a little one. 

2. Disney Baby My First Christmas 


Then I have 'Disney Baby My First Christmas' this is a Disney book that is touch and feel which my baby still likes at the age of almost three caroler singing jingle bells ringing so it's basically getting ready for Christmas 

there are different touches and feel things for them to touch and it's a lot of different Disney characters in the book so really cute and fun my baby has loved this book since his first Christmas and we still always play with it and pull it out.

3. Baby Touch and Feel: Christmas  


Another touch and feel book is the 'Baby Touch and Feel' Christmas and this is kind of the same thing as there's one picture on each page but there are different things to touch on each page 

like the wings of the angel Christmas tree the ornament penguin as belly things like that so a cute book for babies still like this too he actually sleeps with his touch and feels a lot.

4. That's Not My Elf


And then the last kind of big touch and feel book I have to share with you guys is 'That's Not My Elf' Usborne they have a bunch of other kinds of That's not My books that all of them are touch and feel but this elf one is one, in particular, 

I pull out for Christmas time this one has buttons they're basically going through each page and it's not their elf because their boots are too shiny their buttons are too rough 

and then at the end, it's their elf because their belt is so sparkly so kind of a cute fun engaging book for your little one.

5. The Itsy Bitsy Reindeer 


So a couple more generic kinds of Christmas books that are board books is 'The Itsy Bitsy Reindeer' and it is the same musical tone as the Itsy Bitsy Spider 

but it's the reindeer working in Santa's shop getting things ready for Christmas time and going on a sleigh ride at the end 

so if you like singing music books this is a nice engaging one. 

6. Spot's Christmas 


The next one is 'Spot's Christmas' I actually don't have the original Spot book but 'Spot Christmas is cute we read this a lot it's basically him getting ready for Christmas time making cookies with his mom wrapping presents making some cards 

and just getting ready for Santa to come and bring him presents in his stocking so a cute little board book for your spot lovers out there. 

7. Duck & Goose, It's Time for Christmas!


The next one is a giant book right here this is 'Duck & Goose, It's Time for Christmas!' and I really like this one because it is big so engaging illustrations are fun but it's basically goosed thinking it's time for random activities 

but the duck is saying it's not time for it so goose it's not time for catching snowflakes it's not time for throwing snowballs it's not time for making a snow goose but in the end, 

it's time for Christmas so really fun cute book this is a series and I love the Christmas one for my baby.

Best Christmas Board Books or Pop-Up Books for Older Children

So moving on to some board books or pop-up books that are a little bit more engaging and more rippable. I guess that is the word so you need a little bit older children for these books. 

1. Touchy-feely Nativity 


The first thing is the Christmas treats this is a pop-up book and this book 'Touchy-feely Nativity' is really cute because it pops up and you have to hold it kind of like a tabletop sideways 

so like the cake is I don't know if you can see that the cake is popping out but basically it's the elves getting ready for all the Christmas treats for Santa Claus and just kind of a fun different pop-up book that I don't see around that much and a cute little story a quick read.

2. Thomas Counts on Christmas 


'Thomas Counts on Christmas' and he is very obsessed with Thomas the tank engine not so much the TV show but more like the toys and the trains and things like that so this is Thomas and his buddies getting ready for Christmas time there are a ton of lift and flaps they say there are over 30 

but they're not the lift and flaps that say something where you have to like read they can just find different surprises like in the oven are some Christmas cookies there are different presents hidden things like that 

so my baby really likes having something to do and pulling the lift and flap to sync what hidden messages are inside so a fun kind of trained Christmas book. 

3. The Very Merry Mice Amazing Pop-Up Book 


I believe my parents gave my baby 'The Very Merry Mice Amazing Pop-Up Book' last year this is The Very Merry Mice and he loves this book we read this so much it is very engaging for the pop-ups you can see right there 

but these are mice getting ready on Christmas Eve and there's a different swish as they slides down the sled what my baby has found out and figured out is if you go like this with the book it will continue to do the movement so kind of a fun engaging book 

but again like I said this is for little older toddlers because my baby has started ripping some of these little mice activities but a cute little book pop-up book for Christmas time.

4. Pop-Up Peekaboo! Christmas 


This next pop-up book is the 'Pop-Up Peekaboo! Christmas' so there are different Christmas friends hidden in the book we also have a puppy one that his grandma and paw got him last year and this is pretty cute because he's looking for his friend behind the huge snowman snowball 

and there is Frosty the Snowman we're looking for a robin behind the ornaments and my baby has learned that you can do this and it will move so it's kind of a cute fun engaging thing and then Santa has left presents in the stocking and then it has all the presents 

and then it says which one you like best and Jackson will kind of name all of those out so another cute little pop-up book for your loved one.


Best Christmas Picture Books for Older Kids

So getting into the picture books for some of the older kids that you may have that kind of have more attention and a little bit more words to their span. 

1. The Sweet Smell of Christmas  


The first thing I want to talk about is 'The Sweet Smell of Christmas' This is a really fun engaging picture book to kind of introduce your little ones so it's basically a little bear who is getting ready for Christmas time 

and on each page, there's something for them to scratch and sniff his mom's making an apple pie so you can scratch and it smells like apple pie and they do still smell like the thing. 

I think I gave this to him for Christmas Eve last year and they do smell like the picture then there are candy canes to hang on the tree so you scratch the little dot sticker and there are candy canes for you they also get a Christmas tree so a Christmas tree scent there are carolers coming 

so you get some hot chocolate but kind of a fun scratch and sniff a different kind of picture book to start them one not trying to rip the things but they're still kind of engaging for a little one.

2. Little Blue Truck's Christmas 


And then another one is 'Little Blue Truck's Christmas' this is a series of little blue trucks you don't need to have all the books even though my son looks at the back of the book and it's like I don't have this one 

so I'm like maybe Santa will give you the guys who are obsessed with books but this is a really cute one where the blue truck is making deliveries for the Christmas trees it goes to all the different farm animal's houses and helps deliver their Christmas trees and then at the end, it is his Christmas tree 

and then it does light up if you can see that right there so my baby loves just looking at this at night time sometimes in his bed seeing the Christmas tree lights really cute book and if you have a little blue truck lover you have to pick up the Christmas version.

3. Little Bear's Magical Christmas 


The first one my baby got from his grandparents is 'Little Bear's Magical Christmas' It's really cute because the cover is kind of like a snow globe there are little snowflakes in there so babies can even use this and do tummy time and push all the snowflakes all around there but kind of a fun different engaging cover for a book 

but this book is about the little bear who doesn't think that Santa is coming and doesn't want to write to Santa because he said he has been bad this year and didn't share his toys his aunt's hat flew away when he wasn't supposed to play with it but his parents remind him of all the good things that he did throughout the year and kind of encourage those habits and at the end, 

Santa does come he was on the nice list and he has a good merry Christmas it's a good book to kind of teach kids what is wrong and what is good but also reminds them of the spirit of Christmas too so kind of a cute book.

4. Merry Christmas, Woody 


The next one is another Disney book this is 'Merry Christmas, Woody' and this is Woody and the gang basically getting ready for Christmas time and they decorate the tree and wrap presents 

there's a light show even rex is dressed up as Santa Claus they're super cute and they basically are trying to figure out what he wants for Christmas and have a light show 

and then they get snow on Christmas so this a cute little toy story-themed book for your toy story lovers out there.

Classic Christmas Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

And then I have three classic stories that everyone needs in their collection. 

1. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 


One 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer this is one of those little golden books and it tells the classic story of the little red-nosed reindeer so we absolutely love watching the cartoon of this too but this is the storybook 

as well lots of words on this one so I do kind of abbreviate some nights with Jackson on this but a cute story that I think is one of those classic books you have to read every year.




Another one is 'THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS' and I love the illustration of this book, in particular, this is the Clement Moore Angela Barrett version, and the pictures are just absolutely stunning does the night before Christmas 

the classic story sugar plums dancing and just one of those kinds of classic stories I got this from Barnes Noble if you're interested I know this isn't always found online.

3. Polar Express 30th anniversary edition 


And then the last is '
Polar Express' one we did take the cover off because my baby has just one of those weird personalities he doesn't like the covers on the books but they're just kind of like the flappable covers if you know what I mean but this is polar express 

if you did not tell by the bell and we did recently watch this movie he was obsessed but we were reading the book before again this is one of your classic Christmas books in my opinion where the little boy visits the North Pole with a whole bunch of his like fellow believers 

and he gets the silver bell as the first present but then he loses it and Santa Claus kind of gives it to him the next day for Christmas so a really cute classic story as well.

Conclusion: Best Christmas Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

So those are all of my best Christmas books for toddlers and preschoolers for this year I recommend them for children. I hope you guys got some inspiration. 

Hopefully, you can still find them available to share with your loved ones this year and I'll recommend Christmas and children's books to you guys in my next article. Thanks for reading bye.


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